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Posted June 12, 2012 | comments 11 Comments

Shenandoah County residents asked to spend $10 locally

By Sally Voth - svoth@nvdaily.com

If Shenandoah County residents spent a fraction of their income on locally grown food, area farmers would have a bumper crop, according to Shenandoah Forum.

The organization, which advocates keeping Shenandoah County's rural, farming and historic essence, has issued a challenge that begins Friday and runs until October 16.

It is asking local residents to spend $10 of their weekly food budgets on local foods for 10 weeks.

"If each household in Shenandoah County spent just $10 a week on locally grown agricultural products, we would return an additional $9.6 million to our local farming friends and neighbors each year," a news release from Shenandoah Forum states.

The forum has issued "challenge cards," which can be marked at participating venues. Residents who spend at least $10 for at least 10 weeks will get a reusable shopping bag, according to its website. The cards can be printed online from the website, or can be picked up at area farmers markets and farm stores.

"Purchasing locally grown food invests not only in good health and nutrition but also puts the money spent on food to work keeping the agricultural backbone of the Shenandoah Valley's economy strong," Shenandoah Forum Chairman Seth Coffman states in the release.

Shenandoah Forum Executive Director Kim Woodwell said the organization is localizing a campaign kicked off in March by the Virginia Food System Council.

"We decided to do it during the peak growing season," she said. "[It's] just a way to build awareness and let people know there are options in the county to shop locally, and what the impacts are. Hopefully, once they finish their 10 weeks, they will continue to do it. It will become part of their habit...for years to come."

The local food movement has gained popularity as people want to support local farmers and the local economy, buy better quality, fresher food and have more variety, Woodwell said.

Participating vendors include area farmers markets, Holy Cow Delivery, The Farmhouse, J&L Green Farm, Swover Creek Farm Store, Woodbine Farm Market, Paugh's Orchard, The Market in Woodstock, Mowery Orchard, Shenandoah Farm Market and Deauville Farm, according to the forum's website.

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    I spent ten bucks at Popeye's in Winchester last week because Strasburg doesn't have a Popeye's.

    I understand what the story was about. It was a joke in reference to Strasburg Town Council's decision to deny a Popeye's restaurant at the I-81 Interchange.

      Hey Spanky don't you feel we have enough junk-food pit stops around this Valley? Anyone who eats this garbage isn't going to be overly concerned about fresh produce.

      Just fry it or throw a "secret sauce" on it and call it food. As for me, I'll wait patiently for my beautiful tomato plant to yield its harvest.

      Support locally grown produce if you can: the extra cost will pay for the added health benefits (hopefully). Salt, sugar and fat is addictive and the fast food industry knows well how to "hook you". They do it all for you. . . and then some.

    I maket a point to buy within the county if the option is there, but with Popeye's as an illustration, the options aren't always there. I extend this from beyond everyday shopping to Christmas shopping, etc. Our local businesses need the support, and when our neighbors are financially strong, our community is strong. I wish the grocery stores here (Strasburg) had a broader depth - FL and W*M aren't carrying everything we use... so I'm forced to buy out of county. Local Dollars #FAIL.

    Helping local farmers is a good idea. This is helping local merchants which sell farm products. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against these stores, but what about the little farmer with no setup location. The kind you see along the road. The towns and county should provide locations (farmers' markets) for them to bring their goods. This is my idea of helping all local farmers.


      The farmer's market at Cristina's Cafe is free to the farmers and crafters, as I expect a few others might be also. Please keep in mind there are plenty of small eateries in Shenandoah County which starts in Strasburg that could also use the help. Fried chicken is available from Fox's and the Hi Neighbor if you get a taste for a piece or 2.

      As a small business owner I ship my products around the globe and purchase likewise, but the point is to support our neighbors when we can. Spending $10 pays off in kindness and in dollars that build a stronger community. The Shenandoah Forum brought a lot of small businesses to our attention and I for one have taken up the challenge of spending $10 a week for ten weeks to earn the reusable market bag.

    I buy local, even if it means spending a little extra money. Sure, Wal-Mart has everything, but the local mom and pop stores have service, not corporate policy. I have a tab at several local stores; a line of credit based on my character and relationship with the manager/owner. Try that at Big-Box land.

    As for the things we don't have, I don't mind the drive to Winchester or even NoVa. Let them have the sprawl, I'll keep Mayberry.

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