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Another slate of officers elected in Republican power struggle

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- Tensions ran deep as members of the Warren County Republican Committee elected new officers two days after another group of Republicans in a separate meeting elected a rival group of officers.

Dominic Repici was elected chairman, Steve Kurtz was chosen as vice chairman and Mary Kay Clark retained her post as secretary. All were elected with no formal opposition, but many of the 150 or so in attendance were ineligible to vote because they were not members of the committee. Many belonged to the faction that elected Mike McHugh as chairman and Nick Bukowski as vice chairman Tuesday.

The question of who will be recognized as the official leaders of the committee appears likely to be determined by party officials at the congressional district and possibly state levels.

One of those officials, Wendell Walker of Lynchburg, sat in the back of the room watching and listening. Walker, who is party chairman of the 6th congressional district, said he was at the meeting purely as an observer and was taking no sides -- for now.
Waker has been working with party members trying to solve their differences.

"I'm now a peacemaker," he said in a brief interview. "I like a happy family."

But the conflict between the two sides was apparent as different members of the audience challenged Repici on procedural issues and the overall direction of the meeting. Others defended the party's traditional leadership and rules.

Tony Elar, of the Harmony Hollow subdivision, blasted McHugh's faction seated on the opposite side of the room as people more interested in grabbing power than doing the slow, plodding work of electing fellow Republicans and building the party.

"When the work starts, they disappear," said Elar, who described himself as a party member for 20 years.

Mickey Krebs, a member of the McHugh faction, said she moved to Front Royal from Missouri. She said many long time members of the party have tried to exclude newcomers with hairsplitting arguments over rules and processes.

"The best thing you could do is give them an example, welcome them in and help them understand the process," Krebs said in remarks delivered to the rival faction.


This meeting was a human zoo -- too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. If looks could kill it would have been a massacre on both sides -- and it ain't over by a long shot. The communist faction decided new members could not vote because they were new members. Some folks left before the guns came out. Madden made a fool of himself -- Elar blubbered his way into the establishments hearts -- McHugh promised more bloodshed -- Fusario's neck veins bulged -- Mary Kay Clark looked splendid in her shiny new jackboots -- as tempers flared an ambulance was on heart attack stand bye -- Roberts Rules of Order was shredded to smithereens -- Fidel Castro was sighted backslapping the Good Old Boys -- the problem with the Republican gene pool is there is no lifeguard.

I am beginning to understand how this comunity works and make a prediction . Nobody really cares about voting for smart people with a vision so the 150 people that could not vote in last night's Republican committee meeting will support Bubba as a write canadate for Mayor and Simonsays and Spunky as write in candidates for Council. The 150 votes should be enough to get them elected based preveous voter turnouts. The sad news , they probaly could do as good of a job are the current incumbents now in office.

I went just to watch the fun. I aint seen nothing that funny since the bull got loose in the chruch picnic and tried to eat the ladies hats. It aint hard to figure why this country is in such trouble if these are the people who are supposed to be running it.

New members can't vote at the meeting they are elected at. Those are the rules. I bet all '150 "new members will be working the polls for duly nominated Republican candidates come Fall, not! McHugh will not be working the polls, he never does, nor does he ever support the Republican candidates unless there is a profit motive for one of his organizations.

There were 200 people at this meeting --- only 6 were women.

Where is the disengenous eletist political activist?
Where is the former town emplyee?
Where is the former star delegate?
Where is the current county supervisor?
Where are these masters of Warren County politics when you need them. Help we are out of control.
Bring back Hollaway. VOTE BUBBA for Mayor

I wonder if anyone videotaped this freak-show? Would be entertaining to watch it on Youtube!

The Disengous eletist Republican Activist was at the golf course polishing up on his sneak attacks in his attempt to derail the town elections.

The Former Town Employee is right beside the Republican Activist oh and watching the black bears for perdictions of how the town elections will turn out.

The Former Star Delegate sent his lacky "The Home Town Candidate" who is only pushing for county issues as a candidate for Town Council thus making sure that the Town continues to march to the beat of the County orders oh and preparing to take the former star delegate's spot in the state house when Warren County is it's own district in possibly ten years.
Oh and be prepared for the Former Star Delegate to make a run for either the Lt. Gov. spot or Attorney General if his judge's seat doesn't come through.

There were three members of the County Board of Supervisors at the meeting.

I think that covers it. Let me know I have missed anyone.


That may just be the key. Perhaps the citizens of Front Royal should hit the streets encouraging write in candidacy of people completely unrelated to the whole situation because the town WOULD benefit from it. This whole power struggle between the Libertarians in Republicans clothing and the Republicans should be pointing voters to seek stability elsewhere.


got to give it to Elar for a moderate Republican from NY he made a lot of sense last night!

The problem with old Tony Elar is what Ronald Reagan observed about liberals. It is not what they don't know that is the problem. It is all the stuff they claim to know that just ain't so. He accused Mr. McHugh of not working on election day for Republicans. Of course, Mr. McHugh was not working for Mr. Elar at a poll. He was at home doing GOTV for Republican candidates. But Solomon said it best. A man's way seems right until another comes and argues his case and he who gives an answer before he hears it is folly and shame to him.

It's a shame none of you couldn't run for any of these leadership positions or elected positions. The sofa on Monday would miss you.

Tess --

There were 10 women at the meeting I know personally and at least 10 other women.

Simon dude does that mean that would run as write in candidate for town council. I think that Bubba, Spunky and yourself would be an upgrade for the existing council. You all are so in touch and intelligent. How about getting off your couch and going for it. We need you. Please say yes

I dont know, but it sorta sounds like simonsays is an elected official. if he is, he should have the guts to put his real name out there. That Conley fella and Radigan both do. I seen them post and people give them crap, but at least people know what they think. Simonsays says we are a bunch of armchair quarterbacks, but it looks like he's one too.

Where were these imaginary 20 women you speak of? Were they exchanging makeup secrets and clucking the night away in the ladies room while their men-folk were brawling over who was better equipped to ignore what's best for our local community?

That's what makes this whole meeting such a sorry mess. Locals can not and will not agree on anything good for our community, (unless they can personally make a dollar doing it) and they barely agree on anything else. Even the enforcer watchdog Walker could barely get a murmur started by tossing some raw red meat and exhorting the assemblage to unify and defeat Obama. This mob was not having any of that malarkey.

Then two-cents Simon comes along with her usual words of questionable wisdom everybody can safely ignore.

Is it any wonder Carter, Traczyk, Darr, Holloway, Lauder, and Tharpe have things so mucked up nobody is happy? Isn't it time for change?

Will McHugh's lemmings follow him over the cliff to a Democrat victory in Virginia as he feverishly works against the Romney-Allen-Goodlatte ticket this fall?

You should ask McHugh. I remember him backing Allen over Webb. I think what the party-before-principle Republicans forget is that it is the Republican House that sold out by continuing to fund obama care and suspending the right to trial by jury and a lawyer in the NDAA of 2011 Act. .

"Principle before party"?? That get's us Obama and Kaine, enough said! Four more years of that will leave this country in ruins.


In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.— Thomas Jefferson

Well said Katrina! The PBPR (party-before-principle republicans) generally want liberty but have no clue how to get it. They are like kids playing chess against masters who think multiple move (i.e. elections ahead). They have unwittingly been handing our liberties over to the liberal elites for decades with no plan to recover it. Every four years they shout "this is the most important election in the history" never realizing that history proves them wrong. If Dole had been elected in 92 the House would never have gone Republican in 94. If McCain had been elected in 08 the House would not have gone Republican in the biggest mid term land-slide in a century. The liberals frequently spank their own in elections to get better liberals the next election cycle. They are winning because of it. In football, if your offense is not working you need to consider a new offensive strategy. Many of current tea party repubs elected in 2010 sold out to Boehner for position and power. That is why the Republicans continue to fund Rombama care. They need to be spanked and put back on the bench. Liberty will not be restored in one election and whatever ground we gain will need to be immediately defended.

News Flash News Flash. The masters of the Warren County politics has given Council candidate Mr, Funk his marching orders
The word was:

Do not mess with flow of water going to corridor.

Do not bring up the the badly negotiated Dominion Power deal by the town Council that continues to stick the Town tax payers with the bill again.

Do what ever it takes to keep the water coming, in volume and keep it cheap to the County. We have
our boys on the Council that will support anything we propose. We also want to fill Conkey's seat and keep the current incumbents in office.

Do not take any positions and or get into any debates. Just keep saying that you are the Home Town Candidate. Most people don't know much about who is running and that is the only thing they will remember when they vote.

We are planning for another low voter turn out that will allow our Boys to win.

At this point, after observing this election process in both
Warren County and Front Royal, it becomes clear that the
only people that looses are the citizens that continues to
foot the bills and line the pockets of the masters. Come

out and vote for change. To coin a phase from a letter received bya friend of mine last town election " I don't care who you vote for but don't vote for Hollaway, Lauder, Darr" or Funk.

I finally got to McHugh to ask him why he would want the headache of WCRC Chair. Apparently it is all about how Republicans nominate their candidates for office. The unit chairs vote for a nominating process where democrats vote in Republican primaries or conventions where fewer democrats dare to come sit next to their neighbors and motions can be made to exclude the democrats from the convention. Apparently guys like Frank Wolf and Bob Goodlatte who almost never have challenges get re-nominated in contested races by getting the democrats to save them in primaries. So the fight is all the integrity fo the process. There is a growing disgust amongst constitutional republicans with establishment republicans who want democrats voting in their primaries. These patriots hate what has happened to our country and refuse to sit still any longer while the establishment republicans stand idle. In fact, Mr. Fusaro went to Repici before the mass meeting to get his commitment to vote for a convention but Repici refused. Fusaro and McHugh had no choice at that point. They are done watching guys like Goodlatte oppose Obamney care only to turn around and vote to fund Rombama care. They refuse to let Goodlatte vote to supsend habeas corpus before he votes against it so that he can speak out of both sides of his mouth. They will not sit idle while Goodlatte writes bills to regulate the internet and register your cows. McHugh said that if Kwiatkowski does not beat Goodlatte in the primary (a tall task with all his democrat support) that Joe Wobbe of Joe's steak house plans to run in 2014. The current chairs will vote in December of 2013 for a primary (where dems vote) or a convention (where dems have a hard time voting). Shouldn't all republican want republicans not democrats nominating their candidates? Make sense to me.

I respect you freedom watcher, however, do you have the permission of Joe Wobbe of Joe's steak house to throw his name out there to run for elected office? Having anonymous people post is probably not a good idea. Where the blue bird flies has bad english, hmmm, wonder what connected person has such poor skills?

Good point Simonsays. Probably ought to let Mr. Wobbe speak for himself. Maybe he is using McHugh as a trial balloon to see what people think.

On second thought. How about an online poll. Who wants Joe Wobbe to run in 2014 against the RINO Goodlatte if Kwiatkowski does not win in June of 2012? I assume McHugh wants him to run so I will throw my vote in. Currently that makes it Wobbe 2 Goodlatte 0.

Oh, man, this story just keeps getting weirder and weirder with all the drama and plot twists of an "all-villain" Wide World of Wrestling tag team bout. Yeeeeeee-haaaaa, it can't get any better than this.... and then it gets better.... everybody becomes irredeemably corrupt and nefarious.

Tells us again how it is that the Dastardly Democrats nominate all those Righteous Republican candidates? This, of course, explains how RINO Holloway became the Dastardly Democrat candidate running against that dastard White. Wait a minute, what's wrong with this picture? Oh, I see, it was a Righteous Republican invading a Dastardly Democrat Committee. Sorry, my bad.

So, I see, I got it all wrong... it was actually those Dastardly Democrats infiltrating the Righteous Republican committees, becoming self-appointed chairmen and running the whole show just so's the Righteous Republicans always have inferior candidates to compete against the all-powerful, those always dastardly, Dastardly Democrats, at all levels of government. And that's how we got Repici and Romney? Well, of course, makes sense now, huh?

And, of course, this explains how Athey, Cantor, Carter, Darr, Gilbert, Goodlatte, Holloway, Lauder, Murray, Tharpe, Traczyk, Vogel, and Wolfe got elected .... they are actually Democrats masquerading as Republicans. No wonder the world as we know it is coming to an apocalyptic catastrophic fire and brimstone end time. In anticipation, Righteous Republican Christians are poised to go orgasmic and die as Dastardly Democrats. Satan is happy.

I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!! Warren County is in such bad shape and it is all because the Democrats did it. Lets put Henderson in charge and give him a gun.

What's next? If McHugh wins the appeal we will all be forced to eat mayonnaise sandwiches?

Bwaaaaaaaahhhhhh hahahahaha


OK, OK, OK, I apologize to no one in particular, but I am having way too much fun. But, this is almost like being at the circus and watching the Clown Car empty. Just when you think it is impossible for another one to exit... here come the rest of the Red Nosed Riders.....

Bwaaaaaaaahhhhhh hahahahaha


....and the next one out of the car is.......

ROFLMAO reminds me of someone who is color blind and unable to distinguish and discern the difference in colors.

Anyone who thinks that the conservatives athey, gilbert, and vogel vote the same as the Rino's wolf, cantor, and goodlatte simply is either vote blinded or not paying attention.

nikko muses about McHugh speaking of himself in the 3rd person,now on a rant in the defense of the esteemed former delegate asleep in his mansion waiting for a magic wand from Richmond.If only the gran poobah was around we would not be in the shape we are in,please OZ come back...the minions can't make it without you!!

Wow the Roflmao is right. This is becoming way too much fun. Simon dude, you can say something that sounds somewhat intelligent. It's almost like you are two different people. You must have one of those split personalities especially when your stated that you were just a normal guy and did not understand political strategies. Dude, now I am energized again and I will not take Roflmoe's advice to not make fun of your comments from here on. Who is that man behind the curtain. As the wife of a seated Town Councilman said at a public meeting, "get real people". it's a good chance you will not find this to be true on this social media. Gosh darn, I hoop I didint mis spill anything wrong tonite. I know you are there Simon dude to call me out. I am ready to have some fun now. There will a lot more to talk about in the next two weeks. Guaranteed

Whoa how did I end up here?

I am going back to be with the animal nuts...

I overheard my neighbors boys and a few of their friends deciding they needed to build themselves a tree fort and become a secret club of some kind. Over the weekend I observed and watched with bemusement from my back porch as they scrounged boards and nails and bravely set off to select a suitable tree. The best tree wasn't all that far back in the woods and as soon as all the leaves come out it might become invisible. But it will never be sound proof. As work progressed and minor bickering ensued over where and how the various boards should attach, I could overhear them creating rules for the new club and code words for various activities like gaining entrance to the fort and identifying friend from foe. The more I listened, the more familiar it all sounded.

I doubt the Warren County Republican Committee understands what they sound like when outsiders overhear them. I exist very much outside their strange world. These newspaper articles and the resulting comments allows me to eavesdrop on their conversations and they don't make much sense to my corner of the world. The WCRC, much like the boys and their tree fort, is a group of like-minded politically oriented citizens so full of themselves they have lost touch with everyday reality and everyday thinking. Normal folks just don't behave and talk like that, invoking secret handshakes, secret code words, and rigid behavior conforming to some imagined ideology.

Roflmao has perhaps inadvertently, but very accurately, described the local political process. I agree it has become an endless procession of mute clowns with bulbous red noses exiting a very small car that came from a remote corner of their imagination, always jumping up and down, waving their arms in the air, faces full of surprise, excitement, and wonderment. Each one is remarkably the same, yet looks subtly different in some small way. But, as I listen, each one sounds very much like the last one. And then the epiphany strikes and I come to the realization -- I am not the latest to exit that little car -- I am the outside observer and I will not squander my vote on clowns.

I wonder where their girls-not-allowed tree fort is?

I think simon is hiding now. Maybe i was right and he's one of our town council people.

Im confused, I heard about the elephants and the donkeys, but what party is the Rinos? Maybe it's one of these new Republican parties?

Chris Holloway helped me get out of school one day, so if hes a Rino, then I guess that;s the party i'll join.

News Flash News Flash, really? Are you really that surprised? I mean just look at Athey Jr. in training campaign add in the WCR! "Your Hometown Candidate" No substance, no listing of issues, nothing to give you any hint as to what he stands for. Tewalt has the same type of add but at least he has several years of service to the town and a voting record you can refer too. Mr. Hrbek can claim to be "Your Hometown Candidate" too. Oh wait he can't, didn't Fmr Delegate Athey have that slogan copywrited or something? I'll have to check on that. What we need to do is flood his office with phone calls with requests for him to actually comment on actual issues that relate only to the Town of Front Royal. Call him on his false store front of being the concerned Faternal father figure who cares about ball fields and the elderly. I see he has learned his lesson well. He speeks softly and has the concern tone of voice and looks official with his suit and yet still looks concerned and only wants to serve his citizens because that is what his Parents dreamed of. Please! Give us an honest stance on the issue Mr. Funk! You are right! Your family has a long long long history with the town and as a family member of a family with a long long long history with the Town of Front Royal a council seat is not a right! It is something that the Citizens of this town vote on. And you will have to prove that you are worthy to sit in that seat. It will not be handed to you just because you are wearing the trappings of a Faternal Father Figure.



the elitist is sharpening his pen point for his poison letters to be mailed b4 the Town Elections,the former town employee is trying to fit in the telephone booth he used- to start the WCRC many years ago. The former super star delegate was seen in the District Court room trying to figure out exactly what a Judge does do, a duh!! And the lacky candidate is reading up on water issues so he can bring in more Super Box stores in the Commans when and if he gets elected! HELP!!!

CaCaToRy, that was well stated and being an outside observer myself, I can concurer with everything you said. It's conforting to know that there are others out there will not squander their votes on clowns. Now I can rest my case after finding my blog mate. Goodby Simon, goodby Spunky.

The Warren County Republican Committee wants to reorganize the village to suit the village idiots? The rhetorical specter of socialism overriding democracy has lost its impact. The socialist horse as boogieman threat is dead, unworthy of additional beatings. Which of 3 competing factions will win the ideological battle to control the weak minded party faithful?

The first faction is the Country Club Republicans who I'll fondly refer to as "The Boss Hog Good Old Boys" greedily feeding at the trough of public hand-outs and smoky back room deals enriching themselves and their cronies. Who does this description make you think of... Clay Athey or Mathew Tederick or Tony Carter?

The second faction is the religious zealots comprised of evangelical fundamentalists, Catholics, and other 'end of the world' gloom and doom fanatics who relish the battle against science constantly discovering new knowledge that debunks their religious myths. Who does this description make you think of.... Mary Kay Clark or Manuel Vicente or Gene McGirk?

The third faction is the advocates for a Ron Paul style of Tea Party Libertarianism derived from founder Lyndon LaRouche, who, influenced by The John Birch Society (funded and founded by the Koch Brothers) was a perennial Presidential Candidate who championed the cause of "all government is bad government". Who does this make you think of....Dennis Fusario or Mike McHugh or __________?

Notably lacking from the public posturing by the various factions of the local Republican Party is any specific details of their group's plan. What solutions do they offer? Except for ideological bickering amongst themselves, there is no substance to their posturing, long on rhetoric, short on ideas, and always lacking any appeal to a broad spectrum of normal citizens.

The grumpy old white guys who comprise the Warren County Republican Committee are chock-a-block full of Tin Foil Hat leaders. Same goes for the Republican National Committee, who simply and patriotically wrap themselves in the flag before spouting the expected, predictably questionable, wearisome, same old buzzword laden blather we have come to know and love to groan.

Because Republican political philosophies lack meritorious substance, their only action left available is to create and attack substitute boogiemen, preferably any man afflicted with brown skin.

I heard on WMAL radio this afternoon a Catholic priest in the Arlington Archdiocese (includes Warren County) was being accused of being a serial child molester. The church where the alleged sex abuse happened was located in Annandale. This priest has been in the northern Virginia area since 1990 and was a parochial school principal for 4 years -- I believe the years given were 2000 to 2004. Inquiries are being made to find any students who may also have been molested while at school.

I hope this news takes some of the shine off the local Catholic perverts trying to seize control of the Warren County Republican Committee.

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