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Parker pick as vice mayor shows divided council

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- A divided Front Royal Town Council took four tries to choose a vice mayor among its membership Monday night.

Members turned down at their regular meeting attempts to first elect Councilman Thomas H. Sayre, then Councilman Hollis L. Tharpe and finally Councilman N. Shae Parker. Councilman Bret W. Hrbek made motions each time for a different councilman to serve as vice mayor for a two-year term.

The motion to elect Sayre as vice mayor failed 5-1. Councilman Daryl L. Funk seconded the motion after a long silence and then a quick nod from Sayre. Funk voted in favor of the motion. Hrbek voted against his motion along with Parker, Sayre, Councilman Hollis L Tharpe and Councilman Eugene R. Tewalt.

Hrbek then made a motion that council elect Tharpe as vice mayor. That motion also failed by a vote of 3-3. Funk, Sayre and Tharpe voted in favor of the motion. Hrbek, Parker and Tewalt voted against the motion. Mayor Timothy W. Darr, who can vote to break a tie in some cases, said he, on the instruction of Town Attorney Douglas Napier, could not do so in a matter that involves his peers on council.

Hrbek made a third motion to elect Parker to the position. Funk voted against Hrbek's motion along with Sayre and Tharpe. Hrbek voted in favor of the motion along with Parker and Tewalt, leading to another tie vote and failure.

Darr advised council he would entertain one more motion or consult with the attorney. Darr nearly had the chance when Funk made a proposal to reconsider the nomination of Parker as vice mayor. Funk could make the motion to reconsider since he voted against the original proposal. Hrbek, who voted in the positive for the original failed motion, seconded Funk's proposal.

"I did vote for Mr. Tharpe and Mr. Sayre," Funk said. "I did support them for vice mayor. However, I believe that we shouldn't start off the year on a divisive note and I have often agreed with Mr. Parker in the past for some very important votes he's taken -- killing tax increases and other things that I believe are important to the citizens of Front Royal -- and that's why I intend to vote yes on motion to reconsider."

The motion to reconsider passed 4-2 with Funk, Hrbek, Parker and Tewalt voting in favor. Sayre and Tharpe voted against the motion.

"That was interesting and, in the absence of the mayor, I'll do my best to run the meetings," Parker said after the meeting.

Also at the meeting, council:

• Voted unanimously to approve on first reading an ordinance amendment to the town code to allow flea markets in the A-1 district with a special-use permit. Council held a public hearing on the matter but no one spoke.

• Voted unanimously to approve on first reading a motion to amend the town code pertaining to alternate dates for council meetings.

• Heard a report by Martha Shickle, of the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission, regarding recent activities related to the town.

• Heard the first quarterly report from Janice Hart, crime prevention specialist for the Front Royal Police Department.


Boy this is just lke the good old days, wonder went Hrbek is going to start selling Stock again...

wat up wit funk/////////sayre should have been choosen vice mayor//////////stand by for more as ( the town council turns ) sham sham on funk.

Happy days are here again.... at least for the mental cripples in the crowd like me with nothing better to do than make snide comments about our elected politicians.

No surprises here, Sayre's nomination failed by a vote of 5-1.... another resounding vote of no-confidence for a councilman who is a self-made man who worships his creator.

Everybody but one (Hrbek) wanted to be vice-mayor, and that includes Mayor Darr who also wishes to wear the vice-mayor hat due to the high regard he holds for himself. Darr has no enemies but is intensely disliked by his friends.

Funk has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire. He is vying for the office of 'Silver Tongued Devil', once held by his old boss and now new judge, Boss Hogg.

Tharpe is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others. He loves nature in spite of what it did to him.

I missed Tewalt. When he left the council I felt so miserable it was almost like having him here, and now he's back and the misery continues.

Too bad Dan Murray isn't on the council. (He is a modest little person with much to be modest about.) We could have some real fun, huh?

Hmmm, did I leave anybody out? Did somebody say Todd Gilbert, the sock puppeteer who helps Funk move his lips?

Did ROFLMAO earn a Degree in producing Comedy Shows as well as a Law Degree while serving in the "Big House"? I'm totally impressed with your reporting "Mr. P", but can't help but wonder how frustrating it must be for you as a County resident, with no vote in the Town to only have the chance to make "snide" remarks. Vote...vote... did I say vote?..oh forgive me, you did get your voting rights back, those people in Richmond, Bless their hearts...

Congrats to Councilman Parker. He will do well in representing the citizens of Front Royal and not special interest groups in Town. He does his homework on issues prior to the Council meeting.

Smooth move on Councilman Funk's part not to get caught up in this silly issue. Let's see how things change on the bigger issues that's coming regarding water to the county, moving the election to Nov, and possible friendly boundary line adjustment on the 522 corridor.

Most interesting will be which side the Mayor will fall on these issues when he has to break ties on the upcoming Council votes. Time to really lead Mr Mayor.

I agree. Councilman Parker has always held himself to a strict ethical code. I look forward to seeing what this council is going to do for the next two years.

I too am looking forward to seeing just how Mayor Timothy Darr will lead during this new term as Mayor of Front Royal.

realdeal has been drinking his own bathwater again. and No, the bubbles aren't from carbonation.

I guess he's a sore loser. Sorry Chris

Sayre for Mayor in 2014!

It is a shame that the manority of the council didn't see that way. That being said. I have watched Mr. Parker closely for years. I have seen him grow in knowledge and experience. I have seen him make mistakes and then correct those mistakes and take responsibility for them. Mr. Parker has always held himself to a higher code of ethical behavoir time and time again. Excuse me, his proper title is Vice Mayor Parker. Vice Mayor Parker has earned his position as Vice Mayor of this Town. I have faith that both Councilman Tom Sayre and Vice Mayor Parker will continue to serve the citizens of Front Royal. We may not agree with their leadership styles but they both bring positive aspects to the Council.

excuse the typo. It should Read the Majority of the Council. Haven't had my caffine yet.

Tim, the BS is starting to ooze from your ears. Are you running for office again??

I challenge you to read the past minutes and watch the past videos and judge for yourself the professional behavior of Vice Mayor Parker.

I can neither confirm nor deny any future political actions or ambitions of Timothy Ratigan Ratigan Sr

Mr Ratigan, I would agree to to 1st part of your your comment but because I will listen to people that have the facts about issues, I need you to back up your statement of the contributions and leadership of the 1 councilman you talked about.

I spoke of two councilmen which do you want stats on?

It's not the new vice mayor.

One thing that comes to mind is how he stood alone on the DMV Civil fees. He had no support from the council on that issue and then managed to garner support from Richmond and took the new civil fees to court and got them thrown out. It took some courage and some leadership quailities to manage to get on board with that.

He is also very loyal to his group of supporters. Councilman Sayre was elected by a select group of Front Royal Citizens who wanted Councilman Sayre to hold the line on keeping taxes low and to fight against any new housing developement. He has done a good job in that regard. Whether you and I agree with him or not he is doing what his supporters wanted him to do and that is why they elected him and will probably keep voting for him in the future if he runs again.

Thanks for your reply. That is the beauty of a democracy, the people continue to elect and re elect the people who they feel will represent their interest. The wind of public support can change very quickly as we saw in the last election. Good luck to the Councilman up for election in the next 2 years.

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