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Crash sends three Strasburg High School students to hospital

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Strasburg High School students Rachel Taylor, left, and Kirsten Campbell, right, both 17, on Monday sign a banner in the cafeteria for Jymi Rudolph, one of the victims of a weekend accident involving five Strasburg High School students on Mt. Hebron Road near Strasburg. Rich Cooley/Daily

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Crosses bearing the names of Strasburg High School students hang in a tree along Mt. Hebron Road near Strasburg where their vehicle ran off the roadway Saturday night. Rich Cooley/Daily

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

A single-vehicle crash Saturday night sent three students from Strasburg High School to a hospital and left one seriously injured, according to Virginia State Police.

State police said the 2001 Saturn driven by Colby Cooper, 18, of Strasburg, left Mount Hebron Road around 10:50 p.m. Saturday and hit a rock. Four passengers were in the car with Colby, state police said.

State police said Cooper and two of the passengers were transported to one or more unspecified hospitals. One of the passengers, Jymi Rudolph, suffered serious unspecified injuries that led to a two-day outpouring of support for her at Strasburg High School.

The others have since been released from the hospital, Strasburg school officials said.

Sgt. Charles Faudree of the state police said Cooper was issued a citation for reckless driving. Speed appeared to be a factor in the crash, which was investigated by state trooper D.A. Mauck, Faudree said.

Holly W. Rusher, assistant principal at Strasburg High School, said Jymi Rudolph was the focus of attention throughout the day Monday.

Rusher said parents organized a 30-minute to 45-minute prayer service Sunday afternoon that drew "quite a significant turnout" and a wide variety of Strasburg residents to the football field.

Rusher said a majority of Strasburg High School students wore purple, the school colors, to classes Monday in a show of support for Rudolph.

A banner signed by hundreds of student well-wishers hung over a table in the cafeteria. One of the teachers also brought the students together for an all school photo.

Rusher said extra counselors were available to help students cope with the emotional fallout. She praised the students for what she called a "very mature" reaction to Rudolph's injuries.

"I think it's just an overall feeling of support coming together, being there for each other," Rusher said of the mood of the school.

She described Rudolph as "a very good student, great athlete, very well liked ... a very good girl."


A tragic accident; thank you to the hundreds (maybe thousands now) that are praying for and lifting up this group of young people that are no doubt struggling with varied and deep emotions and pain! So proud of the support of the young people all over Shenandoah, Warren and Frederick counties as well as many others!

I have noticed that many students from the other county high schools wearing purple and taking up donations to help Jymi's family. It goes to show that even a county full of rivalry can put it aside in a time like this. This sign of outpouring support and prayer from our community and young people makes me proud. I urge eveyone to keep Jymi and her family in your prayers as well as the others that were injured.

A tragic accident that was caused by excess speed. It's very hard for me to understand why parents continue allowing children behind the wheel. I've seen kids driving who can barely see over the dashboard. What's the rush?

Young people should learn to drive only after they show the maturity to handle a car (certainly older than the current age) and hopefully understand the dangers. Giving kids access to a car on a Saturday night is asking for trouble.

After the prayers and goodwill fade, will these young people learn anything from this latest wreck? Probably not. Accidents do not just happen. . . It is sad to learn about the consequences of a thoughtless joy ride and I certainly hope everyone fully recovers.


Prayers to all envolved in this tragic accident.So sad.Bad things happen to good people.To say somthing about not letting teens drive. I drove when I was 15,16. Things happen.Adults have the same kind of accidents so I don't thinks its just because they are young. This whole world is always in a hurry to get everywhere.Speeding, running lights its a wonder we get anywhere safely.Hope they have help to deal with it and heal.Comes to mind let anyone without sin throw the first stone.

But all the grown ups (who grew up around here) know, they were on the Mt. Olive bumps. How many of us remember flying over the bumps and our heads hitting the top of the car ceiling? Sounded like fun at the time, but not the brightest thing to do. We all did dumb things.
Hope all get well.

It's tragic that accidents such as these happen, but it's not just young people driving recklessly. Have you driven RT 7 during rush hour? The speed limit is 55 and when driving 5 to 10 miles over the limit, there are adults speeding past at a high rate of speed, some weaving in and out of traffic, & others drifting into the other lane or to the side because they are texting. There are too many accidents and everyone needs to slow down, drive safely, and stay off their phones when driving. My thoughts and prayers go to Jymi and her family for a speedy recovery.

"Let anyone without sin throw the first stone." What does that mean? Who is throwing a stone? This is a serious issue! Too many teens are being injured and killed in car crashes! Are you aware? And it's not enough to simply "wear purple and pray".

Children do not need to be behind the wheel for FUN!

Adults have to get back and forth to jobs, so they MUST be on the roads. That certainly doesn't excuse bad driving and there are plenty of them. Yes, everyone needs to slow down etc.

I wondered how long it would take for a response like this. Talking about the dangers of teen driving is important and hopefully parents can learn to say "No".

I agree with you 100%. I have 2 teenagers and neither of them have their license. I would much rather drive my kids where they need to go then have them endanger their lives or the lives of others. Too many parents want their kids to have their license because it is more convenient for the parents. The majority of teen drivers think driving is all fun and games. It is very disturbing how many people hand their child a loaded weapon and that is exactly what a car is when it is in the hands of most teenagers. I do not care if you agree with my opinion or not but I am allowed to have one. On this site, alot of people jump all over someone for having an opinion. All you see is "you must not be from around here or you are a city person". It is absolutely ridiculous how many times this comes up. Oh by the way, I am from here! Born and raised:) And I am allowed to disagree!

The only thing good that ever comes out of a tragedy like this is a lesson for others to learn from yet sadly those lessons fade over time becoming mere shadows in the evolution of maturity and wisdom.

As a student that attends Strasburg High School, and knowing all 5 victims, this touches close in my heart. Jymi is one of my dearest friends and saying that teenagers should not have a license is not fair. Colby was not trying to hurt anyone, he was just having fun, just like teenagers do. Looking at the numbers, there are not near as many accidents as there are students that have a license. Instead of everyone saying things about a license, I hope you all take a moment to pray for Jymi, she needs all the support she can. I have talked to many adults who say they have jumped the bumps, this was an accident and unfair to judge all teenagers by the outcome of one person. Please say a prayer for Jymi and all others involved in the accident.

First I would like to say thank you sydpop8338. I completely agree that everyone is entitled and has every right to their opinions and feel what they feel. However, in a time like this, as a family member it is hard to read the criticism and in return, it would be nice if some comments are left unsaid. These young people are very aware of the choice they made and it is a choice they will live with for the rest of their lives. And right now criticizing them and/or their parents for allowing them to be on the roads just is not fair and is not needed. What is needed now is a lot of prayers for all of them.

It doesn't matter where you are from, contrary to popular belief on this site, but it is a shame that there is nothing more interesting than jumping the bumps to do on a Friday or Saturday night in this county.

If you are speeding it is not an accident. You dont mean to wreck but the wreckless driving causes you to lose control. I tell my son all the time, it takes 1 second to lose control and it is over you cant get it back. I did not let my son get his lisence till he was 18, and then his driving was very restricted. I took the stereo out so he would have no distractions. He wanted to drive too fast too, always telling me "I'm going the speed limit." It took a while for him to realize that you have to drive by the conditions of the road not just the speed limit. He is 23 now and there is still no stereo but I no longer fear riding with him and I am proud. He is a responsible driver. Parents need to make sure their child is ready for the road before they hand over the keys. Driving is not fun like it used to be when I grew up.

so true jm. Each time I hear about an auto accident where the driver went off the road there is only one reason this happens...the driver was distracted. Why else would anyone run off the roadway? They are texting, dialing, or messing with the car stereo, they take their eyes off the road for a second and it's over. Auto accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers in America. We make the cars safer and have seatbelt laws but you can't fix stupid.

Guess you've never had a tire blow out. Or a deer run into your car. Or a million other reasons for accidents that have nothing to do with being distracted.

Marilyn, allow me to rephrase the reply. I was referring to stories where the driver merely ran off the road and lost control. Not the stories where the driver ran off the road because of equipment malfunction or an animal running into the path of the vehicle. However, with that said, drivers who run off the road in an effort to avoid an animal will be charged with reckless driving. I would like to hear about the other "million reasons" why a driver runs off the road.

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