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Two Woodstock men face child pornography charges

Sheriff's deputies arrested Spencer P. Miktarian of Woodstock Aug. 6 and charged him with possession of child pornography and unlawful use of a communication system in a case involving a 16-year-old girl from Edinburg.

Shenandoah County sheriff's Lt. Tom Shelton said another defendant, Thomas L. Cooper, 22, of Woodstock also has been charged with the same offenses and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Shelton said the investigation began when the girl told authorities that she was having an "inappropriate" relationship with Cooper. Shelton said the investigation revealed that Cooper and Mikitarian had received pornographic photos of the girl.

Shelton said pornographic photos of the victim were found on Mikitarian's cell phone during the investigation.

Mikitarian is scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on Aug. 23.

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    Why are they the only ones being charged? She should be too. She sent the pictures didn't she? This is insane. So now your telling me that ANY underage girl can just randomly send naked pictures of herself to any adults phone and shes the victim and they are guilty?

    Hold on. This is a 16 year old girl, who knew what she was doing, and is old enough to know what "no" means. I feel like there are 3 to blame here, and they're only considering the girl the "victim". If they asked her to send inappropriate pictures, then yes, they are to blame for that. But any 16 year old, even though she may be considered a minor, knows what she is doing, and the consequences of her doing so. She, too, needs to be punished for her actions.

    I agree, she should get into trouble as well, but these guys still knew her age. They could have very easily asked her to stop sending the pictures or delete them... I think its creepy and gross. These two "gentleman" are in their prime. They should be getting drunk and hooking up at college parties not crusing by the local highschool....

    I agree with "justme". Let's not get caught up in the fact that she is 16 and they should have known better. The age of understanding is from 8-10 years of age depending on what state you are in and the seriousness of the crime. When I was 16 I knew darn well what I was doing. Im sure she played a part in soliciting the behavior just as well as they did at responding to here "mature" behavior. Let's get real here. Parents are younger these days, and they want to be there sons and daughters friends rather than their parent. My mom and dad were in there 30's when they had me, and I am now nearly 30. Parents are allowing there kids to be more and more independant and some kids cant handle that, others deal with the responsibility bette than some adults. So, come Shenandoah sheriff's. Charge that girl with ditribution of child pornography and possession. Stop letting the "Victim's" play the sympathy card. As a law enforcement officer myself I have collared several 14-17 year old with "Sexting". Thats the practice of sending pornagraphic or otherwise lude photo's through text message. It IS illegal!

    But again, keep in mind that the girl turned him in. There is more to the story were not getting because something happened that made her feel uncomfortable or not safe to the point of turning him in. And again, when I was 16 my maturity level and right from wrong was a lot different then when I turned 22.

    Sixteen year old girls (any age teenager actually) are very impressionable, and can be easily talked into things, when there is a boy (or in this case a "man") involved that is showing her attention and interest. Maybe this girl is more of the awkward/outcast type who doesn't really have a lot of friends and a lot of boys her own age interested in her. These two D-Bags come along and find an easy target in her, tells her what she wants to hear, and persuade her to send them the pictures?
    Don't automatically assume, that she's some teenage delinquent who knew what she was doing.
    Those "men" knew exactly what they were doing. What is wrong with them that they have to troll the high school to "pick up chicks", instead of getting a woman their own age?
    For those of you on their side, don't worry about them being in jail for too long. Our good ole "Justice for the criminal" court system, will give them a slap on the wrist, and set them free to do it again.

    Um wait a minute 16 is not an age of understanding ....

    If it were we would have 16 year olds owning there own houses having children voting working full time jobs drinking alcohol and the list goes on and on.

    All 16 year olds are not the same at all who knows what kind of childhood she has gone thru and didn't care if she knew it was wrong and just did because she wanted to feel special no matter what .

    As a Woman with 2 sisters 2 grown daughters and countless grown neices I can tell you all 16 year old girls are diff

    and should be protected as if they were still children because they are.

    maybe her parents made her turn it in?

    She did play a roll in this but unless you have had a child this age you don't know how rough it can be and they need our help.

    I would hope another child would read this and seek support if they need it and know that she has done no wrong.

      "Um wait a minute 16 is not an age of understanding ....

      If it were we would have 16 year olds owning there own houses having children voting working full time jobs drinking alcohol and the list goes on and on."

      Where do you live? 16 year olds ARE having babies, 16 year olds DO WORK full time jobs, 16 year olds DO DRINK ALCOHOL.

    Okay, first off, this is beyond ridiculous. This girl obviously is not mentally ill therefore she knew that sending bad pictures and sexting was wrong. Period. End of discussion. I don't care what kind of childhood she's had or what stupid excuses are made for her. She knew was she was doing was inappropriate. She knows what the word "no" means. If she wasn't strong enough to use that word then she should be punished too. But that's not going to happen because she's a sixteen year old girl and kids these days don't get punished for anything. People make excuses for them just like most of you seem to be doing. Therefore she won't learn anything from this. Just like no other girls her age will. The only thing they will learn is that if they don't like someone they can send them naked pictures and send them to jail.
    I'm not saying the boys shouldn't be punished. Not by any means. Children these days need to understand that they are g
    oing to be held accountable for their actions all their lives. But if parents aren't willing to punish their kids when they do wrong they will never understand.
    Spencer and Thomas are about to be punished for what they did.
    She should be punished too. Within her own home, by her mother and father. And by the police.
    But that's just my opinion.

      I completely agree with you. These young teenagers think its all cool and stuff to be with an older male but when the guy decides to move on the girls gets mad and go to the police. Nobody forced a 16 year old to take naked pictures of herself and why else would she take pictures of herself if she didn't intend to show somebody??? Who knows she could have lied about her age??? It doesn't matter how it happened but that it happened. All three should be punished. I have 2 young girls and if I ever caught one of them sexting or sending inappropriate pictures, I would jerk a knot in there @$$ and they wouldn't have to worry about having a phone period!

    Here's some advice that I am stunned isn't simply understood.

    If you're 22, don't engage a 16 year old in anything sexual. Don't flirt, don't encourage, don't sext, text, or request naked pictures.


    It's sad, I know one of these guys and he obviously got caught up in something he shouldn't have. Let me just say that none of us know the whole story, and you should refrain from passing judgement without that information. Getting arrested, and being convicted are two different things. People need to understand that everything you do on the phone, or computer has a digital record....is traceable and can be investigated. My questions are many, but mainly...who took the pictures and who sent them to another phone? If she took and sent them...she needs to be charged as well....period. I don't care how old she is...she was part of the problem.
    My grandmother was 16 when she married my Grandfather who was 24....obviously that was a different time. My point is, 16 is considered an adult in many parts of the world...let's quit calling her a victim until she is proven to be one.

      Thank you for writing this. I don't think anyone knows the whole story, and therefore cannot pass judgement. No one can say that a 16 year old doesn't know what she's doing/can't control her actions in the face of peer pressure. EVERY 16 year old goes through it, but that does not mean they have to succumb.
      Parents have to stop being so naive and thinking that anyone under the age of 18 doesn't know what they are doing.

    I really hope the people commenting are not adults... First of all the gentleman who are involved here had to know having inappropriate relations with a girl who is 16 is against the law when you are 22. The article states that there was pictures on the phone and that Mr Cooper was having INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONS WITH THE GIRL. I have a daughter and if I looked through her phone and found naked pictures of herself that was sent to a phone of a 22 year old I would be beside myself... I can guarantee you she would be accountable to me however the slime balls that were egging her on and having inappropiate relations with her would probably get an beaten from my husband. This girl is not responsible. I know one of the gentleman and I guess as long as we go to church and repent our actions never matter. However I beg to differ. That girl was feeling threatened to go to the police in the first place so to the people that say that girl is responsible come talk to me when you have a 16 year old daughter. I hope it was worth it when there faces are on the pediphile list with the State Police. Maybe you will know next time that transferring pictures and having sex with a sixteen year old is very wrong. You are accountable and responsible for your actions. You took advantage of a girl that is 6 years younger than you and a minor. Get pychiatric help because obviously you both need it.

      Exactly. Most 16 year olds girls are just starting to actually go on dates. They don't have the experience required to discern a good guy from a bad one. She's *just* old enough to operate a motor vehicle, but she's being judged as an experienced adult. She. Is. A. Child. She may LOOK like shes an adult that knows what she's doing, but she's a 16 year old kid.

    A lot of you may know the two boys who where convicted here. I know I know one of them and would say there is more to the story than what the newspapers like to say. Sham on all of you who are going on and on about she is 16 and what not. She clearly understood what she was doing! You say the boys are old enough to know they are doing something illegal, well did you stop to think that maybe they asked the girl how old she was and she lied about her age? Most girls these days look much older than they appear, so maybe they asked and she said she was 18; therefore, she is at FAULT too! All I can say is I feel bad because they are most likely going to be the only ones who are punished here, which means we are saying it is okay for girls to send pictures of themselves and blame it on the person it was sent to when she gets caught.

      Unknown maybe if they are punished than the next guy that trys to take advantage of a 16 year old might think twice. So I guess the people that think this is right also think that the 14 year old girl that was with that 40 year old should be punished to. She was missing for 2 days and even hid while police were searching the house. She went with him willingly. Why shouldnt she be convicted. I guess you think she should also. Where do you draw the line. These laws are in place for a reason. That guy that was 40 was arrested for child porn and other things. What makes that situation any different. I guess she was on birth control too so she deserved it. Oh and then again it was her parents fault. People get real it is sickening. Or the gentleman that was arrested he was 40 trying to pick up a boy that was 13. I guess the 13 year old boy should go to jail too... I am just appauled by the acceptance of such acts. It is a problem today with social networks and men taking advantage of children. They should all be held accountable with NO acceptions.

    I hope that as parents you all realize that teenagers nowadays are much different than they used to be. I am a parent myself. Yes, I am a young, new parent. But nevertheless I am.
    And I can tell you that most 16 year olds, male or female, are not nearly as innocent as you think. They go to parties. They drink. They smoke. And 9 times out of 10 they most certainly have sex. And yes, most girls lie about their age because they want older boys. I did it. So did all of my friends. Don't kid yourself into thinking she doesn't know what she's doing. Or that she didn't understand. Girls love that sort of thing. They want older boys so they can look cool.

    If she is old enough to send the photos then she is old enough to know better. No 16 year old can claim they are innocent and a victim of an act like she did. Throw her behind in jail and her parents as well. This just leads other girls to send photos and then claim child porn. I hope I am on the jury. NOT GUILTY for the guys, no matter what they may have done with her in the past. She is no saint here people not a child at all. She knew what she was doing.

    Just to set the record straight, I do not condone nor do I think what the men did was right. But more than likely you will probably find out that her mother had her on birth control as well.

    How many of you parents have had your young daughter on birth control....for what reason?

    Your part of the problem not the solution. My ex did the same for my daughter when she was a minor, I objected, but she was dating an older make then as well. So who is the fault here. Should I have turned him in and created hell for him the rest of his life or should my ex have been charged with contributing to the dile

      Yes, surely birth control caused this.

      Someone get me a calendar. I thought it was 2012. Here I am on my iPad, on the Internet, and the clunker thinks its 1950.

      Birth control is not the problem. 22 year old men having sexual relationships with teenagers is the problem. And a segment of the community that thinks that because she's female, she must have asked for it. Woe are the poor 20 something adult men that can't escape the evil sexual clutches of a 16 year old child. She probably wore one of them there mini skirts, too. God knows that girls with short skirts and birth control pills are all plotting and planning to ruin the lives of poor innocent grown men.

    16 year old girls are not the same as the were even 10 years ago. If parents are strict, then children become sneaky. There is more to this story than either side really knows. But saying that I think both should be charged all the same. 16 year old girls know what they are getting themselves into when they send pictures. It is now taught in school that sexting is wrong and you will be convicted of a crime if you are caught. So that 16 year old girl knew when she was taking and sending that picture that it was a crime. If she willing started an 'inappropriate' relationship with someone over the age of 18 she knew if it got found out that he could go to jail.

    yep the girl being 16 years old, and boy being 22 years old. I'm sure it was innocent enough...she knew what she was doing.

    Maybe it's all of our faults for standing by the past 50 years and allowing the media, the education system, even in some regards, the church, to lower our standards to a point where as a society, we are finding it harder and harder to tell right from wrong. We dress up and tattoo our 11 year olds to look like a 20 year olds, we offer teenage and possibly younger boys and girls ideas of contraception, we leave parenting to the media, the schools, the church and sometimes to the children themselves and we act like we don't understand how things like this happen? Children that should be enjoying growing up, but instead trying to raise children and we wonder why it's broken? I don't think any baby born is born with the intent of going bad. So that leads me to think that outside influence either pushes a person into the right direction or wrong direction. The boys here will bear the punishment because they are responsible for their actions. She will not be help responsible! But my opinion is that society is partly, if not mainly responsible.

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