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Posted July 6, 2012 | comments 8 Comments

Restaurant employee accused of embezzling $23,000

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

A Front Royal woman is facing six counts of embezzlement for allegedly taking a total of $23,486.86 from the restaurant where she worked for four years.

A grand jury indicted Tera Deigh Santmyers, 34, 1018 Stuart Drive, in Warren County Circuit Court Monday on six counts of embezzlement linked to a scheme in which she allegedly took money from the restaurant where she worked.

Court documents accuse Santmyers, 34, of 1018 Stuart Drive, Front Royal of stealing money from Castiglia's Italian Eatery in Front Royal by discounting customers' bills at the restaurant's computer cash register and pocketing the difference between the real bill and the amount she rang up, according to the criminal complaint.

The indictment cites six examples of embezzlement that Santmyers allegedly committed in intervals of several months spanning Dec. 29, 2008 through Jan. 2, 2012.

The criminal complaint written by Detective Jason Winner of the Front Royal Police Department states that restaurant owner Luigi Scotto DiClemente discovered that Santmyers was discounting customers' bills without his knowledge on Jan. 2.

DiClemente found a bill that day that Santmyers had discounted by 60 percent, leaving her with $38.97, according to the complaint.

"Luigi then did research and found that Santmyers had been (embezzling) throughout her employment with an aggregate amount of $23,486.86," the complaint states.

Winner's complaint states that he interviewed Santmyers on Jan. 27 and "she admitted that she had been discounting various customers' orders throughout her employment and pocketing the money."

The complaint also states that Santmyers "indicated" she planned to repay the money she is accused of stealing.

Santmyers was released from custody on $1,000 secured bond for one count and $5,000 unsecured bond on the remaining five counts.

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    No wonder the place closed down!

    If it was closed it is back open because I ate there a couple of nights ago.

    you are thinking of villa guisseppes. It is only open on certain days, If it is still open.

    that's terrible. I hate people who steal from small businesses like this, its one thing to steal from some corporation like walmart, but a small town restaurant, where the owners probably have to skip their own paychecks for loosing so much money, that's just wrong.

      Sorry..shouldn't steal from Walmart either. Walmart makes millions how would they miss it? Holiday Inn makes millions too and my sister in Indiana was once a manager for them. She felt the same way...$3000 is nothing to them. so she had taken from them. Holiday Inn found out and pressed charges. Long story short due to her actions she couldn't find a job not only in Indianapolis but even Winchester for that matter. Holiday Inn told more/less everyone "..THIEF !!!!..DO NOT HIRE HER !!". That was 15 years ago and in this day and age of the internet such as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and the like one can find out the nitty gritty on anyone.. My sister had to go all the way to DENVER just to find a job since Colorado seems to be more friendly to such people as my sister. Ah not a good idea to steal from anyone today.

    Villa Guiseppes turned into Castrianos which is now the Front Royal Diner. Castiglias is down next to Big Lots

    Dont be so hard on the thief. After all, she said that she intended to pay it back. Not sure how you discretely pay back $20K +

    @Doom27: Stealing is *STEALING*...and WRONG no matter what or where! Wal-Mart was begun by one gentleman named Sam Walton, whom I had the pleasure to meet. Even though his company has grown into a large,multi-billion dollar business, and Mr. Walton no longer is among the living, when one steals from one of his stores, it is the same as stealing from him.

    His mighty corporation GREW from one, SMALL BUSINESS! And, sadly, he probaly had a sticky-fingered employee somewhere along the way...his company surely has some now. Wrong is wrong is wrong...big or small companies must always pass the loss on to the consumer...and we ALL PAY FOR THEFT, in the form of higher prices!

    Perhaps you should consider THAT, and also, perhaps consider hating the crime and not the perpetrator....Just sayin'...

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