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Driver dies in crash near I-66

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State Trooper B.G. Davis, photographs the inside of an SUV that overturned Thursday evening off Freezeland Road near Interstate 66. Rich Cooley/Daily

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Warren County Deputy G.L. Cubbage directs traffic around a closed portion of Freezeland Road in Linden after an SUV crashed Thursday evening. Rich Cooley/Daily

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Virginia State trooopers B.G. Davis, left, and W.E. Street, right talk along Freezeland Road beside the scene of a fatal crash Thursday evening . Rich Cooley/Daily

LINDEN -- A Linden man died late Thursday afternoon when he lost control of the SUV he was driving and it overturned near Interstate 66, Virginia State Police said.

They identified the victim as Michael P. Gloster Jr., 37, of Linden. He died after losing control of his 1997 GMC Suburban on Freezeland Road two-tenths of a mile north of I-66, according to state police Sgt. F.L. (Les) Tyler.

A 61-year-old man riding in the front seat was flown to Inova Fairfax Hospital and two children, a girl and a boy both under the age of 8, were taken to Warren Memorial Hospital, Tyler said. The identities of the three passengers were unavailable as of Thursday evening.

Tyler said Gloster's vehicle left Freezeland Road while traveling southbound around 4:30 p.m. He said the Suburban ran off the roadway, Gloster over-corrected, returned to the roadway and lost control. The vehicle then ran off the right side of the roadway again and overturned, Tyler said. Gloster, the front seat passenger and the boy were all ejected, he said. None of the three ejected was wearing a seat belt, Tyler said.

Tyler said speed appeared to have been a factor in the accident, but alcohol was not. The crash was investigated by trooper W.E. Street.


SPEED KILLS! This should not have happened and yet I see these speed demons all the time.

Virginia's governor couldn't wait to get the legal speed posted at 70 on I-81 at a price tag of over $350,000. Too bad the Governor never got a chance to drive this interstate - people were already running 70 plus. Now they travel at 80 miles an hour!

Speed along with texting and/or talking on cell phones has made travel on any road deadly. These things are just as dangerous as drinking and driving. You have a greater chance of getting a ticket for not buckling your seat belt then any other these deadly activities.

I meant to say: You have a greater chance of getting a ticket for not buckling your seat belt than any of these deadly activities.

you do realize this was NOT on 66 right?

80 and above is reckless driving and YES they do enforce it.

perhaps you should stay in the right lane to avoid them. just sayin'

The speed limit on the interstates was increased for revenue generation. Anything over 11MPH now is a potential $2,500 fine. That is neither here nor there since this happened on a state route off of the interstate.

You may have a better chance of getting a ticket for buckling your seat belt but they have to stop you for one of those oh-so dangerous things like texting and/or talking on cell phones, speeding or if you were a trooper, eating meat. Failing to wear a seatbelt is a secondary offense in Virginia. We haven't gone full-tilt nanny state...yet.

Sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here.

What is really sad, is that every comment on here is about the speed limit on I-66. The real issue here is that there was an 8 year old boy in this vehicle without a seat belt on. Let alone, a booster seat, which is, by law, required. It is a shame that parents to not understand the importance of this.


I think everyone has to remember the real victims of this accident are the children that were in this vehicle, not by their choice they should have been in child safety seats and the adult responsible for them should have had the sense to know this.There have been way too many accidents on this mountain due to speed and reckless driving by inconsiderate drivers. Whats your hurry? We all want to get where we are going in one piece...

Anytime people are injured or killed in these accidents, it's tragic. Children are helpless victims and must go where adults take them. Yes, they adults should be responsible but too often they are not.

Accidents don't just happen - they are caused. Too many people think they have full control over a vehicle: they do not! Speeding cost this guy his life and injured others.

I mentioned I-81 as an example of excessive speed and all of the other distractions. Cell phones and texting do NOT belong behind the wheel and it is a serious problem. If you need to communicate - get off the road! The laws are slow to catch up.

The exact road is irrelevant: speeding is the issue here and caused this tragic loss of life and injury.

FYI, police cannot legally pull you over if they see you without your seatbelt on. I am not glad to have seen this man died, but it is better him than one of the little ones. Parents or gaurdians should have more respect for children's well being when in their care even if they do not care about their own. Actually, if this was the father or primary gaurdian, taking care of yourself would also be taking care of the kids well being since they need all the parenting they can get throughout life. This was not the only idiot parent or gaurdian, just one of many.

An 8 year old cannot fit in a booster seat that is not the law. As far as speeding, Dear wondering I drive I66 every working day and no they do not enforce the speed limit in fact I have been passed by state troopers 2 times so fast I dont see them till they are passed me, once in rain and fog with no headlights on. If I had been able to see the car number I would have called 911 to report them. There is a problem with speeding and yes it is wreakless driving endangering lives.

Please don't take everything that you read as gospel. People are much too quick to judge. The loss of someone's son, brother, husband and father is tragic enough. The truth should be known that the little boy unfastened his seat belt and exited the vehicle. The little girl was unbuckled and taken out of the vehicle by a concerned citizen at the scene of the accident. You're all right - speed does kill, but who among all of us is not guilty of speeding at some point in time? Instead of judging, look into your heart and show compassion for the family that has lost a loved one. Hug your child - no matter how old - and pray that a tragedy such as this never strikes your family. Rest in peace Mickey.....


Thanks for the info and the compassion you have shown for the family! You are right - we should not rush to judge anyone, especially when there is a tragedy such as this. I pray for the kids and their Mom.

As we all know JM, the police are above the traffic as well as other laws . we are talking about their enforcement of YOU speeding ;-) I drove 55/66 for years too.


Whenever you all want to stop arguing about speed limits and booster seat laws and politics - you can put your time and energy into helping this family in their time of need. There are children and other surviving family members who could use support and caring from their community.

First, the accident was not on 66 - but Freezeland - off of HWY 55. Speeding is on purpose - NOT on accident. Tragic that someone had to die. I drive this every day, down and up Freezeland - ALL a no passing zone yet people do, follow me close (tailgate) all the way up and down. I can't tell you how many times folks cross the yellow line, because they are driving too fast. Please slow down - arrive ALIVE. to the Family, my prayers are with you.

Dear wondering, the police should not be above the law and no I do not speed I was only stating facts. The speed limit is not enforced on I66 Between 1:30 and 2:00 pm monday thru friday which is when I am driving on it.

This is tragic, and I agree with Momma Sue's comment. The fact is, no one knows for sure, except those who were there and survived, the circumstances of how the child came to be unbuckled. Lots of kids know how to (and often do, to their parents' horror) unbuckle their car seats / seat belts and move around the vehicle. What's done is done. I wish everyone posting would think about how YOU would feel if it were YOUR husband who died in that crash, your children injured, and you read some of the comments on here.

Consider that when you comment, please.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. They live up the street from me, and I talked with Mickey a few times around the neighborhood. He was a nice guy who clearly loved his family. May he rest in peace.

JM, Couldn't that simply be their shift change?

Driving the early morning commute on Rte 66 as far as Gainesville feels like you're in the Indy 500.

Although most of you are quick to judge and throw all these statments against this driver, do not discount the main thing, this was and ACCIDENT. I knew the driver and he was a good man. Yes the lack of seatbelts could have contributed to the fatality, possibly, but people still get severly injured or killed with seatbelts as well. I wear them myself, but that is my choice. For those of you who are a ignorant, Freezeland road is an unforgiving road, and at the posted speed of 35 the accidient was entrirely possible at this speed. I have seen many severe accidents on this road, and speed is not always the factor. If you know anything about driving a large SUV when you get caught on a low sholder and attempt a manuver to get back on the blacktop over correction is very easy. I am betting the speed was not much greater than 35 since an embutment was hit causing the vehicle to roll. I am sorry for Mr. Gloster's family, and the loss of a husband and father. So before you bash someone without knowing them think of the facts, this was an ACCIDENT not an ON PURPOSE. This was a mistake and we should feel sympathy for the family. And to the first poster Diana, you owe an apology to the family for your cold heartless response.

First, let me say that I am so very sorry for the family of this man who died in the accident and I pray that the children and other man who have been brought to hospitals are doing well. It is always sad to read about such tragedy even if we do not actually know the people involved.

But come on, mtwolf, I think you were unfair to Diana. Before you say that Diana owes this family an apology and say "her response is cold and heartless", take a deep breath and go back and objectively read once again what Diana said in the first post. In her first paragraph she does indicate that it was speed that was the cause of the accident (AS IT STATES IN THE STORY in the last paragraph) but in the other two paragraphs she addresses the dangers of speed IN GENERAL as well as lack of attention as a cause of too many accidents-----accidents that can be prevented. Almost all of us are guilty of speeding at some time or another, and it does not hurt to be reminded of the dangers of such a practice. If even one accident is prevented because of it, how could that be a bad thing. At the same time we can also grieve and empathize with any family who has lost a loved one.

I knew Mickey, I trained him to run the projectors at a movie theatre around 1998/99. He was a good friend of mine and we lost touch over the years. He was a good guy. He will be missed. Do you know when/where services might be held?

I knew Mickey, we were good friends for a little while. I trained him to run a projection booth about 14 years ago and we stayed in touch for a few years after that. He worked at the Arlington cinema and draught house for a little while too in the early to mid 2000's. Please let his sister know she's in my heart, along with the rest of his family. I've lost tough with her as well and it breaks my heart to know he's gone. He died too young. :(

I know I double commented but both of you seemed to know him and I would like to pay my respects. His sister will remember me if you mention the movie theatre I trained her brother at.

Wow, you must not drive I-66 much.....in the 5+ years of living in this area, I have only seen police on I-66 between I-81 and Linden twice. My husband commutes Mon-Fri and said that he has never seen people speed and act recklessly any worse than they do around the area of the Linden exits. The speed limit is 70mph and those pushing it around 80mph are going way too fast! Truth is, for whatever the reasons, the state patrol and local law enforcement do not enforce the speed limit in that area.

Speeding in on purpose -Yes Freeze land is VERY unforgiving! If you do the speed and the recommended – driving is fine – slow down - Accidents happen – People make mistakes – this is the accident, think they can handle the car etc… I am certain if this man had the chance to live this day over – he would drive more careful. In his memory, slow down for each other – nothing is so important you have to arrive dead.

I have been driving for a number of years, and again I say to you all – what is your hurry? I cannot tell you how many times I am driving along freeze land and out of nowhere appears a car – riding my bumper as to hurry me along – 66 is no exception – They also go through the stop sign on the hair pen turn – what is the solution? I try and do my part, if I can move over safely – I let the guy in hurry go by. Please don’t blame law enforcement – we all can slow down, be considerate.

Well, lets see, yes facts were stated but the implication Mickey was as speed demon was bad timing. This also implies that Diana knows speed is the factor; currently this is not known. Placing blame is not neeeded the day after this happened, think about the family. If you can't understand that then you suffer from the condition Diana does, lack of compassion.
And since you may not be familiar with Freezeland has many additional dangers poeple do not realize such as deer, gravel, padestrians, and bicyclist. The deer are a significant problem.
In closing you do not put salt in a wound to express compassion.

Yes I realize I spelled pedestrian wrong.

Song98 - Do you know Mickey? I was a good friend of his and we lost touch. I would like to pay my respects and be there for his sister. We all knew eachother. I don't want to repeat my posts from earlier, I have already double posted the same info. I can be contacted at http://www.facebook.com/nandolopez

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