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Navy Federal adding 400 jobs in Winchester

By Sally Voth -- svoth@nvdaily.com

The world's biggest credit union is about to get even larger in Frederick County.

Navy Federal Credit Union is investing millions of dollars to build another facility on its Winchester campus and add 400 jobs, according to a news release from Gov. Bob McDonnell's office. It says the city was competing for the project with Florida.

Patrick Barker, Winchester-Frederick County Economic Development Commission executive director, said Tuesday that this project is one that everyone should be very pleased about.

"There's not many other indicators on how well an area is performing economically until you have expansion," Barker said. "I think that's really just a testimony to an area's successes.

And, 400 "is a big number" when it comes to new jobs at one time, he said. The credit union has about 500 workers at its site on Security Drive in Winchester.

"They're really forward-moving jobs," Barker said. "These are above-average salaries for this area, and they're career-focused opportunities as well."

While most of those jobs are going to be customer-support positions, call-center is not the right term for the openings, according to Barker. The workers won't be calling residents in the evening, but instead will be taking calls from credit union members, he said.

"These are educated people who have to be able to communicate and think critically," Barker said.

He said salaries will be above $40,000.

Navy Federal Corporate Communications Manager Jeanette Mack said via email Tuesday afternoon that most of the new positions at the expanded contact center will be member service representatives taking calls from members around the globe, although there also will be security, management, work station analyst and human resources positions.

Barker attributed Navy Federal's decision to expand in Winchester to the available workforce here and the proximity to the company's Vienna headquarters.

Mack said via email Navy Federal also plans to expand in Florida.

Expect the project to start soon, Barker said.

"They will start [to] move dirt in the next probably month," he said.

Mack's email states construction will take a year. To apply for a job, go to Navyfederal.org, select "About Us," and then "Careers," it states.

Nearly 80 years old, Navy Federal has 4 million members, 10,000 employees, and $50 billion in assets, according to the release.



Winchester gets the jobs while Front Royal gets the dregs.

McDonnell is supposed to govern for all citizens, not just the anointed. Good thing his is only one term. We don't need more blow-dried politicians.

Let's get jobs for our citizens and make our streets safe for everyone, including our police.

Nice to see them adding this many new positions. This will be a good help the local employment numbers and hopefully to many struggling families.

Yeah pooch, McDonnell is to blame for all of Front Royal's problems like the roadrunner is to blame for Wiley Coyote's demise.

Pooch - Navy Federal is suppose to move their current infrastructure to Front Royal? McDonnell had about as much to do with this expansion as I did! Sure now their is some state money involved BUT - this was going to happen with or without the governor's assistance.

I agree with grasshopper. The article didn't say the McDonnell had anything to do with the decision. he just announced it. Just a chance to tag his name to something good, like any other politician.

Where are these reporters gathering their information????? I applied for a call center job here less than a year ago and decided not to take it due to finding a better paying job. They only offered $14ish an hour and that was after requesting more than the original offer....................................a FAR CRY from $40,000 annually!!

Honestly...the comments from those totally uninformed about the entire process of getting things done..attracting business, obtaining grants, and basically making things happen is just unbelievable. Do your homework before you start running your mouth and quit running our community in the ground. If you don't like what you see then move on to a place where you think the grass is greener. What a bunch of whiners..no wonder you can't get ahead in life...jeeeeez...get over it!

I know at least 10 people working at NCFU, all started in the low to mid 30k per year. You have to figure in OT, shift differentials AND the bonus they get most years. It is easily 40k within 3 years of employment there. PLUS they match 100% 401k up to 6%. Where can you get that? There is a reason Fortune Magazine ranks them in the 100 best companies to work for year after year. Great for the county and community and now maybe we can get a Wegmans!! I would never have to leave Winchester!!!

Great for Winchester. Congratulations. But when is Front Royal going to get its fair share? Winchester has first class higher education in Shenandoah University. Front Royal has...what? Nothing. Its students from the public school system can't walk down the street without outbursts and swearing. Manners? No way. Front Royal needs to return to its hey day but it is not going to do that without businesses and the good jobs employers provide. Please share the wealth, Winc.

So the town stinks and you blame the governor and want neighboring towns to divert business to your town? You are on another planet.

Front Royal does get its fair share; of welfare money for its recipients, and free drugs for the dope seekers running to Warren Memorial so they can get High every weekend, based on claims of faked pain.

Front Royal has always been known as a town with a lot of lower class people. Half of the town is a dirty run down slum, and a lot of the people in town look like a group of filthy tattooed toothless morons, with an IQ equivalent to a flea.

Drive down South Street on the weekend, and you can see all the bums hanging out doing what they do best, absolutely nothing. Go to Wal-Mart, you can see them waddling around the store. They have their Cardinal Cards in hand, are half dressed, and are as dirty as their filthy screaming kids they have in tow.

These people choose to be that way. They breed like inbred rabbits with anyone willing, and make more little ones just like them. Unfortunately, there is no law against being a low life lazy bum who knows how to work the welfare system.

Why would anyone that has a business want to locate to the town of Front Royal? What does Front Royal have to offer? Anyone who has any motivation to work, already has a job and/or commutes to work. The others don’t want to work. Just talk to them, all they talk about is having a good time, going to festivals and events around the valley. There is no law preventing folks in Front Royal from applying for one of the jobs, but lazy people don't want to work.

You can throw all the money you want at Front Royal, it won’t change a thing, you can’t fix stupid.

Poochie, there is no such thing as a fair share. You sound like you believe things should just be evenly distributed, instead of a business going where they find it profitable. Warren County doesn't get the goodies because most of the politicians are just too greedy, using their positions to line their own pockets. There are plenty of examples. Just open your eyes and look around.

Wow JT! I grew up in Front Royal! You'r e something else about describing people in FR. Growing up we thought the same thing about people in Luray/Stanley area! But I guess I grew out of that. I can remember when I was younger, going to winchester, and friends of friends their saying oh my gosh you live in FR and seeming to look down on us.

I'm sure someone that lives in Leesburg, probably says the same things about people in Winchester.

I'm happy to hear about all the jobs opening up with Navy Federal, the local economy could use a boost.

JT: What a wee little part of a person's life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself.

Thanks for the insights. Is this the legacy of Avtex? I heard that everyone knew the plant was poisoning the land, air and water but turned a blind eye. That would explain the lowlife culture. I heard that anyone who complains or challenges the power structure and the neanderthal culture is targeted and punished. Scary. Guess it's best to pack up and move to Winchester or Leesburg.

Winchester isn't a whole lot better than Front Royal, but it's still a better area if you ask me...or anyone I know that grew up in FroRo. The contact center is already in Winchester, and due to the way the building will be set up, it has to be right next to the existing building. Relocating to Front Royal will NEVER happen, there's no way they will build two new buildings and move everyone, it just doesn't make sense. Not to mention the property around the contact center currently is ripe for expansion.

As for the salary, I will say the statement of 40k is VERY misleading, but it is true. If you factor in all the benefits you get for the job, such as the yearly bonus, statutory benefits, health and wellness (health/dental/vision coverage), Life insurance/disability, retirement savings and pension plans, and other misc employee benefits. As was said before, there is 6% matching on the 401k, and the actual income is fairly high for this area. Even at the starting salaries for entry level contact center positions, when adding in all the additional benefits, reach 40k and beyond depending on your offered wages.

Not to mention it's a 24/7 operation, so you have a wide range of possible hours depending on your department (some departments close at certain times, most don't in the member service area). No job is perfect, but NFCU is VERY far from being a terrible job.

Greedy? You may be right. Small business is being "fee"d to death in Front Royal/Warren County. Heard that small lawn care companies must get a license and pay an annual fee of $300 to be able to apply Round-Up when they cut your lawn. Otherwise they face a $10,000 fine. Anyone can buy and use Round-Up. Even a six year old kid. Yes, you are probably right about greed. But what to do?

I was an Avtex Child, My dad worked hard and long rotating shifts at the old plant raising a good wife and me and my sister. I was born in the village (Royal), if your not fron Front royal you probably have no clue about the village. The PCP's were already in the groundwater When the plant closed down. Yep I can remember the rotten egg smell (grown accustomed to it in every day life), when I came back from vacation. But Front Royal was still cherished and it was my community and it was home. Alot of my dads coworkers would give alot to the community and help everyone one out when they could.

Definately Winchester is riper for business. I think what Fema, maybe homeland security, and FBI are there now. I'm sure it had something to do with it being more of a cleaner atmosphere, maybe more femine atmosphere If I must say! I definately wish I was a Veteran of the armed forces, the jobs at Fema, and homeland security sound nice. Them guys and gals that served definately deserve the best, and should be rewarded with nice civilian jobs.

I'm sure with these govt agency's there, it helped winchester get the navy credit union. Poochie's last tweet or whatever you call this about local government and big local roundup fines, I have no clue about, because I don't live there anymore. But I tell you what, I'll trust a hard working front royalian from my past then most people.

feminine atmosphere

Congratulations Winchester.

Jobs are jobs, and I'm sure they will fill those positions with qualified people whether it be from Winchester directly or those willing to travel a few minutes to work. If the article is correct in 40k plus a year, then its at least 19.00 an hour....enough to make the trip from neighboring towns worth the drive to work. In fact more than what alot of the warehouse/distribution type jobs pay that people already travel to. So this is good for a much larger area than Winchester.

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