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Great day for a swim

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    Odd....just 8 days ago there was an article here reminding everyone swimming is prohibited @ Chapman's Landing. Apparently that changed:)

      I'll bet a weeks salary that some of the ShenCo Hammers will take the picture and names as evidence, then obtain charges.

      Sheriff Carter, this foolishness will be remembered. ShenCo is getting smarter; we're no longer the bumpkins who pull the lever for anyone with a (R) beside their name. If you need a reminder, look to the Commonwealth Attorney who defeated the Republican heir-apparent. It can happen to you, especially if you don't change the direction of your deputies in this matter. Let Ranger Joe patrol his boat landing, you and your deputies patrol for crimes detrimental to public and personal safety.

    Just last week I was at the river with four small children throwing rocks we were simply trying to learn how to skip rocks and we put our feet in. Well apparently we were breaking the law, the police came and informed us that there is no swimming. I explained to the officer that we were only standing there skipping rocks we were not at the boat landing and we were not even in swimsuits. Only playing with rocks and talking about the small fish. I was told repeatedly no swimming. I don't understand the officer saying that over and over when she could see we were not swimming! I was told you could not do anything at the river except for fish boat or float on a tube. I said you can't stand here. I was told no and that we had to leave and if I came back I would get a ticket. So a nice day of visiting the animals at the shelter stopping by the river to walk around and skip rocks and going out to lunch ended with the police! Imagine the excitement of the children when the police came! Now all they talk about is me getting in trouble by the police! Where can we go just for innocent fun like that. Here it is summer and I was simply trying to plan a fun afternoon for the kids! Things that we grew up doing is no longer allowed its kinda sad for kids today we don't let them do anything and expect them to behave! Thanks to our law enforcement for protecting our river from four five and six year old kids!


      I'm really sorry to hear that. Personally, you should march right down to the station and make a complaint. You weren't doing wrong, that officer apparently is just a jerk. When I looked at the picture I thought, "now that's summer fun"
      As a kid, not knowing how to swim wasn't an option as many a summer days were spent at places now closed off, ie: the swimming hole at Gooney Creek. We literally just talked about this and the sadness that comes with being forced to buy summer passes to the 4-H just to have the peaceful play. (The FR town pool being an overcrowded place you wind up babysitting others children more than your own)
      Skipping rocks at the river illegal! *just shakes head* And they wonder why kids get in trouble.

    How many teenage boys do you think read the paper?? There are no signs posted etc to tell anyone they cannot swim there?? Is the river not public any longer?? That is absolutely absurd! It is a shame that kids, families, teenagers, etc. cannot swim in the river?!?!? We just took the dogs down to swim the other day and no one said anything to us about it. I would expect teenage boys and children to be able to enjoy the river and nature, that is a great part of growing up here! Would the community prefer these boys to be out drinking and driving, getting into trouble etc??? Come on, now really they are behaving doing nothing wrong, just like the lady above stated she was doing with her children. They SHOULD NOT have to be harrassed by a law enforcement officer over something so ridiculous!! I feel MOST CERTAIN the deputies have much more important things they should be doing in this county like patrolling the street for people commiting REAL crimes as Rusty has stated above! What a real waste of tax payers money, pathetic!!!

    BTW- Thank you NVD for this photo! I enjoy seeing nice things like this in the paper, instead of all the bad news =-)

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