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Man charged in stabbing

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This house at 90 Rambo Court in Linden is where Ricky Brian Henry, 32, and his wife Lakisha Henry, 33, lived. Ricky Henry was charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated malicious wounding of his wife. Rich Cooley/Daily

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Ricky Brian Henry

Wife remains in critical condition at Fairfax hospital

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

The Warren County Sheriff's Office has identified the victim of a serious stabbing Tuesday evening in the Apple Mountain Lake subdivision as Lakisha Henry, 33, of 90 Rambo Court, Linden.

Henry was taken to Inova Hospital in Fairfax where she is listed in critical condition, according to a press release issued Wednesday by Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron. He said she suffered many stab wounds to her entire body.

The suspect in the stabbing, Ricky Brian Henry, 32, is her husband and also listed 90 Rambo Court as his last known address, McEathron said.

McEathron said Ricky Henry was subdued at the scene of the crime by bystanders.

One of those bystanders, Barton Garihan Jr., described a desperate struggle to save the life of Lakisha Henry while three or four other men fought her assailant a few feet away for at least 10 minutes before the arrival of deputies and paramedics.

Garihan said he was driving back to his nearby home on Apple Orchard Drive when he saw several men rolling around on the roadway. Garihan said he got out of his car and came upon a young woman sitting nearby "with a young man with his hands on her neck and face."

Garihan said he saw "a tremendous amount of blood all over her, him and on the ground."

He went to help her and saw that her throat was cut and she could not longer breathe, except through her severed windpipe, he said. She was also bleeding from many wounds to the shoulder, chest and upper arm, he said.

Garihan said he asked the other man to remove his hand from the woman's windpipe for a moment.

"The blood just spewed out like a sprinkler," he said. "She was breathing through the slit in her neck."

Garihan said two of the women's children were nearby witnessing the bloody chaos.

"She kept asking if she was going to die, and I said, 'not if I can help it,''' Garihan said.
"She said, 'I don't want to die in front of my children.'"

Garihan, who said he stands 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 235 pounds, said the woman's assailant was larger than him and kept fighting three or four men as they sat and kneeled on top of him.

Garihan said the assailant was lying on the ground, sometimes on his back and sometimes on his stomach, yelling, "I'll kill her, I'll kill you."

At one point, one of bystanders kicked a blood-covered knife with about a 3- or 4-inch blade away from the melee to keep the woman's assailant from reaching it, Garihan said.

"It was a fight," Garihan said. "They were fighting the entire time until the police got there."

Garihan said the woman's face had turned gray and her lips were blue by the time paramedics wheeled her on a stretcher toward the ambulance.

"At that point, I thought she was dead," he said, "but then she tried to speak."

McEathron said deputies arriving at the scene found bystanders treating a woman with multiple stab wounds. The deputies located Ricky Henry at the scene and took him into custody without resistance, McEathron said.

Ricky Henry was taken to Warren Memorial Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries, then taken to the jail and served with two arrest warrants, one for attempted first degree murder and the other for the aggravated malicious wounding of Lakisha Henry, according to McEathron.

McEathron attributed Ricky Henry's injury to the fight with the other men.

"I'm sure he's got some bumps and bruises," McEathron said.

McEathron praised the actions of those who intervened.

"It's really encouraging and gratifying we didn't have bystanders standing around and watching," McEathron said. "They did something to help the victim and keep the aggression from continuing."

Ricky Henry is being held in jail without bail and is scheduled to appear in Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at 10 a.m. Friday.

Henry was serving a sentence on drug-related charges and was in the jail's work release home electronic monitoring program before the stabbing.


With the violence escalating in this area I certainly hope I don't have to read someone's standing up for this animal saying "he had a troubled past and it wasn't his fault!" Prayers for this young woman...the by-standers who will never forget this and her poor poor children....

Glad they are building a new jail in Warren County!

Thank God that even though there are evil people in the world, there are still heroes among us. I hope Keisha will come out of this on top. I hope her kids who saw this disgusting thing happen, will be okay.... And that pathetic excuse for a man will stay in prison. He shouldn't have had the courtesy of going to the hospital to be checked out. He should've been taken straight to his cell and suffer.

hey grand wazoo that new jail dont serve any good when the judge who gave him that sentance has let so many real criminals off so lightly ricky henry was cought with two fugitives in his house one of them was wanted for child abuse there was two five gallon buckets of weed in his a house with children and all he got was a lil house arrest something dont seem right to me.. can you tell me what real good that jail is going to do???


Maybe you could go to that new jail and enroll in some English classes. They could teach you how to correctly punctuate what you write. Capitalization is an too too, you should try that some time as well.

This is so sad !! I will keep Lakisha , her children, and her family in prayer. I pray they survive this tragedy.

Amen, Rustysgal! It sickened me when I saw people online recently defending the scum that nearly beat Sgt. Courtney to death a couple of weeks ago. Troubled past or not, he knew what he was doing as did this guy. I hope neither of them sees the light of day for a long, long time! Thank God for outstanding citizens who were willing to help and were not afraid to get involved. My prayers are with the victim and her children. Even in as bad of shape as she was, she was concerned about her babies.

I think some of the point is being missed a bit here. It appears to me that if there is a ton of media coverage surrounding and continually covering the issue then stronger penalties are usually issued. I know am new to this site, so please try to give me some time to get used to it. However, please make sure you actually take the time to understand something I post or reply to. You probably will not see many from me. Thank you all.

Tobusy, you have a valid point. Sadly, our court system is for the criminals and not the victims...

Moderate, of all of the points in the story to talk about, your main concern is someone's grammer? You had some grammatical missteps in your comment too.

Wow. This woman is nearly decapitated and you all argue with yourselves instead of making a substantive comment about the article.

I am praying that this woman makes it through this horrible attack. I am also praying that her children can deal with the emotional scars they now have after witnessing such a traumatic event.

This man who is capable is such atrocity should be, at the very minimum, sentenced to life in prison. He should never see freedom outside of a correctional institution.

It does seem that the more media attention a particular crime recieves, then the harsher the punishment given by the court. Doesn't seem like something is right there. This area needs good investigative reporters to uncover some of the dirt from this dirty little town and start making the right people uncomfortable. One can only wish.

Violent-j....careful please..She was not nearly decapitated. She had a very deep cut and and knife wounds. Serious nonetheless. Would just hate to see stories change...

This is a terrible thing that has happened to her. Many years ago she was shot by her then boyfriend with whom she and Ricky had worked for here in Front Royal and the then said boyfriend just more or less got a slap on the wrist. So, now will Ricky just get a slap as well. Nothing justifies to be done that way with either man but I am sure there is more to this terrible situation as there usually is as there was to her shooting all those years ago. I do feel for the children to be put through this. I hope and pray she will be alright for their sake... All involved will be needing some type of mental help now...

Well said hrdwrknmam...The question... who is willing to step in and help this poor woman get away from the crap she lives with, And show her the way to a better life??/

We can only hope that this time her eyes are opened as to realize that she doesn't need to be in these relationships with violent men... She needs to put herself and her children first. Maybe a victims advocate can help her. Let's hope and pray so.

Well this time she was sleeping with her husbands best friend

Well, that's what happened when she was with the other boyfriend, when she worked for him. She was sleeping then with Ricky. He worked there as well.... You know, if you want to sleep with someone else the best thing is to break up or separate before done so that these things do not happen. This is just one huge sad thing to happen to all involved...

This coward should get a trial next week not MANY months from now then take him outside and find a mature tree. Put one end of the rope around his neck and the other over a strong limb and give this animal the punishment he deserves!

Actually he was a friend of my family when I was a kid. He was always a very nice person. I'm surprised and disappointed.

I don't think the issue stands as to why ge did it or who she was sleeping with. What he did was WRONG and he deserves every single thing the courts place on him.

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