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Teen dies, two others hospitalized in rollover crash

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

An 18-year-old passenger died and two other teenagers were hospitalized in a single-car rollover accident Thursday morning in the 600 block of Town Run Lane in Stephens City.

Lt. Mike Richardson, a spokesman for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, said Saundra Papson of Stephens City died of her injuries between 5 and 6 p.m. Thursday in Winchester Medical Center.

The driver of the car, Kaila Neal, 18, of Stephens City and a 16-year-old passenger were also taken to the medical center by Stephens City and Middletown ambulances after the accident, Richardson said. He said their conditions were unknown as of Thursday evening.

Richardson gave the following account of the accident: The southbound 2002 Saturn driven by Neal was topping a slight hill crest on Town Run Lane at a high speed when a northbound vehicle approached. Neal swerved right to avoid the oncoming vehicle, ran off the right side of the road, over-corrected and lost control. The Saturn flipped, overturned and came to a rest on the passenger side.

Richardson said Papson was riding in the front seat, and the 16-year-old was a backseat passenger. Neal and the 16-year-old were standing outside the vehicle when rescue personnel arrived, but Papson was still inside the car.

Richardson said charges are pending against Neal, "but nothing will be determined until the commonwealth's attorney has been consulted."

He said all three vehicle occupants were wearing their seat belts.

Richardson said speed appeared to have been a factor in the accident, but investigators have yet to make a specific determination of how fast the car was traveling.


My thoughts and prayers go to all involved in this tragic, tragic accident.....

This was not an accident. This was a wreck. High speed and driver inexperience are not causes of an accident, they are causes of a wreck.

Rightwinger, Although I am a Liberal, I have to agree to an extent. Young drivers are very careless, I remember. Can you? Did you ever speed? Drive a bit crazy? I did. Im sure you did to. The thing is my father never had a problem with taking my 'wheels'. That was the punishment of choice after I got my permit. Todays parents need to be parents more often. Sometimes our youth need a firm (you know want) then a buddy.

Right Winger, the definition of accident is:
1.An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
2.A crash involving road or other vehicles, typically one that causes serious damage or injury.
Do you honestly think this girl WANTED this to happen? She is devastated by the death of her best friend. Show a little bit of respect for all the families involved, will you?

Few teenagers are mature enough to handle driving. The age limit needs to be raised. What is the rush? Sadly these stories are becoming far too common.

This is not just another report about children driving cars or the consequences of speeding. They are also endangering the lives of everyone on the road with them. We should ALL be demanding a change in the laws.

Don't expect all parents to control these kids who demand the car. Somehow it seems the word, NO has been lost in today's culture. It's not just about them. There are enough adults drivers who shouldn't be much less allowing kids.

There its no reason to believe that this young woman was demanding our that her parents were push overs. Nor is this reason to assume that all teen drivers can't handle driving. What a horrible tragedy. I hope everyone, regardless of age, seres this and is encouraged to slow down a bit. My heart aches for all who are involved in this tragedy.

There its no reason to believe that this young woman was demanding our that her parents were push overs. Nor is this reason to assume that all teen drivers can't handle driving. What a horrible tragedy. I hope everyone, regardless of age, seres this and is encouraged to slow down a bit. My heart aches for all who are involved in this tragedy.

Here we go! Please educate us with your knowledge Diana. You seem to know everything!


Diana, I respect your thoughts and views. And I am sure there are plenty of folks that agree with you. But at the same time I do not fully agree with you. I am a parent of teenagers. I am aware of plenty of ADULTS- meaning 30+ in age that do the same wreckless driving as teenagers. My own child has pulled off the road before because of a wreckless driver being around her on the road and she was scared. This driver had a grey hair according to my children, 2 of them in the car. I myself drive "out of line" at times when I am in a hurry. Its not just teenagers. And some teenagers do drive more seriously than some adults. There are plenty of parents who wont say NO and allow their children to do as they please. And their are plenty of parents that "lay down the rules". Judging this accident based on the ageo f the driver is pure discrimination. Until we live in a 'perfect life"- there will be accidents and crashes of all ages, races, ethinicity, etc.

***had grey hair***
not ***a grey hair***
I know someone will proof this to tooth and nail and point that out :)
my point was the driver was well of adult age

That's not the only thing you gave them to play with. Whew, that whole thing was funny. I did like your comment as well and seen your point. Which is the whole point of writing so who cares!

You are right, "one shoe does not fit all", but too many kids are being hurt or killed. Of course there are responsible parents still out there and of course there are responsible teens, however, too many lives are being lost.

A law to atleast raise the age of teen driving would HELP. There will never be a perfect anything. I don't like having to wear a seat belt - all of the time, especially around town at 10 or 20 miles an hour, but I do. When I'm driving at 65 or 70 I think a seat belt is wise.

We have to talk in more general terms here because we can't talk about every situation. Strasresident, I appreciate your feedback. There are no easy solutions, but we have to discuss and try to resolve issues.

Hey Moderate, you are allowed to articulate a coherent contribution here anytime. I've yet to read anything from you that goes beyond a mere grunt. So hang in there and maybe you will learn something - EVEN from me!

Now easy does it - you don't want to strain that grey matter too much. : p

And to think..we as adults didn't have to worry about our parents wanting to raise the limit on driving. We were driving at 13 and 14..Maybe not legal but we did it. If you remember correctly the speed limit was 70 around the 50's and 60's and no one were their seat belts. I know the world is not the same as when we were kids but EDUCATE YOUR CHILD..That is your job as a parent! Show them up front what speed does, teach them what you have learned.

I have a 16 year old that just got a license, I am scared every day she travels but I trust she will respect the privilege she has been given and know the consequences of what speed can do.

I read comments to various articles and scratch my head over pathetic spelling and grammar.
To does not mean also - too means also.
A wreckless driver is someone who has not had an accident (wreck). Try reckless!
The speed limit was never 70 MPH in the 50's and 60's, not in Virginia anyway. If you remembered correctly your comment wouldn't be so full of holes.
"no one were their seat belts" Did you mean wore?
In the 50's and 60's few vehicles had seat belts.
EDUCATE YOUR CHILD? I hope Strasburglifer isn't a teacher. I don't think there's much to worry about.
"Their are plenty" Are you sure it's not there are plenty?
There are enough adults drivers who shouldn't be much less allowing kids. This is proof that people shouldn't drink and comment.
"Seen your point"
Stop it, stop it! You're killing me. I laugh so hard my sides hurt when I read this stuff.
Put your drink down long enough to read what you write.

Most of the time when a person laughs the root of the laughter is either a living creature's misfortune or lack of intelligence. Now I am not sure if Strasburglifer was drinking or just never mastered grammar (Do not know if you were laughing so hard because you had been burning grass either, hmmm ?). I would say Strasburglifer and strasresident probably are straseducated. I was and I know many who could not read well in 6th grade could not read well in 12th grade. Now those kids are adults and probably still are not much better. I also, as stated above, I can get a kick from this too but also know you can learn a lot from people with bad grammar or speech. Hell, I have learned a lot from drunks for that matter. My point is enjoy it, get what you can. I have seen people on here who can't spell but possess more streetsmarts than educated folks. You can learn something from any of us dumb humans. I think Carlin said "don't sweat the petty things pet the sweaty things".

"There are enough adults drivers who shouldn't be much less allowing kids."

I noticed that you forgot to include a comma between the word "be" and the word "much".
For someone who enjoys critiquing other people's grammar and spelling, you might want to brush up on your basic punctuation skills.

I just don't know why you want to turn this in to a fight about how something is wrote or spelled or if punctuation was used.

I didn't use any and really don't care.

This is about a another sad story where a teen lost their lives. That is what you need to worry about not the silly little thing if someone used a comma or said something in the right mannor. If that is all you have to worry about find a chat room for that. or go a different story. You should not use this one. The parents are going thru a hard enough time to see silly stuff like this on here.

And no I don't have very much grammer skills and I really don't care.

Diana -

Age makes no difference, that is a pathetic argument, as other said, there are much worse adult drivers than kids. Changing the age limit is obscure, you have to think of the consequences. Some kids didn't have great parents like i'm sure you had, and need to start working early (16), so how are they going to get to work? Its not the education either, these people along with everyone else in an accident were taught the same things, they just chose not to use what they learned, don't blame educators or age, its the person who did the action who is at fault.

They are not going to raise the age for driver's licenses. That is just not the answer. Inexperienced drivers are more dangerous at any age, so that won't solve any problems, either. Nor will all the nasty, sarcastic, disparaging remarks on these posts. I guess it makes people feel self-important, but is is rather disgusting.

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