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Sanity evaluation ordered for defendant in stabbing case

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

A Warren County judge has ordered a sanity evaluation for Ricky Brian Henry while he faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated malicious wounding linked to the stabbing of his wife Tuesday night.

Juvenile and domestic relations court Judge William Sharp ordered the sanity report at the request of Eric Wiseley, Henry's court-appointed attorney. Sharp also scheduled a preliminary hearing for 11 a.m. on Nov. 29.

Henry, 32, appeared in the courtroom with a blackened right eye and flanked by two bailiffs as he sat with Wiseley at the defense table. He rested his head in his right hand and drummed his fingers across his forehead at one point while he spoke with Wiseley. He made no statements to the judge.

Authorities claim Henry severely wounded his wife in a stabbing attack on Apple Mountain Road just north of Interstate 66 near Linden. Law enforcement officials reported that several bystanders intervened to prevent further injury to Lakisha Henry, 33. An eyewitness said that three or four men fought to subdue Lakisha Henry's assailant while others tended to her in the minutes before sheriff's deputies and paramedics reached the scene.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Fleming said after the hearing that the arrest warrant listed Henry as 6 feet tall and 225 pounds.

Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron reported Wednesday that Lakisha Henry was in critical condition at Inova Hospital in Fairfax, where she was airlifted by helicopter from the crime scene less than an hour after the stabbing. McEathron said she remained in the hospital Friday, but had no further word on her condition.

Fleming told Sharp he also was unsure of Lakisha Henry's condition as they discussed scheduling the preliminary hearing.

"We're not sure if she is going to be released from the hospital or if more surgery is needed," Fleming said.

Sheriff's Office investigators filed search warrants in circuit court for two vehicles and the Henry home at 90 Rambo Court in Linden after the stabbing. Both vehicles, a silver 1999 Suburu and a white 2004 Chevrolet truck, are registered to Ricky Henry, according to the warrant.

The affidavit to the warrant written by sheriff's Investigator Dan Simmons states that Lakisha Henry suffered "life threatening injuries" while being stabbed by her husband. Simmons said other deputies and investigators obtained several spoken and written statements from witnesses that "Ricky Henry had attacked Lakisha Henry with a knife."

"Ricky advised that he arrived at the location on Apple Mountain Road in his truck and had gotten into the Suburu which was being driven by Lakisha," Simmons wrote. "A witness observed Lakisha exit the vehicle and run screaming for help."

Simmons said the two vehicles were parked next to each other when he arrived.

"It is unknown if the incident began along the roadside of Apple Mountain Road" or was the continuation of a conflict that began elsewhere, the affidavit states.

The search warrant inventory and return shows a cell phone and charger, wallet, $56 in currency and keys to the Chevrolet truck seized by authorities.

Henry, who is being held without bail, was returned to the Warren County Jail after the hearing.

At the time of the stabbing, Henry was serving a sentence imposed last year for a drug-related charge and was participating in the jail's work release electronic home monitoring program, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Henry was arrested in March 2011 along with two other men. The arrests came at Henry's home where sheriff's deputies and the U.S. Marshals Service were seeking the two other men who were wanted by authorities in Georgia.

The sheriff's deputies discovered more than five pounds of marijuana in two five-gallon buckets inside the Henry home at the time of the arrests, according to court documents. Henry was charged with possession with intent to sell or distribute more than five pounds of marijuana.


We are going to waste money on Ricky. He knew what he was doing. He wanted to kill her. He should have the speedy trial and sent right to the death penalty and maybe he should get what he tried to do Kisha. She is strong and will be able to over come this but look at what he done to his kids. He has no mental problems just drug problems that he should of stayed in jail for. People say that drugs are a non violent crime they can be if you you are not getting them high on them etc.

Ricky is actually a great guy believe or not we just don't know what happend he just wanted his family back she was actually sleeping with his best friend

I will try to help him in every way

First off, marijuana isn't really a violence inducing drug. Second, the death penalty isn't going to be on the table.
Third, here in America we have something called a trial by jury to figure out all of that stuff. We don't rely on people on the internet to decide that sort of thing.

He wanted his family back? So he tried to murder his children's mother in front of them?

But he's a great guy.

I real problem solver.

*A* real problem solver.

Plz God tell me this article is a sick joke!?!?!?! Really a good guy??? I've known him since I was 11 yrs old & when his own parents kickd him out or had him lockd up bc he was a problem child who thought he could do whatever he wanted whenever hr wanted & my poor Mother(RIP) gave into his pity stories sayn his parents abused him when in reality they just couldn't deal w his out of control behavior & allowed him 2 live w us even when he escaped from a juvenile detention center!!! He has always been a CON ARTIST & always said...& I quote "I'm smarter than everyone so NOONE can hold.me back or put me where I don't need to be!" & that's exactly it....I said days ago he would do whatever he had to do including pleading "crazy" to get outta this! Just like he set ppl up & snitched them out so he wouldn't have to pull any real time on these marijuana charges he "is currently serving time on!" Must be nice to "serve time" at home!!! HE TRIED TO KILL SOMEONE HE SUPPOSEDLY LOVED....IN FRONT OF KIDS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO W GROWN PPLS PROBLEMS!!!!! Now I respect Judge Sharon as he did right by my Daddy when he was just a lawyer but he DOES NOT need 2 be on this case!!! Hes 2 easy on ppl & Ricky needs to be put away forever! Call me harsh but I definately think the death penalty is called for here! HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!! He IS a very intelligent man but in this situation ALL that means is he will make ppl feel sorry for him just like he did my mother more than 15 years ago & walk free!!! How many times can someone actually snitch their way out of trouble in Front Royal???? This woman(who is a GREAT WOMAN mind you) almost lost her life IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN & THAT WAS HER CONCERN WHILE SHE WAS DYING!!!! If Ricky doesn't go away for a very ling time Front Royal needs to ne investigated!!!! & while I am saying this I want you all to know that I am NOT a cruel person! Every bad situation is a case by case basis and at one point in my life I loved this man as one of my very best friends but THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! HE NEEDS TO PAY 4 HIS CRIMES 4 ONCE!!!

You "definately" think the death penalty is called for here? On what grounds?


However heinous this crime may have been it was not willful, deliberate, and premeditated.

I dont think that the state or federal government should waste money on people giving them life in prison. I feel that it is a waste of money. They are going to die there. Why should we keep them there.
Ricky is a good guy. Is tried to kill his wife. That is a good guy. What about when he hit her the last time and the time before that. Oh and yeah we have to blame this on her Keisha. Someone said she was sleeping around. Are you there do you know?

Yes I have my own opinion on how the state can save a lot of money and do away with the prisons some people will never see the light of day. Save us some money. And I feel the same way about my own family. For being in there!!!!!

His actions easily meet the definitions of willful and deliberate. He didn't accidentally or unintentionally attack her.

Premeditated will be harder to prove as it means he planned to do this in advance. I might be possible. I wouldn't rule it out.

But applying the death penalty to a non-murder case (assuming she survives) I can't see happening. He will be spending a long, long time in prison. I can't see him talking his way out of this one.

That doesnt give him any right to try to kill her. Get a divorce if she is cheating on him but dont end her life. She didn't deserve that. If he was abusive and wouldn't let her leave that may be why she was cheating on him.

Not deliberate!!! Not premeditated!!! Seriously??? What the hell kind of sickos are you guys backing him up and supporting him? He DELIBERATELY stabbed the mother of his children and tried to take her life! How can you say it wasnt premeditated?? He brought the damn knife with him didnt he?? So therefore, he had ALL intentions of using it! He didnt just get in the car and a little trigger in his brain say " oh I think youshould stab her!" He isnt freaking crazy, he is just stupid, disrespectful and ignorant! If they try to get him off on insanity that is bullshit! He should rot in hell for what he did to her! And who cares if she was sleeping with someone else..thats grounds for divorce...NOT murder!

He is a peice of crap, And a drug dealer...Sorry no mercy here.. And I do know what happend so I can speak.

Sylveee...Did you see..."SEE" What he did to her....Were you there watching him fight to try to get to her to do more harm.. DId you hear him scream at her and those trying to save her life..Did you see the blood coming from her chest and spraying from her slit throat.. Did you hold her and hear her worring about her children...Did you see her eye's as her face turned grey.. her lips turn blue....Did you hear the gurggling sound she made with every short shallow breath..............I DID!!!.. I was the person holding her and keeping her alive.. That man is a killer and a menace...He should never see the outside world again... This was brutal..violent and without provication.........He's not crazy.. He is a animal that desreves a cage..

you did an outstanding job ! and were critical in the chain of her survival,warren county thanks you!

Uh... I think you're confused about what premeditated means. And it's "willful, deliberate, and premeditated". All have to apply.

His having a knife when he got in the car isn't a sign that he planned to stab her before hand. I, and many people, carry a knife on them at all times. Heck, some people carry a gun. Does that mean all those people are planning murder?

Without knowing what took place before the attack I can only speculate, but if this isn't a crime of passion, I don't know what is. The article says it took three to four people to restrain him, physically, and that he fought and screamed the entire time it happened. It sounds like he lost his temper and went off, not that he premeditated it.

And acknowledging reality is neither "backing him up" or "supporting him." Ricky did a horrible thing, whether he planned it or not. He deserves the punishment coming to him. But that doesn't mean we have to act like a village mob about it.

he's a great g???????????????????REALLYY???????

alexvdl....the prior article stated "At one point, one of bystanders kicked a blood-covered knife with about a 3- or 4-inch blade away from the melee to keep the woman's assailant from reaching it,"

I don't know what kind of knife you carry, but I can't picture it being THIS kind of knife.

And i disagree, if you have a weapon with you and you are getting into the vehicle with the intent to prevent the person from leaving, I think this should prove you have already thought out the process of how to STOP her.

Guess if I get called for the jury, I'll have to bow out, he won't get a break from me.

This guy is a coward, selfish bastard and POS human. If left to me I'd see that he got a trial next week then would take him outside to find a mature tree, put a rope around his neck and put this animal out of OUR misery. If I had witnessed this heinous act it wouldn't have taken several people to subdue him because I would have given him lead poisoning on the spot!

Uh, common blade size on a pocket knife (Benchmade, Kershaw, SpyderCo,, etc) is 3-4 inches. My Griptilian pocket knife has a 3.45" blade on it. And I carry it with me every time I leave the house. Carrying a pocketknife on you is not planning to kill someone. That's asinine.

I guess we'll have to see whether or not it was the common pocketknife...which will surely come out in trial. My writings have been called many things but 'asinine' is a first. Guess I am an abstract thinker.

I guess Im bewildered, and haven't followed these posting nor the article. A knife is a knife. I carry a hunting knive in my toolbox, and it never has been used on a human. A pocket knife is just as dangerous as any other knive but I'm no navy seal or anything like that. I wish Vapatriot would have been there, and put some lead into the bastard.

Me too. I definitely think that there wasn't enough violence and killing going on at the scene. I bet if you had TWO attempted murders this would have been MUCH more exciting... *rolls eyes*

He's not crazy. He's just an a**hole.

First off I don't believe its right to blame the marijuana on anything, this had nothing to do with the drug he was charged with, this had to do with a man that is very ugly on the inside... Did she move on? Was she sleeping with his best friend? If so does that still give him the right to brutally stab her like he did? That's there personal business, either way a young women was severally injured and her children will be scared for life having to watch that happen to there mommy. A statement was made earlier about snitches in this town. I agree 100%, all you have to do is snitch on someone and your charge either disappears or your sentencing is lighter, you did the crime now you need to do the time. If our local police departments weren't so eager to allow someone to snitch and make them take responsibility for there actions this young women may not had to go through this.. Premeditated no one really knows, temporary insanity is a cop out on our judicial systems part. Bottom line is this man almost took her life, had it not been for good citizens of our community this lady would be dead right now and that was his wife, he "loved" her. Think about what he would do to someone he doesn't love! I agree if he doesn't get the maximum sentence our police departments and our judicial system needs to be seriously looked at by outsiders!!

I think it's obvious from a lot of these comments that our educational system needs to be seriously looked at by outsiders.

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