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Posted July 27, 2012 | comments 12 Comments

Man charged with abduction after girl found in his home

By Sally Voth -- svoth@nvdaily.com

An Edinburg man already facing a child pornography charge involving a local girl was arrested this week after the child was allegedly found in his home.

Bryan Dale Coffey, 40, of 12658 Old Valley Pike, was arrested Thursday and charged with abduction, Shenandoah County Sheriff's Maj. Scott Proctor said.

He said a 13-year-old girl was found "hiding" in his home on Wednesday.

The girl's family had reported her missing on Tuesday, and the next evening, "deputies located her hiding in Mr. Coffey's residence," Proctor said. He said it had been reported there was some sort of relationship between the two.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Deputy R.N. French spoke to the child's stepfather at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, and was told she'd been missing for about 2 1/2 hours.

The stepfather told French he thought the girl might be with Coffey, since he had recently been "ordered in court to have no contact with" her.

About an hour later, French went to Coffey's home, and Coffey told him he hadn't seen or spoken to the girl in a few days, according to the complaint.

"He stated he wasn't in [the area of her home] during the time frame that she went missing, and he was not going to speak to her because he was already out on bond and his lawyer advised him not to have contact with her at all," it states.

Deputies returned to Coffey's home on Wednesday, and he again denied he'd picked up the child and said she wasn't there, according to the complaint. But, he gave consent for a search of his home, and the girl was found hiding in a bedroom upstairs, it states.

Coffey had been arrested in late spring and charged with possession of child pornography. Court records indicate that case involves the same girl found in his home several days ago.

He was granted a $2,500 bond on May 31, and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim, according to court records.

On July 19, the charge was certified to a Shenandoah County Circuit Court grand jury, while a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor was dropped, according to court records.

Proctor said Coffey is being held without bond in the Shenandoah County Jail, and is scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Court on Sept. 13. Proctor said the investigation is continuing.

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    Obviously these perverts have little or nothing to fear with our revolving door policy. There's apparently one under every rock.

    I guess hypotheticals are not allowed as my first comment didn't make it. Anyway he needs to go away for a long time. I could be wrong,but I would think the parents also need to bear some responsibility for allowing the opportunity.

      I agree. I also do think some of the blame should fall on the girl. Parents or people born before 1965 are naive or choose to be. 13 yr old girls 40 years ago were working, helping with house chores, baking with their mothers, ect. 13 yr old girls 20 years ago were babysitting, buying training bras, sleepovers with friends and trying on makeup for fun. 13 yr olds today don't work, are the size of a grown woman with just as much makeup on and obsess over social networks and cell phones.

        That would be on the parents as well for allowing that.

          Okay, I think it is very ignorant of you to state 'this should be on the parents as well.' You don't know if the parents were protecting their child as well as they could have, which definitely seems like the case to me. All parents try to protect their child as well as they can and I know this from experience. Earlier, back in March, MY thirteen year old brother was involved in an incident that really messed him up but my mother was not the blame because YOU CAN'T ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR CHILD. You don't know the full situation or what exactly happened but all I can say the parents nor the child should be blamed for this at all. You can't just give your child no breathing room because that will make them want to rebel in the first place. All of my prayers go out to this family and hopefully justice is served.

            If it seems to you that the parents did everything they could that would be far more of a reach than me suspecting more could have been done. A 13 year old raised with quality and vigilant parenting does not normally start dating a 40 year old and run away from home to be with him. Now I said normally. I previously acknowldged I don't know for sure what was going on here. You say ALL parents try to protect... I say you are a nut if you really beleive that. There are parents who are good, mediocre, bad and then the ones who just don't care or are M.I.A. As for breathing room, at 13, that should be a school dance or basketball game or something. Not enough time to hang and fall in love with a predator. Prayers...anyone who can look at anything objectively knows that is not going to help a thing. Thanks but no thanks for your wisdom.

            Now here is the kicker... this predator has been charged with abduction. Did he abduct her? I don't know how Va. law on abduction is written but she willingly went with him and I don't see a major sentence coming from the current charge. For him to get some time, the girl will have to admit to him having sex with her.

        " I also do think some of the blame should fall on the girl".....
        Really? You think we should blame the victim? Your comment is completely asinine and shameful. That little girl needs some therapy, not blame. The one and only person at fault here is the sorry excuse for a human being preditor that took advantage of a vunerable child.

        Justme...... excellent thought... and the truth. Lets face it...there were men out there 20 - 40 years ago trying to work their magic on young girls. Mothers had a tighter hand on their daughters... if they wanted to make sure they grew up without being sexually active/or abused. Now days.. to many parents working outside the home..because they have to.. and children just run at large as they please... the entire situation is sad...to say the least. He deserves to be put away for sure.. if not this girl.. it will be another and another. The girl.. GET HER HELP. Get her parents help... I can only imagine the trouble this 13 year must being giving.. and this is not to blame HER... but this entire story tells me she was given freedom.. way to early. He is just a disgusting perv. -- it makes for the perfect mixture of this disaster.

    Instead of blaming the police, the court system, the parents and I'm sure someone will blame the 13 year old child let's put the blame where it belongs. The pedophile shown in the picture above is the one that should shoulder all the blame.

      Every parent knows there people out there who will do harm, in diffrent ways, to their children. Maybe the parents in this case protected their daughter as well as they possibly could. Many time though that is not the case. My question is how did this sicko have access to this girl. A 13 year old should be under trusted supervision at all times if a parent cannot be present. Even though that does not guarantee nothing can happen to your child, it sure does make it a lot less likely.

        AGREED.. how does a 13 year old go unsupervised long enough to be involved with a 40 year old??? these type of people are everywhere just waiting on parents to take their eyes off of our children.. this isnt the first incident with the child and this man. how did it happen again?

    I agree that the parents might not have done the right thing with her after knowing what had happened in June but, This is a grown man and a sick man at that. The girl needs counseling and he needs to rot in you know for even thinking of messing with a child that is the age of one of his own. A parent of any age should not even think of messing with a child. Hopefully our court system will put him away for a long long time which I doubt this will happen in Shen Co. Just think he is evening a business owner and was probably around other little girls. Keep him locked up so it doesn't happen again and the little girl gets the help she needs. Please keep in mind there are his own children that are suffering also and need prayers to help them to get though this. Hopefully our justice system won't fail us on this one and keep another child safe.

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