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Posted September 25, 2012 | comments 23 Comments

Boyce gets 20 years in crash that killed family

By Joe Beck - jbeck@nvdaily.com

A man convicted in the drunken-driving related deaths of a couple and their two children was sentenced Tuesday in Frederick County Circuit Court to a total of 20 years in prison on four counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter, plus several lesser charges.

Retired Circuit Judge Benjamin Kendrick imposed the sentence on Steven A. Boyce 22, of 221 Hawk Trail, Shawneeland. Boyce's convictions stemmed from a fiery vehicle crash on June 26 at the intersection of Martinsburg Pike and Interstate 81.

Amanda and Mark Roe and their children, Caleb and Tyler, died in the accident.

Test results later showed Boyce had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.33 percent at the time that his Chevrolet S10 pickup truck rear ended the Roe family's Jeep Cherokee sport utility vehicle, according to evidence presented at an earlier court hearing.

Autopsies performed on the victims showed that Amanda and Mark Roe died from burns and smoke inhalation after the impact, which caused the Jeep's gas tank to burst into flames. Another autopsy report presented at the plea hearing in late August showed that Amanda and Mark Roe remained in the front seat during the crash, and their children stayed buckled in the rear seats and died of blunt force trauma.

Boyce could have been sentenced to up to 85 years in prison on all his convictions, which also included drunken driving, underage possession of alcohol and probation revocation.

Kendrick suspended five of the 20 years sentence he imposed on Boyce on each of the four manslaughter counts and also made the sentences concurrent. He sentenced Boyce to one year in jail for the drunken driving conviction and one year in jail for underage possession of alcohol, both sentences to be served consecutively.

Boyce also received a three-year prison sentence on a probation revocation. The three years will be served consecutive to the rest of his sentence.

The probation was linked to a three-year suspended prison sentence Boyce received in 2010 for selling marijuana. Conviction of the other offenses connected to the crash constituted a violation of his probation.

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    A whole generation? Really? There will always be kids that can't be reached, no matter how hard we try. There are lots of kids working really hard to become successful adults. This kid should have received four life sentences, one for every life he took that day.

    I respect the fact that Boyce chose to plead guilty. Is twenty years long enough for his drunken driving taking a family of four?
    How many will he actually serve and how will it change him?
    People seldom learn from the mistakes of others.
    There are no winners in this.

    Twenty years? He'll be out at age 42, after killing an entire family?

    20? Add a zero.

    At Kim Bishop, I read your post, I agree with you on the fact we tell our kids about not doing certain things but then allow them to see it and think its ok being and that is wrong, however i do not believe all kids in this generation are lost. I believe a lot of parents have lost theor morals on how to raise a proper kid but some kids are problem children from the start. Also it is not a babies fault that it was brought into the world out of wed lock, that baby is still a child of God and therefor a blessing. Yes having a baby at a young age is a consequence to having sex, but the reason people are ok with it after it happens is because there is nothing they can do about it. Why go 9 months mad at the fact that a young girl got pregnant and not be there for her? God excepts the baby therefor we all should... I am not an underage mother, i waited to have my kids after i got married, i am also a Christian who believes sex is for a married couple, i also believe that all new life is a blessing, and i am so unbelievably in love with my out of wedlock niece born to a 17 year old. Be disappointed that she didnt wait but dont say the baby isnt a blessing... Hate the sin love the sinner. Also on the topic of what this article is about, i do not think 20 years with 5 suspended seems fair, The amount of life he took that day well exceed 20 years. It does suck that he ruined his life and most of it will be behind bars, but he chose this for hisself.

    Twenty years is outrageous. Five years for each death? A family gone and this pile of crap gets to walk free in his 40's. Disgusting.

    A little off topic, but @kim -

    This generation is not lost, you have bad perception of the youth today from the media and your own ignorance. If you'd ask me, this generation is doing much better than your generation and the one before that. This generation has to clean up the problems yours created and your baby boomer parents. The media portrays this generation as worthless gangster, drug and sex addicts, this is not true at all. Sure there is the occasional whore who gets knocked up at 16, but like that didn't happen before? At least have the population isn't having multiple babies at 18-23, there is no massive cocaine problem, women don't gaw at "bad boys" like they used too, racism isn't near as bad as it was, and there are not people being beat in the streets for being homosexual. If you ask me this generation is doing much better than the previous two generations, especially from all the stuff they have to deal with, like the failing economy, insane gas prices, no jobs, its ludicrous to say that this generation is a failure because one guy got drunk and exploded a car. Drunk driving has always happened, its far more strict now then it's ever been.

    I too think that this young man received a sentence that was much too light for the crimes that he committed. His prior arrest records and the fact that he continued to chose to break the law should have shown that he needs to face the maximum penalties for his offenses. Geez-a BAC of .33 is HUGE and he murdered four people!

    "The occasional whore that gets knocked up at 16" wow @doom27 that was pure ignorance! There are several shows on MTV dedicated to girls that get PREGNANT at young ages and Im just going to assume there are many many girls purposely trying to get pregnant for their 15 min of fame, however, I wouldn't refer to all teenagers that get pregnant as whores! I had my son as a teenager and was NOT a whore! My sons father was the first man I ever slept with & didnt have another sexual partner until my son was 2! I also waited 8 urs 2 have another one! I am appalled that anyone would make such a ridiculousness claim that a teenaged girl is a whore bc she made a mistake and got pregnant! Also, mind you, that had nothing to do with this article which I think is sad for all parties involved! An entire family wiped from this earth bc someone bought this young man alcohol! I am deeply sorry for the family of the Roe family who Im sure are still very much suffering! Bit honestly I am sorry for this young man & his family as well! One night he made a horrible decision that cost a family their lives and future as well as his own! Prison in itself is a scary dangerous place and he will have nothing but time these nxt 20 yrs 2 sit & think about what he has done! In a situation like this everyone suffers and its just sad!

    He finally admitted that there was alcohol at Stevestock, the music festival, where he was at all night. Why haven't they been held accountable, along with whoever bought or gave him the bottle of vodka that was in his truck. The last I knew, it was illegal to give or sell alcohol to an underage person.

    These are some of the most ignorant posts I have ever seen. And, Kim Bishop, I read your blog, right up to the insinuation that special needs kids were lazy. Your dismissive, patronizing assessment of parenting today is almost as ignorant as your assessment of special needs children.

      I did not insinuate that special needs kids were lazy. I plainly stated that I think the schools have let them down by dumbing down curriculum and giving special dispensations to them. I believe most children can do more than they are expected to do, and I had a special needs child whom I chose to home school after the Strasburg schools would not stop the bullying going on. Turns out my son had vision problems that kept him from reading properly not any kind of learning disability...I have since found that schools know all about vision problems but chose not to encourage vision therapy but instead go the drug route. Public schools are supposed to give a basic education to children able to learn. We have turned the public schools into child care centers and too many children have ILP's. How does giving children extra time to accomplish things help them in the real world? I don't know many bosses who are going to say "Tuesday is the deadline...except for sally and bobby. They get as much time as they need." School is supposed to prepare children for the world.
      And Whatever, I do not spend all my time in court rooms. I was at court to speak for a different young man. I wrote the blog because I was struck by the testimony of the adults in the court room. And I was trying to make sense of the choices made. I just find it sad that young people can throw away their futures without a thought. We have let this generation down, because we have not given them guidance. We give suggestions and no consequences until someone does something stupid and someone gets hurt... This young man could have been any number of adults I know who go to parties and drink and then get behind the wheel. It just so happens it was him beind the wheel. And I believe if we don't stand up and be living examples and start making things right and wrong and black and white again this will continue to happen.

        Well, I raised a special needs kid. Without the extra time, she never would have made it through high school. She faces enough challenges in this world of people who do not understand without having to go through the stigma of never graduating. The information is there - she is not "dumb" and no one "dumbed her down" by giving her extra time. She has severe recall problems. Her brain retrieves the information, but much more slowly than "normal". If you understood how the human brain works you would understand a little more why these accommodations, long overdue, are finally there for them. As far as teenagers in general, check your history. I think everyone on here has pretty much let you know what we think of your "blog".

        Guess this was a bad way to try to sell more books.

    I have no Idea how old you are Kim ,but I'm 50 plus .So the next generation to me is from 18 to 30 .If there was A lost generation it was us.
    I'm thinking that if you spend your time in A court room all day then all you will see is the bad.
    Are they all perfect (no) Are any of them perfect (no) But we have had prisons for how many hunderds of yrs ?
    Just an old man that is not perfect saying -I have alot of faith in this generation

    Kim Bishop? How about Kim Casting Judgement?

    To start with it is illegal to sell or give alcohol to an underage person ... The Stevestock can't be held reliable because they aren't the one's that was selling or supplying the alcohol to people ... This boy has bought alcohol and drugs on his own for a good while and yes there is places out here that will sell it to people underage and even with out checking there Id's... Either way the blame needs to be stopped from the passing on it is totally this boys faught he is the one that chose to get the alcohol, drink it, and then drive, now he must face and pay the consiquences of his choices, and no 20 years isn't long enough but he is suffering for his actions, because I know a couple people that are in jail with him and they said he just sits and stares at the walls and he wakes up screaming at nights about this whole situation.....

    Believe me, I am not trying to pass the blame from this boy. At 20 years old he should have enough sense to not drink and drive. I would have been happy if he had gotten the 80 years he could have gotten.
    But, Stevestock sold tickets to what was suppose to be an alcohol free event. They also hired security. But from what I hear, most people there, including the bands were drinking. The security was hired to watch for Frederick Co. Sheriff patrols. They should share in the blame.
    Also, the person who sold or gave him the vodka.
    I'm glad he wakes up screaming, but that does not bring the Roe family back.

    Let's make a deal- we won't post news on the resistance blog if you don't post any more resistance blogs in the news.

    Does anyone remember the car accident David Whitacre was killed in? The driver of that car got four months. Wasn't even charged with manslaughter. How is that possible? I guess we should be happy Boyce got 20 years.

    I'm saddened by all of everything from above! We all need to pray for everyone involved!

    Maybe we should just sit back and watch the move "fried green tomatoes".

    he should be hanged on mainstreet but that's not gonna happen. Why is nothing being said about the recall jeep had from catching on fire when hit from behind.

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