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Posted March 24, 2012 | comments 7 Comments

One arrested on sodomy, sex counts

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- A 30-year-old man is in the Warren County Jail accused by police of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl.

John Carroll, 30, of 1216 Massanutten Ave., was booked earlier this month on charges of aggravated sexual battery of a female less than age 13, indecent liberties with a child under age 15 and forcible sodomy with a child less than 13.

Sgt. Jason Ryman said Carroll is being held without bond in the jail awaiting a court appearance.

Ryman gave the following account of the events leading up to Carroll's arrest:

Police were informed by the Warren County Department of Social Services on March 6 of a case of child abuse. "They took action to ensure the safety of the child," Ryman said of social service employees.

Investigators interviewed the child on March 7 and police followed up by interviewing Carroll, who gave a confession that corroborated information received from the child.
Police obtained an arrest warrant for Carroll on the morning of March 8 and arrested him at his home in the afternoon.

Ryman identified Detective Jason Lethcoe, Detective Jason Winner and Officer Landon Waller as the arresting officers.

He said Carroll is also being held on a probation violation stemming from his arrest and a previous conviction for drug distribution. Ryman said Carroll has no previous record of sex offenses.

"A case like this, it's more difficult to deal with because of the age of the victim," Ryman said. "She's 3 years old."

Ryman added that police place a high priority on child abuse investigations , citing as an example the short amount of time that passed between when they were notified by social services and the time of Carroll's arrest.

"Offenses like this we take really seriously," Ryman said. "A lot of stuff we're working on, we'll drop whatever we're doing and focus on this.

"By the afternoon of (March 8) charges were in place, and he's not able to cause any further harm at that point."

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    "he's not able to cause any further harm at that point."

    Yeah, not until he gets his plea deal that we all know he will because the Commonwealth's Attorney and the judges are too lazy and lack the balls to protect the citizens and children of Virginia in the way that they should.


    Instead of protesting birth control, why don't you people protest the court to keep this disgusting vile man IN jail. You know sexual offenders get less jail time (very little), than someone on a first offence drug charge.
    I hope this guy gets sodemized when he drops his soap.

    Everyday this becomes more common and these creeps are living among us. It's a revolving door policy: they get arrested, maybe a little jail time (maybe) and they are right back on the streets. Every child is at risk and children are damaged for life.

    Medically (if it can be done) or physically CASTRATION is the only permanent solution for these sickies. Oh no! Our male dominated society wouldn't allow it.

    Even if he were "attacked" in prison Candi, how would that help the countless victims?


    Unfortunately Castration might not necessarily be the best solution either. Most of the time abuse, whether sexual or physical, is about power and control and not about "getting off". Castration might solve the immediate problem but there are other "tools" that someone can use to abuse their victims. In my opinion there should be the death penalty for people like this.

    I agree; give him the death penalty. I would love to be the one in control of the chair or injection. Any scum that would do this to a three year old will or does have countless victimes if he get out of jail....send him to prison and let the inmates have fun with him.

    He is a scumbag for doing what he did, obviously he didn't learn his lesson the first time. He is a rapist now he's added this to his resume'. I hope he rots!

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