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Posted August 3, 2012 | comments 16 Comments

Shenandoah County Yard Crawl next weekend

By Sally Voth -- svoth@nvdaily.com

The yard crawl is back.

The eighth annual Shenandoah County Yard Crawl along U.S. 11 returns next weekend.

And, while the Yard Crawl's official date is Aug. 11, if past years are anything to go by, many buyers and sellers will be on the county thoroughfare on the preceding and succeeding days.

"It's a partnership between Shenandoah County and the towns of Middletown and Stephens City [in Frederick County] that work together as a group to make it happen," Shenandoah County Tourism and Marketing Director Natalie Wills said.

There will be about 45 miles of yard sales and business sales, according to a release from the county's tourism office.

"It does generate a tremendous amount of calls," Wills said in a Friday afternoon phone interview. "We've had about 3,000 visitors to that section of our website since Feb. 1. We have calls from as far away as New York City, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio. Every year that it happens, it just grows, mostly word-of-mouth."

An article about the Yard Crawl that appeared in a North Carolina publication has led to some calls to the county, she said.

"I really think that shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars and [those] types of shows are generating an interest in treasure hunting," Wills said. "It's fun shopping. The economy's still not real great. People either sell things to pay their bills, to make some extra cash, or, you find people who go and find things that they need at a reasonable price."

Last year, a woman bought a pair of lamps at the Yard Crawl, and when she took them back to Richmond to get rewired, she was offered $1,000 for them, Wills said.

Wills said organizers work with public safety officials and the Virginia Department of Transportation to try to keep everyone safe.

Shenandoah County Sheriff's Maj. Scott Proctor said extra deputies will be on hand starting Friday afternoon. Especially congested areas include Fishers Hill, New Market and the county landfill, he said.

"There's a lot of people moving across the road, driving slowly, looking for a place to park, trying to get off the road, trying to pull out on the road," Proctor said.

He asked that drivers be observant and cautious and to expect delays, and that they pull off the road completely when parking.

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    The link for more information is www.shenandoahtravel.org/

    Get in that mess of crazies for a chance to look at junk that nobody really needs. The worst day of the year to travel good ole rt11.Not for me but to each is own.

    Neat, If i lived along the 11 corridor I would set up shop! I'm not sure if It would be worth while to pay 10 dollars to pay for a space (or whatever the space renters charge). I'd enjoy people watching, meeting people, and watching the vehicle backup commotion more then anything.

    Diana, I'm not really sure about this pollution thing! I figure people are going to be out somewhere running there cars somewhere. I don't know if anyone has done any studies whether it is unhealthy to be along the 11 corridor at time of these motorist running their engines on yard sellers yet. I guess we could do a study on buffer zones (people living within 1/4 mile of interstate 81) sometime on peoples health.

    The yard crawl is a blast! Haters are going to hate, and some people will complain about absolutely everything.

    Local people making money. Stuff being sold and reused instead of tossed in a landfill. Kids with lemonade stands, churches selling baked goods, and tourists seeing what our small towns have to offer, and their money being spent up and down the valley.

    How awful.

    The crawl's end is near. There will be a day during the crawl when lives and/or property is lost because the safety response is impeded by crawl traffic. And then there's the I-81 wreck when traffic is diverted to Rte 11 and makes a bad situation worse. What started out as a neat idea has evolved into an unmanageable monster. Anyone living in the area treats this day like an blizzard. You stock up on necessities because getting into town is near impossible. Y'all have fun.

    Oh NO! You have just come up with another way for Strasburg to waste more taxpayer money. I bet they are already working on the study. Lets hire someone out of state to come in and investigate and we have to make sure that Strasburg profits on this. Geez, can't even have a freakin' yard sale around here!

    No problem Spanky. If the roads are closed they can always us the helicopter for a small fee of $28,000.00.

    It figures that the biggest local effort to reduce waste by reusing, repurposing and extending the useful lifespan of items would be mischaracterized by some people as pollution... sad really. Well, at least you can go to Walmart and stock up on Styrofoam cups that day, the aisles should be pretty empty, as only the true environmentalists who "get it" will be there.

    Those complaining about the yard crawl are probably a delight to be around on a daily basis. Especially that one who complained about the pollution. Good grief.

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