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Speed limit to remain as posted on Browntown Road

Almost 100 residents of area had signed petitions asking for reduction

By Alex Bridges - abridges@nvdaily.com

Warren County leaders say they believe speed limits on Browntown Road should remain as posted.

The Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting Tuesday voted 5-0 against requesting that the Virginia Department of Transportation study traffic and speeds on Browntown Road. Board members expressed concerns that such a speed study would cost the county several thousand dollars without a guarantee it would recommend any changes.

Instead, supervisors decided the county sheriff's office should continue its enforcement of the speed limits on the road.

Shenandoah District Supervisor Richard H. Traczyk said Wednesday that not all Browntown Road area residents have supported efforts to reduce speeds on the route.

While speeds were addressed on part of Browntown Road in his district, Traczyk explained that those sections were more heavily populated and developed.

County Administrator Douglas P. Stanley said Wednesday the locality had a speed study done on Browntown Road years ago. That resulted in some changes made to the limits on the route. Doing another study so soon at the county's expense was redundant, Traczyk said.

Nearly 100 Browntown Road area residents signed petitions asking the county to reduce speed limits from the currently marked 45 mph to 35 mph from Hickory Hill Road to the Freedom Club - approximately 3.6 miles. The group also asked the county to reduce speed limits in some areas from 35 mph to 30 mph. Residents asked the county to clear and remove tree limbs from the south side of Browntown Road near Rocky Lane to increase the sight distance for motorists attempting to access Browntown Road from Rocky Lane.

Also at the meeting, supervisors held public hearings on several matters:

  • Approved a conservation land map and comprehensive plan amendment to include a proposed future easement in the Shenandoah Farms subdivision. W.P. Associates earlier acquired approximately 737 lots on about 664 acres in the subdivision.
    The firm is working with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation to put the land into protective conservation easement and requested the county show the property in its comprehensive plan as such.

    Some concerns have been raised about the loss of tax revenue from the lots. However, as Stanley explained, developing the lots into homes could cost the county more revenue through providing the required services to the area, such school buses, public safety, septic system inspections, roads and other amenities. Not all lots in the area in question can be built upon, Stanley said.

    The county would see a greater benefit by putting the land into protection from development, Stanley said.

  • Adopted a resolution related to an application to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to expand the Cedarville Enterprise Zone. County officials have sought to take advantage of the pending expansion of the Panama Canal and want to increase space for industrial use. However, much of the space in the county for industrial use has been developed. The county and the Economic Development Authority sought to adjust the boundaries and add 825.54 acres to the Cedarville Enterprise Zone. The additional land lies west of U.S. 340-522 near Fairground Road and at the southeast corner of Rockland Road and U.S. 340-522.
  • Approved a conditional-use permit requested by the North Fork Resort to operate a commercial campground.
  • Approved an ordinance to amend the county code to add storage of recreational vehicles, boats and cars, excluding inoperative vehicles, to the list of uses allowed in the industrial district with a conditional-use permit.

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    What part of Browntown Road is in Traczyk's district? Also, didn't the residents complain the sheriff's office was not enforcing the speed limit?

    Having lived on Browntown rd for over 20 years I have NEVER seen a vehicle pulled over by a sheriff's deputy. Not that its a bad thing as there are few places on the road to safely pull over, a traffic stop could become a hazard in itself. I will say however there has been an increased police presence over the years. While I do not support changing the speed limit, clearing trees,brush, etc for an intersection should have been done a long time ago.

    Agree with everything you said. Good decision by the board

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