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Motorcycle crash kills two in Frederick County

State police said two West Virginia residents were killed late Friday when the motorcycle they were riding hit a minivan on U.S. 11 at an intersection two-tenths of a mile south of Interstate 81 exit 317.

A press release issued by state police identified the riders as Jared R. Toothman, 26, of Capon Bridge, W.Va., and JenaLee C. McGrane, 21, of Capon Bridge, W.Va. They were thrown from their 2002 Honda CBR600 motorcycle and died at the scene after striking a 2005 Pontiac Montana minivan at the intersection, according to state police.

State police said their deaths came as they fled from a state trooper who tried to stop their motorcycle as it headed north on I-81 shortly before 10:30 p.m. The motorcycle sped away from the trooper and took an exit for U.S. 11, state police said. A chase ensued, and the motorcycle continued to speed south through three red lights on U.S. 11, state police said. The chase ended when the motorcycle hit the minvan at the third red light, state police said.

Two adults and four children in the minivan were taken to a Valley Health hospital for treatment of minor injuries, according to state police.

Toothman and McGrane were wearing motorcycle helmets at the time of the accident, state police said.

State police are continuing to investigate the accident.


Was their seat belts on? Why is there stupid laws about seat belts in vehicles if people can ride motorbikes without seatbelts? Think about rednecks riding in the back of a truck. I can explain, the people who pass our laws are morons. And humans can never see the big picture. FYI, I am a firm believer in seat belts in vehicles. Before some human assumes something here.

Another story you have to put your 2 cents into and you should get A nickle back -so we don't have to hear it ..

If you do not want to hear the truth, do not read the truth.

What's good for the Goose should be good for the Gander,Eh ?
If all of the Motor Vehicle laws were equal for each vehicle, you would be wearing a helmet in your car!
As for running away from the law,well I s'pose you have to do what you think you can get away with ....however, getting a ticket is a whole lot better than losing your life.
I really am sorry for the passenger, the operator, not so much.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Sure lets put seatbelts on motorcycles, lets have everyone wear a helmet that operates any vehicle on a public highway, and lets have everyone in any vehicle sit in a booster seat. Lets not hold the operator responsible for eluding police, speeding, running stop lights, etc. Instead of placing blame elsewhere place it where it belongs. 2 people lost their lives over someone's personal decisions to operate the motorcycle in the manner it was done so. I for one, who owns and operates a motorcycle, will not wear a seatbelt on a motorcycle. I would much rather be thrown from the bike than attached to it as it is sliding down the road, sliding under a vehicle, being ran over by a vehicle etc. Think about it for a few moments.........

What is wrong with you people posting about seat belts and making hateful remarks. This story is a tragic story about 2 young people who where killed. I feel so sorry for the families of these 2 young people. We all make mistakes and this mistake cost the lives of 2 people who had so much to live for. It was a since-less death that could have been avoided. My heart goes out to the parents, siblings and friends of these 2 people.

Just be glad that there aren't any laws pertaining to grammar and punctuation...

Amen Ryank. This thread proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that ignorance respects no borders. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two kids, who made deadly choices in the last moments of their lives. RIP.

Another tragic accident caused by reckless driving. It didn't have to happen and the driver of the motorcycle is responsible for the deaths (his own and the unfortunate partner) and the injuries to others. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time: it can happen to anyone of us.

The seat belt laws are a real pain when you are merely driving around town. They may help save lives out on the open road, but I seriously do not believe saving lives is the interest here. I think seat belt laws bring in easy revenue.

If you want to discuss an unsafe vehicle - think about the school bus. No seat belt laws there! Certainly no helmets! These buses are very unsafe but you won't hear the government touch that one. Why? MONEY they would never spend for mere safety.

Unequal laws, you better believe it along with an unequal society. That's where we are today.

You know so of you people are down right rude.. i grew up with the boy that was killed on the bike he was a great person he made a mastake you all act like you aint done wrong.. rip jared and jenna.. yu all will be missed

I have trouble feeling sorry for people who were running from the police. And I have to say some of the posts on here are absolutely funny - especially the ignorant ones that are calling others stupid. Please learn the English language.

A quick check of Frederick Co. court records shows that he liked to speed and his passenger was no angel either having 3 fraud related charges. Regardless of their past criminal life, everyone magically becomes a saint when they die, even if it is because of their own criminal behavior.

I'm not buying it. If you're going to be dumb, you gotta be toug and it's hard to be tougher than a minivan.

Honestly, some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You don't feel sorry for someone because they weren't perfect angels. Those people are gone, their famililes and friends are grieveing and YOU don't feel sorry for them because he had it coming? Shame on you. I hope you never make any stupid decisions that will change or destroy your life. Must be wonderful to be so perfect; good for you.
I am so sad for the families of these people. And I am sad for you guys that you choose live your lives with little to no empathy for other people.

New reports show the driver of the bike did not have a valid MC license and that the bike was not properly registered. No wonder he didn't want to stop. His blatant disregard for traffic laws was deliberate and unfortunately cost his passenger her life!!!

What a shame.. those if you who have something hateful to say, just remember this... They are someones child, someones family, someones friend and Jared was a father to 2 young boys.. This nothing but an unfortunate mistake that takes everything but memories away!! It will be the ultimate penalty that the friends, family, parents and Jared's kids will have to pay... Someone just mae a bad choice at the wrong time! I knew Jared very well when I was in high school, he was a great person all around and he grew up to be an awesome Man! He finally found his one and only, true love and happiness and there is no reason for any of you to pass judgement on lovely people based on a short article... Please have respect Jared & Jenalee's Parents, family and friends!!

Remember this could be anyone's family, sister, brother, cousin, mom, dad or best friend... As American's we shouldn't be leaving these disrespectful posts...

Amen!! He ran from the law and luckily he didnt kill anyone else.

When you choose to drive without a valid operator's license; it is not accidental. When you choose to drive without valid registration; it is not accidental. When you choose to drive under the influence; it is not accidental. When you choose to disregard traffic laws and speed down the road; it is not accidental. When you choose to out-run the police; it is not accidental. When you choose to run through red lights; it is not accidental. The decisions the driver made were not accidents nor were they mistakes. He made very bad DECISIONS. Decisions which ultimately killed his girlfriend and had the potential of killing more people. However, the driver alone is responsible for the decisions he made that night, not the trooper and not the girlfriend. It is true that good people make bad decisions everyday and I'm not trying to make the driver out to be a villian, but he is to blame in this whole mess and it is unfortunate that he paid with his life for something that would have only been minor traffic offenses.
I hope this is a lesson to others to just stop and get your ticket, pay your fines, etc. Don't run from the cops........it's just not worth it. I would rather pick up my child from the jail than the morgue.
I do appreciate the pain of the families involved and hope they can somehow find peace.


Thank you Oh - Very well said.It was a senseless act that didn't need to turn out this way. May God be with their families and friends as they struggle with this tragedy.

I don't think two kids made a choice here. I think 1 adult made a choice that ultimately cost two lives. I feel bad for their families, but not for the driver of the motorcycle.

My prayers are with Trooper Meyers and the hundreds of other law enforcement officers that have to deal with these fools every day!

But as Americans we can. I do not feel any sympathy for their actions, I am empathetic for the families, but let's not sugar coat everything. They broke the law, they ran from the police, they both had criminal records, the driver was under the influence of alcohol. We're lucky they didn't kill anyone else. If this was my kin, I would feel ashamed and embarrassed that criminal activity is what killed them.

As has been said this young man made a lot of wrong decisions. Despite this he had control of his cycle but running red lights is like playing Russian Roullet.

He pulled the trigger one too many times.

Why cant some of you people think about how you would feel if this was your family before you type these ignorant remarks for them to see!! I'm in disbelief of how many inconsiderate heartless people there are in this town. Bottom line is yes the driver made a mistake send youre condolences and log out!! May they rest in peace....

for everyone who is taking up for jena and jared and their friends and families, its appreciated by everyone. and for those of you who are too ignorant to even understand, go away. don't put in your nasty comments. two young people have died and you all are disgusting for being so ignorant. you don't know them, so don't you dare judge them. family and friends are grieving for their losses and you guys are saying that got what they deserved. thats awful. karma will get you all though, RIP jenalee and jared.

I don't need to know them. They placed everyone's lives in danger with their shenanigans and paid for it. They knew what they were getting into, and maybe if they paid more attention in physics class, they would be here today. Crotch Rocket

So heartless and disrespectful. Yeah, they did make a huge mistake putting other lives in danger. But they were human and they are no longer with us today. And they have loved ones mourning for their loss of these two. What if it was someone you knew and loved? And people were disrespecting them... it's wrong, you all are wrong for that. Their family and friends are reading these comments. Keep that in mind before you disrespect them.

If it was someone I knew, I would be ashamed and embarrassed that their deaths, due to criminal activity, were being posted for all the public to see. Had they made better choices and led lives on the straight and narrow, the comments would have a different tone.

Correct - Accidents happen - but speeding, improper lane changes, running away from police is on purpose. People will make tragic choices - like I say - Pay attention, slow down, let the driver in ...arrive alive. Let us pray for their family, I know them and this is tragic for them.

RUSTY.......GO FOR A WALK!!!!!!!

6 days between comments. Almost made it.....another day and they would have been old news. I see the vocal minority had reported a lot of the posts, I suppose free speech is ok, so long as supports, glorifies and sanctifies criminal behavior.

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