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Tareq Salahi revives lawsuit, drops estranged wife as defendant

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

Tareq Salahi has decided to revive his $50 million lawsuit in Warren County Circuit Court, but this time he is dropping his estranged wife Michaele as a defendant and focusing on rock guitarist Neal Schon and two entertainment companies affiliated with Schon and his band, Journey.

The suit, in the form of an amended complaint filed Monday, targets Schon, of the rock band Journey, and two California-based companies, DD Entertainment LLC and Nomota, Inc., in what Salahi describes as a plot by the three defendants to breathe new life into Journey's faded popularity at his expense.

Michaele Salahi was a defendant in Tareq Salahi's original lawsuit, which Circuit Judge Dennis L. Hupp ruled in early April lacked sufficient legal basis to continue. Hupp gave Tareq Salahi a chance to file an amended suit by Monday if he wanted to continue the suit.

The new version, filed by attorneys Charles B. Roberts of Occoquan and Georgia Rossiter of Winchester, says Tareq Salahi lost his wife and business partner Michaele Salahi to Schon. In doing so, the suit claims, Schon and Nomota, Inc. deprived Tareq Salahi "of lawful employment in the entertainment field by embarrassing and humiliating him, and also by doing so ... Schon guaranteed that his immoral, improper, illegal procurement of Michaele Salahi, valuable entertainment commodity who was now working for him, would not return to her former contractual relationship with the plaintiff."

The amended complaint depicts Salahi as a broken man "wrought with anger and a sense of helplessness" as he learned the details of Michaele Salahi's affair with Schon late last year.

The suit describes Salahi's life as "fundamentally changed" by Michaele Salahi's decision to leave their home at 4410 Scenic Overlook Drive in Front Royal and join Schon on a tour with Journey.

Tareq Salahi has insisted he was worried that she was kidnapped or harmed in some other way. As a result, local and federal law enforcement agencies were called in to investigate. The suit says an FBI agent told him on Sept. 14 that Michaele Salahi was "now touring with defendant Schon and his band Journey and apparently became part of his entertainment business."

The amended suit accuses Schon of sending a sexually explicit email photo of one of his body parts to Tareq Salahi after Michaele Salahi left him.

The suit contains a long list of symptoms of physical and emotional distress Tareq Salahi says he suffered as a result of the break up of his marriage and business with Michaele Salahi. They included sleeplessness and frequent nightmares and a loss of 40 pounds that he blames on a failure to eat "most of the time."

The suit also depicts the Salahis' marriage as a business venture in which husband and wife used their notoriety to obtain a book and movie deal, and bookings on TV talk shows and reality programs. Their now-defunct winery is also listed as one of their joint business ventures.

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    I'll be so glad when these people just go away...

    Huh? The damage claim is based on marriage as a business venture? What's the venture.... gold digging? If you ever needed proof ninety-nine percent of lawyers give the other one percent a bad name, there you go, on a silver platter.

    The black art of ambulance chasing has reached a new low, even for those specializing in two dollar plus contingency at-fault divorces, a goal well understood by those blood sucking practitioners who wake up on the wrong side of the bed, hanging upside down with their wings wrapped around their body.

    This whole thing is a joke. Speaking of jokes, what do you have when there is 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, a good start!!!!!

    These lawyers must be in it for their 15 minutes of fame. I would never use either one of the lawyers for any reason, thank you for publishing their names. Disgusting lawyers!

    I wish the Salahi's would just go away.

    Yes undoubtedly, this is the person that I want as my Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia!
    You have got to be kidding me.
    Excuse me sir, the CIRCUS is in Winchester this week and with the lack of animals, they could use another CLOWN!

    He lost 40lbs just because she left him? I wish she'd leave me.......

    I'm voting for him!

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