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Posted July 17, 2012 | comments 5 Comments

Burglar gets six years in prison on 10 counts

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

What began as a wave of burglaries in Front Royal last winter ended in a prison sentence of six years for Timothy Michael Jenkins, 31, in Warren County Circuit Court Tuesday.

Judge Dennis L. Hupp imposed the sentence after Jenkins pleaded guilty to 10 counts of burglary and one count of obtaining money under false pretenses.

Hupp sentenced Jenkins to a total of 22 years, but suspended all but six of them. The sentence also includes three years probation.

Jenkins was the focus of an intense search mounted by the Front Royal Police Department in November when the first in a wave of burglaries was reported. The burglaries continued until police and Warren County sheriff's deputies arrested him in early February.

Police said Jenkins confessed to more than 20 burglaries in south and central neighborhoods of Front Royal during his spree. The stolen items were mostly jewelry and currency, according to court records. A 22-caliber handgun and GPS were also listed among the missing items.

Commonwealth's Attorney Brian Madden told Hupp during Tuesday's hearing that police got a much needed break in the case in early February when jewelry reported taken in a burglary at 334 Pine St. was linked to records at Coopers Jewelers in Winchester. The records showed Jenkins sold items to the store around the same time, Madden said. The burglary victim later identified the items as those stolen from the residence.

Police found Jenkins while investigating two more burglaries on Acton Street and Bass Avenue after one law enforcement officials spotted him leaving the side of a building and recognized him from a poster that had been circulated.

Court records also showed that Jenkins deposited coins in a Coinstar machine at a supermarket, currency police said was obtained in a burglary. Police also linked a boot print found at several burglaries to Jenkins, according to court records.

Madden said Jenkins confessed to the burglaries and drove police around Front Royal showing them which homes he burglarized and explaining why he committed the crimes.

"Basically, he said he committed these crimes because he had a drug addiction, a drug problem and was feeding his habit," Madden said.

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    Wow thats crazy! Sad how far an addiction can take someone!

    It should have taken him 16 years further. 6 years on a 22 year sentence is a joke.

    Opiates maybe? That's my guess. The pill problem we have is huge. Many support their habit by breaking in and stealing prescriptions, jewelry, cash and loose change. Opiates (pain pills) are the drugs causing most of the robberies these days. Opiates are also the most available because they can be legally prescribed. I would be open to fixing this the Chinese way eventually. That is taking them to the fields and shooting the opium zombies in the back of the head. That would be a last resort but treatment and jail time just does not seem to work with the opiate addicted. I am tired of seeing all of these Grandmas I know being heartbroken because their most sentimental rings or other jewels were stolen. Just so some waste of life could get a quick fix.

    B4 I start my spellng sucks and not sure when to dot my T's or cross my eyes -you know who you are//
    Thinking y'all missed the point -the courts and lawyers are going do whatever they can to make thier lives ezest . Know of A guy that got 12 yrs for selling dope -also know 1 that got2 and A half for selling dope difference is the 1 that only got 2.5 made the 1 that is doing 12 look like A minnow ( he also lives in Strasburg ) There's also A guy that killed Another guy in his home and is doin about 12 yrs --So the thing I would really like to know is why did this guy pick the homes that he did and what could I do to preventing someone like that from picking my home

    The Hupp-Madden axis strikes again. Too bad they flunked basic math in school. Let's see - 22 minus 6 equals what?

    And where is the restitution - to the victims and to the Town for the time and expense of the police investigation and driving this character around.

    Is it true that there will be private office suites for judges and prosecutors in the new jail? Maybe they should move the courthouse there are well and sell the historic building to Donald Trump for upscale condos.

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