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Posted May 3, 2012 | comments 5 Comments

Two owners cited in dog deaths

Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

The owners of two dogs stand accused of having dangerous animals after the canines attacked and killed a resident's pets in Strasburg earlier this month.

The Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office charged Teresa Heishman, 41, of 230 Bluebell Lane, and James L. Garrett Jr., 42, 377 Junction Road, both of Strasburg, each with one civil violation of possessing a dangerous or vicious dog, according to Lt. Wes Dellinger. They both are scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County General District Court on May 18.

The suspect dogs, a black pit bull and a black Labrador retriever left their owners' homes nearby and attacked two canines in the 100 block of Bluebell Lane on April 15, according to Dellinger. The suspect dogs killed a Jack Russell Terrier and maimed a mixed-breed canine in the incident, Dellinger said. The terrier died at the scene from its injuries. Animal control officers took the mixed-breed dog to a clinic in Winchester but the pet died the next day, according to Dellinger.

The dogs were placed in the county shelter after being taken into custody by animal control officers, Dellinger said.

Heishman and Garrett live a short distance from where the incident occurred, according to Dellinger. Authorities believe the pit bull and the Labrador traveled away from their homes together and then attacked the other two dogs, Dellinger said.

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    irresponsible owners breed irresponsible dogs. Put them down with the dogs and let's move on.

      Yes, these owners are very irresponsible and ignorant and maybe even abusive. Animals are NOT irresponsible; they act out of instinct and in this case in an aggressive, deadly manner

      The so-called owners should be PAYING all the medical bills and then some. Perhaps some jail time should be thrown in and community service. They should also be banned from owning anymore animals.

      So sad to see the poor animals always pay the price regardless of who is right or wrong.

    The dogs are not to blame! We got a pitt/lab from someone else and he attacked me several times, one time ended me up in the ER. I am scared to death of pitts now, but I don't blame the dog, I'm not sure what was wrong with him. Anyhow my daughter and I found a pitt walking along middle road so hungry and looking so sad. We picked him up with caution. He jumped right in the back seat and we gave him some food, my daughter fed him as I drove. He was the sweetest dog!! :) If we didn't have a cate we would have taken him home. Animals are like people you can't judge by the look or the type of animal. You have some people that get into trouble all the time but you can't judge all people because of some.

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