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Posted July 9, 2012 | comments 29 Comments

Romney campaign bus to stop in valley

The Romney for President campaign bus rolls across Virginia this week on behalf of the GOP Victory operation in the commonwealth, the state party announced in a news release issued Monday.

The bus serves as a mobile office where local activists can volunteer, make campaign phone calls and assist in the get-out-the-vote efforts on behalf of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and the Republican ticket in the November elections.

The bus is open to the public and Republican officials will be on hand at its various stops.

The bus is scheduled to stop in Front Royal Town Square on Peyton Street from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. and then in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot, 461 W. Reservoir Road, Woodstock, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. State Del. Michael J. Webert will appear in Front Royal and Del. C. Todd Gilbert will be in Woodstock.

The 2012 Victory effort will be the largest GOP get-out-the-vote operation in Virginia history, according to the release. The operation is a joint effort of the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party of Virginia and Romney for President to elect Republicans on the ticket.

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    Will the Koch brothers be onboard? They should receive a warm reception from the Tea Party activists here in the Heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

    Spot on Ronbo44. Great comment, & more than likely so on those TP'rs. Glad to see great minds think alike in the Valley. Actually, I thought maybe all of ALEC, Adelson, & Karl Rove would be there, even if not readily visible they are definitely in his back pocket. Don't forget to look for Shaemus on top of the bus too! :)


    I hope some of the local hoodlums egg the bus lol.

    Do you suppose the Romney bus will have someone onboard who could provide information to help me set up a few Swiss bank accounts or some tax avoidance shell corporations in the Cayman Islands, or maybe a few Bermuda companies to hide my assets?

    Also, I'm tearing down a $5 million dollar home to replace it with a $12 million dollar home and I hate stairs. Could someone on the Romney bus refer me to a company that could install an elevator to lift my cars from the garage floor to the living room floor?

      HA! MyIndianNameIsRunsWithBeer, Romney's bus? Do you honestly believe he would let John Q. Public near that? Rumor has it that McDonnell will let him use all of the DMV mobile units to sign up for Swiss bank accounts or some tax avoidance shell corporations. OMG, hope it didn't just give them an idea!!!!!!

      If the Romney Campaign can't help you then perhaps the Democratican National Chairwoman can. Here is a link you may find interesting.


      Hope I was a big help to you.

        According to The Weekly Standard, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz discloses her income tax returns. But here comes the bull in the china shop Ratigan, soundly defeated in the last election, licking his wounds while now trying to slime Debbie Wasserman-Shultz with stale information stretched to the breaking point by a dubious, less than credible source in an attempt to straighten Mitt Romney's halo, knocked askew by revelations he has numerous off-shore bank accounts and "investments" in notorious tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and Switzerland.

        Romney demands Latinos 'show their papers', yet refuses to show his.

        Tin Foil Hat Ratigans source of information, The Weekly Standard, is a neo-conservative magazine founded by William Kristol, a regular commentator on Fox News, less a paragon of "fair and balanced" news reporting and more like a cesspool breeding distortion of every little shred of information to help further the agendas of the super rich while hoodwinking the unwashed masses who do not choose to verify Fox's "facts".


        These are the friends Tea Party Tin Foil Hat Ratigan is proud to keep and use as his unimpeachable source of truth, justice, and the American way? The only difference I see between Kristol and Limbaugh or Ratigan is their belt size. Otherwise, you see one, you see them all.

        My mutual funds invests mostly in American companies, but they also invest in international conglomerates, including a few banks "too big to fail". Perhaps neo-conservative Tea Party enthusiast Ratigan can name a mutual fund that doesn't? Romney's money is not invested in mutual funds, but we don't know this for sure as Romeny says he doesn't know where his money is invested. If you don't know where your money is, how can you lead an economic recovery better than someone with proven results?

        Pass the jelly donuts, please.


    WHAT DAY?, either the day is not stated or I missed it after reading the article three times. I need info on the minimum balance for a Cayman Island account and tips on telling lies. His off shore accounts prove his intention of no accountability regarding his actions past, present and future. This country will be "FRACK-tured" IF the GOP achieves the White House, congressional control and without proper regulation Wall Street will again collapse.

    Hey, Guys, Is our governor a VP candidate? Don't get in between Romney's bus and the road from Richmond! Think maybe our Governor will make an appearance and speak to his concern for the welfare of our smallest citizens?

    Just weeks after issuing a veto for Congenital Heart Disease Screening Legislation (HB 399)...The legislation was passed unanimously by the Virginia House and Senate and was supported throughout the state by health care providers and patient advocacy organizations, including the ACC's Virginia Chapter and the Virginia chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association, before it was vetoed REPEAT vetoed. According to the ACC's Virginia Chapter President Rober Shor, MD, FACC, Gov. McDonnell explained that he vetoed the bill in order to avoid increasing the size of government in perpetuity. Shor expressed disappointment with McDonnell's initial decision, saying it was a missed opportunity to help protect Virginia infants and had the potential to negatively impact Virginia receiving a federal grant of $1 million that would help address this issue. After the veto announcement, Shor stressed that an Executive Order could fulfill the same objective as the bill by creating an optimal path toward universal screening of newborns for congenital heart disease. "An Executive Order would put the congenital heart disease screening policy in place without creating any new government bodies or increasing the size of government," he said. "Additionally, the bill does not have a fiscal impact on the state’s budget."

    Gov. McDonnell proposed cutting $81 million over two years from the Virginia Preschool Initiative, which provides free public preschool for four-year-olds from low-income families. He decided against seeking the Race to the Top grant on the recommendation of Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia I. Wright, who believed the money would have come with too many expensive strings attached.

    McDonnell backed two controversial anti-abortion measures: the fetal personhood bill and the mandatory ultrasound bill.

    So, based on budget, his decisions are NO to a test to see if newborns might have a fatal heart condition, but YES to mandating women to have an ultrasound. Interesting what this man sees as the priorities of Virginians!

    It makes absolutely no sense to waste our votes on ANYONE who isn’t invested in the USA. Any person or family who invests outside of our country is making clear their conviction of the coming demise of all we hold dear. They’re poised to “bug out”. When it comes time to pay-up for their abuses of power, they intend on being LONG GONE with the funds they’ve looted---er, “earned”---from our nation’s economy. They ARE “Financial Doomsday Preppers”.

    THAT’s what Romney’s likely hiding by not providing his taxes for public scrutiny. To show EXACTLY HOW MUCH money Romney maintains outside of US borders would provide indisputable evidence of Romney’s REFUSAL TO COMMIT to American values.

    Republican greed for power is breathtaking. The Presidency is very clearly the last status-symbol-toy for Romney, who has attained everything else he could possibly want out of life. This is the only thing that has eluded his grasp to date, which explains why he pursues the Presidency with such zeal. A better man would have known when to quit, but not Mitt. People KNOW he can’t be trusted! His own party would desperately love to be represented by a more capable person.

    Our Lord Jesus has instructed that by their works we will know them. Romney greedily chases after power without a hint of patriotism in his works.

    I never believed in the "silent majority" but I sure am hoping there is a "quiet majority" that is seeing through the rhetoric and understands that a Mitt Romney presidency will only serve the super-rich and "entitled."

    Jane, I find it so totally repugnant that Republican Gov. McDonnell backs the personhood bill and the bill that mandates women to have an ultrasound before an abortion, but says NO to a test to see if infants have a congenital, fatal heart condition. And then he proposes cuts to the free public preschool for low income families which would enable these children to get a start in the right direction to educate themselves and to eventually better their lives. What a joke when McDonnell and the right wing wax on and on about how much they care about the unborn, but then make it pretty obvious through their actions that they do not give a hoot for those who have been carried to term and born. What hypocrites! And how pathetic that there are people out there who either can not or do not want to see all this hypocrisy coming from the right wing and that these hypocrites are running the Republican Party. People need to open their eyes and use their minds for more than just blindly following what the Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys of the right wing world tell them they should "think".

      It becomes more apparent when you compare other factors....

      "Mitt Romney amassed a fortune now worth an estimated $230 million during his career with Bain Capital. He would be wealthier still had he not set aside a trust for his five children in 1995, worth $100 million today. Of the bunch, the following are Mitt Romney’s top 10 favorite philanthropic targets in terms of total dollars awarded by the Romney's Tyler Foundation since 2000:

      "Charitable contributions:

      1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: $4,781,000
      2. Brigham Young University: $525,000
      3. The United Way: $177,000
      4. Right to Play : $111,500

      Right To Play is an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world

      5. The George W. Bush Library: $100,000
      6. Operation Kids : $85,000

      Operation Kids is a public 501(c) nonprofit organization founded in 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Operation Kids provides customized philanthropic services at no cost to donors seeking to give money to children's organizations.

      7. Center For Treatment of Pediatric MS: $75,000
      8. Harvard Business School: $70,000
      9. City Year : $65,000

      City Year is an education-focused nonprofit organization that partners with high need public schools to provide full-time targeted student interventions.

      10. Deseret International : $50,000

      BBB: " This charitable organization either has not responded to written BBB requests for information or has declined to be evaluated in relation to BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. Charity participation in BBB review is voluntary. However, without the requested information, it is not possible to determine whether this charity adheres to all of the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability."
      Weber State University: $50,000"
      (Forbes 5/17/2012 )

      "The Obamas donated $329,100 to charity plus THE FULL AMOUNT of the $1.4 million he won for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009."

      This site lists the breakdown of the organizations that received charitable donations from the Obama's in 2009: http://bucks.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/15/all-about-the-obamas-charitable-giving/

    Hit a nerve didn't I? Figured I would. Mission Accomplished.

    Responding to SJF who is quoted in todays NVA Daily as to why "Liberals" spend so much time time listening to FOX News. We go there to see what lies and half truths they are promoting on a daily basis. We then set about correcting those lies and half truths. It's an obligation and we do not take it lightly.

    Ya'll are full of hot air and some other stuff. Cast your vote November then, grip.

    Romney Campaign Bus? I take it that the bus is one of those luxury jobs, not a school bus.

    By definition, an election victory known as a "landslide victory" happens when the winner receives 60% of the vote. What is the victory called when the winner receives 73% and the runner up gets 27%?

    I'll bet Ratigan knows the answer to this one.

    It must feel something like licking your index and middle fingers then sticking them in a wall socket. Now THAT touches a nerve, huh?



    BTW, Timmy, did you file a financial disclosure statement? Sometimes its called an economic interests statement? Either way, I hope you revealed your extensive holdings in the Cayman Islands.


      I am sure that Mr. Ratigan is proud of the Campaign he ran. He may be disapointed in the number of votes he recieved. But Mr. Ratigan has moved on. I suggest you do the same. Carrying all this negative energy around is not healthy.

    Wait, I'm confused. You're citing a letter to Factcheck.org from an Obama Deputy Campaign Manager disputing the accuracy of Factcheck.org? So you’re disagreeing with Factcheck.org which is supported by the Annenberg Foundation which also created the Chicago Annenberg Challenge which Barrack Obama was a founding Chairman?

    Sir, you are much more than simply confused. Obtuse is the better descriptive.

    A foreign investment is not the same as an offshore tax shelter.

    In his haste to create a diversion away from the smoking gun, "I'mdebtfree" can't see the elephants in the room. Is Romney gaming the tax code with his off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and Bermuda? Is Romney hiding something and taking advantage of the system to enrich himself? Or is it something even more sinister?

    All the news services are reporting Romney's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicate he was totally in charge of Bain Capital specifically for the years in question, 1999, 2000, and 2001 when it was buying up companies, looting them, and sending their jobs to China.

    I read the letter to FactCheck.Org. It makes an airtight case showing Romney has lied about denying his involvement with Bain Capital when it was closing down American companies and sending the jobs overseas and filling Romney's wallet with his ill-gotten profits.

    This goes a long way towards explaining Romney's reluctance to provide his income tax returns which could be used to cross check his connection with Bain Capital during the time period 1999-2001, and proving Romney a liar.


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