Tractor trailer crash closes I-81 for seven hours

^ Posted 3 days ago

Daily staff report

An overturned tractor-trailer closed traffic in the southbound lane of Interstate 81 near Woodstock Thursday night and Friday morning for about seven hours, Virginia State Police said.

State police Sgt. F.L. (Les) Tyler said the driver, Lawrence Cook, 58, of Kingsport, Tenn. was taken to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital and later released.

Tyler said Cook was traveling southbound around 10:50 p.m. when his 2012 Peterbilt truck, loaded with vehicle parts, ran off the right side of the road around the 281-mile marker on I-81. The truck struck the side of the bridge and a guard rail before rolling down an embankment, according to Tyler.

S.A. Lam, the trooper investigating the crash, issued Cook a summons for reckless driving, Tyler said.

Tyler said no information was available on the results of a bridge inspection conducted at the site by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Woodstock Department of Fire and Rescue, Shenandoah County Department of Fire and Rescue and Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office also responded to the call, Tyler said.


I-81...Health Hazard and Death Trap. The Trucks think they OWN the road...and the State Police aren't in enough numbers to force the speed down. These trucks should run 10 miles under automobile in the old days.....IS ANYONE LISTENING?????????????????????????

hmm hmm...haa haa, How do you laugh on this thing? I do not wish anyone hurt! I'm just glad it happened when most of us local were already home from work. Today was crazy southbound on I-81 frin 2 pm to 3 pm. I had to get off at toms brook to get home. Any uphill climb of any distance is break light to break light on 81 duringheavy traffic. So they say.....slowere traffic should stay in right lane, but we know how that goes.

I'm just glad i'm home tonight watching the hatfield/mccoy special.

I have no clue if I'm more exprienced with driving on 81 or 66 then Stella. But the way I think is that passing lane is the hazard. If Car or truck can not make it up hill above the speed limit stay in the right lane, or please get off and go on route 11. The only craziness on this is getting off 66 to I-81 southbound, I often try to go relaince road onton 81 because that craziness.

Stella, I agree that speed is a factor in many accidents on I-81. Less time to react to a situation, and greater consequences when there is an accident. And SO many accidents on I-81 involve the big rigs.

Stella nowhere in this article does it mention speed as a factor! In case you havent noticed about 90% of the trucks on go about 65 mph anyway. I use 81 a good bit and i always get stuck behind two trucks trying to pass each other at 65. Besides is 81 bothers you that bad stay off of it!!

Woodstock Fire and Rescue? Never heard of them. I do know that Rescue Companies 5 and 21 were there along with Woodstock Fire Company 12 and Edinburg Fire Company 15 to do the patient extrication.

Gotta blur the line between paid and volunteer so the public thinks they are all the same thing.

Trucks OWN the road? I've had much worse experience with cars driving waaaay too fast, swerving between cars and tractor-trailors, nearly side-swiping my car because they drop their sandwich/phone/etc., and riding my bumper because 75 isn't fast enough even in the right/slow lane. Don't get me wrong, rig drivers can be just as guilty, but I deal with it 100x more from passenger cars.

I commute on 81 every day, and have for the past 4 years. With the exception of one or two times, truck drivers have been absolutely cordial to me. I let them in front of me when they're behind a slow-moving traffic. If they're broken down on the side of the road or trying to merge, I move over. Most will offer the same courtesy. I'll guess that 99% drive a car when they aren't driving their tractor-trailor. They're also human. I've noticed that most (key word MOST) drive at 65-70 mph in the right lane in the stretch of interstate that I drive. I realize this is just what I've noticed in the 130 miles I spend on the interstate each day, and that everyone has very different experiences so everyone won't agree. Just my two cents ;)

It's simple physics:

You are traveling at one speed (you perceive as sane). You rarely encounter anyone doing the same speed as you, since you are overtaking those driving slower (you perceive as slowpokes) or those drivers that are overtaking you (you perceive as reckless).

Drivers that drive in a similar manner to you are rarely encountered, since you're all traveling at the same clip and join and exit at different intervals along the highway.

keep that in mind, and you'll have less road rage percolating in your veins.

Nice post!

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