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Posted June 1, 2012 | comments 10 Comments

Three accused in Strasburg burglary, vandalism spree

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

Strasburg Police Chief Tim Sutherly announced Thursday that police have charged two adults and one juvenile with burglary and grand larceny at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 193 W. Washington St. on April 29 and many counts of vandalism throughout the town during March and April.

Tyler Douglas Peter, 20, of 305 Walton St. was charged with grand larceny and burglary with intent to commit grand larceny at the church on 193 W. Washington St., according to a written statement issued by Sutherly. Peter was also charged with eight counts of vandalism of less than $1,000 damage and one count of trespassing. The vandalism charges include damage at the Strasburg Museum, 440 E. King St. on April 28 that amounted to about $400, Sutherly said.

Sutherly said police also charged Terry Allen Drummond Jr., 19, of 305 Walton St. with grand larceny and burglary with intent to commit grand larceny at St. Paul's. He was also charged with one count of trespassing.

Police obtained juvenile petitions for a 16-year-old boy that accuse him of committing grand larceny and burglary with intent to commit grand larceny at the church, Sutherly said. He also stated that juvenile petitions accusing him of five counts of committing vandalism of less than $1,000 were also filed against him. He is also facing juvenile petitions accusing him of one count of petit larceny and one count of trespassing, Sutherly said.

A total of 22 counts have been filed against all three defendants. Officer A.L. Atkison filed all charges, Sutherly said. He said the investigation of the three defendants is continuing and additional charges are pending. He said restitution for property damage will be sought for each crime.

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    When I was a kid built tree forts, played in the creek, and jumped trash cans with our bicycles with homemade wooden ramps and never complained of boredom despite only having five TV channels.

    Now now "boys will be boys", let's not get hasty. They need to have their fun regardless because - well they may have had a rough childhood or something and we need to make up for that.

    Sickening, isn't it? And yet too often this kind of conduct is not punished as it should be. There really needs to be a greater reason for NOT making these choices and the consequences must be felt. If minors were properly dealt with - they might not get to this stage. I remember a tire slashing spree (several years ago) and to my knowledge none of the victims received a dime.

    These "boys" need to do public work in addition to paying for the damage. Clean up street litter, scrub the sidewalks, wash windows, sweep, clean out those clogged gutters etc., and make sure they are seen by all.
    Kind of makes you wish for a public square, doesn't it?

    I would imagine prison rape can also serve as a strong deterrent.

    I'm so ashamed of these young men! Especially to vandalize a church that does so much for the town and community around Strasburg. I really hope that the judge gives some decent sentencing to these three and greatly agree with Diane that they should have to do specific community service cleaning up all the damage they did as well as additional damages so that they will possibly learn a lesson!

    I have met these young men. The are homeless,with no jobs and had no strong role models for good behavior in their lives. They are products of broken homes. These young men are angry with their situation and did not make responsible adult decisions.

    There should be consequences for their actions. Community serviceis a better suggestion than Jail rape.

    This a problem that is greater than just 3 young men. Have you checked out the streets in your town? How many young people(male and female) are just roaming around? There needs to be a way for these folks to learn how to make a good productive life.

    One of the most important job of parents and grandparents is to provide a home life that develops children into adults with maturity, confidence, and skills to be good people and good citizens. When you have children they are your most important job in your life. If children started out with this type of parent then maybe we would less of these young men and women.

      I agree. Sometimes I jog around 9:30 and would see two of these young guys. They seem lost and without purpose. I would only speak in passing. The first time I could sense anger and seemed at least one was probably looking for an encounter. After responding positively and being "cool" they seemed to respond in a good way. First thing I thought was these guys need a positive male role model and was most likely another case of a dumb human(s) breeding only and not raising. Now these guys are adults (2) and will probably be felons.

    Well, Spanky, I'm obviously older than you, because we only had 3 channels. But ours is a world our children will never know, and I agree with other commenters here that there must be better deterrents than jail rape (that unfortunately does not turn out to be a deterrent at all). I raised my kids to know right from wrong, to respect others and themselves. Unfortunately, there are so many like these young men today. I believe they should pay for what they did, but jail only seems to make criminals become hardened criminals. We need another way to reach these young people.

    I came from a broken home and I never broke into any churches nor vandalized any museums. As soon as people stop making excuses for criminal behavior and accept the fact that there are bad apples in every bunch, the sooner we can petition our elected officials for stiff penalties for this degenerate behavior. These guys aren't homeless. They always exploit someone for a place to crash and food to eat. Further, this lifestyle they lead is by choice. say put them away. Sure, jail is nothing but a criminal college, it always has been. What you people forget is when they are locked up, they aren't out here stealing everything that isn't nailed down.

    I am still ROFLMFAO at VINTAGEDIVA... wipe the snow cover off your face. since they are "homeless and no job and no strong role models", take them in and you develop them, they are still young, maybe there is still hope. did they use the "money" obtained from any of this to buy food, clothing, personal supplies? i seriously doubt it but i am sure they had cigarettes and talking about "how tore up I got" afterwards. everytime someone under 75 yrs of age does something wrong doesnt mean the person wasnt raised "right", had a horrible upbringing, etc. there comes a point in a persons life where they are responsible for their actions and decisions. i know for a fact one of these individuals was raised to be a responsible mature confident man by several family members and non family members. he has just yet to decide to "grow up" and this is where it has lead him. play and pay. do the crime and do the time. as for jail rape- dont wish that on anyone but you put yourself in situations and every situation comes with consequences.

    Please make no excuses for Drummond. He has ALWAYS done as he pleased; whenever he pleases and whatever he pleases with no consequences what so ever. If he was homeless it was of his own doing. He has been going around town telling everyone he is homeless when he was not at that time. It is finally time for him to have some sonsequences for his actions. This has been brewing since he was small.....

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