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Man arrested in Warren County stabbing

By Joe Beck --jbeck@nvdaily.com

LINDEN - Warren County deputies arrested a 32-year-old man Tuesday evening at the scene of a stabbing on Apple Mountain in which authorities say the victim was severely injured.

In a press release, Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron said the victim was flown to a trauma center for treatment of the injuries.

McEathron identified the suspect as Ricky Brian Henry, a county jail inmate who is serving a sentence on drug-related charges and was a participant in the work release home monitoring program. The victim's identity was not released.

McEathron said his agency responded to the stabbing in the Linden area at about 5:50 p.m.

A medical evacuation helicopter circled over the mountain as emergency vehicles swarmed the crime scene and McIntosh Drive leading up into Apple Mountain was closed to traffic. Traffic on the exit ramp from Interstate 66 at the foot of Apple Mountain was blocked off by Virginia State Police.

The helicopter landed on the entrance ramp onto I-66 shortly before 6:30 p.m. as a crew of paramedics about 100 yards away worked behind a sheet on someone lying on a stretcher. Around 6:30 p.m., the paramedics wheeled the stretcher bearing a motionless figure out from behind the ambulance and up the exit ramp to the waiting helicopter.

The helicopter was airborne within a matter of minutes and headed straight east.

Four Sheriff's Office investigators continued to gather evidence at the crime scene throughout several showers that fell during the evening.

Traffic began to move along the entrance and exit ramps of I-66 shortly thereafter, although Apple Mountain remained closed to traffic as of 10 p.m.


I think that it is absolutely vile that someone allowed this man to be on work release. That someone should lose their job.

And for the police who were at the scene, I also find it remiss of you to not let us residents of AML who were trying to get home to at least know what had happened. We had no idea if someone was on the loose in our community and to me that's irresponsible on your part.

Yes, Lioness, I'm sure, "that someone" knew this was going to happen...... Really???

Oh, and yea, "the police who were at the scene" should certainly have stopped looking for the suspect, assisting the victim, gathering evidence, directing traffic, and everything else ther were doing to tell YOU, a resident of AML, what was going on.....

I just shake my head sometimes.

The man was in jail on drug charges, not a violent crime..or did you not read that? Everything else I would've said, IDK About That covered. Praying for the victim and her family.

how about the ongoing case where he beat her two months ago.. and tell me how it is he could be charged for drugs so many times and still be alowed to walk ythe streets some of the drugs he was dealing could have killed just as well..

Loiness, I am very sure that if there was a reason to strike fear or caution into people. Law enforcement would have done so.....Thay had there hands full gathering statements and evidence before the rain washed the area...There were 13 officers there.. If someone was running most of the police would be out looking.....

What ongoing case where he beat her two months ago? You have a link to that news article?

I live in AML ....... applaude "IDK about that"!! - the professionalism that I witnessed was incredible. Thank you to our men and women of the WCSO .. I appreciate all that they did. and lioness... we had another route we could take if we wanted to get home... do you really believe that all of those deputies and investigators would have been in one place working if they thought they had a bad guy running around YOUR house. You're rediculous. Get a life. God Bless this person who has been harmed. Thank GOD the bad guy is now off the streets.. !!

My comment was in relpy a previous comment, and the news article above, with the information from THAT article. I dont tend to research the names of people mentioned for other articles including their names, sorry. The woman was saying that someone should lose their job because this person was on work release. The article above gives no info on his previous abuse. If I gave the impression that I dont think drug charges are that "serious" that was not my intention. Trust me, I'm aware how many lives are taken every year due to drugs.

If someone WAS on the loose, I'm sure you would have been informed, but they weren't. I don't think that the priority of the cops at this point where to let curious motorists know what was happening, but to make sure this woman was ok and to try and collect evidence before the rain washed it all away. And they did eventually let you know what was going on, by way of press release.

But I will agree with you that this man NEVER should have been allowed work release.

I'm curious as to your reasoning behind the last line of your statement.

@ Oy Vey, you certainly have a distorted view narcotics trafficing and the violence involved with their sales. To make the statement that Marijuana sales, or any other illicit narcotic is NOT a violent crime is utterly absurd. Try telling that to the countless border patrol agents who have been killed or shot at over control of drug tafficing routes from Mexico to the U.S. Or how wbout the clandestine specialty units organized to deal specifically with this threat, ie: SWAT. The relationship between narcotics traffcing and VIOLENT crime can be measured at a 1:1 ratio. I know you corrected your statement, however; I don't believe you truly grasp the big picture here and how violence and narcotics go hand in hand. In case you hadn't noticed by the article.

In addition I agree that work release should not have been granted. Work release or "home monitoring". Wasn't he selling his narcotics for which he was arrested from his home? Why the heck would he be allowed to go back to his home where he can be "monitored" (which I can assure you sounds great on paper, but is not monitored the way you would think)and be allowed to continue his drug sales to pay for his own defensnse? The work release/home monitoring program is a money making scheme where the Sheriff's Office collects funds to operate the program based on the number of people that can be granted work release/home monitoring. This "fee" is payed by the persons granted work release directly to the program. Can you see how this would be an incentive to grant this to as many people as possible to ensure that your program remains viable? Why do you think drug dealers and burglars can be convicted and within the week they are out of work release "looking" for jobs? The punishment doesn't fit the crime any longer. The offenders no longer fear the consequences of being caught when they have lenient programs like this that they can be granted. Let's see how anyone of you feel after the sanctity of your home is violated by one of these offenders and they get a light sentence and or work release. How would you like to be victimized by one of these people and then served your meal at a local fast food chain by the same person convicted of victimizing you or a member of your family?

I agree ...the good people of Warren County would be shocked to find out who is flipping thier burger at local restaurants....I know I used to have no idea.

You realize that part of the reason for the existence of work release programs is because the prison system is increasily overcrowded, right?

I used to be a burger flipper in Front Royal, I think if you flip burgers you flip burgers! I've worked with all sorts of interested flippers. I'm not sure where this flipping is going in the town. I guess i just do not flip burgers in good old FR anymore, just on my own Grill.

While I don't have first hand knowledge, it is my understanding that there have been some incidents with him in the recent past in reference to his wife and while he was on work release. It has nothing to do with the conviction itself that caused the work release that makes me feel he shouldn't have been on it...I have faith that the local courts wouldn't allow someone they felt to be dangerous out and about like this...but after the supposed recent issues with him, I think that privilage should have been revoked, at least until it could be looked into. I know for a fact that allegations exist in reference to the incident, but I don't know for sure it happened. But knowing what happened now, I'm willing to bet it was.

While these kind of crimes certainly can be violent, it doesn't mean that they all are. And people smuggling in drugs from other countries are often very different from your "friendly neighborhood drug dealer". Each situation is different and you can't classify all narcotics distributions as violent offenses. And whether I personally agree with you or not, the Commonwealth of Virginia doesn't. Oh vey is correct, narcotics distribution is NOT a violent felony.

Thank you for the link and doing the reporter's job. Once again the Daily is remiss and guilty of pathetic reporting. I usually only glance through this site as the writing, editing, and reporting is unfortunately lacking in a lot of professionalism.

I remembered this address from a previous article from another news source and the Daily should have included this information in their report.

Unfortunately you are right. The Commonwealth does not classify distribution as a violent felony. If you mean to tell me that the passing of an illicit substcance from one persons hand to another in exchange for money is not violent, I can agree. But if you think "your friendly neighborhood drug dealer" doesn't take measures to protect their "stash" then you might be utilizing some of these substances. These friendly drug dealers are robbed at gun point, pistol whipped and have done the same to each other just to maintain control over areas where they make their money. Yes it happens in sleepy little Front Royal too. Your friendly neighborhood drug dealers are the same type of people who were involved in the murder at low water bridge years ago. That WAS a drug deal gone bad and resulted in a horrible trajedy. It's unfortunate that our legislators won't see this for what it is, but then again they don't have to deal with it. Their view of the world is distorted from their gated communities. While you are correct in stating that the distibution itself is not violent, EVERYTHING surrounding this illicit trade, including all the residential burglaries, robberies and countless other crimes committed in pursuit of a meeting with this "friendly neighborhood drug dealer" says otherwise.

You are right, things you are describing do happen everywhere and to many of those who deal drugs, though to classify EVERY one of them into this single category is a bit much and not a statement that can be backed up. I do not partake in such substances as you like to imply but I do work in and around these people daily and you are extremely incorrect in your statement that ALL of them are violent. A lot, sure. All, no.

But most of the crimes you mention otherwise are considered violent so if such violence is taking place and in relation to drug dealing, those convictions would keep them from being on work release.

But I agree completely with you about legistators...they either don't see the true problem or don't care because it's not something that effects them.

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