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Posted September 28, 2012 | comments 2 Comments

Two Winchester residents die in crash

Daily staff report

Winchester residents Alan R. Hummel, 67, and his wife Cheryl G. Willingham, 63, were killed Thursday in a two-vehicle crash on Martinsburg Pike in Frederick County.

According to a news release issued by Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller, the crash occurred at 2:32 p.m. in the 1900 block of Martinsburg Pike near Interstate 81 exit 317.

The couple were in a 2000 Subaru Outback and attempting to make a left-hand turn into the southbound lane of Martinsburg Pike when their vehicle collided with a northbound box truck. The release states the truck was not able to avoid the Subaru.

Hummel, who was the driver, died at the scene. Willingham was transported to Winchester Medical Center, where she died Thursday evening, according to the release.

Driver of the truck, Joseph W. Miller, 47, of Martinsburg, W.Va., was not injured.

Trooper D.J. Scott was called to the scene of the accident, and the state police Culpeper Accident Reconstruction Team assisted in the investigation.

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    When will people ever learn, that we can't stop on a dime ? Yes we have a set of brakes on each axle so dor example we have 5 axles then we have 5 sets of brakes and a car, pick up etc. has only 2 sets, but a car, pick up etc. weighs around 2500 to 5000 pounds an empty truck weighs around 30,000 pounds and loaded it weighs upto 80,000 pounds so we need more brakes than a car, pick up etc. and more stopping distance.. Yesterday I had a female from Va. going into Charlestown on rt.340 with 1 lane shut down for construction she decided that she was going to pass me and 2 other trucks and a couple of cars, she forced me to hit a couple of construction cones a with in 5 feet of a concrete barrier to keep from hitting her then just before the end of the workzone she hit a cone and speeded off and cut 3 other off, then last evening a car with pulled out in front of me from Denny's on rt.11 and when the 2nd car pulled out behind me they got in the far left turn lane to go to Sheetz the young girl and rolled down her window and her and the car that pulled out in front of me was laughing and joking about cutting me off, but if I would have hit that car it wouldn't have been a joke to them then, people needs to be more educated about driving around bigger vehicles than they are, you should always pass on the left never on the right side of a large vehicle because there are BLIND SPOTS that we just can't see a vehicle in, I go through this everyday all day long driving in and out of Baltimore, Frederick, and the Northern Virginia area, people that works around there home area acts like wow if I don't hurry up someone might carry my house away so I need to do whatever it takes to get home, but no one stops and thinks about how long a truck driver has been away from his home or family, not many people even appreciates what we go through to make sure that there is groceries, clothes, shoes and everything else is in the store and available for them to buy when they want or need it, but if a store runs out for whatever reason the blame automaticly comes back on us truckdrivers, and yes I will be the first to admit there is alot of people driving trucks that has no bussiness in a truck or any vehicle at all, everyday there is atleast thousands of vehicles being added to the roadways and at the same time the respect for each other out here on the roadway is getting alot shorter and that creates road rage and accidents and fatalities. So slow down be curtious, drive safe and arrive home to your family alive and safe, nothing in this world is worth getting hurt or killed in an accident for... May GOD be with this family and this driver at a time like this and always after, and May GOD be with each and everyone of us in this world.

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