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Posted June 13, 2012 | comments 10 Comments

Strasburg leaders pass budget, higher trash fees

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

Strasburg residents won't see a real estate tax rate increase next fiscal year but will pay more for trash pickup beginning July 1.

Town Council voted 7-1 at their meeting Tuesday to approve the fiscal 2013 budget of $9.3 million as proposed by Town Manager Judson Rex. Councilman John "Red" Hall Jr. voted against the measure. Council voted the same way for a resolution to appropriate the funds as delineated in the budget.

The spending plan does not call for an increase in the rates for real estate and personal property taxes for the fiscal year, according to Finance Director Dottie Mullins.

Also at the meeting, Town Council voted 7-1 to approve a request from Long Enterprises to increase the refuse collection charges. Hall also voted against the measure. The motion increases the monthly per-household rate for trash and recycling collection by 2.87 percent -- from $6.55 to $6.74 for trash, and from $2 to $2.06 for recycling.

Resolutions setting the town's employer and member contribution rates for participation in the Virginia Retirement System also passed 7-1, with Hall casting the lone dissenting vote.

A motion sets the employer contribution rate for the town at 9.25 percent effective July 1. The second motion requires town employees to pay 1 percent of their credible compensation to the VRS beginning July 1. The requirement would be offset by a 1-percent pay increase.

Council also passed a resolution authorizing the town to buy water as well as easements and property for a sewer pump station proposed for the north side of Signal Knob Drive. The purchase of the real estate and easements from King Plumbing and Heating Inc., and to appropriate the funds for the purchase from the contingency line item of the general fund in the town budget passed unanimously.

Also at the meeting, council appointed the following people to the maintenance code board of appeals: Devin Adkins, Bill Foster, Russell Munyan Jr., Seth Newman, Adam Sharpe and L. Carlyle Swafford.

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    I think we at least 4 more Red Halls!

    Try this again. I think we need at least 4 more Red Halls. Darn Hotel!

    Two years ago we were told recycling would pay for itself, instead we are going to pay more! Typical Strasburg bullcrap!


      I agree. And you have to pay for it whether or not you actually recycle. How much are they making off of our recycled goods? I think they need a better negotiator for town contracts. Seems like we always get screwed.

    Go Red! Keep up the good work.

    Yea...Jonathan, I think we are getting screwed. We are saving the county thousands of dollars by not putting our recycling into the dump, while at the same time the county and other towns that do not recycle dump all of their trash. Actually, Strasburg should be getting a rebate from the county for the space we save by not dumping the recycling in the regular trash and should charge the areas in the county a fee for not have a recycling program. The idea of recycling, when purposed by the town, was to save space in the dump. That is what we are doing, meanwhile, we are the ones getting screwed for doing the right thing and others in the county are getting off scot-free.

    You get what you vote for...or don't vote at all. Two more years people, two more years...

    We have people in a leadership roles that lack the necessary skills, abilities, and overall qualties to effectively lead. Kim is right, the only way to change things are to voice your opinions on the ballots. And then council needs to look at the top dog in City Hall too.

    Kim, every time you make a comment it's about who is voted in. There was no one to vote for and there never is. That is why things dont change. One vote ( Red Halls) as we all see changes nothing.

    Voters could have changed the rubber-stampers in the last election. I did my part. I guess all we have to look forward to now is more committees with more bright ideas like the bump-outs and islands in the "hick-storic" district of greater downtown Strasburg.

    Time for Tax Payer Henry to ride the midnight ride again! Just like his ancestor Patrick Henry, Tax Payer Henry has sounded the alarm against tyrants many times during the 22 years I have known him.
    He sounded the alarm at the Post Office 20 years ago. As we now see, the post office is in dire straights. As in all government agencies, the post office was and probably still is mandated to hire idiots, incompetents, malingerers, criminals, perverts and drive out intelligent and hard working people. The American public is now paying the price for the idiocy that was and probably is allowed to exist in the post office.
    At the time of Tax Payer Henry's postal career, it was policy to run off and fire Caucasian men by whatever means necessary. There were and most likely still are people working at postal facilities who cannot read, write or speak English. I am sure that this is part of an overall liberal communist secular humanist plot to dumb down, subdue, subjugate, terrorize and humiliate hard working American people. Also, the liberal secular humanist communist agenda is to wreck the infrastructure of America and our government.
    To Arms Taxpayer Henry!! Ride Well, Fast and Swift!! One if by land, Two If By Sea!!
    Peace Out and Good Night Chesty Puller, Where Ever you are.

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