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Teen accused of mooning class

QUICKSBURG -- A North Fork Middle School pupil was recently charged after he mooned a classroom, according to the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office.

The 14-year-old Mt. Jackson boy was charged with indecent exposure on March 23, Lt. Darcy Dellinger said.

The teen is scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on May 3.


Wow. Seems a bit much. Zero Tolerance = Zero Sense.

Really people. Your going to screw up his future by giving him a police record because of that. I agree the previous poster. Zero tolerance= Zero sense.

Do you know the name of this student? Well neither will anyone else and there will be no record. There is also no shame in what this kid did because anything goes now! It's all a big joke and he'll probably end up on the internet one day. In today's culture - this nasty behavior is seen all the time. There are few role models and the schools just "deal" with this outlandish conduct everyday.

If the student had flashed his front side instead of his backside you would you still feel the same?? I don't think so.

Oh no... The Inter Netz! He is so evil he will end up on the Inter Netz!

CCman, what if he did the Helicopter? How would you feel then? It's kinda like hula hooping but more fun... oh and it's only for guys.

While I agree "something should be done" Putting charges on a middle school student is likely to cause him to buck the system even more.

I do not have an immediate solution to the problem, but I do not think it is proper use of police and the criminal justice system.

There is some good case law that leaves this open for a god fight:

Kimberly F. Neice v. Commonwealth of Virginia (Unpublished) and Hart v. Virginia, 18 Va.App. 77, 441 S.E.2d 706 (1994)

Sounds like an issue the parents should deal with, not the police state. JMVHO

god fight = good fight. It's Fat Fingered Friday!

Sounds like his parents post on these boards. lol

Really do not have strong opinion but those kids in his class will remember and chuckle at that day for a long time. Plus a bold act of defiance could at that age be a nice move up the social ladder. What am I thinking kids are smarter than those of us in middle school now than 25 yrs. ago right.

No sense or a sense of humor. That seems to be the problem these days. Such horrors..... a kid mooning somebody. Like it's never been done before. I guess DIANA is too young or sequestered or had over protective parents to understand that the 'anything goes' crowd has been around for a long long time. Back when I was in High School streaking was the thing, many a fine laugh was had at the coaches trying to catch the streaker during a football game. Ray Stevens even did a song about streaking..."The Streak". Grown-ups take themselves entirely too seriously.

OK JackieBlue, let's be cool - let's have Mooning Day at all schools starting next year! Like we will be on top of R game then. Duh!

Just where do you think we should draw the line?

Maybe this anything goes, silly nonsense is why we are leading the world in education. When Americans are working for everyone else, all of this may be understood BUTT it will be too late.

The behavior of children is directly proportional to the upbringing of them by the parents !

Diana, you need to stop using the interwebz to get your facts, you really should check yourself before posting. I believe the US ranks about 12th in the world or so right now, hasn't been close to the top for years.
BTW, mooning has been around since men wore pants! Y'all need to lighten up a little if that offends your delicate sensibilities. Kids will be kids, unless of course, the parent's and state dont allow it.

Bonehead, I mean bonefish - I was being sarcastic. I thought everyone realized how poorly this country rates in education compared to the rest of the developed world.

Yes, I'm sure the history books are just filled with "mooning" cases: why George Washington probably required it for his men to "cool off" before going into battle (I'm being sarcastic again). You know, rape has been around forever too, does that make it acceptable? After all "boys will be boys". . .

No I don't need to lighten up, kids need to be taught how to behave. Do you think this kid's "mooning skills" are going to help him grow into adulthood? Do you think a potential employer will want this outstanding skill? You need to move beyond your own standards (obviously) and UNDERSTAND that children must be taught how to behave, how to read, write and learn how to think. They must prepare for a life - hopefully a productive one and live within this society.

School Daze (spelling intended) should be planting the seed for their growth and parents should be part of that goal. Many are doing the best job possible considering the demands of our current warped culture. Too many put all the load on our schools: they are on overload. So getting back to the original, tiny article: mooning is NOT acceptable conduct nor is flashing which could well be the next step. Society needs rules to live by and today we are doing rather poorly due to your kind of "thinking" (if that's what it is called).

God save us from the humorless. No wonder we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. Even childhood pranks must be regarded as serious threats to the morality of all and the gateway to cultural destruction.

Some people just take themselves too seriously.

So Diana is against the NVD posting the livestock market reports and using words like slaughter, but supports "the man" and his overreaction to a middle school student mooning. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

The word "slaughter" makes me go, "Mmmmmm!"

The word "mooning" makes me go, "Awww yeah!"

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