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Injured Front Royal police officer out of hospital

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Clyde Eugene Burrell Jr.

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Sgt. Bryan Courtney

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Detective Jason Lethcoe

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

The Front Royal police officer injured in a struggle with a man Saturday left the hospital Monday afternoon to begin his recovery, according to Chief Richard H. Furr.

Clyde Eugene Burrell Jr. remains held without bond in Warren County Jail following an incident which authorities say left two Front Royal police officers hurt, one severely. Police charged Burrell, 33, last known to live in Front Royal, with attempted capital murder, assault and battery of a law enforcement officer and maliciously causing bodily injury in an attack on Sgt. Bryan Courtney.

Attempted capital murder of an officer is a class 2 felony punishable by up to life in prison.

The sergeant was released from Warren Memorial Hospital but will not return to duty until he recovers from his injuries, Furr said Monday afternoon.

Burrell also stands charged with assault and battery of a law enforcement officer involving Detective Jason Lethcoe, who came to assist Courtney during the incident. Lethcoe was treated for injuries at the hospital and released.

Burrell is scheduled to appear in Warren County General District Court today.

As Furr explained, it doesn't appear Courtney tried to use a Taser or his service weapon. Courtney had barely enough time to grab his baton before Burrell initiated the altercation, Furr said.

"The best we can figure it at this point this incident took place in about 30 seconds," Furr said. "It happened that quick."

"As soon as he stepped out of the car his feet hit the ground and this individual decided to run and charge at him, and like I said, all the officer had time to do was draw his baton, a defensive weapon, and the subject impacted him, knocking him off of his feet," Furr added.

Courtney responded to a report of a male subject "flashing" passing motorists in the area of North Shenandoah Avenue at approximately 6:30 p.m., according to a news release and a criminal complaint filed by Front Royal police Sgt. Jason Ryman in the case.

Witnesses saw the two men fall to the ground and, during the struggle, Burrell pinned Courtney with his legs and slammed the officer's head on the pavement multiple times, the complaint states. Burrell then pulled Courtney's expandable baton and beat the officer about the head and face multiple times, according to the complaint. The two men continued to struggle and Burrell put the officer in a partial headlock while he "raked his fingers through Courtneys eyes," the complaint states.

Courtney struggled to regain control of the baton while on his back as Burrell straddled over the officer, according to the complaint. Burrell ripped the baton from Courtney's grip, pulled the baton over his head and was about to strike the officer when Lethcoe tackled the suspect, the complaint states. Burrell and Lethcoe struggled until the detective knocked the man to the ground. Burrell was ordered to lie on his stomach but continued to resist efforts to be handcuffed, according to the complaint. With the assistance of a passerby police placed Burrell into custody.

Two more passersby stopped and gave first aid to Courtney, according to police. Courtney and Lethcoe went to the hospital. Lethcoe was treated and released.

Burrell recently served jail time for a felony conviction of assault and battery of a law enforcement officer. Court records indicate that incident occurred March 19, 2010. During that incident, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case, Burrell was arrested on charges of being drunk in public. He shouted insults at the police officer and then spat in his face. At that time, a preliminary breath test showed Burrell had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.12 percent, according to the complaint. Burrell pleaded guilty to the assault charge and received a three-year term with all but one year and one month suspended. However, he could face serving the remainder of that sentence if found in violation of the supervised probation imposed with the conviction.

Since his release from jail, Burrell has had other run-ins with town police, including convictions of public intoxication, according to court records.

Police ask anyone with information about the Saturday incident to contact Ryman at the criminal investigation division of the police department at 636-2208 or the town dispatch center at 635-2111.


another great citizen that i'm sure someone will come to the aid of and say he had "problems" a person like this is a danger to society and needs to be put away... no respect for himself or law enforcement already been convicted of the same charge once but had his 3 year term suspended i hope he goes to prison for a long time on this one.... thoughts and prayers are with the officers as they are the one's on the front lines everyday.... if this guy's not afraid to fight and injure police imagine what could happen to a normal citizen

Glad to hear Sgt. Courtney is out of the hospital and on his way to recovery. Too bad he didn't have time to get his canine out of the car. If he had maybe Mr. Dumba&& would have been the one to go to the hospital. I hope he violated his probation and has to serve the time that was suspended.

If this 'animal' is not put away for life, we should impeach the judge who does sentencing. This community is to precious to risk letting a jackal of this nature loose. We will see how tough 'it' is with the general prison population.

The HUMAN animal is the worse: he has the ability to know better and should be responsible for his actions.

Let me first start off by saying that what these 2 officers do on a daily basis is courageous and I do thank them very much for helping our community. On the other hand, I am going to be that citizen as the comment above says to say this man has "problems". Nobody should state any facts about someone without knowing the story behind ones personal life. It is funny that all of you say you hope he gets locked up for life, did you ever stop to think that this is what he wants? Because it more than likely is, by knowing him personally. And the comment about how "it" reacts to general prison population, he has been there and I will not state what has happened with others in there that they put with him. I feel sorry for him, nobody seems to appreciate this guys meaning of life, and maybe that is all he is looking for.





he wants to be put away

Hopefully he will get his wish, though we should not consider his wishes due to the fact that he is not fit for the human race and being free among rational people. He should consider himself lucky to be alive after attacking someone like that.

First off I want to say that I am sick of you people who judge who judge people and do know even know facts. All you know is what you read in the papers. The News or the police never give all the facts. You want facts here you are some for you. His family has been in out of the system with him for 18 years trying to get him help. He mother stood the court room and asked the judge to send him to a mental hospital and they let him go. Her words was what is going to take for him to get help before or after someone gets hurt. A few weeks before this his sister begged them to give her an emergency order to have him put away and again nothing. He is not an animal he is a human who suffers from bipolar and other mental illness. So you people who want to judge I am sure none of you are perfect. If you are then that is great but I am sure you are not. Maybe you should try praying for people and not judging them maybe you should know facts before you just go off what you read and maybe just maybe you should take a long look at your self and pray you never have to deal with someone sick of any kind. No one has said he should not pay for what he has done but he needs help and Northwestern well now they want to admit that he needs it after his family has begged them as well and nothing. But it is ok judge all you want because in judging we all have to face something one day and i will Pray for all you who do judge. As for the officers thank God they are ok and I pray that they can recover and get back to their job. They put their life on line everyday and I am just thankful that NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE WAS KILLED. Our World is sad enough and people like some you make our world what it is. I pray God is with you all because someone needs to pray for others.

Thank you A Humphries and she is 100% correct. The family has repeatedly been to the police, social services, the hospitals, etc. begging for help in getting him admitted into a mental treatment facility and as you now see the outcome, they didnt help. Please keep your ignorant and uneducated comments to yourself unless you know the ENTIRE story. Thankfully the police officers were ok and i pray for their speedy recovery.

@ahumphries and @ChristyL, so he was bipolar yet he chose booze instead of his medication and you think this is alright? My thoughts and prayers go out to the officers and their families but not to someone who could not admit they had a problem and take their prescribed medications instead of turning to the bottle. Life in prison is not good enough for this loser, it only adds to our taxes to feed, clothe, provide medical care and amusement to someone that could not even take the time to take their medication to help their self. The first step to a cure is to admit you have a problem, in his case two problems, admitting he had an illness and admitting he had an addiction problem. Do not blame the courts, his family or anyone other than his loser self.

Seriously WTH is wrong w YOU ANIMALS!!! A HUMAN LIFE IS A HUMAN LIFE!!! EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE ON THIS EARTH!!! How in the hell can ANYONE condemn another human until you yourselves live in a glass house?!?!?! These ppl on here are right...his family has begged for help being turned down at every turn!! Do any of you expect a baby or an elderly person with dementia to dispense their own meds??? Well sometimes, this is how bad a mental illness can affect a persons mental state! Why can anyone accept mental illness as an actual disease....just like cancer, diabetes etc??? Why does everyone attack victims?? Bc although yet again I am sorry that these officers got hurt Mr. Burrell is a victim of a failing system! If help had been administered as begged for, this thread would not be taking place bc Mr. Burrell would have been in a safe hospital where he could have been receiving help! It makes me disgusted & incredibly sad that I am raising children in a place where ppl r so quick to judge and throw horrendous comments around when "media" is their only form of knowledge! Please take a step back & ask how you would feel if Mr. Burrell was your son brother uncle cousin etc Diseases don't discriminate so I truly hope all of your families stay disease free!!!

amen. No taxpayer money should be wasted on this animal.

Why don't you all replace the overused word - animal with MONSTER?

Now we have another plea of temporary insanity coming up, no doubt. Didn't take his medicine, drank instead - well duh!

Sick of all the excuses for violence in today's world while most of us all practice CONTROL. Personal responsibility needs to be taught obviously and we might start at the public school level.

At least the K-9 was safe and unharmed.

Tax dollars are going to pay for him whether he is in a state run mental hospital or he goes to jail. That’s just the way it is. We don’t live in a perfect world. There are always going to be people with mental illness, police are going to get hurt, people are going to break the law, not all cops are good and not all cops are bad. I recall in a later article the Sheriff bringing up the issue of lack of funding for mental health cases and how they have no choice but to put them in jail when they really should be taken to a hospital, evaluated, and given treatment. Word on the street is this guy has had issues since High School and the more people talk the more it sounds everyone who came in contact with him knew about it. The people who knew this guy are not surprised in the least that he was standing on the side of the street exposing himself if that tells you anything. The system failed and it’s sad that violence has to come about to make something happen. I’m sorry for his family I know it’s hard to deal with someone with mental health issues its exhausting and sad when you finally get to the point where you can’t take it anymore you have exhausted all your options and there is nowhere else to turn. What do you do with someone who needs help but can’t or won’t get it on their own? What is the protocol for that? I’m sorry for the officers that had to deal with something like this because the system failed and this person was not taken off the streets sooner. When dealing with people with mental problems doctors will tell you the condition snow balls the person gradually gets worse and worse if not treated or if treatment is not maintained.

If you take personal interest out of your comments you are only left with the deeds of an evil and violent man. Regardless of his mental status. This man has had issues since High School, (which is as long as I have known him) and he knows exactly how to use this to his advantage. He is a large man with an abnormal amount of physical strength and a very low tolerance for pain. (personal observation from seeing this man fight many people) He KNOWS that he can handle himself in a fight and prides himself on his ability to quickly dispatch someone in a hand to hand scuffle especially when he is prone to attacking people with no advance warning. He is the quiet guy who will strike when unexpected. Now no one is doubting the deteriation of his mental status, which is evidenced by how he walks around town having arguments with himself, however; he has obviously been evaluated many times and found to be competant enough to remain in society instead of being institutionalized. I guess all of you people taking up for him would be happy to provide proof of you advanced degree or education in the field of psychology since you have a better understanding of what SHOULD have been done when he was evaluated by these professionals then the professionals do. What you have left when you strip away all of the personal feelings and the struggle of the family dealing with this person and trying to get him help is a man with a propensity for violence and being mentally unstable. His deeds speak for themselves and for anyone to make an excuse for him is absolutely absurd. He knew what he was doing. He did it anyway. Just like he has chosen to be in the many fights he has been involved in. He is violent, dnagerous and unstable and does not deserve sympathy or the right to walk the streets with law abiding citizens.

Suspect beating cop = attempted murder


Cop(s) beating suspect = Justice?


Hmmm.....so let me get this straight, the guy flashes his "equipment" at cars as bait, just so a cop will come & he can attempt to murder him? Riiiight.....The public is not that stupid either.....I wish I was on that jury, this guy would walk.

Maybe the Front Royal PD should go back to harrassing the general public for going 26 in a 25, or having a dead inspection or no seat belt.

Ohh, hear we go again. The comments will really be pouring in now about this. after the last comments. Hopefully the person above will not be selected to jury duty on a case like this.

Awwwww, poor baby get a few tickets? Need a little towel for that drip?

You must be exausted from all that occupy wall street demonstration. Did you at least pick up you garbage when you rolled up your tent and packed away your sleeping bag?

Why don't you go visit this man in jail? I am sure he can use your support and perhaps a hug. That is of course if you can pry your arms away from that 100 year old Oak Tree long enough to put your words into action.

Is that Oak tree still standing near Bo's belly barn, or is it Bo's Express Now?

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