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Police launching seat belt enforcement campaign

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

Police agencies throughout the Northern Shenandoah Valley have begun their annual "Click It or Ticket" campaigns as part of a nationwide effort around Memorial Day weekend to encourage seat belt usage.

Motorists can expect to see more police patrolling and extra traffic checkpoints along roadways through June 3. Local, county and state police gathered Friday in Woodstock to formally kick off the campaign in Shenandoah County.

Shenandoah County recorded two road fatalities and 44 injuries in 2011 as a result of drivers and passengers not wearing their seat belts. Seat belt usage throughout the state rose to 81 percent in 2011, up from 80 percent in 2010, according to data from the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

"The purpose of the campaign is not to write a lot of tickets, but to educate people on the need to be restrained in their vehicles," said Sheriff Timothy Carter.

Part of the education effort involved deploying police to three Shenandoah County high schools -- Strasburg, Central High School in Woodstock and Stonewall Jackson in Quicksburg -- on Friday morning. Police greeted student drivers and passed out cards for free ice cream at Burger King to those wearing seat belts. Holtzman Propane paid for the Burger King ice cream cards.

The Click It or Ticket campaign applies to all motorists, but places a special emphasis on teenagers and young adults. Sgt. Chris Rinker of the New Market Police Department said males 18 to 34 years old in pickup trucks tend to be the population group found most often not wearing seat belts.

Police who were at the high schools said they were pleasantly surprised at the high percentages of students they found wearing seat belts: 100 out of 106 in Strasburg, 85 out of 100 at Central High School in Woodstock and about 90 out of 100 at Stonewall Jackson High School.

"We would much rather proactively reward a teen driver for wearing their safety belt than to issue a summons on the roadway," Rinker said in a press release accompanying Friday's events.

Drivers and passengers younger than 18 years old can be pulled over for being seen without their seat belts buckled. But failure to wear a seat belt is not a primary offense in Virginia for older drivers, meaning police must have some other reason for stopping those motorists before issuing a seat belt enforcement ticket.

Front Royal police also announced Friday they will be joining the Click It or Ticket campaign on Monday.

Traffic enforcement officer Donald Orye said he conducted a survey of seat belt usage in Front Royal on May 10 that showed an 80 percent compliance rate for the town.

"Over the past years, we have remained in the mid-to-high 80 percent range, but this year we are lower," Orye said. "We want to increase this number to keep motorists safer on the roadway."


thats all fine for kids but as an adult and a military vet i can and will make my own choices about my well being i dont need some old man in richmond telling me how to pee and how fast to drive and what to do with my body its just more big brother ever read the george orwell book titled 1984 nuff said well ive said my peace good nite all


I Agree 100% This should not even be a law, When you are on a motorcycle do you have a seatbelt on NO so why should you be forced to wear one in a vehicle it should be my choice not anyone elses, O thats right its just another way for the Gov't system to take money from my pocket!!!

Timbo and Zach, you don't won't Richmond telling you what to do, but tell us, do you mind what Richmond is telling your wives, daughters, or girlfriends what they can do with their bodies? "Governor Ultrasound" . . . a rather unusual moniker, and other governors signing similar bills into law, denying women the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of this country and the US Supreme Court.

And Timbo, what hours and where do you drive, as a veteran of Viet Nam I'd rather not be on the road in your driving area when you're ignoring posted speed limits.

I think Timbo and Zach should ride the rescue squad for a few days and see the results of what bodies look like after the car they are in rolls over and they are partially ejected, or what a child's face looks like when they are sent through a windshield after an accident.

Apparently common sense doesn't apply to your special lives...

"timbo62" and "Zach", oblivious to the laws of physics, (objects in motion remain in motion unless acted upon by outside forces -- as in when face meets windshield) are prime candidates to join Roy Stokes' merry band of ignorant, conspiracy-theory jerks.

P.S. Be sure to ask the Paramedics to retrieve your missing teeth from the windshield before transporting your sorry butts to the hospital. However, teeth won't matter much if the ambulance destination is not the hospital... in your cases, the more likely destination is the morgue.

Goodbye, and good riddance. The Tooth Fairy saved a bundle.


BWAAAHHHHH hahahahaha


To each and every one of you that feel the need to say bad things about my comment i actually wear my seatbelt every time i get in the vehicle i am just stating my opinion that i dont feel like it should be a law if you are an adult it should be your option to wear one and ROFLMAO ill make sure they bury me with my ass up so you can kiss it

Maybe rather than fining people for not wearing seatbelts, the police should just give them special "Darwin" license plates. As in Darwin's theory that the species gets better by the most intelligent surviving.

I know if I came home with Darwin tags, Mrs. Bubba would make **** sure I was wearing my seatbelt and that punishment would be far worse than a ticket!

Oh, and by the way.....(finger touching the side of my face in question) if this is such a DUMB idea to have as a campaign on a busy holiday weekend, why is it NATIONAL?

Once again the lefty loons have to jump into a conversation that has nothing to do with abortion and shove their propaganda down our throats. Well, since you brought it up I have a few thoughts for you pro murder of the unborn people. Do you really care about the well-being of women seeking elective abortion? Because if you REALLY wanted all abortions to be safe then an internal ultrasound is the very best way to know the age, size, and other things for the safest termination. Also I'm LMBO about the insane idea that while having an internal ultra sound is too invasive that shoving a vaccum tube up the same place to remove chop up and rip apart a live creature that feels pain is somehow not invasive. Call me crazy but that's just a stupid argument.

Kim, I have two questions for you. First don't you feel that as a human you have the right to make choices as your god given right? Second how many unwanted and abandonded children have you adopted to ensure that they are not a burden on our much flawed and over taxed system. I agree with the fact you have a choice just like all people do but stop proselytizing.

I have a few questions now also Kim.

1) Do you think a rape victim should be forced to carry to term?

2) will said rapist be given parental rights?

3) who is going to pay for these (est) 1 million more people in America a year?

I find it interesting that the anti choice folk around here only care about forcing the baby to term, after that they can starve. The Rightists wish to cut off funding for all the programs that help support them.
So how are we going to pay for this, feed them, shelter them forced into society kids no one wants?

We already have an over burdoned warehouse system of unwanted kids, now you wish to force another (est) 1 million a year into the fold?

No one is asking or forcing you to abort. You get your choice, let others have theirs as well.

Your actions have consequences that YOU are now responsible for. How many do you have in your home Kim?

Keeping with the topic. How many of those thousands killed or injured by not wearing seatbelts were speeding, dui, aggressive driving, or other idiotic activity. I wear my seatbelt as does my family. More for their protection from morons. I would encourage everyone to.

But the idea of armed representatives of my government stopping my vehicle to verify my papers and make sure I'm strapped in? Sounds a bit excessive.

Zach, I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure. When I read yours I promise to visit your grave, not with kissing in mind.... but with a full bladder.


Bwaaaaaahhhhh hahahaha

I'm fully opposed to the Gov't telling me to wear either a seat belt or a cycle helmet. I also believe that if you get injured because you didn't make the decision to seat belt or helmet-up the Gov't or a private hospital shouldn't have to pay for your medical care.

On the unrelated issue of VA's law on pre-abortion testing; this is a personal decision! No one has the right to tell another what's appropriate regarding their bodies and reproduction. I want the Gov't out of all social issues. It's not left or right, it's about tyranny and liberty!

I was surprised the first post took the words out of my mouth.

I am a strong supporter of seatbelts, i find it stupid that people don't wear one because if they get slammed, ejected from their vehicle, then ran over, that just would not be a good time.

BUT this is just taking away personal rights. You no longer have the right to protect yourself or not, you HAVE to or else! Everyday more and more rights are taken away in the name of "safety," "security," and "health." It should be the drivers choice.

Lot of nastiness with those previous comments and taking the article to such extremes and other subject matter....

To stay on topic, I ask why the police are wasting their resources generating revenue for the town and county actively enforcing a SECONDARY offense? Perhaps they are fishing for some other offenses during the stop, too?

Also, are there other more unsolved serious crimes in the books that could use those resources instead?

I understand the safety point of view, but this appears to me to be a missappropriation of resources.

My how I miss the 4th amendment. :(

You are correct Steve, just a fishing expedition to illegally accost you and ask "Ver are your papers". (snaps boots together)

Once again the topic thread has been hijacked. I see the Lyndon LaRouche libertarian crazies have been awakened and emboldened by the Ron Paul / Tea Party / Evangelical Fundamentalist misfits to trot out the "all government is bad for your health" bumper sticker slogans.

Opps, did I just reveal the secret code words for the Right Wing Extremist Republican Party? Sorry, my bad..... I'll just slither back into my cave and be quiet waiting until the flying saucers return attempting to perform their annual anal probing of suspiciously willing far right wing earthlings and those 1%'ers who don't need helmets to perpetuate the "riding-free-in-the-wind-is-the-only- way-to-ride-a-motorcycle" phony he-man outcast biker myth.

..... and that is what freedom is all about? Your refusal to wear a seatbelt or a helmet because your low-hung reproductive organs need room to breathe? Good thinking....so THAT'S where YOUR brains are? What a surprise!


First my comment was about the idea that saying a woman should have an ultrasound before abortion is an invasion of her body is a bad argument, because I thought the point was to have safe abortions and for women to have complete knowledge of what they are doing, and that the act of having an abortion is just as invasive as the ultrasound.

As to the other comments, most abortions are not as a result of rape or incenst. Most abortions are rich women who can't keep their legs shut and put themselves before their child. The act of the abortion can be just as if not more traumatic than the rape, and I don't understand why murdering a baby is easier than carrying it to term and giving it away...either way you get rid of something you don't want. Also, no I don't want to adopt somone elses child, (although there have been two times that I would have adopted some children being taken care of by useless mothers on government welfare--but that wasn't an option) but there are many people who do and many waiting lists, so once again your argument is mute. Finally if getting an abortion wasn't so easy and so accepted many women might take the time to make sure they don't get pregnant in the first place.

I believe abortion is murder and since the government holds people accountable for murder then I don't see why they can't have a say. Just because you don't see it the same as me doesn't mean I don't have a right to speak. So if you're truly concerned with the health and safety of women and them having all pertainent information then an internal ultrasound is actually a very good thing for the woman...and safer. You don't want to give a woman RU486 if she's over a certain time in her pregnancy. Knowing as much as possible makes for a safer outcome. You see since it's legal I would like the woman to at least be Okay, so hopefully someday she will repent and be forgiven. God loves everyone and wants all to come to repentance and salvation.

Let the Christian bashing begin.

Kim, I do not see any pics of you with a babies daddy. a little projection going on there perhaps? "rich women who can't keep their legs shut "
Welfare: do you get a child tax credit? if so you too are at the same teat you are complaining about.

Kim, whom are they going to "give away" 1 million (est) per year you wish to force onto all of us? you did NOT answer the question.
sure maybe some (I'll give you 1/4) would keep them but seriously , what is your plan for them?
reality please, not pie in the sky pipe dreams.thanks

as has been shown numerous times. Abstinance only teaching s a failure. (you too can look it up)

your god has no bearing here. this is a country with a proven and constitutional seperation between church (theocrats) and state (our Constitutional republic)
If you do not approve of abortions, don't get one. it really is that simple, if you aren't a busy body writing books and making $$ of that god you are attempting to hide behind to force yourself into anothers medical decissions.

Now could you answer my original questions. not go on some rant about statistics and your feelings? I asked a few very simple questions of you.

1) Do you think a rape victim should be forced to carry to term?

2) will said rapist be given parental rights?

3) who is going to pay for these (est) 1 million more people in America a year?

Please address them individually. thanks

I'll add one more.
Since you are for adding 1 million (est) to the population, but won't adopt one or 10 for yourself. (as you said above)Who is responsible now that you have crated this situation?

you are showing exactly what i have been saying. You people could care less, so long as you and your "feelings" are forced on everyone, yet wish to offer zilch as a plan for what to do after. I know, tlet's hand them over to the catholic church, right?

this is why you should just suck up your feelings, pray to your diety of choice and stay out of others affairs in a FREE country. this is no theocracy. period..

What in the world is going on at the NVD? There are comments here that have absolutely NOTHING to do with this safety belt enforcement article...

Thread drift happens. It's the net after all.

Far right religious beliefs concerning abortions as now espoused by Bishop and others is a continuation of that slop begun more than a decade ago when within hours of two airplanes crashing into the World Trade center, the "reverends" Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell had announced that the immolation of their fellow creatures was a divine judgment on a secular society that tolerated homosexuality and abortion. Robertson and Falwell blamed more than 3,000 deaths on America failing to repent and accept salvation for allowing abortion. Bishop uses the same admonition near the end of her statement.

At the solemn memorial service for the victims, held in the beautiful National Cathedral in Washington, an address was permitted from Billy Graham, a man whose record of opportunism and anti-Semitism and pro-life is in itself a minor national disgrace. His absurd sermon made the claim that all the dead were now in paradise and would not return to us even if they could. I say absurd because it is impossible even in the most lenient terms to believe that a good number of sinful citizens had not been murdered by al-Qaeda that day. And there is no reason to believe that Billy Graham knew the current whereabouts of their souls, let alone their posthumous desires. But there was also something sinister in hearing detailed claims to knowledge of paradise, of the same sort that bin Laden himself was making on behalf of the assassins. At the root of the anti-abortionists reasoning is the old fall-back religious extremist position offered without a shred of evidence that something called a "soul" exists from the instant of conception and thereafter, at the other extreme when death is on the doorstep, these same religious extremists know with absolute certainty a soul does not die along with the body. If the soul is immortal, where did it exist before its "container" was conceived in the belly of a woman?

Are you people really naive enough to think you will sway anyone with your opinions? Dream on. Just giving each other cause for more nastiness. And by the way, Timbo 62, laws against your driving as fast as you want are there for my protection. You have no right to endanger others' lives because you want to do 90 mph.

yes rape victims should carry to term (I answered that previously)

No rapists should not be given parental rights.

There won't be 1 million more because people would quit getting pregnant because it the option would not be available (it's called personal responsibility)

People continuting to get pregnant with no intention of raising their children are the ones creating the problem, not me.

the other comment, I don't understand your thing about a baby daddy. My babies daddy was my husband before I became a mommy, so what is your point?

Check the stats...most abortions are because of rich women who don't want children (they should keep their legs closed or get fixed for crying out loud).

Even though we were dirt poor when our kids were young (military family) we never qualified for the child credit, so we simply did without and managed to raise our two children just fine.

And if you want people like me out of your medical decisions and others quit asking me to pay for your medical care.

Sorry to everyone else on this thread, I only commented because someone else brought abortion into this matter. I'll be done now.

1) amazing. what is wrong with you?

2)How can you stop it? after all, it is half of his DNA. Right? He now has constitutional protections to have parental rights.

3) again, abstinance only has been shown a failure. pie in the sky and fantasy.do you honestly think that people are just going to not have sex, in this world, in 2012. You are either dishonest or just don't see the real world around you, perhaps it's that military brat thing. What do you know about the streets?

"There won't be 1 million more because people would quit getting pregnant because it the option would not be available (it's called personal responsibility)"

OK first off, they would still be availible, just as they were before. but the rich will get a doctor, the poor will get a hanger. have you ever met someone from that era? I have, they almost died because of people like yourself.

Ahhhhh, personal responsibility.
Like making a decission as to how to handle THEIR medical /family issues? You wish to revoke their personal responsibility (if they so chose)they could take. remember.

now that you have invoked yourself into their home, bodies and pockets. Where is your personal responsibility for what you have done?

"most abortions are because of rich women who don't want children "
from one of you anti abortionist sites? come on. seriously? check reality.

"And if you want people like me out of your medical decisions and others quit asking me to pay for your medical care. "

There are lots of things we don't like or use we pay for on a daily basis. You hear me complaining about paying for schools I don't use or need? Your god knows you won't be picking up the load for anyone as you have stated. You really don't see the consequeces of YOUR actions at all do you?

It is about minding your own business Kim. Something you people can't seem to get. This is why invisible beings should be left out of reality in general and government absolutely.

this is hilarious "watching more thread drift"

You ain't seen nothing yet. Welcome to the sideshow. Thanks for your wonderful contributions to this thread. I am lost in the resulting deep thought your comments have evoked. Do you own and operate any flying saucers? Do you always wear your seatbelts and helmet? Me too.

As for Ms. Bishop, eventually, if we give her enough rope, she'll get the job done. I especially enjoy the frenzied backpedaling and the resulting contortions of explanation. Prepare popcorn, the show's about to begin.

Everyone knows that anti-abortion religious fundamentalists — the few that remain against the overwhelming facts of documentary evidence — are half-baked clowns who live exclusively for their pet pro-life theory that the single most effective contraception method for women encompass holding aspirin tablets between the knees. For men, the single most effective contraception method is withholding hubby's (or boyfriend's) Viagra prescription.

In most states the Tea Party Tin Foil Hats constitute a laughable fringe of the Republican Party's farcical sideshow of lunacy now poised to become an actual menace to democracy, legitimizing the lunatic leanings of the Republican Party's most extreme elements, giving America the appearance of a banana republic that’s come unhinged under the influence of Tea Party partisan fever, shouting (and swinging) from the tree tops.

Bishop represents the ideagram of what physics labels as an inclined plane wrapped axially around an axis placed in the proximity of a sphere.

(wait for it.....)

Bwaaaahhhh hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"yes rape victims should carry to term" .. why would anyone think that making a statement like this would draw anything but negetive feed back.
If people would put their focus on things that are real and not some false ,arrogant belief, that " God " is great and will save us from all the pain and suffering that we humans bring on ourselves people would be strong enough to make better choices. Throw the crutch away.
Humans want to make decisions for other humans and all living things for that matter. It is a hierarchy. Parents with children, ministers with their followers, and governments with their citizens.

Right on. One can climb on a motorcycle, possibly giving their life in even a fender bender, and ride down the street. Then the same person can go home, jump in a vehicle, and ride the same street only to be ticketed if caught without a seatbelt on. How can people not see this as absurd in a great nation of laws? Why do the folks who drive motorcycles have more freedom than the ones who drive vehicles? Lawmakers plans to make money and or to protect people( stupid ones who we should let pass to raise the gene pool ) is my bet. Now before I get crucified, yes I think children who don't have a choice should be buckled up. That's on school buses too.

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