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Christendom graduates 100 students; largest class in history

By Kim Walter - kwalter@nvdaily.com

During commencement exercises at Christendom College in Front Royal last Saturday 99 Bachelor of Arts and one Associate of Arts degrees were awarded to the class of 2012.

The class of 100 was the largest in the school's history since its founding in 1977.

According to a release issued by the college, the Rev. Kenneth Baker, editor emeritus of Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, founder of the Sisters of Life, spoke to the graduates during the celebratory weekend.

Baker "warned graduates of the current hostility towards religion and particularly Catholicism" during his address on Friday, but also said "their education has prepared them to engage the culture," the release states.

After receiving an honorary doctorate, Baker encouraged students to become writers and "not let the atheists and the secularists dominate the works of print and images as they seem to do at the present time."

Dr. Warren Carroll, the college's founder, passed away last July and marked this year's graduation as the first he had missed in the college's history.

Several students were honored and spoke, including valedictorian Michael Strickland of Front Royal, salutatorian Frances Allington of England and Student Achievement Award winner Chris Foeckler of Manassas.

In Strickland's address, he suggested that Christendom not only train students for future jobs, but also in virtue.

"Graduation should mark not so much the end of our learning, then, but the beginning," he said according to the release.


Quote: Baker "warned graduates of the current hostility towards religion and particularly Catholicism"

Gosh, I wonder why people are hostile towards catholicism? Could it be that people are sick and tired of hearing about priests who enjoy having sex with boys? Is it possible that people have a negative perception of catholicism because the church has refused to recognize that the numerous cases of abuse is a CRIME that should be reported to local law enforcement?

The only way things will change in the catholic church, is if its members stand up and DEMAND that the church's policy on dealing with this issue be changed. Until that occurs, there will continue to be hostility towards catholicism. I just wish that catholics would invest half of the energy into fixing this problem, as they do protesting abortion.

All religions promise immortality. Some reinforce this promise claiming infallibility accompanied with song and dance, some with threats of hell. In this regard, catholics, and baptists, and all the other religions are identical tyrants.

One recalls the question that was asked by the Chinese when the first Christian missionaries made their appearance. If god has revealed himself, how is it that he has allowed so many centuries to elapse before informing the Chinese?

Many of the divisive conversations humanity has endured and overcome were due to religious bigotry trying to control what society was permitted to believe. Many religious based issues of 50 to 100 to 500 years ago are today deemed settled as time after time the religious dogma was overcome by knowledge of the real world as these examples may serve to demonstrate:

· Science was not allowed because its discoveries conflicted with religion's myths. Settled - today science explains those mysteries not solvable by religious beliefs.

· Evolution was denied because it contradicted the unknown writer of a work referred to as Genesis. Settled - evolution is demonstrable, but a small minority of die-hard religious fanatics still fight the idea, their argument wholly based on religious dogma, not evidence or logic or reason.

· Dark skinned people were regarded as inferior humans destined to a role of servitude to light skinned people. Settled - all men are created equal.

· Mixed race marriages were regarded as abominations against religious teachings. Settled - mixed race couples are everyday ordinary.

· Homosexuality was championed to be made a felony punishable by imprisonment and/or death. Settled - homosexuality is now recognized as a normal occurrence in many mammals, but now the religious nut cases are against homosexual marriages. The nut cases will loose this argument also.

· Abortion was shunned as the inevitable outcome of female promiscuity enjoying sex for non-procreation purposes. Settled - birth control made family planning possible and desirable.

The ascent of man has always been impeded by the needs of religion to suppress knowledge exposing the myths of religion.

Knowledge is, and will continue to be, the demise of religious influence on the everyday man. Religion is merely magic wrapped in a red bow that preys on and promotes ignorance of the world around us. Religion can not see the fine grained structure that is obscured by the blindness of faith. What other artifact of humanity from the Bronze age do we hold in high regard today? Knowledge is the power that dooms religion to the dust bin of history.

Again, how shall we reckon the harm done by dirty old men and hysterical spinsters, appointed as clerical guardians to supervise the innocent in orphanages and schools? The Roman Catholic Church in particular is having to answer this question in the most painful of ways, by calculating the monetary value of child abuse in terms of compensation. Billions of dollars have already been awarded, but there is no price to be put on the generations of boys and girls who were introduced to sex in the most alarming and disgusting ways by those whom they and their parents trusted.

"Child abuse" is really a silly and pathetic euphemism for what has been going on: we are talking about the systematic rape and torture of children, positively aided and abetted by a hierarchy which knowingly moved the grossest offenders to parishes where they would be safer.

Given what has come to light in modern cities in recent times, one can only shudder to think what was happening in the centuries where the church was above all criticism. But what did people expect would happen when the vulnerable were controlled by those who, misfits and inverts themselves, were required to affirm hypocritical celibacy? And who were taught to state grimly, as an article of belief, that children were "imps of" or "limbs of" Satan? Sometimes the resulting frustration expressed itself in horrible excesses of corporal punishment, which is bad enough in itself. But when the artificial inhibitions really collapse, as we have seen them do, they result in behavior which no average masturbating, fornicating sinner could even begin to contemplate without horror. This is not the result of a few delinquents among the shepherds, but an outcome of an ideology which sought to establish clerical control by means of control of the sexual instinct and even of the sexual organs.

"With or without religion you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.” Steven Weinberg, Nobel prize winner physicist.

You sound like you evolved from a turd to a sheetz for brains. My daddy always said you can't argue with stupid so.............................

Mohawk man, arguing with yourself must be a real hootenanny.

If you disagree with atheist, are you saying you approve of catholic priests sexually assaulting children while the roman catholic church looks the other way?

why is this even news?

do they own the paper in FR too now?

I remember when Christendom arrived in Front Royal. Why? Because Our Family arrived in Front Royal right before they did. Christendom has been a vital part of Front Royal's Economy for over 33 years. Their Professors and staff live in our town and county pay real estate taxes and personal property taxes. They shop in our shops and eat in our eateries. The Students of Christendom spend hundred of thousands of dollars shopping and living in Warren County and Front Royal. So I am guessing that you now demand to know why the Graduation Ceremony is news you will be doing the same for any and all other "Christian/private, public" schools as the paper reports on their Graduation Ceremonies.

I was there before they ever showed up and saw them attempt to strong arm the store owner on 606.

this place is nothing more than a cultist camp. always has been, always will be

You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an extreme Anti Catholic individual. Your postings cannot be considered objective. Thankfully we have members of the community who understand that the Catholic Church is filled with flawed human beings, those human beings as all humans are capable of doing evil and we demand that those who break the law and abuse and molest children be punished to fullest extent of the law. Contrary to popular belief we do not sit by and do nothing. Do me a favor and take care of the tree in your own eye before trying to tend to the 2x4 in the Catholic Church's eye.

but, they, the students sure could throw a party behind that store in the field.

drinks and condoms all around!!

can Tom still not attend the anti abortion ralleys?

happen to know a guy named dino who fell through the basement stair hole in a house he was helping build? tell him he is welcome for me holding his head together til the bus got there.

my tree is trimmed and neat Tim.

I grew up around those folk Tim, I remember my experiences. and quite frankly you got a lot of nerve telling me about my 2x4 while your catholics have been hiding child molesters

your church sat by and did nothing for decades if not centuries. only now are these people being taken to task and only by forceing them to.

not your brother Tom, I think his name was Tom fer--- something. can't recall right off the top of my head.

PS: i was raised Catholic Tim, I saw through their charades for absolute power over those in the pews at very young age. I also remember Jim Jones using the same garbage to get 900 people to drink his cool aid.
How can anyone be an apologist for a church who systematically raped little kids then shifted the guilty to other places for them to have a whole new set of kids to molest? How Tim?

I agree with the quote above
"With or without religion you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.” Steven Weinberg, Nobel prize winner physicist.

Quote: "Contrary to popular belief we do not sit by and do nothing"

Really? So far as I know, the vatican has never issued an order requiring cases of molestation to be reported to local law enforcement. For some reason, they feel that it is acceptable to do their own "internal investigation".

I have an idea for a new bumper sticker.....instead of "Its A Child, Not A Choice", the catholics should make one that says "Its a CRIME, Not An Internal Matter".

I just dug some lint out of my belly button and now my finger smells funny.

You make that bumper sticker and I will put it on my car in front of the press. Here is a site where you can have it made. Type into a search engine: Build A Sign. You make the bumper and deliver to my home and I will put it on my car in front of the press. I am just as angry about the child molestation cases against the Catholic Priests and Bishops failing to report probably more so then you are. However I will not leave my Church. Because I still believe in what Jesus Christ taught us as he established His Church on Earth. Put the molesters in jail with the general population and that means all of them including the ones who covered it up. You will get no argument from me on that.

Last I heard, jesus doesn't need a church to be in your heart. the only people who need a church are the ones wit the $$ bill counters in the back.

this wasn't a few bishops ,this was systematic from the top down Tim.

When shall we expect your new pope ratzinger to be on the chopping block for his part?

Tim your faith is great, your , my old church is a factory of deception, power and greed.

I read this today and it sums up thisreligious issue succinctly

"Isn't it interesting that a country founded to allow freedom from religious persecution is now using religion to persecute freedom"

Now I guess for me it comes down to who is actually fighting FOR the Constitution and our freedoms and whom it is fighting to turn it into "gods" law AKA a theocracy.

Which are you Tim?

Across Spain, graves are being dug up on court orders to see if babies really were buried in them.

Hours ago CBS news reported an order of Spanish nuns in collusion with the Roman Catholic church has been accused of snatching newborn babies from their mothers then sold for adoption. The children were trafficked by a network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began five decades ago during General Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties. It began as a system for taking children away from families deemed politically dangerous to the regime of General Franco, which began in 1939. The system continued after the dictator’s death in 1975 as the Catholic church continued to retain a powerful influence on public life, particularly in social services. As many as 300,000 victimized women, often young and unmarried, were told they could not see the body of the infant or attend their burial. At one point several dead babies were kept in a freezer to be shown to insistent mothers as proof their baby had died. In reality, the stolen babies were sold to childless couples whose devout Catholic beliefs and financial security meant that they were seen by the nuns as more appropriate parents.


Religion poisons everything.

WOW. Just when you think they coulnd't go any lower.

Why do we allow these cults to have any power what so ever?

want some cool aid?

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