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Darr, Ratigan face off in Front Royal mayoral campaign

By Joe Beck - jbeck@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL - The town has two candidates for mayor who share a first name of Timothy, but other similarities are much harder to find.

For Mayor Timothy Darr, the campaign is an effort to gain vindication for a style of leadership that he said he believes has calmed a local government beset by turmoil before his election in 2010.

"The whole thing is about trying to give back to your community," Darr said in explaining why he is running. "If you do this job for any other reason, you're doing it for the wrong reason."

Timothy Ratigan said he doubts Darr has been as effective as he claims. Ratigan said he is running on the belief that he can get more done and prod town government to move the community forward in key areas such as job creation and downtown revitalization.

"Front Royal needs new blood; Front Royal needs new and exciting leaders," Ratigan said in a statement on his campaign website. "It is time for our citizens to take a good hard look at our current leaders and ask the question, is this the best we can do? Are these the type of leaders we really want for our town? If the answer is no, then let's do something to change that."

The differences between the candidates start with their biographies. Both graduated from Warren County High School, but Ratigan, 46, moved here from Nebraska in his childhood while Darr, 50, has been a lifelong resident.

After high school, Darr moved into an apprenticeship with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 672, since changed to local 26. He continued working as an electrician for 14 years. He took a job with the federal government in 1995 where he remains today as a division chief overseeing contracts, maintenance and quality control for the Department of Defense Force Protection Agency. The agency's work includes working with police and other law enforcement agencies in providing security to the Pentagon and Department of Defense agencies around Washington.

Before winning election as mayor, Darr also won terms on the school board from 2000 to 2004 and the town council from 2004 to 2008.

Ratigan joined the Navy in 1987, two years after graduating from Warren County High School, and served as a hospital corpsman until his honorable discharge in 1993. He works as a receptionist and clerk with Human Life International, an organization that describes itself as "the largest international pro-life organization in the world."

Activities described on the group's website include lobbying lawmakers in El Salvador "to amend the constitution so as to secure and protect 'the life of the unborn from conception'" and leading an investigation into defective condoms in Tanzania that "resulted in the destruction of over 10 million condoms."

Ratigan has not held elective office outside of student government in high school, but he does tout his prominence in a campaign to get the town to move its biennial elections from May to November. In doing so, the town would be encouraging more voter turnout, Ratigan says.

Darr cast the tie-breaking vote in June when the council rejected moving the elections, but Ratigan is not about to let the issue fade. Darr said at the time he doubted moving the election would save money as proponents claimed. He also noted that most towns in Virginia hold their elections in May.

Ratigan said Darr ignored a voter survey sent to about 9,000 residents. The survey showed 560 in favor of moving the elections and 260 opposed. Darr's vote showed an inability to lead, and the issue continues to come up among voters he meets, Ratigan said.

"The mayor broke the tie against the wishes of the majority of the people. That was a sticking point," Ratigan said.

Ratigan is also critical of the council's decision to fire former town manager Michael Graham, although Darr did not vote on that decision.

"Mike Graham was moving the town forward," Ratigan said. "We were seeing repairs to the roads done on a timely basis. People were taking more pride in the town. These are things that Front Royal citizens notice because they drive on the roads on a regular basis."

Darr said he is trying to run a campaign that avoids criticizing Ratigan, but showed irritation over what he called the challenger's failure to offer any meaningful answers to the problems he identifies.

"If you're going to offer problems, then offer solutions," Darr said.

The firing of Graham came during a period of turnover among other key personnel. They included Town Attorney Thomas Robinett, who left to take a job as town manager and town attorney in Onancock.

Darr said he has been effective in improving trust and building relationships among council members.

"I think we're working more as a professional unit, and I'm kind of proud of that," Darr said. "Several months before the last election, the town was in a state of flux with infighting among town council members. I think some of those things, through my management skill, have settled down a bit."

The two candidates also disagree about the how much money the town will spend to extend water lines along the U.S 522/340 corridor north of town. Ratigan promises to investigate "the current situation . . with regard to supplying the county with water for their economic development."

Darr said relations between the county and city have improved in the last two years. He cites the county's willingness to take over the Samuels Public Library as one example of progress.

As for extending water lines north, Darr said the town is committed to providing water to businesses along the highway as part of a 1995 agreement. He said town and county officials are trying to find ways by which the town can benefit from growth in the corridor.

"The county is working with us there," Darr said. "There are no real solutions yet, but we're working toward it, which is more than what we were doing two years ago."


Here's the bottom line. 2 years ago a small disingenuous , elitist group of individuals decided that they wanted to get rid of some people they did not like and control. They succeeded by launching a campaign of mis information and untruths into the public and taking advantage of low voter turnouts. Now the game is to keep these people in power. Why do think Mayor Darr voted to keep the election in May? When you look at the County picking up the tab for the library as compared to the cost of the water infrastructure to the corridor, that's a great deal for the county bad deal for the Town. The library and the EDA should have gone years ago as part of this double taxation issue missed with the Athey Carter and Tedrick 522 corridor agreement. I have to take my hat off to this group because they were focussed and organized in their effort 2 years ago all done in this new negative political environment we live in today. Shame on us as citizens if we let it happen again. If you take the time to follow up on these statements then you will be in a position to make your own decision. As president Ronald R said " trust but verify". If you decide that you are happy the way things
are running then keep the incumbents in place. Please come out and vote either way. Life goes on and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. God Bless America and God Bless Front Royal.

I moved the area shortly after the election in 2010 and heard about that. I have tried to watch the council when I can. I don't see that Tim Darr has done such a bad job. It appears to me that he is a calming force within the council. Don't we need that?

Can you explain this Athey/Tedrick 522 agreement? And why is it a bad thing for the town? I am voting in the town elections and trying to gather as much data as I can before I vote for anyone.

I to have moved to Front Royal and have pieced together this water situation which is full of political intrigue, power grabs and ego which would be great for a movie. I am sure there must be some sex involved but I have not heard anything about that yet. The Cliff Notes version goes like this: the County and Town have been in conflict over the water and sewer utilities for years especially over the last 10 years. The county wants all its needs met and wants it cheap without having to pay for the infrastructure getting it into the county. Before the downturn in the economy, many saw the opportunity for growth in the county along the 522 corador . A deal was cut between the Town and County that resulted in the Town paying for the infrastructue to provide water to this area in leu of being able to collect the meals, lodging and business taxes as if they were in Town. Inturn the County would take over the funding of the FR Fire department, parks and recreation dept in the Town. This would stop the double taxation of a citizen living in the Town. They forgot to address the library and EDA funding which fall under the same double taxation issue.
Now the problem and politics begin. The Town Councilman that was the architect of the deal then becomes a county supervisor and then supports the County instituting a county meals tax knowing this will cause problems with the Town collection of the revenue. Slick move for the County by justifing the action by attaching it to the future funding of schools. The Town is left holding the bag. Town then looses the law suite from the restaurants on the meals tax revenue and Town leadership decides not to appeal the suite.Town has been adjusting in making up the loss $600000 in revenue and trying to get the County to share more of the 522 revenue. County drags its feet on coming up with revenue solutions and does not agree with a friendly boundary line adjustment which would be revenue neutral to the county.
Now, why the current leadership in my oppinion is a problem. The goal of the county is to support candadates that will continue to give them what they want with little resistance. They have those people in place in the current Council that is more concerned about making the County happy than what is good for the Town citizens. you really need to go down to town hall for more detailed information. That also supports why this Council does not want to move the elections to Nov. hope that is enough info

How does Athey and Tedrick play into this?

Tedrick was the County supervisor at the time and Athey was I think the vice mayor ialong with Carter on the Council. Athey went on to be the council representing the developer in the 522 corridor. However the current issue that I am concerned about is the deal with Dominion Power and Town citizens have to foot the bill for the additional cost of the water looping system that will be required. Mr. Duncan research showed that the system would cost an additional $3.5mm more to run the system correctly. The Town Council receiving pressure from the County, should have negotiated harder for the entire looping system to be paid by Dominion. When the county was asked to help the Town make up the difference, the county decided to snub the Town's request and give Dominion a tax rebate of $1mm year for 5 years that could be used to pay the Towns water and sewer bill. Why didn't the incumbents play hard ball with the county to have that money come to the Town to help pay the addition construction cost. The County will receive an estimated $5mm in new tax revenue from the project every year. I am all for good relations and working together but you have to have smart people representing the citizens best interest. The old saying that good fences makes good neighbors is true but it seems that those fences have torn down by this group of incumbents. We need to elect smart people on may 1st and I can only think of 3 at this time. Unfortunately none of them are incumbents.

I listened to the Candidates forum online. I see three I would vote for too and quite a few I would stay away from. Holloway, Lauder, Funk and that Tennett fellow are the ones I would definately stay away from. I haven't made up my mind on the Mayor's race yet. Rattigan seems to say all the right things. Is the first one to bring up issues such as the 522 corridor and water going to the county. But he has no experience. I have to think about who I am voting for mayor for a while.

My recommendation is to call Mr Ratigan or any other candidate with your questions. I noticed that Mr Hrybek has given his number for people to call with any questions on the earlier police story. I know that Mr Ratigan had accepted the invite from the river953 to debate Mayor Darr on Monday. Apparently Mayor Darr declined the opportunity. I hope more people start asking more questions.

I find it hard to believe that Mayor Tim Darr would pass up a chance to debate Rattigan. It would give him the perfect chance to ask Rattigan about his solutions to the problems he brings to light. Wonder what his reasoning for declining? He obviously has the advantage. Experience, time in office. Unless he doesn't want to talk about his record. I will take your advice.

Once again, please contact me with questions (or suggestions). You can reach me via Facebook, votehrbek.com, bwh@hrbek.org or my cell 540-660-5732. If you leave a message I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Bret

OK everyone, If Mr. Rattigan is by some remote chance elected to the Front Royal city council as their Mayor then all you citizens need to run for the hills out here in the county of warren because Front Royal will become again the laughing stock of the vally the way it was two years ago when the clowns were in charge. Why do i say this is because Mr. Rattigan has about 6 user names to go by on here (he makes statements and then answers himself and then he comments on his own statements/how FUNNY is that. So sorry for the people of Front Royal.

That is quite comical coming from the First Lady of Front Royal. I agree with you Spunky that the citizens of Front Royal are smart and they will not be fooled again this election. Any one is better than the current bunch that is in office now. God bless and good night.

Spunky, Brin202, The Last name is spelled Ratigan. One T not two.

Ok The reason I wanted to post today is to clear up a few things. A couple of weeks ago I sent an e-mail to 95.3 the River to Mario Retrosi and asked him to consider holding a round table discussion with a few of the Candidates. It evolved into a Mayoral Debate. I was invited and I agreed to appear. Mayor Tim Darr was also invited. He declined. The Citizens of Front Royal had an opportunity to listen one more time to the candidates for Mayor debate the issues. Mayor Tim Darr would've had a chance to ask me to outline my soluntions to the problems I brought to light. Sadly that chance was lost. However I am going to follow Bret Hrbek's lead and put my cell phone number out there for the citizens to call.

It is as follows. 540-671-3771

If you have any questions about the issues or my stance on the issues I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Me and the boys have been tryin to figgure out which one to vote for. It is harder because they both have the same first name.

That ratigan fella is a renter like me and hes gonna help get my house fixed. I need help an no one seems to care about me.

The other Tim seems like a nice guy and the county folks seem to like him alot. He stopped the guys on the counsul from fighting, but they dont seem to do anything now.

Didn't take them long to remove Whacko Jacko's Comment! WOW!!!! Freedom of speech is working real well folks.

Apparently, it is okay to trash you but it isn't okay to trash Mayor Darr. Shame on NOVA Daily.

Where did Wako Jako's Comment Go? It was there about fifteen minutes ago? I am beginning to see a trend here and I don't like.

Bash Ratigan all you want question him on his eithics accuse him of having several names But whatever you do! Do not mess with Mayor Timothy Darr! Or your comments will removed!!

I find all this talk of the Good Ol’ Boys very interesting and funny. Let’s expose the Front Royal Good Ol’ Boys. It starts with Stan Brooks. Stan the Man while a town councilman, travels to Atlanta and stays at his high school classmates home; none other than Mike Graham. A deal is cut and Graham, a supposedly very wealthy and successful businessman, decides to move back to his hometown in an effort to save us with his brilliant intellect and skills. Yes, Mike Graham gets the job as Front Royal Town Manager, blows hundreds of thousands of dollars on special projects, like solar panels and yes, gets fired. The next Good Ol’ Boy is Bret Hrbek, well, he and Mike are close friends. Ask Bret how much money he made selling utility bonds from the same company that received a 40 year contract from Front Royal, yes, while he was a councilman. The next Good Ol’ Boy is Tom Conkey. Once again, Conkey and Graham are great friends. So close, that both of them are working together with yes, the same mastermind, Willie Lauterbach, that wanted to bring solar panels to Front Royal, see for yourself, http://www.kratosinfra.com/Kratos_Leaders.html .

So where does the town clown, Tim Ratigan come into this? Graham is running his campaign, along with Tewalt, Hrbek, and maybe Linda Allen, who spearheaded the Save Mike Graham group—can’t confirm that yet. Why is Graham so interested? Possibly because he and Conkey still want to sell solar panels to Front Royal and make money…he needs the votes. Good Ol’ Boys? I say yes!

WOW---DOUBLE---WOW Mr. Incognisto. What a report. Thanks for all that info.

Incognisto= (finally makes his appearence! Matt Tedrick!!)

Surprise surprise, I was wondering when the disingenous eletist group was going the get involved. Now get back to the real issues of moving the elections to Nov, Town County water policies, taking care of our employees and developing a future vision for the town to create good jobs . We must really be starting to hit a nerve. I thought it was reported that the statement made about Hrybek selling bonds was completely untrue and was part of the untruths characterized by the other group of good old boys. Can't wait for the next letter of untruths before the election.


I would like more information. Like the time frame your alleged leader of the club (Stan the Man) was on the town council and since it is your statement that Brooks, Graham etc are the real "good ole boys club" in FR. I would like to know for voters paying attention to more current issues, just what the involvement is in the current issues the town and its voters are facing such as the 522 Corridor, Water, New Housing Developments on an already strained water/sewage system, or even the employment issue the town is facing.

I know the standard tactic is to ignore current issues, confuse voters with some other drama that has nothing to do with anything current. So I and I am sure anyone else not having held the town council under a microscope the last 20 years, would like to know how your players are involved in the current problems? Or is it a "hey, look at this instead!" game?

Woo Hoo!!!

I've been promoted to Good Ol' Boy!!

Anyone Remember This?

Hrbek Vindicated!
Page 22 and 23 of the of the late July Warren County Report 2010?


We were warned time and time again that a group of elitist, disingenous people would start spreading their usual line of half truths and misinformation during this election. In fact I would be on the look out for something to appear in the mail or in the papers from this group. Some of my good friends have taken a lot of abuse from this group. Their names drug through the mud. One of the victims I listed above has been vindicated by the Council and the Press. And what do we hear from this group? Nothing but the sound of cricketts. No apology no nothing. Now it seems that they have targetted my campaign and others and have resorted to calling me the Town Clown. But still I move forward with this campaign. Why? Because I believe in this Town. Being called a clown by this group is nothing I didn't expect. I moved to this town, a simple farm boy from the Sandhills of Nebraska. I grew to love the Shenandoah Valley and this Town Called Front Royal. I wanted to give back to the town I now call Home.

I also stated that this election would be about the issues. I have tried to keep it that way. I will continue to keep it that way. I have left myself available to the Current Mayor for Debates. Even accepted an invitation to go on the radio to debate him but he refused to attend. Again I must stress that if any of the voters want to talk to me personally you can call me on my cell phone: 540-671-3771. I look forward to talk to any of you and the town citizens. As yourself this question. Is any of them going to the lengths I am to set the record straight?

I have to say that I get really disappointed in Town Politics when people resort to insulting people who were not born in Front Royal - like being born here gives you extra rights to care about the Town we live in. So I am from the evil Fairfax County (insert The Imperial March Here) - I guess I am not real Front Royalty?
No what I do offer is insight as to what happened to Fairfax and Loudoun and what shouldn't happen to Front Royal/Warren County.

Water is the new Oil - I think we have all heard that phrase before and it is no joke. I know it, the lackeys on the Town Council know it and you better believe the Warren County Board of Supervisors knows it.

It is time for Town citizens to wake up and pay attention as we are getting Front Royally screwed. Vote the bums out, time for new blood and new ideas. Oh and read the Duncan Report it is a real eye opener!

If you want a real treat go to the Warren county report website that Mr Ratigan referenced on this post and see how this group of incumbents functions. The Hrybek article was interesting but the 2 Utube videos were really funny. It was the first time I had watched it and am still laughing about the running Councilman and the cartoon, "trouble in the colonies". Watching Councilman Tharpe yelling to have that man arrested was "priceless".If after reading and watching the videos that you still want to have these incumbents elected to office, well ,ah,ah, ah, I really don't know what to say. Now let's get back to the current issues.


Indeed funny. I personally look at all 3 local publications as they each offer unique news from where not to park to where not to donate. As of late the most interesting political information seems to be coming from the commentary here on NVD. Which I maintain, even differing views can still be enlightening.


Good try but no cigar. I expected as much. No body in your group wants the facts out in order to make a good decision. Now let's get back to the issues. Real Deal Do you think that the previous post were incorrect regarding the Dominion Power situation?
Why are the incumbent reluctant to tell why they did not want to move the election to nov?
Why do the incumbents continue to not address the key issues about the future of the town and develop a plan to help bring businesses and jobs to our community?
Why would the incumbents approve buying real estate and cars and not have a plan for employee raises?
There has been no nerve hit here but The Truth Will Set You Free.

Billy Graham might have described heaven as a Good Old Boy political reunion that never ends. What must hell possibly be like? Home videos of the same reunion?

The Good Old Boys can not dazzle you with brilliance, but they form a united front to baffle you with bloviation.... the worst of them put glass eyes to sleep.

What do Darr, Holloway, and Lauder have in common? In this neck of the woods, vagueness is the political currency of the realm. It is tough to be held accountable if no one knows what you were talking about during your campaign. Selective amnesia is helpful, too.

Hence, a stone-faced and scared Darr will not debate an animated Ratigan, Holloway is frozen in place with a one sentence campaign statement, and stumbling bumbling Lauder is so out of touch he asks you to paint him a picture so he can see what you want. These are the incumbents who resulted from low voter turnout in May elections where a minority can more easily control who wins.

So, if the emperor has no clothes and you don't have a record to run on, do you paint your opponent as someone to run away from? If that's all you got, sure, run with it. That's all they got.

Maybe these incumbents should help policemen receive food stamps from Social Services while they spend $77,000 to rewire their new $2,000,000 town office building and $39,000 for executive automobiles?

I am putting my cell phone number out again. If you have questions about my campaign please feel free to call me. 540-671-3771

Bluebirdofhappyness...I'm sorry....Mr. Graham, yes lets get to the real issues. Mr.Donkey and and yourself seem to be trying to keep all the attention off your yourselves by telling one lie after another. Mr. Donkey is usually the first to respond when his name is brought up, but it seems he has gone to hide, maybe from the authorities. And Hrbek, what's wrong...cat got your tongue? Yes tell us how much money did you make from selling those Bonds. We might be finding out sooner than later. Mr. RAT igan, wow, its a good thing they have you to do all their talking for them, what would they do without you? This will probably be the most lop sided Mayors race in the history of Front Royal. Remember this Mr. RAT igan this IS NOT, High School, we take this seriously.


"this IS NOT, High School"

Apparently not, your commentary sounds more like the bickering on the elementary school bus.

Do you really believe anyone is going to take anything you say seriously when you reduce yourself to sounding like a 10 year old? Geez, GROW UP!!!

I may not like everything Mr. RATIGAN stands for, but at least he is open, willing to communicate with voters and willing to answer whatever question(s) the best he can. Again, GROW UP, SERIOUSLY!

A friend of mine emailed me Incognito’s comment, I’ll admit, it did make me laugh. Seriously though, good job on the research, I had no idea about all of those connections. Then I went to this blog site to read all the posts. In my humble opinion, some of you people need to get a life and a job, really! Now for the record, this is the FIRST time I have ever posted on this site (hopefully I’ve done it right, will see momentarily) because I think it’s pure trash to be allowed to anonymously post. Doing so allows some cowards in the dark recesses of their mother’s basement to post garbage. Doing so allows convicted felony drug dealers, fired disgruntled town employees, elected and non-elected candidates to hide behind aliases and lie. Why give these people a forum at all unless they are willing to put their names behind their statements? I think I’ve been pretty open and public with my sentiments and positions in the past; I don’t need to hide to say what I think. I do want to commend Tom Conkey, Tim Ratigan, and Bret Hrbek. Although I disagree with their liberal, anti-business, pro-tax and spend political positions, I do appreciate their courage to use their real names. I would encourage others to follow their leadership—to use their real names when posting that is. Hopefully, NONE of their postings on this site are anonymous because that would put them in the class of “coward”, but I’ll leave that to their conscience.

Since I have decided today to officially post, I might as well make it worthwhile to those who think of me as their enemy. Let me put Tim Ratigan and Bret Hrbek at ease. I will not be mailing letters about them; much to their disappointment I’m sure. However, based upon the hard work of many volunteers I have amassed an email database so I don’t need to snail mail any longer, I will most likely be emailing folks later this weekend regarding the upcoming town election. As I have already shared with friends, I truly don’t see a need to get more of the facts out regarding Hrbek or Ratigan because I think they are going to lose; could be wrong but that’s my opinion. Many have asked me why I have an ax to grind with Hrbek. I summed it up in my previous letter (and thank you to all who called or emailed me your appreciation for the letter) that I mailed town voters two years ago. However, the best example I can give is that I take it personally when a politician pretends to be one thing to get elected then votes or believes a different way. Like Hrbek, he pretends to be a right-wing ultra conservative—leaning libertarian I believe I heard him say once; yet his voting record and public statements contradict his alleged “staunch conservatism”. A true conservative would not push for and vote to increase real estate taxes like Bret Hrbek did on June 11, 2007. A true conservative would not lobby and advocate a 57% Real Estate tax increase AND a 6% Personal Property tax increase like Bret Hrbek did on March 28, 2011. A true conservative would not fight to stop businesses from locating in the county, which would have brought jobs and increased tax revenue like Bret Hrbek did. There’s plenty more, but I’ll stop for now. Let’s compare Bret Hrbek with Tom Conkey. Tom Conkey in my opinion is an ultra liberal and pushes an ultra liberal agenda. Though I firmly disagree with his desire to increase the size of government or tax increases, etc., at least he’s real and rather transparent about his beliefs. So I truly do appreciate that about him. I wish he had decided to seek re-election…was looking forward to that race. Poor Tim Ratigan, well he just doesn’t know any better and he just doesn’t really know what he is. My wife has asked me to leave Tim alone, so I will. Gene Tewalt, once again being real here, I think he’ll make a great councilman. Unfortunately, his tenure as mayor did not go well because of Hrbek and Graham. Tom Robinette didn’t do him any favors either, but I truly do like Gene. He in my opinion is a solid fiscal conservative and I think he’ll get elected to town council. As for the rest of the pack, I have my preferences, but I’m not certain they’d really want my endorsement. Lastly, I would like to publicly commend all the candidates (conservatives and liberals alike)…thank you for sticking your neck out and putting yourself up for public scrutiny. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, but I would like to thank you for running.

Did you begin your career of bullying in kindergarten? How has that been working out for you the last couple of times you ran for public office and lost by landslide margins?

I guess this is what makes America great. I guess now we will have to wait until Tuesday and see what kind of leadership the voters of this Town want for the next 2 years. God Bless America

Went to town yesterday to go to k-mart and there was a guy with a sign that said ( DO NOT ) vote for ALLEN...TEWALT... and i think it said HRBEK too...What in the world are we going to see or hear next?...These clowns are something ( i think they are nuts from a walnut tree ) but i have been told my elevator doesn't go all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy lords day everyone and don't forget the paint the town purple today at 2pm. ( free icecream )

RealDeal - Please give me a call or e-mail and I'll be happy to speak to explain what happened. My cell is 540-660-5732, home 540-551-4536 and work 540-635-8229 or bwh@hrbek.org.

Hey Spunky, I seen that worm guy holding that sign on 14th street. I agree, I wouldn't vote for that Tewalt guy. Why would the Town citizens want to vote for someone who was force to retire from the town because of his actions. I'm sure there are alot of people that still remember. And how about that guy from Cuba.....are you serious? I got a robo call from this guy and all he could talk about was Mr. Castro. Am I missing something here... is Mr. Castro coming to Front Royal to support this Vicente?
I'll agree with you Spunky, the nuts keep getting bigger. I still have yet to here from that Conkey fellow and Mr. Graham. We the people and the authorities would like to know how long this partnership with Mr. Lauterbach has been going on? Mr. Hrbek, I don't need to contact you. You told enough lies when you were office before.
Mr. Tederick, I applaud!!!!!!

Realdeal, I do not need to speak for Mr. Graham nor Mr. Conkey. I will simply let their record speak for them. Both gentlemen have served this community with honor and integrity. And what they choose to do after their dedicated service to the community is their business and not yours. Mr. Hrbek like me has put his contact information out there for people such as your self to utilize. So there is nothing wrong with Mr. Hrbek’s tongue. Might there be something wrong with your dialing finger? Or do you lack the courage to discuss this like a mature adult instead of hiding behind an alias?

Now onto your little elementary way of addressing me. Yes my name begins with rat. That is something that I have had to deal with all through my schooling and well into my adult years and it seems I am still dealing with it. I have survived it and have come out stronger for it. So do you really think that your extreme childish way of attempting to insult me is really going to upset me? I assure you it will not. Now, that you have correctly pointed out, this is not High School and we have serious business to do. Such as moving this town forward and electing good quality leaders to the council. I will not insult the voters by making predictions such as you have done. Instead I will simply state that over the course of the next 37 or so hours I will continue to be there willing and able to answer any questions or concerns that the citizens of Front Royal may have about my stance on the issues. And if your dialing finger is up to it call me at 540 671 4771 if you wish to discuss my last name any further. Or if you wish you can still hide behind your little alias and hurl grade school style insults my way.

Sorry realdeal, The number is 540 671 3771. There now. You have the correct number. Please feel free to use it.

Just think about it, tomarrow nite the voting will be all over at 7pm and those elected (funk-darr-lauder and of course mr hollaway) the town will keep moving ahead for the betterment of our CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!! YEA---but having said this, it's with sadness that there will be very little to comment on here. How sad that will be.


Don't blame the NV Daily censor -- it was the thin-skinned Good Ol' Boys filing an abuse report. I said something they didn't like very much. Sorry "Boys", the power of words is sometimes uncontrollable, even with a thesaurus in hand.

I would like to sincerely apologize for not having the ability to distinguish any differences between one unelectable Warren County Republican Good Ol' Boy hatchet-job poison pen commentator and any other incumbent non-Warren County Republican (cough - cough) or Hatch Act eligible Good Ol' Boy commentator. They all look and sound so much alike, no wonder I was confused and bewildered, unable to distinguish any differences.

As regular readers know and 'for your information', the Good Ol' Boys say 'the truth will set you free' if you are 'spunky' enough to know the 'real deal' separating 'freedom from tyranny' and 'the cold hard truth'. Perhaps the clues are found in the choice of screen names that make a statement?

And so, it was bound to happen sooner or later.... I ticked off two (or more) of the Good Ol' Boys. I know you are shocked it could happen.

Somehow, through evil magic, or black-juju astronomy, or other theoretically impossible events, some low-life, thin skinned Good Ol' Boys filed a complaint of abuse on one of my previous political comments and POOF, it disappeared into purgatory.

I was so outraged I kept repeating a foul and obscene verb, deploying it also as noun adjective, and a direct object, then witnessing my blood pressure pull a full Mount St. Helens that resulted in feeling dizzy, abusive, and dangerously vulnerable to the darker effects of alcohol. Sounds like the preamble to a celebrity law suit, huh?

Golly gee whiz, I was left feeling so hollow and dirty I subsequently relapsed into a bout of mental suffering trying to cope through the torment and humiliation of it all. Rats, another 5 years of mental therapy blown to smithereens.

In retaliation, I will proceed to wage future attacks on my Good Ol' Boy complainant's mental capacity, question the status of his manhood, and impugn the amount of hair on top of his head in the most undignified and hurtful way, intending the end result to be inflicting lasting emotional censure for egregious misconduct. I know you are asking yourself why would I be doing that? For my answer I will quote (more or less) those memorable words uttered by an unidentified sitting Town Council councilor not now up for re-election --"Because I can."

The privilege of making political comments on these pages are beneficial for persons with major carloads of free time on their hands, especially someone like me. Having said that, my comments are further intended to muddle the already confused minds of the aforementioned middle-aged men with male-pattern baldness, mainly those "peas-in-a-pod" rascals, the Good Ol' Boys.

I invite the Good Ol' Boys to involuntarily locate a private place, perhaps on 11th Street, away from minors and from potential heart attack candidates and who shall then perform upon themselves a vigorous act that is largely judged by the mainstream citizenry to be anatomically impossible, or at least extremely difficult, and -- as recommended by the radio shock-blob personality and defacto leader of the Republican Party -- said act further be video-tape witnessed by six high-school librarians who are then free to comment openly on the levels of grossness they are observing and whether or not such acts seem to have been previously well rehearsed decades ago in the privacy of a smoke filled party room on 11th Street.

In a way I hope the incumbents win re-election. If they go bye-bye I'm left with fewer Good Ol' Boy public figures to pick on. What a dreary life I will be facing.... and more years of therapy.

See, already I am getting better.... I didn't name a single name.

Welcome back!!

I must say you Front Royal folk certainly know how to entertain. Your bickering and fussing and candidates that feel the need to address simple name calling, which they claim doesn't bother them, and how so many candidates by name or alias feel the need to lecture the voters in condescension will have all the rest of the valley chuckling for months to come.

Now I must run down to the store for more popcorn and prepare for the after elections slug fest!

Welcome back Whacko.

On behalf of all innocent citizens now covered in muck from yet another Good Old Boy poison pen rant, -- (shall we all guess who is behind the screen name "confused 101"?) I just phoned Mercury Paper over there in Strasburg and told them due to a recent rash of confused confusion by a confused confuser they should crank up the production lines in expectation of a huge order for scented toilet paper, an order perhaps large enough to cause Asia Pulp and Paper to make another virgin rain forest disappear. These confused confusers won't stop until every endangered rhino and R.I.N.O. is eliminated.

Bwaaaahhhhhhhh hahahaha.

Dear ROFLMAO (a/k/a Viewer of Dumb People)

Have you looked in the mirror today? Your hide must be thick, tough, and gritty like that rhino creature you so love.

If you are such a good citizen of the Town of Front Royal, why did you take your business out of town to Strasburg? What happened to buy local; stay local?

FYI I absolutely hereby assert that I am not Mr. Whacko; or Mr. Spunky; or any of those others that came before me. I only online today for the first time because my co-workers told me what a bunch of well-educated insecure and ill-informed folks were writing. I do not now nor have I ever lived in Front Royal. I live in an adjoining county thank goodness where we live quiet normal civilized Christian lives.

You, sir, need a truck load of that toilet tissue. Better rush on over to Strasburg and get it before someone says it might snow!

Early on ... even before I was elected to the Council ... I was told that in order to get along, I needed to go along. At that time, I decided that the only people I was going to go along with were the citizens of the town. If that meant upsetting the local power brokers, then so be it.

I take Confused's comments as affirmation that I did just that. Thanks!

Tomorrow, the voters get to decide whether they want someone who will "go along" or whether they want someone who will truly look out for them.

I see that "realdeal's" last comment made at 6:34 PM has been removed as I was composing the following comment:

There is such an obvious contrast of attitude and demeanor between these two factions, supporters of incumbents and supporters of challengers.

Reduced to the lowest common denominator, the so-called Good Old Boys have tried to muckrake and misdirect voter attention away from analyzing thoughtful solutions to the actual issues.

What has emerged from their efforts is fear mongering character assassination. Compare that fruitless approach to the opposing sides' calm, willing offers of cooperative communication to solve local problems of concern to all voters. Which choice is best to guarantee good governance?

You the reader and possible voter understand allegations of wrongdoing made without any supporting evidence should also be dismissed without evidence. If a commentator like "realdeal" actually possesses any evidence of criminal wrongdoing, the Virginia State Police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation are the proper authorities to receive the information, not the readers here on this forum. I would suggest 2 years have elapsed for "realdeal" to bring his information to the authorities.


I took you to task for defending Bret Hrbek but I do regret that the Town is losing you as a Council Member. I do think that you are one of the few on there (Shae being the other one) who had the "intestinal fortitude" (to quote another poster) to do what you thought was right.

Everyone else... let's get out there today and vote to change the makeup of the Do-Nothing Council! I will be at the polls advocating for my candidates and I hope to see all the people who have been whining on these forums for the last 2 years get out there and DO something for once. If you don't, you have no one to blame but yourself and that fat cozy armchair that you sit in. A Do-Nothing Council for a Do-Nothing Town.

“From out of the past, come the thundering hoof-beats of the great horse, Silver. The Lone Ranger rides again!”

Giddy-yup, giddy-yup, hi-yo Silver..... awaaaaaaayyyyyyy. Eat some dust, Tederick.

Imagine as Tederick watches his rival from inside that cloud of dust, silently envying his rival's rejuvinated splendor, poised to sit in a Town Council chair he once "owned" (jealousy is such an all-consuming beast). Yes, imagine Tederick bowing his head, praying he can prey again, and wonders...
... wonders why he keeps missing his grabs for power over weak-minded party faithful...
... wonders why he has become a laughing stock has-been....
... wonders why the poison pen letters have lost their power to pursuade... (see the fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf)...
... wonders why being a bully is no substitute for failed leadsership skills...
... wonders why his destiny does not include riding off into the sunset in a blaze of glory, now forfeited to his rival....
... wonders why he let The First Lady persuade him to not savage Ratigan...

Well, Matt, (you don't mind if I call you Matt, do you?) you could always join them and try to lead the local Tea Party crazies. They fit you like a glove.

After all, when you are just a little bit more awesome than everybody else, your destiny is waiting. Sorry if reading this comment makes you late getting to the dry cleaners who had such a difficult time getting the sushi stains off your flying wingsuit.

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