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Advocating for activism

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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli speaks to a crowd Monday evening at Christendom College in Front Royal. Jeb Inge/Daily

Attorney General Cuccinelli urges Christendom College students to be vocal about beliefs in science, media and politics

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli II urged a mostly student audience of about 400 at Christendom College Monday to become vocal advocates for their religious beliefs in science, the media and politics.

Cuccinelli, who is running for the Republican nomination for governor in 2013, brought a message of undiluted social and fiscal conservatism in a speech and question and answer session that lasted more than 80 minutes.

Catholics have too long been silent or even on the wrong side of issues involving their faith, Cuccinelli said.

"The Catholic community is not adequately involved in the political process," he said. "The world is changed by those who actually engage."

He didn't spare the church's hierarchy from his criticism, citing its frequent support for government social programs.

Cuccinelli, who has been a leader among those challenging President Obama's Affordable Care Act, said the church's bishops and cardinals are experiencing a change of heart as they denounce the law for a provision requiring employers, including some religious institutions, to carry insurance that pays for birth control. Church leaders have called the provision an assault on religious freedom.

"They never understood the cost was high until they realized the cost was higher than they were willing to pay," Cuccinelli said.

The church leadership's opposition to the most far-reaching social program in decades should extend to other efforts by the government to help low-income Americans, Cuccinelli said. Such intervention is part of a broader effort to destroy the limited role of government envisioned by those who founded the nation, he said.

Programs like health care reform threaten to give the government, specifically Congress, the ability to order citizens to do anything it wants, including what kinds of food to eat and what kinds of cars to buy, Cuccinelli said.

Cuccinelli also warned of scientific discoveries and groundbreaking technology that threaten to undermine society's ethical foundations.

He accused climate scientists, almost all of whom have asserted that human activity is the primary cause of a dangerous worldwide warming of temperatures, of contaminating their research with a political agenda.

"This kind of politicized science and world view drives their research," he said. He made no direct mention of a recent ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court that halted his investigation into the work of climate scientist Michael E. Mann, a former member of the University of Virginia faculty.

Cuccinelli ended his speech with an appeal to students in the audience to volunteer for his campaign which, he said, will swing into full gear next year after this fall's elections.


Cuccinelli is a self-made man & worships his creator.

The Catholic church should try to connect with young people in a way that does not involve hush money.

I'll give him media and politics as those are endeavors of belief and philosophy. But science, come on and get real. Science has never been nor should it ever be based on the whims of fantasy and mysticism. Science is grounded in evidence through a rigorous process. I still haven't seen the final tab to Virginia's taxpayers for "Cooch's" witch hunt against the researcher who was following accepted scientific protocols in trying to understand more about climate SCIENCE!

The big-mouthed, small-minded Cuccinelli should only talk when it improves the silence. This was not one of those times.

We should thank the Virginia Supreme Court's decision against Ken "Don Quixote" Cuccinell's windmill jousting witch-hunt which cost taxpayers an extra $900,000 awarded to the University of Virginia to repay the attorney fees they paid to defend themselves from Cuccinelli's "Climate-gate".

As for religious activism, when society discusses science, Catholics are more prone to believe the “Wondrously False” than the “Wondrously True”, thereby automatically removing themselves from any meaningful conversation.

Cuccinelli should have advised the catholics he was speaking to, that it is a crime to sexually abuse children. For some reason, the catholics believe that reports of sexual abuse can be kept "in-house" and swept under the rug. And for those catholics who feel that child abuse by priests is "old news" read this story about a priest in Philly:


In politics? What happened to freedom of religion? If one would take the time to ponder the involvement of religion in government, they need look no further than Iran or Afghanistan. Or England under Queen Mary aka 'Bloody Mary'. But, for the Grace of God and the intelligence of our Founding Fathers, there goes America!

Has a CONVICTED Catholic priest ever been added to the our National Sex Offender Registry?

Jane, careful here, they don't want to hear the truth.

There probably aren't many convicted catholic priests out there - mainly because the catholic church transfers them out of the area, and sweeps the scandel under the rug.

Catholicism is not "oppressed" in the US like Cooch would make it out to be.

I agree with him that everyone needs to have a voice, and be encouraged to use it. However, my problem is that the message of the "Catholic Voice" is much like all religious voices in politics/government....it serves to oppress non-believers and force social/cultural positions. It has never sought to expand freedoms and liberties.

This is just another reason why we separate Church and State.

So, if I'm reading these comments right, there should be no laws, because all laws are based upon someone's view of right and wrong, and if darwin was right then it's survival of the fittest. I hope all those commenting here are ready to say murder (at any age not just unborn) is OK, as is stealing, plus why should anyone have to give money to help anyone else? If we're all animals guided by simple need, wants and desires who's to say that Wall Street fat cats or bankers should give money to others? That comes from a very religious view point of helping those who can't help themselves...it is not a scientific view. Survival of the fittest means let the weak and less than die. (A view I do not hold to BTW.)

Hey if you want carte blanche to do as you will then everyone else should be able to do as they will. Without religious influence this world would be chaos. You can't have any laws without God or religion, because without those two things who is to say what is right or wrong? Murder in the name of religion or God is set up by MEN who want power over others. True religion and belief in God is a blessings.

Let the killings and thievings begin! Power to the Athiest! :)

Can you show me where in the bible it says it is ok to rape children and protect those that do so?


Shame on Cuccinelli, standing in the bully pulpit preaching his brand of religious extremism, Third Reichstag style, to the involuntarily assembled students, throwing some fairy dust in their Catholic eyes, then feeding them a super-sized bread based feces containment module intended for consumption.

Who cares? Really! You all know as well as I do (unfortunately from painful experience) that FELONS in our community routinely are allowed to please to MISDEMEANORS even after 20-year records of felones, one year served out of a 6-year sentence, ad nauseum. All this garbage exhorting young people to object, vote their conscience, etc., is just a ploy to get votes. Neither you nor I is protected against a felon paraded around by friends and family as a "fine person" and then committint another felony and allowed AGAIN to plead to a misdemeanor... You and I are at risk, and Ken Cucinnelli doesn't care... all he cares about is getting re-elected. Where is the candidate with true concern for the (few) law-abiding citizens in our community? Answer: Tim Kaine. As soon as I can unload the property I ignorantly bought in Warren County, I will consolidate in my home town, Silver Spring, MD, where property values only go up, no felonies have been perpetrated on my property in 22 years (vs. TWO, count 'em, 2) on the garbage property I bought on Blue Mountain, Warren County in 10 years. Warren County, Blue Mountain, are a blight! Anyone who has an alternative will MOVE AWAY and let the felons be happy in their INFERIOR WORLD... Ken Cucinelli needs to be defeated in November!!!! He has NO IDEA

Who cares? Really! You all know as well as I do (unfortunately from painful experience) that FELONS in our community routinely are allowed to plead to MISDEMEANORS even after 20-year records of felonies, one year served out of a 6-year sentence, ad nauseum. All this garbage exhorting young people to object, vote their conscience, etc., is just a ploy to get votes. Neither you nor I is protected against a felon paraded around by friends and family in Warren County as a "fine person" and then committing another felony ON YOUR PROPERTY and allowed AGAIN to plead to a misdemeanor... You and I are at risk, and Ken Cucinnelli doesn't care... all he cares about is getting re-elected. Where is the candidate with true concern for the (few) law-abiding citizens in our community? Answer: Tim Kaine! As opposed to the UNREPENTANT BIGOT George Allen, Tim Kaine has a record of understanding exploitation and protecting hard-working citizens.

Our judicial system recognizes pedophiles are incurable. Playing musical chairs with priests found preying on children does not cure them from their affliction. Banishing Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals and popes to leper-like colonies would be a very good thing to stop the Catholic clergy from the continuing sexual predation of innocent children. What has replaced the easy prey of alter boys? These Catholic predators are roaming somewhere else outside the direct view of their congregations. One catholic priest was recently caught on the television show "To Catch A Predator" having set up his rendezvous with a underage female child via an internet chat room.

What does all this deviant sexual activity say about all the Catholic church members who tolerate this behavior? Perhaps their church windows should feature a red light instead of stained glass?

No, Kim Bishop, from my reading of these comments no one is advocating that there should be no laws. What I am reading between the lines is the fact that people get pretty disgusted (as do I) with that "holier-than-thou" hypocritical attitude Cuccinelli and the "Religious Right" exhibits----be they Catholic or other religion.

I am not an atheist but I am a very devout Christian who believes fully in God/Jesus and tries to live my life as such, but I also am so happy that in our Constitution there is a separation of church and state. This seems to be a fact that the Right-Wingers that have taken over the GOP ignore. Were it not for that, we would be no different from any theocracy in the Middle East.

People like Ken Cuccinelli are extremists who are intolerent of anyone not walking in lock-step according to their extreme Right-Wing beliefs. It amazes me that he denies what the majority of climate scientists have determined??!! And he actually critized the Catholic Church's support in the past of "government social programs"?!! Wow! I guess the Bible got it wrong----lots in there about helping others!!

I am sure the Tea Baggers will say that "those government programs promote people not taking personal reponsibility" so they want to get rid of them all and "throw the baby out with the bath water". A lot of people in this country have only needed a helping hand from the Federal Government for them to get on their feet----just ask my father who educated himself to provide for his family after help from the GI Bill, something these Right Wingers would howl about if it had been up for a vote today----just one example of many. The Right-Wingers and Cuccinelli, if they were able to have their way, would run this country into the ground with a few at the top being very rich and most others struggling and little to no Middle Class. This great country of ours which always believed those more fortunate should take care of those unable to care for themselves, would no longer be great. But then you can't tell the "know-it-alls" like the Right-Wingers!

Why do you feel that Christian beliefs are the only way a person can be moral? Good people are all around and believe it or not they might not be Christian or even believe in a god.


Song, you will find reading some commentary here that there are some people its just better to ignore. When you see the hate fueled ignorance, its best to just leave the little troll(s) alone....

I asked a simple question of you catholic apologists. clean up your own yard before whining about others.

So Catholics must keep their mouths shut since a priest abused a child? If a particular Catholic is not that priest, then why are they not allowed to advocate on behalf of their religion? I am not a Catholic, but what does the abuse scandal have to do with an individuals right to speak?

Song is a committed left winger who decided to trot out a tired old term "tea bagger," which was thieved from the local school playground. Song railed against Cuccinelli for being an extremist and then resorted to cheap tactics and hate filled rhetoric. How typical from the self-proclaimed enlightened crowd.

Another poster compared Cuccinelli to Nazis. Clearly unaware of what a Nazi is or unaware of the methods needed to formulate a sound argument. The left is a sad group who are far more dangerous to American sovereignty than Catholics ever will be.

Religious fanatics should stick with religion and stay OUT of politics.


WOW Wondering, My comment had ZERO to do with you. Feeling a little trollish?

I am not Catholic btw or even what most folks following any form of organized religion would call Christian, and generally in past stories seen eye to eye with you on the initial point(s)...but my comment had nothing to do with you.

I won't jump on the "condemn every catholic" bandwagon or whenever a story is brought up about Catholics and I can't make a valid point, "throw child abuse in their face" bandwagon either... How could "I" expect anyone to see the forest through the trees if I am refusing to myself? If my lack of trying to pigeon hole people into groups offends you..I guess that's just too bad, because I won't apologize for it.

AS for this article, well, the man is an idiot. I don't even need a scientist's proof of man-made global warming, its just plain common sense. More people= more heat produced. (Its kind of like turning down my heat for holiday dinner because between the oven rolling for days and the 20-30 extra people crammed in my house jumped the temperature 10 degrees....I can only imagine the effect of billions of people and their machines on earth.

At the end of the day, it hardly matters because after the Va GOP making us the laughingstock of the country, it will be a long time coming before this pro-CHOICE woman even considers voting republican.

he"s only looking to getting them to send him MONEY.

Actually A'Katrina Holt I simply used the wrong reply button. sorry I'm new to this forum.

My thing on the Catholic religion/church as a whole is these people allowed , for years the abuse and rape of children and in fact allowed it to continue by shipping them off to new flocks to rape more kids.
They are nothing but an ongoing criminal enterprise holding up that book as their defence. unacceptible.

JMVHO and YMMV of course.

I think what is sad, ungerdog, is when someone labels as "cheap tactics and hate filled rhetoric" any comment that they do not agree with and YOUR hatred has come through loud and clear in your post. In my opinion, Cuccinelli IS an extremist. It is the extreme Right Wingers with their hypocrisy and intolerance that this country has to worry about. As I said in my earlier post, they are intolerant of anyone not being in lock-step with them. Your post is proof of that.

Religion poisons everything.

Religious fundamentalists like Cuccinelli have a surplus of arrogance typified by Sovereign Citizen Randy Richard Linamen. During his trial on a felony charge in Circuit Court yesterday Linamen continued to argue he was "subject to God's law, not state law", in what appears to be the ultimate argument for the separation of church and state. And so it goes with Cuccinelli and the fine folks over at Christendom College who brainwash children to believe in improbable, fantastical imaginations that elevate magic and ignore science and reason.

Cuccinelli deliberately did not attempt to reconcile his faith with science and reason. Because he ignored science and ignored reason, he was doomed to failure and ridicule for precisely these reasons. But I am compelled to remember what I know - which is that there would be no religion or churches in the first place if humanity had not been afraid of the weather, the dark, the plague, the eclipse, and all manner of other things now easily explained by the scientific method. Religions success, now in decline thanks to the discoveries of science, has been based on threats of pain and suffering of extremely agonizing consequences, payable upon your death by denial of entry into some magical place and subsequent banishment to an equally unimaginable alternative of endless pain and suffering.

And so it goes today, with the occasional commentator on these newspaper articles promising fire and brimstone for our blasphemy. As in all cases, the findings of science are far more awe-inspiring than the rantings of the godly.

You are factually wrong. Nobody considers, or has considered, the GI Bill to be a waste of money. I defy you to find one sourced, documented quote from a "right winger" showing otherwise.


Comments/Quotes are not necessarily facts. But, you can simply look at voting records, as in the case of the 2008 modernizing of the GI bill. The 22 votes against it were ALL republican.


The voting records speak for themselves. You can fall in line with all the drama or just look at what actually happened.

I didn't say Christian beliefs are the only way to be moral. I said if we are all just animals and there is no God then why do we have any moral judgement? If survival of the fittest it the rule of nature then who decides what is moral? I just don't understand how anyone who believes we are no more than the highest evolution of slime should have a moral code.
...and song98, the bible calls INDIVIDUALS to help others, but not government. The New Testament (for those who believe it or use it) says give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's and unto God what is God's. If you want separation of church and state then don't use God or the bible as a reason for government to help people. Government involvement in people's lives causes and always has caused misery.
I'm not Catholic, nor do I defend the RCC, but the catholic church and churches in general have helped more poor people than all the governments in the world, while giving them hope. If you look at most of the people that the government takes care of in the western world you'll see that those are the most miserable, whiny people (next to the elite liberals who enslave them and use them) around.
Perhaps "tea people" don't want government interference in our lives, but if you took the giving of the "tea people" and held it up to the liberal elite I think you'll see that the "tea people" are the ones who help the poor the most. And if the "tea people" quit helping the poor and let them rely on the government alone (like in Europe) you'd find even more misery.
I love Ken Cuccinelli and will support and vote for him again. Small government is better.


besides the comment was ---> if

So much for separation of church and state. Never mind that it is one of the main premises our country is founded on. I can only hope that when the elections roll around, we will see that perhaps there are still some people in this country with some common sense.

Simply looking at the voting record of an amendment titled "GI Bill and Other Domestic Provisions" does not tell all the facts.

Did you happen to see what was in the amendment that vote refers to? Enough pork to feed a small country. $14B for security, military construction and international matters; $10B for natural disater related expenses; $4B for "domestic matters" (law enforcement, FDA, census etc.), in addition to dealing with unemployment and Medicaid, none of which have anything to do with the GI Bill, which was only a small part of that amendment. To say that voting against that particular amendment means you don't support the GI Bill is just not true.

Gee, mvctoys -- Great way to stay on-point.

Perhaps I should remind you that sex abuse -- and the covering-up of it -- is not exclusive to Catholic priesthood: Incestrious parents and siblings, public school teachers, Ivy League football program coaches, religious ministers, rabbis and imams, Democratic Congressmen, et al are quite busy at it, too.

In all discussions of politics, if Catholicism is involved, priestly abuse invariably becomes the issue: Scratch a Liberal and find a bigot is the rule, not the exception.

Those people go to jail though, don't they? the catholics destroyed evodence and moved them around for decades if not centuries.... not biting on your red herring argument Dan.

The defence of " well look what those others do" is deplorible to me. Is deception in the name of God ok Dan? Like lying to an infidel is ok too?

Stop trying to play the victim, you aren't.


With all due respect Mountain, very few bills pass without "pork". If one took the time to dig through records I am sure that you would find "pork" on other bills by those 22 that voted no. That doesn't underscore that the GI part of the bill was the driving force behind it and handed Obama troop support over McCain at the time, google can provide any number of stories to support that. BUT its all irrelevant because 'Song98' spoke of a hypothetical situation in saying "if" it were up for vote today, which there is no doubt in my mind that there would be fighting against it, deeming it "welfare".
In the eyes of some within the right anything that is for the betterment of the people is "welfare" and anything that props up big business is capitalism. Big Business owns our government, right AND left. We are no longer a country ran by the people for the people. Even on the local scale, such as the Scrooge McDaycare in Front Royal fighting against the Parks and Rec and winning SADLY, to cut a program designed towards lower income parents and older children, just so she doesn't lose some of her toddler size dollar signs.
At the end of the day, its just sad that so many people walk around completely oblivious and purposely stay completely oblivious.

First, how did it become Cuccinelli's responsibility to run around yapping about how Catholics should act? Second, I agree with Dan. What's the connection and when did scandal become exclusive to the Catholic Church?

right about the time that the Catholic church installed a pope who has helped hide these child rapists.

The question was when did it become "exclusive". Exclusive, according to the dictionary means "only" or "limited to one particular group." Comments on this board have been known to take some serious leaps of logic, but really, wondering, the Catholic Church is the only place where these things have happened?

And I'm NOT making excuses for or trying to diminish the abuses we've heard about that have happened in the Church (before anybody stretches what I said above and comes to that conclusion).


Would you ignorant people stop using the" separation of church and state". It does not appear in the constitution. The part you are trying to use is the government shall not establish a religion. Totally different things. Of course liberals have been trying for years to confuse the two. And apparently its easy to confuse liberals.

Actually it has been case law for quite a long time Jim. so take your superstitions and fantasy out of the rhelm of reality. Religion and freedom are mutually exclusive.

no one has said it was exclusive to them. they are the ONLY ONES who systematically covered up their child rapists and that went all the way to the top.

as they say.... reap what you have sown. right?

PS Jim, as an adult who believes in the invisible man, you may want to watch just how you throw around that ignorant word. there are 6 yr olds quite a lot brighter than yourself.

To help you out in your state of confusion and your need to discover the sources of why America widely uses the metaphorical phrase "separation of church and state", I'll reference 4 sources to show how the phrase "separation of church and state" came into existence and why it has become the controlling language in many court decisions as well as everyday language.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...." and Article VI specifies that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

This is the foundation for the separation of church and state doctrine that has become the daily metaphor for a wall between church and state. So where, you must be asking yourself, in the Constitution does it say anything about separation of church and state? As we all know, it doesn't, so where does it come from?

The First Amendment is the foundational document. From the foundation, here is where the path leads:

Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802. The original text reads: "... I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between Church and State."

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Reynolds v. United States (1879), wrote that Jefferson's comments "may be accepted almost as an authoritative declaration of the scope and effect of the [First] Amendment."

In the U.S. Supreme Court decision Everson v. Board of Education, 330 U.S. 1 (1947), both Justice Hugo Black's majority opinion and Justice Wiley Rutledge's minority opinion both defined the First Amendment religious clause in terms of a "wall of separation between church and state". Justice Black wrote: "In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect a wall of separation between church and state."

I am told many U.S. Supreme Court decisions after Everson v. Board of Education routinely and repeatedly reuse the phrase.


The words you are looking for Jim are >>>> "I was wrong" about the WALL between church and state.

Jim are you of the firm belief that Obama is not an American citizen and should be impeached because of it?

Jim, No matter how much crap they come up with you are still right. Keep up the fight. These people are swinging blindly.

So explain exactly how this Jim guy is correct. I'd be interested in your spinning of the actual facts. Go!

noffy, the words you're looking for are " I don't know how to stop letting my mouth write a check my rear end can't cash."

Are you from Poland?


So no answer noffy? Please enlighten me.

With that having been said, if God forbid we ever have a Hurricane Katrina-like storm or some other devasting national/local disaster, please aid FEMA, the National Guard, and the White House by getting out of the way so the government can help those who really need it and not try to help those that are better helped by their neighbors.

Dan. Ahem, only Democratic congressman???? You might want to check that statement out with some congressional pages or summer interns. You could also read some news articles dating back to the 80s.

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