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Posted June 19, 2012 | comments 1 Comment

Northern Virginia man sues luxury resort

By Sally Voth -- svoth@nvdaily.com

A Loudoun County man is suing The Homestead in Hot Springs after falling down a flight of stairs during a power outage at the luxury hotel and spa.

Allan Christian, of 20934 Winola Terrace, Ashburn, filed the $250,000 lawsuit Monday in U.S. District Court, according to online court records.

Christian was staying at the resort hotel and spa last June while attending the Virginia Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association Conference, according to the lawsuit.

He was in one of the hotels' restaurants at about 9 p.m. June 19, 2010 when the lights went out, leaving it "pitch black," according to the complaint.

Resort staff told Christian and other guests the lights would be on again soon, and served food to them, the complaint states.

However, candles and flashlights weren't handed out or placed in areas where people may need to walk, it states.

About 40 minutes after the power went out, Christian got up to move in the direction of the bathroom, and used "the furniture and staff to guide his movement," the lawsuit states.

Christian unknowingly stepped into a stairwell and fell 14 steps, according to the suit. It states there were no emergency lights above the door to the stairwell or on the stairwell itself.

"Plaintiff is unable to break his fall and falls without stopping until he is at the bottom of the stair landing," the suit states. "Plaintiff recalls being confused and disoriented as to what happened until he hears a female voice say 'Sir. Are you okay? Oh my god! Call an ambulance. We need to get him to an ambulance.'"

Employees from The Homestead attended Christian and took him to Bath Community Hospital, according to the lawsuit. After his release the next day, he went back to the restaurant.

There a manager asked how he was, and when Christian asked her why there hadn't been any emergency lighting, candles or flashlights the night of the fall, she said, "maybe they will now," according to the suit.

The Homestead general manager later asked Christian what had happened, and told him the hotel had flashlights and candles, the suit states.

Christians claims he received permanent injuries, and continues to have physical pain, mental anguish and lost wages.

No response to the complaint had been filed as of late Tuesday afternoon.

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