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Posted May 10, 2012 | comments 16 Comments

Strasburg tests for Streetscape 'bump-outs'

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

Navigating large vehicles around "bump-outs" at key intersections on King Street in Strasburg Thursday proved tough but not impossible, according to town officials.

The first test of the Downtown Streetscape Project gave officials some idea of how best to design the "bump-outs." The design element for the revamped downtown street is viewed as a way to improve pedestrian safety by shortening the distance of crosswalks at intersections.

Officers with the Strasburg Police Department assisted town workers in setting up the proposed design elements using traffic cones. Those employees on hand observed the large vehicles attempt to make the turns without striking cones.

Early Thursday morning town workers set up the first test at East King and North Holliday streets.

"We tested a bus, fire truck and a tractor-trailer and around pretty much all four turns around the Holliday Street-King Street intersection," said Town Manager Judson Rex. "It looks like we're gonna make a few adjustments. The tractor-trailer had a little tighter turn than we thought so we'll probably move some lines around and make a couple changes based off that.

"It went very well, good to see a real-life example of how it might work," Rex added.

Shortly after noon Rex and other town staff along with police set up a second test around Valley Milk Products and East King Street.

A driver for H. Eugene Koontz Inc., of Bedford, Pa., helped the town with the test by attempting to turn a tractor-trailer right on Acton Place. The driver brushed a cone on his first try but a police officer at the scene noted the operator likely could have avoided the collision by making a wider turn.

Another vehicle traveling on King Street made a successful turn though the driver had to pull the vehicle out into the other lane of oncoming traffic before making the right. Tractor-trailers also made left turns on South Funk Street with no difficulty.

Town officials expect to advertise the Streetscape project for bids later this summer, according to Rex.

Construction on Phase I would begin in the fall after the town awards the contract, Rex said.

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    These bump-outs are a joke. Do they really think truck drivers are going to pay any attention to those things. You can bet in a little time they will look like a Walmart parking lot.

    If these things are installed I plan to open a tire repair and front end alignment shop in town. Cha-ching!

    how experinced was that driver? Whats going to happen when a rookie truck driver tries to navigate around one of the bump outs. I an tell you from experience that there are a lot of truck drivers who got their CDL from a cracker jacks box.

    In 1986 Phil Collins and the group Genesis released an album called Invisible Touch, that album contained the hit song "Land of Confusion", I see Strasburg as the "Town of Confusion". I don't live in Strasburg or pay taxes to the town but I feel the residents are being pushed and pulled in numerous directions that are not the best. With so many unfunded state and federal mandates for water quality causing an increase in utility rates, vacant store fronts on King Street, the "downtown preservation" discussions, the dire need for pedestrian safety to the shopping center, etc., . . . what is the need for these "bump-outs" other than restricting traffic flow and removing needed downtown main street parking? Woodstock spent over one million dollars at the intersection of Court Street and US-11 installing underground electrical service and "brick" crosswalks for what . . . "aesthetics"?

    The town wants to enhance business opportunities, agreed, but why take away parking spaces and spend money to shorten the distance from one side of the street to the other, when so many pedestrians don't use the crosswalks, especially in the vicinity of Dollar General, they walk between the crosswalks at the bridge and town hall to get to the parking lot opposite the store. They cross in front of the post office, no crosswalk there, they cross North Massanutten Street at King Street and King Street at the same intersection, no crosswalks there either.

    "Bump outs" are not a wise use of town funds when those funds originate with the individual taxpayer.

    I totally agree; these bump-outs are not needed and the Town of Strasburg has several more-necessary projects on which to spend the hard-earned taxes. Where there is an accident on I81 and traffic gets rerouted through town, imagine what havoc these bump-outs will cause!

    What is it with the bump-outs in towns anymore?? All this crying about not enough consumers coming to shop in town and so their answer to this is eliminate a lot of parking spaces by putting in these bump outs!

    I have posted many many times that if you want to see what a disaster it is you need look no further than Woodstock's bump outs! I have lived in Woodstock for over 40 years and I avoid Main Street totally in large part due to the "Beautification of Woodstock" and their bump outs and lack of parking! Every time I pass through Main Street, it makes me angry that they have done this as well as what they did to Court Square with the elimination of the beautiful trees and the starkness of what Court Square looks like now!

    Money is tight for all townships now and you want to squander what you do have for bump outs to make it pretty? Good grief! What a waste! As the saying goes, "If you don't use your head, you might as well have 2 butts!"

    I live in Strasburg and I am totally against this streescape project. This project will destroy whatever current businesses that Strasburg has and make it difficult for any new business coming to Straburg(if that ever happens).

    The town council is not thinking properly and they are not listening to this citizens. The town manager and the town council needs to relook at this project. The project needs to be stopped!!!

    Maybe after this nonsense plan, we can paint the streets purple to match the signs. This stuff gags me!

    It's a waste of money. Strasburg needs to cut their losses on the street scape project and stop throwing good money after bad. Get businesses into town and the downtown will look better. The sidewalks we have are fine, they work. The whole thing is crazy. Oh, well I don't see any enthusiasm from the council to encourage useful business, so growth does not look like it's coming. Fixing things that don't need fixing is typical.

      Ms. Bishop, I am in total agreement with you on this one. And as usual the town council is ignoring the people.

      The waste of money on these silly projects would be troubling even if the economy was great and everyone (who wanted them) had jobs. And that's far from our reality.

      Strasburg is going to end up being the "Cutest Little Ghost Town" in the Valley. That will certainly bring the tourist in, won't it?

    The town wants me to keep my house looking the same in the Historic District, meanwhile, they change the historic look of the main street. What gives here. Are bump-outs historic to Strasburg or even historic at all? Looks to me like a double standard for the town.

    Tstar, I agree with you. It's a mess. All the money they wasted on that crosswalk at Court Square just to become two brick speed bumps with flower accents. Be glad you only have to contend with one intersection. Besides all the bump-outs, we get a bonus of two islands to further inhibit our traffic.

    VDOT's official mission statement, "Our mission is to plan, deliver, operate and maintain a transportation system that is safe, enables easy movement of people and goods, enhances the economy and improves our quality of life."

    Town of Strasburg's official mission statement, "As employees of the Town of Strasburg, we will provide quality municipal services in an efficient, professional, and proactive manner in order to improve the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors while preserving the town’s historic and natural heritage."

    Bring on the lawsuits.

    Why cant the town stop wasting our money? Lets pay for the water plant we need so bad. No, they are going to raise water and sewer again to pay for this street scape crap that we dont want and surly dont need. The town of Strasburg will be ruined before this is over. I dont understand how we, the residents have no say. We can complain but no one is listening. We should change are sign to Welcome to Communist Strasburg. Come live here, we'll take all your money and waste it.

    Well, Diana, I have to say that the people of Strasburg spoke loud and clear on election day and put the same people back in office, so I can only assume that this is what the 3,500 plus registered voters wanted. And I have to admit I'm actually relieved not to be on the council, but if I had been elected I would have been at least one voice in opposition to this project. When people keep the same people in office and expect different results I just don't know what to make of it. Anyway, I'm glad we can see eye to eye on somethings. :) ...get ready for more of the same with the council.


    I'm sure the town council will counter the "waste of money" arguments by saying that they are getting a grant to pay for streetscaping. What they won't mention is that the town needs to pay for the costs up-front before they get reimbursed for the work. Nor will they mention that the town still needs to pay for at least 20% of the project.

    ok wait wait we can have bumpouts....USELESS bumpouts but NOT popeyes....*WAVES B.S FLAG*

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