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Police-motorcycle chase ends in arrest near Strasburg

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

Virginia State Police charged a motorcycle rider with one felony and three misdemeanors Monday evening after a 15-mile mile chase through Warren and Shenandoah counties that ended with the rider in custody and his motorcycle lying on the ground.

State police Sgt. F.L. (Les) Tyler said the rider, Craig Wesley Dryan, 48, of Fairfax was uninjured and taken to the Warren County Jail where he was being held on $5,000 bond as of Tuesday morning.

Tyler said the chase began at approximately 6:20 p.m. when Trooper Charles R. Scally saw a BMW motorcycle traveling westbound at a high speed around the four-mile marker on Interstate 66. The motorcycle registered 92 mph in a 70 mph zone and continued speeding west after Scally tried to stop it, Tyler said.

The motorcycle continued westbound and exited southbound onto Interstate 81, Tyler said. The motorcycle then raced down I-81 weaving between vehicles and passing them on the shoulder of the road, according to Tyler.

The motorcycle sped onto exit 296 and continued eastbound on U.S. 55 into Strasburg, Tyler said. He said Strasburg police joined Scally in chasing the motorcycle as it fled through the town and turned south onto U.S. 11. The motorcycle continued out of town and turned onto Green Acre Drive, Tyler said. The chase ended when the motorcycle hit a patch of loose gravel and went down at the intersection of Green Acre Drive and Junction Road around 6:27 p.m., according to Tyler.

Tyler said Dryan was arrested at the scene and charged with felony eluding; reckless driving by speed; general reckless driving; and expired motorcycle inspection.

Tyler said there were no injuries to anyone in the chase, although the state patrol car received minor damage.


You never answered the big question from the previous article on this subject: Had he bathed?

I thought police chases were supposed to be "called off" when lives were in danger. When the motorcycle "raced down I-81 weaving between vehicles and passing them on the shoulder of the road," before proceeding to zip through town, ultimately wrecking, I think there were lives in danger. I'm not talking about just the motorcyclist's, but the many other drivers that were being passed, as well as the troopers and deputies getting a rush from going 90 mph following him. Maybe the two lives recently lost from a motorcycle wreck during a police chase in Frederick County has already been forgotten. I don't condone running from law enforcement, but come on - all for speeding tickets and an expired registration? This could have ended so much worse.

Dont forget that he was not smiling!!!

That driver was drunk and choose to run. Any life lost is tragic but it's different when the driver died as a result of his or her own actions. It was more tragic for his passenger however she probably should have used better judgement when riding on the back of a motorcycle with a drunk person. I don't really think you can compare that pursuit with the one the article is referencing.

I do agree that it is silly because it is all over minor things. However, if every time a vehicle/motorcycle took off when about to be pulled over for minor things and the officer just said "oh, he's running, oh well" what kind of example would that set? Everyone would run every time, people would constantly speed and drive like idiots and know that all they would have to do is refuse to pull over and it would be ok. Can you imagine what traffic would be like and the lives that would be lost if even the minor infractions were ignored? Traffic enforcement, major or minor, is important.

Watching too much TV again, I see. Each department has its own pursuit policy. If you run, VSP will chase you. If you wreck and die like the criminals in Winchester, you made the decision to run so you must be prepared to accept the consequences. Dying in the commission of a crime will not be remembered by the general public as fondly as dying defending your country or in a tragic manner at the hands of another criminal like the family of four that burned in their Jeep due to an intoxicated driver.

I doubt any "rush" was gained from any involved as you oh-so eloquently illustrated, it's dangerous. This reprobate got what he deserved and *he* is lucky *his* actions didn't place him or anyone else he endangered in the hospital or the morgue. Good Job VSP/SPD!

I'm a town resident, and I witnessed this police chase as it was occurring along W King St. The motorcycle went by at an extremely high rate of speed, followed by not one, but FOUR police vehicles in hot pursuit. Wwhheee! Whooosh! Whooosh! Whooosh! Whooosh! Sirens blaring and lights a-flashing! I could only think as I watched through the window two things. First, I wondered if this guy had possibly ran a red light or something or if maybe my worst fears had come true, that maybe this guy was a known axe murderer needing to be stopped before he struck again. Secondly, I thought, someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed by one of these fools. I delayed posting here until I heard more about what the guy was being pursued for. And than I come home tonight and see that the guy is being chased like a madman for speeding and eluding police who instigated the chase back on 66. Weaving and passing cars. On down 81 and into Strasburg. God help an elderly person or someone hard of hearing crossing the street, a child riding a bicycle, someone along the street opening their car door or pulling away from the curb. Is the risk of serious bodily injury or death to someone worth it? Seeing and hearing police cars burning up the asphalt here in town at such an unsafe and unnecessary rate of speed is not an uncommon occurrence. New policies need to be adopted and put into place. It's just a matter of time...

Did the police know at the time why he was doing 92 on the interstate? Maybe he stuck up a 7/11 somewhere and was in the wind. This criminal needed to be caught, and the police discontinuing his pursuit wouldn't have slowed him down any. At least there were sirens and lights warning others of the impending danger caused by this criminal.

I'm glad they chased him... let this serve as a lesson to all the motorcycles who think they are above the law, and believe the misperception that they won't get chased if they drive fast and recklessly. As for endangering the lives of old people... I disagree. I am sure this guy was a habitual speed demon, risking lives on a daily basis. Perhaps he will think twice next time, along with all the other knuckleheads who hear what happened, who may choose to be more responsible in the future.

AND....was he wearing his dirtiest clothes & have tattoos all over his body?

Glad he was caught. Was a bad situation all the way around. How that we are talking motorcycles I have a gripe. I wish they would pass a law about the loud mufflers. Those riders act like a bunch of kids that want to be noticed. If your car had a muffler that loud you would probably get a ticket. I ride also, so cool the noise guys I might be behind listening to your racket.

I can see both sides on the smiling biker issue. I definately wouldnt want insects in my mouth. I've been to places with my old biker papa, and you could tell the fakes from the real ones. I'm no biker at all. But when he would take me to a place like bad water bills for lunch, he would Know the want to be's, usually they tried to be the tough ones with no smile.

....but of course he was a bit like david allen coe, i think when bikers rolled in, they knew he was the real deal.

Doesn't sound like a BMW owner at all. This was just an idiot punk on a motorcycle he never should have owned. Too much HP/not enough brain cells.

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