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Grants helping boost Warren County projects

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- Money keeps coming to Warren County.

The county has received more than $2 million in grant awards since March 2009, according to Brandy Rosser, grants and special projects coordinator. Rosser reported the latest figures to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The county had to provide matches of nearly $300,000, or approximately 15 percent of the total grants awarded. As Rosser explained by phone later that day, some grants require as much as a 50 percent match while others call for no match.

Approximately $275,000 in grants were awarded to the county in the past three months, Rosser told supervisors.

Shenandoah District Supervisor Richard H. Traczyk lauded Rosser for her efforts.

For example, the Recreational Trails Program awarded the county $100,769 to construct phase II of the Carson Trail in Rockland Park. The grant required the county provide a match of $25,192, according to Rosser. Environmental reviews for the project begin this week and must be completed by October, Rosser explained.

The Fire and Rescue Department received several grants totaling tens of thousands of dollars for equipment. Grants also can come in smaller amounts, such as $3,300 awarded to the county to pay half the cost of the Spring Lake Dam Emergency Action Plan for the Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District.

The county's work to secure grants continues.

Rosser noted the county is seeking grants to fund the construction of additional fields at the Skyline Soccerplax, field lighting for the Soccerplex and the skate park; implementation of the Fishnet Master Plan and Rockland Park; improvements at the airport; implementation of broadband access and the restoration of the historic McKay House.

Rosser reported that she is looking for funding through the Virginia Department of Historic Resources for the Greenway Rural Historic District expansion; and from the Department of Conservation and Recreation for work on the county's stormwater management.

Rosser also updated supervisors on projects moving forward. The county recently received the reimbursement for 80 percent of the trail construction in phase I of the Eastham Park project, according to Rosser. Parts of phase II have been submitted to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved a transportation enhancement award for $166,000 to construct phase III of the project, with environmental reviews coming in the next few months, according to Rosser. The Parks and Recreation Department has completed work on the fencing for the dog park and amenities should be installed later, followed by a ribbon-cutting yet to be scheduled.

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    "The county's work to secure grants continues."

    We would have been far more impressed had it been reported that the county brought in more employers and created jobs for its citizens.

    Matching grants are nothing but a ponzi scheme - giving a little money but forcing the expenditure of more.

    What did we need a skate park and soccerplex for? And why lighting? Better to tear it all down and put in a community olympic swimming pool. Then at least ALL people could benefit.

    Wonder who are the contractors for these boondoggles? And who is getting paid - either above or under the table.

    I applaud Ms. Rosser's efforts. Why would we need an olympic size pool? We already have a perfectly good community pool in Front Royal. I am happy we have the soccor field and skate park for our young people.

    "What did we need a skate park and soccerplex for? And why lighting? Better to tear it all down and put in a community olympic swimming pool. Then at least ALL people could benefit."


    The scate park and soccer complex were great additions to OUR Parks & Recreation. Just because YOU, Poochie, may not use them, What makes you thing the people that do would actually use an Olympic size Pool?????

    Parks & Recreation are for OUR COMMUNITY, that means EVERYONE! Maybe you should get involved in the preperation and planning of OUR Parks & Recreation.

    While it would be nice to have a pool that could be used YEAR ROUND, I am pretty sure this idea has been thrown around quiet a few times, and I hope will someday materalize.

    And, by the way, Brandy, I think you are going a WONDERFUL job!!! Keep up the great work!

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