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Posted April 30, 2012 | comments 11 Comments

Teen girl pleads guilty to malicious wounding

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

A 17-year-old girl pleaded guilty in Front Royal Monday to the malicious wounding of another teenage girl in an attack with a Maglite flashlight that left the victim severely injured.

Paige Elizabeth Williams, 17, of 355 W. 11th St., Front Royal, was returned to the Northwestern Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Winchester to await sentencing in Circuit Court on June 4.

Williams will be sentenced as a juvenile under the plea agreement accepted by Judge Dennis L. Hupp. The case was transferred to adult Circuit Court from Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court last year following her arrest.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Bryan Layton accused Williams of leaving the victim with a broken nose, broken cheekbone and cuts requiring 16 to 18 stitches to the front and back of the head. Layton said Williams used a flashlight to hit the victim during the attack.

The incident occurred along a riverbank at an outdoor birthday party held for Williams on Sept. 4.

The prosecution and defense agreed that the attack was preceded by back and forth threats and bullying messages between Williams and the victim.

Under juvenile sentencing, Williams could not be incarcerated past her 21st birthday and may be released much sooner than that, if deemed appropriate, by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. If sentenced as an adult, Williams would have faced a sentence of five to 20 years in prison.

Layton said he spoke to the victim and her family, and they supported the plea agreement.

David Downes, Williams' attorney, called the plea "a good result for everyone involved." He declined further comment.

The case is Williams' only conviction for a violent offense, but she has appeared in juvenile court cases after being accused of disorderly conduct, possession of alcohol, hit and run, driving without a valid operator's license and reckless driving.

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    Paige Williams will be "sentence as a juvenile" under the plea agreement. This is her ONLY conviction for a violent offense, even though she has been accused of disorderly conduct, possession of alcohol, hit and run, driving without a valid operator's license and reckless driving. Is that all?

    I wouldn't be surprised if this brutal beating shows up online. Is anyone concerned about this outrageous conduct? Anyone have a clue what's going on? Do you think the raw, explicit violence portrayed and glorified in our "entertainment" culture influences this behavior?

    There must be a price to pay for this brutish, outlandish conduct before the next crime is commented. It is obvious that Miss Williams has no regard for our laws nor understands human decency toward others. Yes, one should learn these basic behaviors at home but in today's culture, that's often missing.

    Her only conviction for a violent offense.....this article makes me ill!

    Her only conviction for a violent offense.....this article makes me ill!
    What about next time?

    Did she do ANY time for her previous NON-VIOLENT offenses as the article kindly points out? Maybe if she had, she wouldn't have brutally beaten another girl. Ha! Who am I kidding? This girl has already made the court system her revolving door.

    As horrific as this attack was, NVD stated "The prosecution and defense agreed that the attack was preceded by back and forth threats and bullying messages between Williams and the victim." it could be that Ms. Williams was the one being bullied, but the article leaves out those details. The article also stated that this occured at Ms. Williams' birthday party last Sept. Was the victim an invited guest or did she come uninvited and continue with the bullying and threats in front of those that were invited? NVD also stated that after the plea, her attorney said it was "a good result for everyone involved."

    Seems to me that there were many details the NVD omitted and though I do not condone this type of behavior by any means, I have a feeling that there was a whole lot more to this story than what was in the article. As for Ms. Williams' learning better behavior from her parents at home, again, you don't know. If she was a victim of bullying, her parents could very well have conferred with the school about this and the school could have blown their opportunity to intervene or any number of things could have happened.

    I think NVD missed a good opportunity to write the article a little more in depth and they really should have taken the opportunity to address bullying in our schools. With no more details than the NVD gave about this story, I think I will reserve judgment until I know more about what actually happened.


      Very sane and well thought out answer. Not to mention all the article states is "accused" of other crimes, it was poor judgement to even include that, just a "drama" addition.

      I would also add that people really need to think for a moment before blaming parents for every wrong thing a child does. We live in a world where people will complain about your child throwing a temper tantrum, yet those SAME people will be the first to call CPS should you give the child a swat on the rear for said tantrum. Being a parent is very hard when you are trying to actually be the parent and not their buddy. Children are ingrained at school to report any punishment. I KNOW because I dealt with it after my daughter went to school and said I spanked her in elementary. CPS was at my door and stripping my children at school to check for bruises. Granted, nothing ever came of it because she was disciplined and not abused. BUT, that is the threat that parents live under. Sometimes you do everything you believe to be right to teach them between right and wrong, and they go the opposite direction. Thats what kids do. Its not always the parents fault.

      Have to totally agree with your point of view. This article is missing many key facts and we just can't make a judgement based on what is presented here. The article also states that Miss Williams was accused of several other crimes, that while not violent, are definetly serious, but it does not state that she was convicted of any of them. It's very sad that the young people in this story seemed to have dealt with whatever bullying and threats were happening by themselves but we do not know whether or not they reached out for adult help and guidance or not. Kids, you really need to go to adults to help when you feel threatened!

    Really can't add anything to the comments of Tstar, A'Katrina, and Gail----they have all made excellent, thoughtful, insightful comments. It is really a pleasure to read the posts of these three posters as well as others like them who post frequently in this newspaper. There are certain names that one sees "posted" and it is almost a guarantee that what they happen to comment about, no matter the subject, will be a thoughtful and intelligent response. This in contrast to the hateful, mean-spirited and divisive kind of comments seen all too often today.

    With thanks to all three of you and other posters like you who really do add something valuable to any conversation!

      Song98, thank you for your kind words. My Mom always used to say "If you want kids to listen, lower your voice" and "Make sure your words are sweet in case you need to eat them one day!" Smart lady!

      Also, thank you for placing me in the company of A'Katrina and Gail! I am flattered! You made my day!

    i think parents need to be held for there childs actions. This is a result of children and alcohol and poor supervision.Parents get involved in your kids lives.

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