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Student death at home was suicide, school officials say

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

A 13-year-old student at Robert E. Aylor Middle School was found dead in her home Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning as a result of a suicide, school officials said Thursday.

"As you may already know, we lost one of our seventh grade students last night," principal David L. Rudy II said in a note sent home with each of the 625 students Wednesday.

"Students were informed . . .this afternoon, and grief counselors were available to comfort and talk with any students who asked to speak with an adult," Rudy said.

Steve Edwards, coordinator of policy, records management and communications for Frederick County Public Schools, said Thursday he had learned that officials from the Sheriff's Office believe the death to be a suicide.

Edwards said school officials do not believe the death was related to bullying. He attributed unverified information circulating online and elsewhere that cited bullying as a factor in the girl's death as a product of "the rumor mill."

"We did not share with the students that it was a suicide," Edwards said. "We just shared with students that one of their classmates died."

Capt. John Heflin of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office declined to comment on the case, citing restrictions on the release of information about juveniles.

Rudy said the victim was a gifted and talented student and "a very bright young lady."

The school's Web site also lists her as a member of the 7th grade honor roll during the first nine weeks of the school year.

Rudy said members of the school's crisis counseling team have met with several students since news of the death was announced.

Edwards said school officials want "to remind parents to keep an eye on students" for moods and actions that could be early warning signs of self-destructive behavior.

The Northern Virginia Daily's policy is to avoid publishing the names of suicide victims or report their deaths, except in instances where the news has already reached a significant segment of the community and are likely to be of interest to much of the readership.


How very sad; parents please keep a close eye on your children. Thoughts and prayers for the family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. As a parent of a child in the Frederick County Public School system, I know for a fact that the county trys to cover up the issues of bullying in the schools. My child was repeatedly hit and kicked by another student. The same student drew a picture of him stabbing her. I worked my way through the school system, starting with the teacher all the way to Dr. Sovine, only to be told that my child "drew attention to the perpetrator". It is sad that a young girl felt that suicide was her only way out. If this was indeed due to bullying, the school system should be held accountable for not protecting ALL students. If we all stand together against the school system, something has to be done.

Okay, lets thrown out "COVERUP!!".. LOL.. Really!?!?

How is it the schools problem? kids have been "bullying" as the new buzz word (like ADD, ADHD before it) since schools existed. It's time kids defended themselves instead of being "bullied." Take a self defense or Karate class. Geez.

Precious little snow flakes may need to grow up some. Maybe they are actually the cause unto themselves?


gotta say Aylor Middle School is a joke!! they dont care what happens to any child. So glad i yanked my son out of there when things got bad there!! Unbelieveable!! prayers are with the parents!! When time is right the parents should sue the school system!!!

My child did stand up for herself and SHE was the one who got in trouble. This showed all of the other children that if you stand up for yourself, you will be the one in trouble. Vanessa, I agree with you 100%. I also yanked my child out of school and know another parent with a child in the same class that also did the same thing. It isn't a matter of standing up for yourself. If a child's safety is at stake, something needs to be done.


First of all, children who are bullied are usually the good kind children whom follow the rules and are afraid of getting in trouble until it gets to the point that they can't take it anymore. Then you have Colombine and Virginia Tech. Bullying is a real problem now because children aren't raised the same , were raised to be kind and loving, and don't understand when others arent , your attitudes tell me exactly the way your child was raised. And as far as being bullied being partly the child's fault, in some cases I agree, but as adults, that type of behavior is called harrasment, and assault, punishible but jail time.

Craig, your comments disgust me. You obviously know nothing.

Please everyone..parents have lost their precious child. Can't you please put your other thoughts on the back burner?The only important thing at this moment is supporting this family. At a later time address your concerns with school administration.But for now just try and show some respect and sympathy for a family in pain.

Are you serious Craig? All children are precious and need to be defended , even the ones who can be tuff on the outside but could still be hurting on the inside. You sir are part of the problem today! How many times was your milk money taken oh thats right it was you taking the milk money.
My deepest sympathy goes out to the family. There is no words to describe the pain you must feel.

Thoughts and prayers for the family...my heart aches for them. As a parent of an 8th grader and 6th grader I also know it is tough on these kids. There is a fine line they walk, my girls tell me of fights that are recorded and broadcasted, bullies, and those who are bullied. As a parent you see the struggles that our kids face and we do everything we can to help, to make it better. Todays society is brutal and harsh. Want it to change ....the change starts within us.

As a former victim of bullying in the Frederick County Public School System, my heart goes out to all the children who deal with this abuse on a daily basis. There's no way I would put up with that now as an adult, but as a child, I felt like there would be no end to the taunts. My thoughts and prayers go out to this little girl's family, may she now be in peace in heaven.

Daffodil I agree with you. I am here to support the family and I am willing to back them in any possible way. We have to stick together to get something done about the bullying. The school system is not listening to parents. It is not only at Aylor, but the entire county. My child attended Indian Hollow Elementary until I withdrew her in April due to my concerns about her safety and bullying. I hope to contact this family and help them in their battle against bullying.

Thanks for the girls name! Brilliant! What do you expect when raising kids with young, up and coming rednecks!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this little girl. I'm sorry anyone has to deal with the loss of a child, for any reason.

I do agree with others stating that the Frederick County School System needs to stand behind their "anti-bullying" policies that they have in place. In many situations at my child's school (IHES) it seems that the the administrators are willing to put their neck out for the "bullies" and letting the innocent feel at fault or unprotected.

I'm also aware of the situation nheven is going through and stand behind the parents 100%. If situations were arising with the bully and my child, I would have pulled my kid from school as well. Although, in the state of ignorance by the school or the county, things are not going to get better for the other students unless something more is done!

I hope that matters are resolved with this particular case due to the loss of a child. But with rumors swirling and accusations being made on both sides (see Winc Star comments on article online) it looks like again, nothing will come of it.

What a horribly sad tragedy. My heart goes out to the family. This subject is close to my soul. My oldest grandson is small for his age and has been bullied since he was six. In an Air Force family...he has been bullied in Montana...New Mexico and now Colorado. My daughter has had to pull the kids out of public school in all three cases and enrolled privately. Oh by the way...he has taken Karate lessons all along...tried to defend himself..and been blamed and punished while the perpetrators went free. He is now 13 and his latest teacher let three students read aloud in class...stories where he was killed by them. Everything the parents on here have said is true. However...what we need to figure out is how society has gone so horribly wrong and failed these children . There will only be more tragedies until we as a society solve this. Our children are our future and too precious to ignore! !

I would like to express my sympathy to this little girls family, friends, and loved ones. As far as the school systems? I have a 17 year old and I can attest to the fact that FCPS DOES sweep things under the carpet..they DO coverup at times, my childs first instance of bullying was in the 1st grade..a piece of corn was stuffed so far down in his ear that it required surgery the next day to get it out..teachers were supposedly not present during the altercation..an " internal investigation" was done to which OF COURSE no fault of the school was found. Second instance was 5th grade...my son is a tough kid but there are tougher ones out there..he finally defended himself and was suspended as well. throughout the rest of school he didnt seem to have problems but he told me many stories of others who did and its heartbreaking. NOW TO CRAIG..oh yeah..I didnt forget about you buddy..your comment disgusts me to no end. HATE to tell ya but if you DO have kids or plan to..Im CERTAIN they will be bullies..I can tell by your comment how youll parent. very sad. You should be ashamed for having even bothered to comment on this story..Heck..Im willing to go as far as saying YOU were a bully..

Also I would like to say I was bullied from 6th grade through 11th grade by one girl and her brood of friends..here recently on Facebook no less she told me how sorry she was. It would have been through 12th grade but FCPS built Sherando and she stayed at Wood. My senior year as a result was my best year of adolescent schooling. I never thought of killing myself. I was, however, always afraid to go to school because out in the hallways..on the bus..in the school gym girls locker room..I was vulnerable and she didnt miss an opportunity. I was afraid to tell on her..I didnt bother my parents with it either..I struggled with it silently..ion todays world of internet I cant EVEN imagine how horrible the in person AND cyber bullying is

I was thinking the same thing joebugsmommy about Craig.
My thought and prayers go out to this family and the loss they have to deal with.I think in the schools they are afraid of
the bullies as much as the other students. We have tied their hands on how they can deal with problem students and the parents of these bullies certainly are not going to do anything to their kids for doing it .I hope they do something to protect our students.And they wonder why schools are having more shootings.I am glad my kids are grown. And no they where never bullied.

My heart goes out to the family and the loss of their daughter. You'll are in my thoughts and prayers.

I also have a daughter in FCPS
Admiral Byrd. When she was in Evendale she was bullied and never wanted to go to school.

I finally found out why she didn't want to go to school. I went to the school and I called and had meetings several times. I requested a meeting with both kids and the other parent and they said no. I also seen this girl hitting a smaller girl on the bus, but no one done anything, she was the bus drivers favorite.

It kept on and finally I decided to go to the mothers house. She knew nothing about it. I explained what was going on and she didn't beleive her daughter would do something like that. I told her if it didn't stop I would call the cops and get them involved. I returned to the school and told them the same thing.

It stopped then she went to another student and started doing the same thing, my daughter tried to help the other girl and she was told to stay out of it. I don't think that the schools are doing anything about the bullies. The kids have to suffer.

There was a boy that commited suicide last year at my daughters school and they said it was not due to being bullied.But I heard different everyone said he was being bullied. But what was done?

I thought the schools was supposed to keep our children safe. Seems to me maybe as parents we should meet with the school board and have a talk about what is going on in our schools.

Seems like the teachers are scared of the student and I have heard so much from kids this year about how things are going in the class room teachers cursing the studens and students cursing teachers. And when the principal comes in it all stops.

My daughter has suffered a concusion from a boy hitting her on the head with one of the text books, she is still suffering from it. And the answer I got was it was never told to us. And then about a month ago some kid hit her with a yardstick and she was told maybe she should wear a helmet (don't think so maybe kids needs to act their age instead of trying to hurt other kids. Maybe the teachers needs to keep an eye on the kids more than they do.

But I guess thats what happens when you take prayer and bibles out of school, and the kids starts to bring in guns, knives and what ever else they want.

As parents we need to do something before more kids gets hurt. We need to stand up for what is right if we don't protect out kids who will.

It sad that another child has to die from something the school is not taking care of.
They have all the pamplets and signs up against bulling why don't they help the ones that is being bullied instead they expell them if they take up for themselfs and the bully gets nothing that is saying its ok.

I'm sorry this comment is so long but we need to do something before someone else hurts our children.

Teaching courtesy and civilized behaviors, empathy for others starts at home. Schools just get the bullies pre-made.


This is so so SAD! My daughter went to school with this girl &was so hurt by the news,because she said the girl NEVER did anything to be treated like she was. The girl reported the bullies&it got worst. But yet Aylor has the nerve to post NO BULLYING policy signs around the school. An have the nerve to comment&say that it's just rumors about her being bullied! LIARS!! The poor child had issues&no where to turn for help,because when she did ask for help,it was brushed aside. No child should have to fight their way through school to prove they're worthy to be treated like a human being. Aylor &the bullies as well as their parents should be ashamed of theirselves! WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR PEOPLE TO WAKE UP? People that are bullied carry that hurt an pain with them all thru life,if they're luck enough to survive it.Thank God this is my daughters last year @ Aylor,God be with the students still there. My prayers go out to this child's family


it really does not surprise me that reams is saying nothing was reported to them.. my husband and i both went to that school in the 90's he was bullied w/ visible bruises and injuries and the administration did nothing.. his mother and father both talked to them, they argued back saying my husband started it.... the bullies parents were upstanding citizens of the county their kids would never bully............ THAT IS THE PROBLEM RIGHT THERE, the school system is afraid that the parents of the bullies will go against the school system somehow.. they do not go and investigate anything..
oh, and when my husband finally stopped being bullied is when his father told him in the 8th grade before summer to fight back, before then my husband never fought back.... he injured several of the bullies and from then on they didnt bully him or anybody my husband knew

Teaching courtesy and civilized behaviors, empathy for others starts at home. Schools just get the bullies pre-made.

RE : TO The Grand Wazoo talk about putting a label on people. It is all kinds that bully. I have family members that try to bully because they think that they are bette then everyone else and there is nothing redneck about them

I agree Mr. Grand, THis area isn't the most open minded community. James Wood now refers to themselves as 'The Rowdy Rednecks'. I was bullied at Aylor as a child in the early 80s , I stood up for myself and fought back, I was suspended, the bully wasn't. That is the case in most of the these issues. I now handle this differently. If my children come to me about bullies, I contact the child's parents. I've noticed that these 'bullies' are a product of their upbringing. The parents and usually undereducated, have alcohol problems or were bullies themselves. In short rednecks raising little rednecks. Welcome to Western Virginia.

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