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Posted April 23, 2012 | comments 8 Comments

Shenandoah County Republicans elect chairman

By Sally Voth - svoth@nvdaily.com

WOODSTOCK --  Shenandoah County Republicans gathered in the Central High School gym to elect their committee chairman Monday night.

District 3 Supervisor David Ferguson beat Craig Orndorff, who is a director of the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District. He replaces Jeremy McCleary, the mayor of Woodstock.

Before the votes were read, Orndorff addressed the party members still in attendance and said he was removing his name from consideration and moving that Ferguson be elected as party chairman by acclimation.

Committee delegates broke into caucuses to vote for the position starting at about 9:15 p.m.

Prior to that, there was some debate as to whether Woodstock resident Cindy Bailey could present a resolution regarding the RSW Regional Jail from the convention floor

Bailey's proposed resolution says the state Republican Party creed cites fiscal responsibility.

"Whereas, the County of Shenandoah has in recent years shown fiscal irresponsibility and no budgetary restraint, resulting in increasing of county taxes and excessive borrowing," the resolution says. "Whereas, the County of Shenandoah has been misled into approving spending scores of millions of dollars on a completely unnecessary regional jail to be built in Warren County, many miles from our courthouses;
Whereas, such RSW Regional Jail will increase Shenandoah County taxes substantially."

It goes on to say that Sheriff Timothy C. Carter doesn't support the regional jail project, that the state crime rate is down, and a vacated wing at the Northwestern Regional Jail has space for Shenandoah County inmates. The resolution also says the county was misled into making the decision.

It concludes, "the RSW Regional Jail should be disapproved and actively opposed by all officials elected by the citizens of Shenandoah County, to include all members of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, all members of the General Assembly, as well as the Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor of Virginia."

Mike Monahan chaired the rules committee during the convention and said its proposed rules included a requirement that any resolution to be considered had to be in writing and approved by the resolutions committee prior to that committee's report to the convention.

McCleary said that was a standard rule that had been used often in the past.

Bailey and Woodstock attorney Brad Pollack protested.

"The resolutions committee already met, and wouldn't hear anybody, wouldn't allow anybody in the room," Pollack said.

McCleary said he'd pass the resolution on to the proper committee.

"There are three people on the resolution committee," Bailey said. "If those three people say no to hearing this resolution, then that means none of you will get to hear it if we don't strike this part of the rules. It's important enough to a lot of people to be read."

The caucuses also voted against hearing Bailey's resolution on the floor, with 141 votes to keep the rules as described by Monahan, and 86 opposed.

Earlier in the evening, Orndorff brought up the contention within the party in his election speech.

"Right now, our party is facing troubled times," he said. "Differences do exist."

He said those differences have created an "almost poisonous atmosphere." But, the party needed to unite for a common goal, Orndorff said.

"Above all else, we must all believe that this country simply cannot afford four more years of an administration that seeks to reshape our nation among the most radical lines," he said.

Ferguson said the entire party needed to participate for it to be successful.

"...I have only been successful in effective leadership because I surrounded myself with people that were willing to do the job," he said. "One thing I have is character. I'm an honest person. I'm a fair person."

Area legislators and candidates also spoke to the party faithful Monday night. Among them was state Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg.

He asked if anyone there was proud of the work being done by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. His question was met with applause.

"Some of the fights that are being fought right now, right here in Virginia are some of the fights that demonstrated to me why it is that we need to win these elections this fall," Obenshain said

He cited healthcare reform as a "classic example of governmental overreach."

The Environmental Protection Agency is stifling the coal industry, Obenshain said, and that will make it more expensive to heat homes.

"I hope that next year in 2013, we might be able to pick an attorney general that shares some of those beliefs," said Obenshain, who is seeking that office.

He said times are getting better, with unemployment going down and exports up in Virginia.

"We're on the the leading edge of what can be a great national recovery, but unless we retake the Senate and unless we take the White House this fall, that recovery is going to fizzle out," Obenshain said.

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, spoke in support of Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-6th, and Senate candidate and former Gov. George Allen, although he spoke highly of their challengers, Conicville resident Karen Kwiatkowski and Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William County.

Allen "has always understood the Reaganesque principles that I think drew many of you here tonight," Gilbert said.

He said the former governor is the best opportunity for Republicans to beat another former governor, Democrat Tim Kaine, this fall.

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    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


    Mark Obenshain, huh? Do you people really want the next Attorney General of Virginia when he's offered legislation like this (You don't get a whole lot more intrusive than this:


    SB 962 Fetal deaths; when occurs without medical attendance, mother, etc., must report within 24 hours.

    Mark D. Obenshain |
    Summary as introduced:
    Fetal deaths; report when unattended; penalty. Requires that when a fetal death occurs without medical attendance upon the mother at or after the delivery or abortion, the mother or someone acting on her behalf, within 24 hours, report the fetal death, location of the remains, and identity of the mother to the local or state police or sheriff's department of the city or county where the fetal death occurred. The bill also specifies that no one shall remove, destroy, or otherwise dispose of any remains without the express authorization of law-enforcement officials or the medical examiner, and that a violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

    Why would you NOT report such an event?

    This SB 962 is a prelude for more stringent future legislation. SB 962 lays the groundwork to require grumpy old white guys to closely inspect the remains of spontaneous miscarriages for any evidence it was not spontaneous.

    The next step of the Virginia legislative process will create legislation preventing unfertilized eggs to be discarded because they were potential fetuses not given the chance to become an embryo, clearly a violation of an eggs civil rights. Grumpy old white guys like Obenshain and Cuccinelli will joyfully inspect used sanitary napkins and used tampons for evidence they contained an unfulfilled potential human life. Upon finding such evidence of squandered humanity, the husband or nearest male able to achieve ejaculation will be fined for not trying to inseminate the guilty female and thereby both parties are guilty of wasting potential human lives. Jesus freaks will be dancing in the streets.

    For thousands and thousands of years churches have tried to maintain control of your genitalia and define how one may use this equipment. What's next, cameras in the bedroom? Didn't shock-blob Rush Limbaugh already suggest this?

    I find the comments of atheist to be totally out of line. I would hope your throughts could be better expressed than in such a matter. Shame, shame, shame!!!

    The real shame is religions "wish thinking" as a substitute for the repeatable structure of the world around us when it is revealed by scientific inquiry.

    When did your existence start? How do you describe the instant you became alive? When are you "born"? When are you "dead"? And what marks the absolute boundary of life and non-life, personhood and non-personhood? Any definition with religious roots is suspect because religion is founded on magic.

    These are questions that seem like they should have easy answers. But in today's age of beating heart cadavers that can breathe, urinate and even give birth while legally dead, it can be hard to tell.

    Historically, Egyptians and ancient Greeks considered a heartbeat to be the telltale indicator. Christian and Hebrew interpretations of the Bible pointed to breath. The Samburu people in Africa still contend that someone is not dead until hyenas will eat the body.

    In the modern era our need for organ donors has brought about a new kind of life and death: the "start of personhood" (soul birth) and the "loss of personhood," or brain death. Coma patients who require ventilators to breathe can be declared dead long before their hearts stop beating on the basis of simple, low-tech exams like a Q-tip touched to the surface of the eye, a splash of ice water in the ears, or a gag reflex test. Despite this, researchers, scientists, and religious whackos disagree on how "dead" a brain-dead person really is. For instance, some people regarded as brain dead still show EEG activity when tested. So, if you are finding any dead people with brain waves, what's waving?

    At both the beginning and the end of life, everybody who can voice an opinion seems critical of this hard-to-define state of personhood. And, as the previous commentator, "sjf" has experienced, defining life and death can make uncomfortable reading.

    With all this debate over who's dead and who's not, one might start to see the wisdom in letting the hyenas decide.

    Now, now let's not get ugly here. The Republican party MUST get into your personal life and get everyone whipped up, otherwise they might have to actually come up with some ideas for this failing country.

    Every election it's the same old tired, worn out "family values" etc., etc., etc. Get them elected - that's the goal after which you and your family can go to h---.

    I LOVE the constant reference to the great God Reagan. You don't dare hear them mention that disaster George Bush, do you. Wonder why?

    Maybe - just maybe someone can still use their brains and remember how we got in the shape we are in. Elect these clowns and we'll be deeper in over our heads (if that's possible). Even some former Republicans will tell you this party is "over the top" and out of ideas.

    Sadly it should be called the Commonealth of the Vagina!

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