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Mother cites bullying for daughter's suicide

By Joe Beck -jbeck@nvdaily.com

Bullying in school played a major part in the suicide of a 13-year-old Stephens City girl earlier this week, her mother said Friday.

The woman's voice broke as she described her daughter as "very smart, loving, caring, a helper, and a friend."

"Her dad and I are devastated," she added.

The Northern Virginia Daily's policy is not to report on suicides, except when the information is already widely known and likely to be of unusual interest to much of the community.

The girl's mother said it was clear months ago that something was troubling her daughter.

The mother said she thought it was most likely the product of turbulent, emotionally charged events within the family.

Emotional pain inflicted by bullies at Robert E. Aylor Middle School did not surface as a possible issue until after the girl's father discovered her body in the family home after 6 a.m. Wednesday, she said.

The mother said the girl's friends and their parents contacted her in the last few days and spoke of bullying in school as a major source of emotional turmoil that led to the suicide.

"We knew she was dealing with something, and she was in an immense amount of pain, but we didn't know how to get it out of her," the mother said.

She said she is determined to spread the word that hostility from some classmates at school contributed to her daughter's suicide. The goal, she said, is to try to prevent the same pressures from causing another teenager to take her life.

"It's the worst nightmare you ever have to go through," the mother said. "And I don't want any other mother to go through it."

The woman said she is rounding up "a whole bunch" of like-minded parents to press their case at the next school board meeting for more bullying awareness and prevention efforts.

"We'll try to get justice for her," the mother said, referring to her daughter.

Steve Edwards, coordinator of policy, records management, and communications for Frederick County Public Schools, repeated statements made Thursday that school officials do not believe bullying contributed to the suicide.

"As far as our contention that bullying in school did not play a role in her suicide, we absolutely stand by that," Edwards said Friday.

Edwards said Aylor administrators, faculty and staff had "been very proactive" on bullying prevention, citing what he described as "a very good program" at the school designed to curb the problem.

The school also continues to offer counseling and other support to students and adults at Aylor struggling to cope with the tragedy, he said.

The suicide remains under investigation by the Frederick County Sheriff's Office. The family and the Sheriff's Office are awaiting the final autopsy report. Capt. John Heflin said police were called to the scene about 6:24 a.m. Wednesday. He said the department is not ready to release information on the manner or cause of death.

"We received no report of cyber bullying during our investigation," Heflin said. "We came across correspondence about bullying, but it did not deal with anybody in the Frederick County Public School System."

Heflin provided no details on the correspondence investigators found.

Edwards said the school system remains committed to "supporting the family as best we can."

The mother said her daughter excelled in many areas of life. She cited her willingness to take care of two older siblings, both autistic and vulnerable to seizures, as an example of her big heart and commitment to the well being of others.

The girl also recently earned a first-degree black belt in judo, was part of the school's gifted and talented program and was a member of the A/B honor roll through the first quarter of this academic year. She earned 40 merit badges in scouting, her mother said.

"She would do anything to protect anybody, but she was the one who needed to be protected," the mother said of her daughter. "My husband and I didn't have a clue."

The girl's life began to descend into darkness late last year, her mother said. She blamed wrenching experiences, first at school and then at home early this year for the pain that led her daughter to take her life.

Since her death, the mother said, several school friends have spoken about an incident early in the school year..

"From that point on, it just went downhill," her mother said. Her daughter's grades dropped, and her personality changed. She said her daughter started cutting herself and made it plain that "she just got to what I call a very harsh place."

The mother said her daughter at one point sought help from school administrators, "but they said, 'oh no, we can't do anything about that.'''

Edwards said he would not comment directly on the accusation, but then added: "One thing I would say is that every person who works for Frederick County schools does so for one reason, and that is to serve our students. Any reports of suspected bullying are investigated and addressed."

Classmates at school responded to the girl's increased vulnerability by stepping up their bullying, the mother said. They "homed in on it, and they started bullying her, and it got so bad, she couldn't deal with it anymore," she said.

The woman said her daughter's friends described the bullying as mostly verbal, but that is no consolation to her.

"Words can hurt harder than any fist," she said.

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    I am one of those "like minded parents". I have been battling the school system over these same issues for several months. I hope this family gets justice for their daughter and I am willing to help. The bullying needs to stop.

    Your daughters grades start to slip and she starts cutting herself, and the only thing done was have her talk to an administrator. Why didn't the parents be more proactive? It that was my kid, I wouldn't leave it to the school to take care of the problem.

      This young lady was in counseling, from the moment they noticed changes in her behavior. But a parent only will know about the bullying when a child shares that situation with them. . . she internalized much of what went on elsewhere, sharing only with the peers who witnessed what was going on. The only hint of issues was when she started cutting on herself, and even then she wasn't totally open with her counselor or her parents about the situation.

    We've ALWAYS had bullies in school. Why are so many suicides attributed to it now? My heart goes out to the family but I have to agree with Moderate. Then again,perhaps the parents did do more and it wasn't reflected in the article. It would make sense to contact the child's doctor for referral to appropriate professionals.

    We've ALWAYS had bullies in school. Why are so many suicides attributed to it now? My heart goes out to the family but I have to agree with Moderate. Then again,perhaps the parents did do more and it wasn't reflected in the article. It would make sense to contact the child's doctor for referral to appropriate professionals.


    This traggedy should not reflect on what the parents did or didnt do. This is about BULLYING&how it affects a child's state of mind. Most of the information about what happened@Aylor did not really come to surface until after her death. She was bullied on the regular&once she talked to somone it got worst,so she probably just kept it to herself until she couldnt take it anymore. My daughter is a student@Aylor&is dealin with the lost of her schoolmate,she got on Facebook later that evening&the things the kids were saying....had me so upset. There were kids who knew about the situation&said&did nothing,even knew the kids that bullied her. Now everybody's in shock&trying to pass the blame. The admin are full of $hit when it comes to not wanting to take responsibility for anything. They let bullying&racist comments &God knows what else happen in those hallways. If we cant send our kids to school with a peace of mind,that they will be ok,then we as parents need to teach better values,respect&jus how to treat others like you would want to be treated,to our kids&make sure nothing less will be tolerated. The bullies have issues of their own,thas why they torment others. An as far as blaming parents for not stepping up,well seems like they have their hands full with the disabilities of the other children,an no parent actually thinks their child is goin to commit suicide,but definatley if your child is cuttin theirself&you see behavior changes,talk to them&if you dont know how..find someone who does. My prayers go out 2 this family&may she RIP !

    I met this little girl two years ago and her sad eyes have haunted me every since. I never knew she would end up this way. Her problems did not just begin at Aylor. They may have ended there but coming from someone who knows, the parents should be blamed just as much as the school and social services.


      The more i hear about this the sadder it is.I also hope that the TRUTH is not more sinister than what we know. I pray the investigation goes deep into the heart of the matter. The social services,Cps etc should have done a better job looking into the family's issues,since this suposively was her foster family.

    I am very sorry that this young child felt no way out except to take her life. But blaming the school, just does not sound right. The mother says they did not have a clue, but then she says they noticed changes a year ago because of problems at home. The school is not a haven for a child, the home is. If her parents did not think cutting herself was a serious cry for help how can you expect the school know there is a problem? I am sure they were notified of a grade change.

      Prayers to any parents that lost a child. As I read this article, I too am wondering about the issues she had at home over a year ago. Of course, it may be very personal however, when blaming others at school, you need to look at the whole picture. I am not saying she was not bullied but seems there was more of a sign a year ago that started before the bullying. Rest in peace little angel:(

    I am a teacher, and I'll be the first to admit that there are issues with school administrators dealing with bullies, but they have to do mostly with privacy and the fact that reports of bullying are mostly hearsay with little actual proof, tying the schools hands in how much they can actually do.

    The first and last line of defense for children are their PARENTS. Even if these parents had two other special needs children to take care of, they chose to have another child and it is their responsibility to parent her. That includes being there for her and making her get help when they notice dropping grades, withdrawn behavior, and personality changes. Teachers only know a student for ten months at most, making it extremely difficult to track changes in that child (one child out of many that that teacher sees and deals with on a daily basis).

    My heart goes out to this girl's family, but the parents should stop making excuses, stop blaming others for their own lack of action, and take responsibility for their own part in this terrible situation.

    After viewing this child and her mothers facebook I see where the problem came from.

    This case reminds me of the Valerie Smelser case from many years ago and how the family had so many children that they could not truly care for them all in the same way.

    The Winc. Star reported the mother as having six children, including one on the way and approx four were special needs. Something doesnt add up here.

    As a parent we have to be the first to notice changes in our children and immediately handle them. It is not the schools responsibility. I am a former student of Aylor Middle School and I know for a fact they do not take suicide lightly. The moment they catch wind of a student mentioning suicide they immediately contact parents even if the child states they were just flying off at the mouth. This i from peronal experience.

    A childs mental state is based on how they are raised, cared for, nurtured, and loved. If there is a problem then parents need to seek help for them. Its not rocket science its natural for us to take care of our childs needs.

    Wow. These people just lost their daughter in a tragic way. Let's blame them and make them feel worse.
    That poor child.

      I'm with you...I do not think the parents need this right now. BUT I do think ALL parents have thrown their children into a "system" and said here they're yours for 9 hours a day.... You take care of the problems... Leave me alone, I have to work to pay the bills for all the THINGs we want. Notice the word WANT not NEED!!!!
      Children are NOT the school systems parents to provide morals, standards, ethics,. It should begin at home when our children are babies.......BUT where's mom and dad.....WORKING.! Who's raising the children? You say but someone has to pay the bills..( for that big house, all those "toys") Call me old fashion, but when a parent stayed home with the child/children and was home to greet them after school and talk about their day, things were a bit sweeter. It's something to think about.... how often does a working parent sit and listen to their children after a long day. So I ask you where does the problem with today's children start? Oh and hooray for those who do.... but if people are totally honest with themselves it isn't as much as it should be or could be.

        Schools should get involved and STOP bullying whenever possible, but they cannot be everywhere nor do everything! Too many parents expect others to take on a job that they can't or won't do - parenting.

        Today's outrageous "do as you please" culture has actually contributed to this bad behavior by allowing shameless conduct such as bullying to be (silently) accepted. You need not go any further than your own TV to see the garbage that passes as entertainment and the kids are watching.

        There are few role models for children today. If the parents can't do the job - the burden falls on the schools and eventually all of society. Yes, another young person's life has tragically ended but I agree there certainly was something else going on here.

        The public schools should not be the babysitters for others: the schools should be focused on education and they should NOT be held responsible for this unfortunate loss. These parents failed this child and I see no point in candy-coating the obvious. And by the way birth control is available - isn't it?

          It's sad that, being so unfamiliar with the family dynamics, you are so quick to pass judgement. Your crass comments could actually make the impression for most that you were indeed a bully yourself in your younger days. Unless you wish to harm feelings, comments like that should be reserved to yourself, rather than be made to garner attention. Then again, that's what bullies try to do . . . hurt feelings and cause harm.

    It is a normal aspect of the grieving process to look for some one or "some thing" to blame. I agree with another writer here, however, that a black belt in karate doesn't quite validate a story about some unnamed, nebulous "bully" that no independant third party can corroborate. The mental and physical discipline necessary to achieve this level of the art of karate are inconsistent with a person that would be easily driven to suicide by a "bully". As there are a number of other siblings in this household, I only hope that this isn't some kind of "distraction" story and the the real reasons for this child's depths of despair are not far more sinister. We can only hope that DSS and CPS, are doing a thorough investigation.

    One thing to remember here and the most important thing to remember is that We Are All GOD's Children and he seen this child going through problems and so forth and GOD needed her with him so he called her home. But I have to agree there needs to be alot of investigating done here to find out exactly why it came to this point rather its was a family issuse, school issuse, or a personal issuse but in a situation like this one the concern is why neither party done more to try and fix the problem. Once again we all have a day and a way that we are going to leave this earth and no one knows when, where, or how its going to be but its a fact that many just ignores to face that its going to happen. This child could have had the best of everything and never wanted for anything but it was planned for her to leave this earth that way on that day. One thing about this that everyone is jumping the gun about is the cutting part, the mother nor did the sheriffs dept. said that there was any self inflected wounds, the mother just said that the girl cut herself, that could be takened several ways, this child could have just been cutting herself from family, friends, activities and so forth, it was either a bad choice of words or the mother just didn't finish explaining what she was trying to say in which this happens alot especailly in times like this, so everyone just needs to stop and think before they speak or decide to add to horrible situation, but the most important part is in no shape, form,way will this little girl be harmed anymore, she is in a much better place to live called HEAVEN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, RIP little lady.

    After reading the article I have come to realize that the NVD has not done its homework. This paper now has turned to yellow journalism and will print what they deem as "paper sellers"

    My first thought after reading this article is about the tragedy of a young girl with issues and not knowing how to handle them. As a parent I feel saddend that the help she should have got was from her home but that was absent. If my son/daughter happened to commit suicide I would not have the time to talk to any newspaper or tv channel. My first thought is grief. Not the media.

    This "mother" should be worried about her other children and what she can do to help them. Not tossing out loosely based accusations of bullying. Those who may know this person will soon come understand that this "mother" sounds like a regular on the Maury Povich show. All you have to do is look inside/outside the home to realize where the problem is.

    If readers can sift through the blame game and really look at this mother then they can see that she really is more concerned about how she can set herself up for a lawsuit than take a self inventory about her homestead.

    "She would do anything to protect anybody, but she was the one who needed to be protected," the mother said of her daughter. "My husband and I didn't have a clue." The sad part is that I believe that. Poor parenting not bullying.

    The mother stated that "We didn't have a clue" but above in the article she is quoted:

    "From that point on, it just went downhill," her mother said. Her daughter's grades dropped, and her personality changed. She said her daughter started cutting herself and made it plain that "she just got to what I call a very harsh place."

    How can you plainly state all the clues you had and then say you didn't have a clue. I'm sorry, but it looks like this woman is looking for a payday. Tear me up if you'd like, but that is what it looks like to me.

    The PARENTS need to look themselves in the mirror, accept their failures, and then do what they can to protect their other children.

    Prayers to all involved.

    My mother's constant adage to "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" has served me well in life. I am amazed at the people who are rushing to judgement of these parents based on the sparse amount of information they have heard and read. I grieve for these parents who obviously provided this girl with guidance and a rich and full life. Look at her accomplishments! A neglected child does not have this legacy. I am a teacher and would hate to think I had missed bullying whether or not it had this tragic result, but investigating all possibilities to prevent loss of precious life in the future is the right thing to do!

    I'll admit I "scanned" the comments and saw nothing about the parents of the "bullies", maybe there was something there, if there was I missed it. I don't know what ocurred at the school but I know bullying happens and has happened for years. School systems have been handicapped by lawsuits that prevent them applying any worthwhile punishment and I'm not speaking of corporal punishment.

    The parents of the young girl may be at fault for missing "signs" of major problems but I place the majority of the blame on the parents of the those doing the bullying if that's what occurred, they did a poor job of raising their children. I know every now and then there is one that refuses to obey but one can seldom do the damage that's been done, they need help because "bullies" are weak in more ways than one.

    I'm a father of three adult children and I can't imagine life without one of them tomorrow much less losing one at a young age.

    My condolences to the family.

    Bullying: Def- what people who don't know facts and jump to conclusions do in a newspaper online comment section.

    There has always been a real problem in FCPS with bullying. I was bullied from the time I moved here at age 11 thru graduation. My kids went to Byrd and had issues there as well. My oldest goes to Millbrook now and stood up for himself and ended up getting suspended even though the other kid started it. Why are people judging the parents, what gives them the right? My thoughts and prayers are with this family. I agree with the above post, there are a bunch of bullies on here making comments. What I put up with as a child is no longer acceptable as an adult. No one but God is allowed to judge. RIP sweet girl.

      How do you know "the other kid started it" Because you blindly believe what your child says. Just like the other kid involved told his parents that he didn't start it. C'mon ..

        Millbrook has cameras everywhere and I know from conversation with the Assitant Principal as well. My son did exactly what I have raised him to do, do what you need to do to get them off of you, because we know the Olweus program is a bunch of BS. I don't believe everything my kids say. They know I'm gonna find out the truth, because I did it first and I did it better. I am fortunate to have a really good relationship with my kids, they know I'm gonna call them out on their bs. I only wish all kids had that with their own parents or another adult. Then we wouldn't have this tragedy where a child feels they have no where or no one to go to. My door is open to all my kids friends and I have been there when they haven't been able to talk to their own parents. I give credit for my ability to understand these kids and what they are going due to the bullying I went thru. I know exactly what it is like to not have anyone to turn to, and I consider myself fortunate to have survived on my own.

    Everyone should wait and see what comes out because dirty laundy hung out in the open could really stink!!

    im one of the girls friends and truth be told the things they said about the school systems are lies theyre just saying that just to look good and seem like they care but in reality they dont they knew about the bulling but they did nothing to stop it. Im starting a petetion to do something about the school systems.


      I believe bullying was a part of the situation,because I know the things that go on@that school. I do hope that you as well as the other students learn from this & remember how you treat others,REALLY does have an impact. I applaud you for doing the petition& I hope it makes a difference! Ive lost friends&fam 2 suicide&its something that stays with you for life,because you always question if there's something you could have done 2 stop it. We just never know@times the things people are dealing with inside theirself,but one thing we can do is try to bring them joy&happiness and not add to the pain.


    Wow. Seriously? I can't believe some of the comments I'm reading. Quit being freaking jerks and saying crappy things. Celebrate her life and have some respect.

    First off, the number of people who have little or no clue about this family amazes me. No, she wasn't a foster child. Yes, they are a large family, because when her parents met, her mother had 3 children already (she was a widow). Because of the children who have autism, they were fully involved with resources for all of the family. "We had no clue." was in reference to the bullying. This was something that this child didn't share with her family. Knowing the struggle that her family was continuously facing, she chose to hold it in. She was in counseling, and her family was trying to do all that they could for her, once they saw the changes. But when a child wants to make things easier on a challenged family, they hold things like that in - until it comes out in things like cutting, suicidal thoughts or sadly, suicide itself. The parents WERE proactive . . . but sometimes the words/taunts/actions of others can cut deep, and children in our society today have little or no consideration for what their behaviors can do to others. I have a teen who has Aspergers, and his younger sister spent years being taunted/teased and bullied by their peers for standing up to others who would bully him. I have seen how devastating that can be on the one who takes on the role as protector. I don't know if this was the case with the bullying going on there, but I have a strong suspicion that it was part of it. And the family isn't saying that it's ALL the fault of the school system . . . but that it could have been A PART of the reason she took her life. You need to keep in mind that the article was written as a way to point out the need for improvements within the school system on their bullying policies. As it is, Virginia was one of the lowest ranking states in a recent study when it came to the work and prevention of bullying in their schools - check it out in the archives of Disability Scoop. Lucky for me, I live in Montana, which ranks at 16th among the 50 states. Yes, this family has it's share of responsibility - but when they are actively working with professionals to understand the changes and this happens anyway . . . and then they learn about the bullying from others, don't fault them for their feelings on the system.


      I must apologize for quoting 'wrong' statements about the family,in my above comment. I like a few others do not know them,but as ive said my daughter attended school with theirs. What i do not apologize saying is about the school. I know for a fact how cruel some of the students are there to each other&i know how the adm/teachers overlook the bullying. So I do believe her mother when she said it was a part of it. Ive lost a friend&family to suicide&no part of it is easy to handle,an it stays with you for life,so I feel the pain of the family&friends. What I do hope is that everyone affected by this will wake up,so this doesnt happen to another child or family. Thank you for clearing up the confusion&letting some truth out.

    Having had suicide affect my life five times it's sad but true that it's a personal decision. The blame game can be tried and sometimes there is room for blame. However it's all for not because she's already gone. The best advise I can give is to love those around you as much as you can knowing that if you loose them they at least had your love for a little while. That may sound stupid to some but for those who have lost a love one like that it's the only solace. If any one gave her greif be it her parents siblings or students it will haunt them for life. Maybe serving as a constant reminder of why it's important to be good to those around you. it's sad, it's tragic and EVERYONE can do a better job of being a good person.


    Suicide is a long-term solution to a short-term problem. But as kids they live in the moment they have no idea they have their whole life to live.

    Social media is the bane of society, we as adults make nice with high school classmates we couldn't stand, we let our kids create facebook accounts when they are underage for the service.

    Then we all HIDE behind the keyboard and launch comments and opinions there is no way we would make in public.

    I digress, RIP young lady.

    If they had no clue about the bullying, how on earth would they ever know her daughter talked to a counselor and was told that they didn't have time for her. It just doesn't add up.

    As heartbreaking as this tragedy is, I have to wonder the mother's motives in airing all of her families dirty laundry in both local newspapers. This child should be laid to rest in peace and the mother should be mourning and taking care of her other children that I presume are upset over this. Instead it seems she is speaking to whomever will listen to her and laying blame on the school. I didn't know this girl but a quick look at her Facebook page when I found out showed some troubling comments the girl had left. If me, as a stranger, can see this - where on earth were the Mother or Father? It seems as though this poor girl was floundering and had no one to help her. Parents need to PAY ATTENTION to their children and really listen to them when they speak. Sometimes it is what they DON'T say that speaks volumes.....


    You can blame the parents, you can blame the school board, you can blame the bullies. In the end, the girl is still no longer with us. It is just as important for a mother and father to pay attention to every one of their children equally and console their children and talk with them about their problems, as it is the parents of the bullies teach their children integrity and equal respect amongst their peers. The teachers and counselors could or could not have done more, it is obviously uncertain what they did or did not do to assist in the girl's struggles.

    I was this girl at the same time in my life, although I never followed through with my plans. My heart aches to think that she could have gotten help like I was fortunate to have. There are therapists and hospitals specifically designed to provide help for young people like this young girl. It is so important to get help for your children if you yourself cannot help your child get out of their darkest hours.

    People here don't seem to get the point.

    The parents are just blaming someone and that's why they are getting so much hate. Instead of being like, oh this sucks and is tragic, they are saying ITS NOT OUR FAULT ITS THE SCHOOLS AND BULLIES! IF IT WASN"T FOR THOSE WRENCHED KIDS THIS WOULDN"T HAPPEN!"
    What a d-bag move, now the school had to deal with that bs, the students have to deal with it, and the other kids are going to hate their mother even more for being starting all this uproar.

    Just imagine if anon get's their hands on this, they will tear this mom apart.

    The system protects bullying. As soon as a kid takes up for himself or herself, no tolerance policies kick and the victim becomes the accused.

    These bullied kids have no out. If they speak up, they are ridiculed. They internalize their feelings and cannot act out their frustration out of fear of administrative retribution.

    This, in my opinion, is the root of the rash of suicides. Back in the day, kids fought on the playground, got it out of their system and life went on. No police involvement, and the parents didn't blame the school system.

    The blame lies EVERYWHERE. It is a societal problem.


    Part of grieving is blaming and being angry. Maybe the mother of this girl talking because she does not want this happen to anyone else's child. Keeping these types of issues in the closet, makes it seem okay to continue to do them. IF bullying was a factor in the suicide, it needs to be brought to light so that the schools can make plans and FOLLOW THROUGH with repremanding the bullies, and having both the offender and the victim talk with the counsilor. Try to figure out why this bully is acting the way they are, why this particular victim? A lot of the times, the bully is acting out because of something personal that is going on in their own life. Counsiling for the victim, so that they know that even though they were treated the way that they were, it DOES get BETTER, and talk about ways to cope other than withdrawing and hurting themselves.
    This whole tragedy is a wonderful opportunity to talk with your kids and teens about the effects of bullying. Schools should be alerting the students that bullying in unacceptable, and that there is a Zero Tolerance policy in effect.
    My 10 y/o (5th gr) son was bullied by a 14 y/o 8th grader on the bus one day. All of the schools ride together on the bus. One day my son came home, I was acting goofy trying to make him laugh, and he wasn't having it. He seemed mad as hell, so I knew then something was wrong. I asked him a few times, what wa wrong, and he wouldn't tell me. Finally, he broke down crying, and once he calmed down, he told me what happened. It took everything I had in me, to not go to that kid's house, and take care of it myself. My son was sitting in the seat alone, this boy came and said for him to move so his friend could sit there. My son said no, his friend could sit somewhere else. This 8th grader, slapped my 10 yr old across the face, punched him in the stomach a few times, and pushed him into the window. WHY this 14 y/o thought it was okay for him to put his hands on somebody else is beyond me. My son didn't tell the bus driver (who didn't see it b/c the older kids were loading on, blocking his view), because he didn't want the kid to retaliate. I immediately called the elementary school, the Dept of Transportation who called the bus driver who then called me, and I called the middle school and spoke with the principal. This was taken care of the next day. The boy was kicked off of the bus for 3 days...even though the principal said this kid has been in trouble before. I suggested the kid talk to the counsilor to figure out whats wrong with him. I don't think that actually happened. But I also told the bus driver and the m.s principal to tell that boy, that if he EVER puts his hand on my kid again, he will have assualt and harrassment charges filed on him. Because of this bullying epidemic that is running rampant, and the implications of it by these victims either commiting suicide or by killing the offenders, I don't play around.
    If your kid is a bully or if your kid is being bullied, you HAVE to take care of it immediatly. You have to get other authority figures involved, and remedy the situation before it really gets out of hand.
    To the family of this poor girl, you have my condolences. Please, do not take these negative comments to heart. Only you and your family know what happened, and what was going on in your lives. Remember your daughter for her life, and her sweet smile. Give your other children extra love and hugs...
    I feel so sorry for this little girl, who felt that things were so bad for her that taking her own life was her only way out. I hope that now she is in Heaven at peace, and Jesus is holding her close.

    my son was always on the smaller side. he was getting bullied by someone 3 years older. i told him to throw the first punch and make sure it is the last punch. laughed in the mothers face when she showed up at my door. i let her know that her kid better cross the street when her kid see's my kid coming because it will happen again. my son was never bothered again.

    I feel very sorry for these parents to have lost what sounds like a very special daughter.Don't know what was the cause but I do know that she is a much better place now with her true father. God Bless you child, Rest in peace and safety now.

    Sadly, so many are missing the point here. This whole business started when people brought to light the bullying that was going on AFTER we lost this beautiful soul. Her mother said it was a PART of the reasons she did what she did . . . she didn't place full blame on the school, but wanted to point out that there could have been more done within the school system, by those who saw what was going on. Why must people wait until a complaint is filed by a parent to put a stop to what is going on, if it is THAT obvious and that persistent? This beautiful girl didn't share this part of her world with her family, like many children who are bullied. She tried to resolve it at school, and was not heard. People need to understand that some of us work through our grief by advocating against what has taken a loved one from us . . . be it cancer, a drunk driver or (as in this case) suicide. Children internalize, and this child was being helped. All the parents are doing is trying to speak out against bullying and get the school system to see that it needs changes made to their programs. The cruel words and the assumptions only started in here, in this forum. Those need to stop- because it only inhibits any chance for change with this sad situation.

    This makes me sad. My son was bullied when he was in school and it has had a negative impact on him even as an adult. He is very withdrawn at the age of 28 and does not trust people. It's very cruel what kids can do to other kids. I always taught my kids to be friends with the least popular kids and to help kids that were being picked on. I truly do not know what's wrong with parents who don't teach their children to respect other's feelings. For those of you who are blaming this girls parents, your kids are probably the ones doing the bullying and when you find out you do nothing about it. I'm so tired of parents who act like their devil child is an angel..... Children who bully should have consequences and parents need to get involved when they see their kid treating another human being this way. As for the school, they will NEVER admit to any wrong doing since they would be liable. My prayers go out to this mother and the family.... very tragic.

    Well, this exercise of who to blame is pointless at this juncture.

    Here is what I will take from this going forward. The girl who killed herself's description reminds me a LOT of my own 8-year old daughter... She gets great grades, is a good kid, well-rounded, plays sports and just seems to do everything right.

    I guess I'd never think that kids would be out to get her, but now I know that this is not necessarily the case. I won't be over the top and firebomb the house of any kid that speaks an ill word to my daughter or anything extreme, but this should be a wake-up call to ALL parents to be a little more vigilant.

    WE know that things at that age are temporary and will get better, but to a pre-teen or young teen who's entire world consists on non-stop bullying I can imagine a feeling of having no way to escape...

    Let's all learn something here and move forward.


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