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Carter claims jail board leaves him out of the loop

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy Carter says he felt blindsided by some members of the RSW Regional Jail Authority who asked legal counsel if the board could sue protesters blamed for driving up the project debt.

"It was just troubling to me that apparently there was information shared by the regional jail authority board and the Shenandoah County board and I wasn't privileged to that information ... that was used for this resolution that the RSW Regional Authority Board passed," Carter said Friday.

The jail board passed a resolution at its meeting last month which asked the authority's attorney, Brendan Hefty, to look into whether the agency could seek legal recourse against foes of the project.

Opponents of Shenandoah County's involvement in the project have been blamed for spurring the Virginia Resources Authority to hold back the jail bond sale and, as a result, causing the agency to receive a higher interest rate on the debt. The report states the higher interest rate achieved on the loan as a result of the delay caused the total amount of the debt to rise by $1.74 million.

Carter also claims some authority board members didn't supply him with copies of documents distributed ahead of their meetings. The sheriff said he didn't receive a copy of the report handed out to the authority board which included the cost of the delay in the bond sale as well as other information about the project.

Authority board Chairman Douglas P. Stanley, also the county administrator for Warren County, explained Friday that he gave copies of the draft of a report by Davenport & Associates to county administrators from Shenandoah and Rapphannock counties, Douglas Walker and John McCarthy, respectively, who serve on the panel. The report outlined costs related to the financing, construction and operation of the regional jail.

The draft of the report was also not provided to the press or the public until the board meeting. Nor did the press or public see beforehand a statement read by Warren County North River District Supervisor Daniel J. Murray Jr. which spurred his motion. Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Conrad Helsley, seconded

Helsley has come out in defense of the motion, saying the request to seek legal recourse is a response to VRA's delay in selling the bonds. The opponents of Shenandoah County's involvement in the jail project have questioned the authority's action as a trampling of their right to free speech and some foes have asked whether Helsley, and ultimately his motion, had the support of the rest of the supervisors.

But even if Carter had seen the statement and the information from Davenport, the sheriff said he still would have opposed the action.

"I would have voted the same way," Carter said. "I asked the question 'why are we doing this' I mean it just didn't seem to make any sense to me. ... It apparently made sense to the group 'cause the group had already shared the information and I guess the group had already decided, or at least the majority had decided. Of course Rappahannock didn't sign. It just didn't make any sense to me why we would seek legal recourse with regards to people who were dissenting over a government business."

Carter questioned how the board could take action based on a document members had only received moments earlier.

The sheriff did not stand alone in opposing the board's request of its legal counsel. Rappahannock Supervisor's Chairman Roger Welch voted against the motion, indicating his opposition to seeking legal recourse against the protesters. Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie C. Smith did not attend the meeting.

Carter may appear as a rogue in the authority, often as a lone dissenter on board decisions. But by law Carter must remain on the authority board unless voted out of his office as sheriff or if Shenandoah County withdraws from the agreement.

Carter, by state code as the sheriff of a locality participating in the jail authority, serves on the board as a member by right, along with Warren County Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron and Smith. The Board of Supervisors for the participating localities also, by statute, choose among their membership as a representative on the authority leadership. The regional jail authority added as part of the agreement among the localities a provision to include the county adminsitrators from each jurisdiction to serve as members.


Thank you Sheriff Carter for opposing this expensive good old boy project that violates the Virginia Constitution.

Thank you Mark Prince for bringing a law suit against these crooks that think they have the power to do what they want without voter approval that the Virginia Constitution gives the voters the right to approve.

I think that we should also have a criminal investigation by the state of Virginia to see how many other laws were broken with this jail project and all the recent county construction of courthouses and other county buildings by the BOS.

It is time to go back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people rather than one for the current for the good old boy network that we have in Shenandoah County.

The BOS in Shenandoah County needs to wake up and realize who they really work for, the people of the county, not their contractor buddies.

You just gotta love it when the local Tea Party whacks muckrake their Republican brethren. Thank you and please give extra attention to the double-D twins, Doug Stanley and Doug Walker. Please do not ignore Dan "Jack Boots" Murray and Conrad "Comrade" Helsley who should be singled out for some kind of special Tea Party recognition for trampling the First Amendment.

"MONKEY SEE - MONKEY DO". This is how Washington works (in a nutshell). So why not?

I don't think I'll ever trust any of these elected officials again. Power & money is all that counts and anyone who disagrees can go to hell, obviously.

Thanks Mark Prince and Sheriff Carter for standing up for what's right.

This county has been held hostage by a few rich and influential families and their surrogates for decades and decades. Voting Republican has got them what?? I really doubt this control will be broken and if it is I'm not sure the alternative is better.

Doug Stanley, Dan Murray, and Dan McEathron are famous here in Warren County because voters condemn each of these politicians for wearing two faces. One face is commonly called the "Back Stabbers Face", the other face is named the "Bend Over And Grab Your Socks" face. The transition between faces is a well practiced, seamless conversion, sometimes taking place right before your very eyes, sometimes accompanied by furious flag waving performed while simultaneously stomping mud-holes in the First Amendment.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. This failure is easily understood because Sheriff Carter does not know which face the Warren delegation is wearing. Sometimes a clue is given depending on which side of their mouth is being used to speak.

I'm really worried about these three. McEathron locked his keys in the car yesterday and it took him 3 hours to get Murray and Stanley out.


OMG, this is too funny and very true.

I met with Shenandoah County Administrator Doug Walker June 5, 2012 regarding the RSW Regional Jail and the escalating cost. Here is part of the conversation:

I asked Doug Walker if he was comfortable voting on the SunTrust resolution, short-term note funding the RSW Regional Jail that was handed out May 31, 2012 at the authority meeting, without reading it first. Walker said “yes”. When I asked the question again to clarify his answer Walker said “yes, because the attorney had read it”. I asked one more time, because I couldn’t believe the answer and Walker stated “Now I feel trapped”. To which I replied “now you know how the taxpayers feel.”
Now, on June 21, 2012, I wanted to ask the rest of Authority members, with the exception of Sheriff Carter, who voted no to the resolution, “how can you vote yes and commit your county to yet another contract between the authority and a financial Institution without reading and discussing the wording with the other county board members and citizens of those counties?”
This is yet another example of what is wrong with this process, this authority, and the leaders leaping into a decision that will cripple Shenandoah County’s economy for years to come.

"Yes, trapped, how".....................Find some new quotes, these are used up.

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