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Yard Crawl benefited hotels, restaurants

By Sally Voth svoth@nvdaily.com

It wasn't just bargain hunters and those selling off their unwanted things who benefited from this past weekend's Shenandoah County Yard Crawl.

Hotels and restaurants saw an upswing in business from Saturday's annual sale. Booths and tables were set up all along U.S. 11 and some side streets between Stephens City and New Market.

"It's always a super day for us," said Jean Sherrard, who owns Woodstock Cafe and Shops with her husband, Coe. "It's one of our biggest days of the year. It brings a lot of people in, a lot of people that have never been in here before. A lot of people use our bathroom, but that gets them in the door.

"It's always a fantastic day for us, and it's festive, and we like that."

Sherrard said they were prepared with plenty of food to serve.

"It seems like people either start at the very northern tip or the very bottom tip and around lunchtime they get to Woodstock" ready for lunch and cool air, she said.

The Quality Inn in New Market "stayed pretty well booked," said Dennis Hampton, who works the front desk.

"We did have quite a few people from out of state," he said.

The situation was the same at the Holiday Inn Express in Stephens City.

"We were sold out," front desk clerk Warren Downing said. "We were sold out since 11 o'clock that day [Saturday]. I had people coming from Arkansas, a couple from Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New York, of course, Pennsylvania also."

Maurertown was one of the more congested areas of the crawl, and that added up to big business for Brothers Pizza & Subs.

"[We] probably doubled in business," owner Brian Miller said. "It's just a bunch of walk-in customers. It was actually crazy-busy. On that day, you've got to double up on your staff."

Shenandoah County Tourism and Marketing Director Natalie Wills said the Yard Crawl section on her department's website had 2,500 more page views this year than last year -- 6,500.

"The weather held out," she said. "That's a huge factor. We're just kind of restructuring now, and regrouping and seeing where we go from here for next year."

Next year's Yard Crawl date has already been set -- Aug. 10 -- Wills said.

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    Put the yard crawl where it belongs, in the area parks and off the highway! Some little tot will be killed before the idiots of this county do something about it. People exiting vehicles right into traffic because they think everyone is doing the same. The speed limit is not tolerant of the stupid yard sale crawlers.

    I'd like to see a petition to get the yard crawl into the town parks and the county park and off the highways.

    This article says enough, you have out of the area people that don't use their heads and a few dollars for business is all the county wants to see.

      Your username matches your comment perfectly.

      If you want the crawl moved then how bout YOU start a petition rather than waiting for someone else doing it

      I've been crawling since it started and have never heard or seen of one safety issue. By your logic we should do away with everything fun because the potential exists for danger. How bout we do away with all movie theaters and move them to public parks because some nut job might come in with a gun...

      The yard crawl is fun and awesome. Leave it alone

      Old Clunker, I'm with you. So a few business get some extra customers that day. Big deal! The taxpayers pay for these roads and the extra police on duty are also funded by taxpayers.

      When we get another big pile up on I-81 and traffic must be rerouted, then you'll understand the concerns.

      And the excessive stopping and starting brings a ton of fumes and congestion into the area. MOVE IT TO THE PARK!

      We always cater to the bottom line now. . .don't we?

    I spent all day at the yard crawl, and didnt see any tender tots dodging for their lives. People were courteous, friendly, cautious and helpful.

    I also saw a lot of people exclaiming what a lovely area this is, and how pretty our little towns are. They spent money, which benefits business owners, employees, and every single person that lives here and benefits from services provided.

    In the parks? Really? That defeats the entire purpose, which is to showcase our towns.

    I wanted to deposit money on Saturday so I avoided traffic by traveling side streets and going to the Hotel. Then north to cross King/rt11. The crawlers clogged the intersection so I could not pass on a green light. This is typical of small thinkers. Mess up everything just so they can gain 15 yards. Stupid. Anyways, I am not against the crawl because so many people enjoy it. If it is not for you just stay away and let the dummies, or the less fortunate have their day, with each other.

      Um. Why didn't you just walk? You chose to drive 20 yards through the heaviest traffic of the year? Because yard crawl attenders are the 'dummies'? You could have walked it in less time than you drove it.

        Madison Heights to First Bank, then had to go to Oranda to work crops. I did not make the route I had to accomplish clear but even if I only had to go to the bank I would be hesitant walk myself and a 4 yr old through two lanes of crawlers. The traffic was bumper to bumper(literally)and things like crosswalks were out the window.

          Ha! Ok, if you tried to cross Washington in the middle of that, you have my sympathy!

          We took our 9 year old, and walked across 11 about 54 times. No close calls. People were looking out for pedestrians, and stopping to allow us to cross.

          Tea time, you're onto them! It never occurred to anyone at any chamber of commerce in five different towns to get authorization for the event. They thought they could just slip it right past the authorities. Sneaky devils!

          If anyone from those chambers reads the comments, please try to do a better job communicating with people! Either deactivate your Facebook page, or maintain it. It was lit up with people asking questions, all left hanging because no one bothered to monitor the page.

    You know all those people would have to drive on 11 to get to the park, right? Or to Walmart, to buy stuff that was shipped over here from China.

    This isn't that hard. People come from all over, and see what a beautiful area this is. They spend money. The waitress at the locally owned coffee shop has a great day of tips. So she sends all three of her kids to the beauty shop to get haircuts for school. The beautician has enough extra money to send her kids school shopping. The retail clerk picks up a few extra hours because of the extra shoppers for back to school. She takes her kid to see a movie. The waiter at the Alamo uses his tips that day to take his car to the car wash. The people at the car wash make enough money to go out for coffee, back at the original coffee shop.

    Or. We all sit in the house and complain about traffic. And tourists. And having to walk across the street. And how there's never anything good to do. And how awful it all is.

    I'm not sure, but isn't it breaking the law to block a sidewalk or public road and to intentionally hold up traffic on a public highway without some kind of authorization from the town, county, or state?

    there is no way that the yard crawl is going to spur the economy. that waitress used her extra tips to pay the rent. meanwhile she cant get thru the traffics and the idiots in the road to make it to her second job in time. the kids were late for football practice and the Alamo isn't even in the county. just be thankful 81 stayed clear and nobody needed an ambulance.

    my gosh the drivers were relativaley courteous, most of them I say if you were on 11 on the crawl day, you either don't know the backroads, or are lost of I-81. I felt comfortably for the most part driving slow looking at some of the yard sales. Probably got my best bargains slightly off the beaten path into subdivisions that had real yardsells, instead of vendors though! I do think as this thing has grown, alot of vendors higher dollar figures have entered the picture. Please do not to try to sell a used shovel for 8 dollars!

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