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Botox receipt listed among search warrant items in fatal crash

By Joe Beck - jbeck@nvdaily.com

A search warrant filed Friday in Winchester Circuit Court shows that a woman charged with reckless driving in a fatal crash told police investigators she received a Botox treatment at a medical office just before the collision.

Police say the woman, Leslie Wylie, 30, of Knoxville, Tenn. ran her eastbound 2004 Ford F250 pickup truck across the median strip on Jubal Early Drive and into the westbound lane where it hit a 2008 minivan driven by Amber N. Lucchiani, 38, of Winchester. Lucchiani, a teacher at Robert E. Aylor Middle School, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her children, ages 3 and 5, received non-life threatening injuries in the accident, according to police. The children and Wylie were transported to Winchester Medical Center.

Items seized from the pickup truck during the search include a cell phone, disposable camera, laptop computer and two papers bearing the title "Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery," according to a second warrant filed Monday.

One of the search warrant affidavits written by police Detective Glenn W. Culp of Winchester states that Wylie told Detective Charles Coleman of Winchester police that she was driving the pickup truck at the time of the accident on Thursday around 10:30 a.m.

"She stated she had a Botox procedure completed at a medical office on Valley Avenue . . . during the morning of July 12," the affidavit stated.

Botox is a cosmetic treatment commonly used to restore a patient's youthful appearance by reducing facial lines and wrinkles. It is also used to treat certain muscle conditions and diseases.

After leaving the office, she said she drove north on Valley Avenue, turned right and headed east on Jubal Early Drive, according to the affidavit.

"She stated she became ill and stopped the vehicle in the roadway," the affidavit states, adding, "the next thing she remembers was a burning smell and dust from the inflation of the airbag in the vehicle. She indicated she believed she was unconscious."

The affidavit states that Coleman "noticed that the pupils of Leslie Wylie were dilated while he was speaking with her in the Winchester Medical Center."

Many of the same details about the accident appear in another part of the affidavit containing eyewitness Geryana Schrader's version of the accident. Schrader told Deputy Stephen Alger of the Winchester City Sheriff's Office that she passed a Ford pickup truck that was stopped in the right lane on the eastbound side of Jubal Early Drive.

After passing the pickup truck on the left, "Ms. Schrader heard tires squealing and looked into her rear view mirror," the affidavit states. "She saw the black Ford pickup travel across the median onto the westbound lanes of Jubal Early Drive and strike another vehicle."

Winchester police Sgt. Frank Myrtle said Wednesday police are waiting for the results from toxicology tests and consulting with the commonwealth's attorney before determining whether to charge Wylie with additional offenses.

Myrtle said police interest in the Botox procedure was part of an overall effort to learn as much as possible about events leading up to the accident.

"Obviously, we want to make sure we investigate this case thoroughly, and we want to look at all aspects of everything that happened that morning," he said.


A wonderful teacher and mother of two young children gone forever and why? Vanity? A 30 year old getting Botox treatment and that's the reason for the crash?

Actually when the cell phone is checked out, they will probably learn that this driver, Leslie Wylie was either texting or talking about her cell. Maybe she was admiring her face in the mirror.

Like the recent wreck of the Kennedy woman, it's medication or a treatment to blame. I don't buy it.

Another tragic loss of life due to an irresponsible sloppy drivers! I see them all the time.

Diana, I hope you are never on a jury. You jump to conclusions with way too little information. Just one thing, what if it had been you driving and you had a seizure or lost consciousness. The loss of life is a shame, but let's find out what happened before we have the execution, eh??

First and foremost my heart goes out to Mrs. Lucchiani’s family and loved ones. My prayers are for all involved in this tragedy; including Ms. Wylie. Diana, your outburst of speculation and judgment is just about as sad as the tragedy itself. I sincerely hope your assumptions are proven to be wrong with the conclusion of the investigation. If you are wrong, I’m sure you will be as quick to post your apology as you were your accusations.

I KNOW your heart goes out to this family and their loved ones. I KNOW your prayers are for all involved in this tragedy. In fact every time there is a wreck or loss of life - I hear these words over and over and over.

Please KEEP PRAYING. . .

In the meanwhile I will remind you, "Accidents do not just happen - they are caused". That's the part of this story I want discussed because it's happening too much!

Too many people are talking on cell phones while they drive. Too many people are texting while they drive. Too many people are irresponsible drivers.

I see these drivers every time I get on the roads, and if we don't "raise a little hell" nothing will change. My comments here have nothing to do with anyone's execution or their fate. So please stop the drama!.

This is a format to discuss important issues when they come up. If you read you will learn that the "devil made me do it" plea has been replaced with some mysterious medical condition now being attributed to many cases.

And by the way, if someone can afford Botox maybe they can get someone to drive them afterwards too. So YOU keep praying and I'll comment on things that affect me and others.

Did you pay attention to the fact that botox is not just used for vanity? Or did you know that when used to treat things such as migraines, insurance will cover costs?

No, too busy griping about others vanity, eh? Or bringing something else into the picture for a rant fest?

*Calls HAZMAT, I believe we found the source, time to quarantine...

The article in the Winchester Star on 7/17 states, " (Sargent) Myrtle said he was told Wylie’s procedure was cosmetic."


I think this is pathetic! If you all google the side effects of Botox,this woman should have known NOT to drive. Even if you don't know. She took an innocents person life because she wasn't responsible for her own actions!! And now,ambers two babies have to grow up without a mother! How would that make any of you all feel? This case is going to worse no matter what! Because a wonderful mom,teacher,family,friend was taken away from this world because of an idiot!

I've revisited this site because of the predictable comments that I could ignore but choose not to. First of all, I am NOT the big bad wolf so don't "kill the messenger".

In fact, I care very much about these issues that I comment on. Yes, I speak out for animals but I care about the human animal too. Ignorance does disturb me but it's part of our species' flaws.

It sickens me to hear about another death on our highways. If people get annoyed when I open this "chat" - that's fine. At least people will start talking.

I'm sorry that I can't "candy-coat" everything and simply PRAY it all away, but I don't think that works.

It does not matter if this BOTOX treatment is cosmetic or otherwise. Another human being has lost her life and her children must grow up without her. Whatever "excuse" is offered for this deadly "accident" - it's tragic.

Yes, we will wait for the final report. Now comment all you wish - I'm finished here.

Ah yes, the pitch-forks and burning stake have moved elsewhere to a new cause. WOW.....................................

Well I guess Diana won't read this(yeah right) but I say this any way...

Diana you stated in your first comment that most likely a cell phone was to blame, basically. I wondered when I read that if you even read the article. It was said by the driver and corroborated by a witness, that the car had stopped in the middle of the road. The driver said she lost conciousness and the next thing she remembered was smelling a burning smell. The wintness story corroborated that, as the witness said the car burned rubber, jumped the median and hit the oncoming car. To speculate with that in mind that a cell phone was to blame is just stupid.

There were two commenters that questioned this speculation and they were on point but you seemed to want present your ideaology on driving(which I agree there is no place for talking/texting while driving) and ignore the fact you were jumping to a major conclusion. Then disect other little things they said.

Wonder if you had a little beef or pork protein in your diet if it would speed up brain power and you could formulate a more logical opinion? Now there is a little speculation for you.

Diana is....right on. Putting aside the Botox, talking on her phone or texting while driving, you ALL are forgetting 1 major factor here. SHE CAUSED THE ACCIDENT. Anyone who causes an accident or worse a death should be held responsible. Even if her getting Botox injections lead to it. It clearly states the possible side effects may cause seizures, blurry vision, dizziness and paralysis. Why are people so quick to stick up for a person who caused another's death?

This incident is very tragic. I agree that a person who makes the decision to text or talk on a cell phone while driving and causes a fatal car accident should be held accountable. After all, a law has been broken. A person who has an unpredictable side effect from an approved prescription drug is a different situation. All drugs (RX and OTC), every single one of them, have lengthy lists of possible side effects. It cannot be predicted who will have a side effect or when. The side effects of Botox can present hours, days to weeks after the injection.

This is what is wrong with this country. No one willing to admit their own mistakes. Blame blame blame. I hope this lovely wrinkle free 30 year old gets some jail time...think differently?? Then keep in mind a 3 and 5 yr old now grow up without a mommy.

I have had procedures done at the hospitol and told that I will not be released unless someone is there to drive me. I have also had procedures done at Doctors offices' where I was not told of possible side effects , including the dentist office. Medicines affect people differently. I am not saying Ms. Wylie is not to blame, I am just saying from my experiences, It may be possible she did not know it was not safe to drive. One thing is for sure, she would not have driven if she had known she would cause a collision causing someones death. '

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