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RSW Regional Jail: Judge rejects suit trying to block construction

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

Circuit Judge Dennis L. Hupp scrapped a lawsuit Friday that sought a referendum requiring voter approval for financing of the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail.

Hupp announced his decision in a brief letter to lawyers representing jail opponents and the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, RSW Regional Jail Authority and Virginia Resources Authority. Jail opponents had sought to block the borrowing of more than $80 million to complete the project, which was begun in early summer.

Hupp said he found the arguments of the governmental bodies defending their borrowing decisions "persuasive on most issues."

After citing his agreement with written arguments submitted by the defendants, Hupp said he was dismissing the lawsuit.

Bradley G. Pollack, the Woodstock attorney representing jail opponents led by Mark W. Prince of Toms Brook, said the decision was a complete loss for his side. Pollack said he was consulting with Prince and others about whether to file an appeal.

Later Friday, Pollack filed a notice of appeal with the Shenandoah County Clerk of Courts and sent it to the opposing attorneys.

"In this case, the court just adopted the defendants' reasoning," Pollack said.

Pollack had argued in court Thursday that the defendants had yet to produce the bonds that would be used to finance the jail and therefore the case should be delayed or ordered to proceed to a jury trial.

The two sides spent part of Thursday's hearing arguing over the meaning of two Virginia Supreme Court decision that upheld the authority of local government bodies to borrow in the face of taxpayer lawsuits.

Prince and the other jail opponents asked Hupp to block the issuance of the bonds, insisting that the jail authority needed consent from the voters before it could approve borrowing for the project.

J. Jay Litten, the lawyer for the board of supervisors, said in court documents that the "board took all measures legally required" before approving the financing for the jail.

A report delivered to the jail authority board Thursday disclosed the project on U.S 340-522 in Warren County has encountered more than $50,000 in cost overruns after only a few months of construction.


It's sad but not surprising that the judge ruled the way he did especially after he said he did not have time to read the complaint completely. I would appeal the case. Do not give up.

To All,
Judge Hupp has made his decision that we will stop the case Prince v. Suntrust, Virginia Resources Authority, RSW Regional Jail Authority and Shenandoah County BOS on the demurrer. He never asked for the VRA Bond which was sold in June outside of the timeframe required by the RSW Regional Jail Bond Resolution. Dates were from May 1 to June 1. We asked for these documents in our interrogatories(list of questions) and gave them 21 days in which to answer before the court date as required by statute and they did not give us the documents. I wonder why? I asked the RSW Regional Jail for the documents last Wednesday afternoon and they haven’t sent them to me yet. They have 5 days according to FOIA. Brad Pollack my attorney asked Judge Hupp to look for these documents before he made his decision because of the illegality’s involved and they were not provided as exhibits to prove without a doubt that this was a legal transaction.


April 10, 2012 Virginia Resources Authority BOD meeting Next BOD meeting scheduled July 17, 2012 ***No Mention of BOD Approving the RSW Regional Jail bond sale and purchase******* If I remember correctly during the hearing, the attorney for the VRA stated that their Board of Directors didn’t need to approve the transaction, yet the VRA Bond resolution dated the same day states the following on page 2
Whereas, the forgoing arrangements will be reflected in the following documents, forms of which have been previously presented to this Board or presented to this meeting………. and they go on to list the Obligations, financing arrangements, and forms of the bonds attached as exhibits. Additionally the Regional Jail didn’t have the support agreements in place yet for Warren County and Shenandoah County.

The VRA Board of Directors are also required to have a rating from Moody’s or Standard and Poor’s which they didn’t have according to the minutes of the Regional Jail meeting held on the 31st of May 2012. “Ms. Long stated that they were currently waiting on bond ratings from the rating agencies which they expected to receive by the following day. This would allow pricing of the bonds by the middle of the following week and closing on June 13th. Mr. Walker asked if it was Moody’s that they were waiting for on the rating. Ms. Long stated that they were waiting on Moody’s and S&P.”

June 5, 2012 Standard and Poor Summary of: Virginia Resources Authority Virginia; Moral Obligation; state revolving funds/pools Bond proceeds from this specific issue will be used to purchase a local bond issued by the RSW Regional Jail Authority. This borrower was originally scheduled to be a participant in the series 2012A issue; however, VRA's decision to offer a separate bond issue arose due to its concerns regarding opposition to the project and its interest in providing additional disclosure information for bondholders.

June 12, 2012 Regional News Virginia Jail Bonds Separated Due to Lawsuit Threat by: Kyle Glazier WASHINGTON — The Virginia Resources Authority withdrew a $46 million chunk of its nearly $400 million pool bond issue last month and is reissuing it in a stand-alone deal scheduled to close next week, after a group of citizens questioned the legality of the transaction. http://www.bondbuyer.com/issues/121_113/virginia-jail-bond-resource-authority-lawsuit-1040805-1.html

When we received the ruling from Judge Hupp, we immediately filed an appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court to overrule this decision so we can bring this to justice. We the people of Shenandoah County are tired of being RAILROADED and LIED to.

General Obligation Bonds are DEBT
Moral Obligation Bonds are not DEBT (ACCORDING TO LAWYERS)
MO bonds are twice the interest rate of GO bonds and by purchasing them you are removing money from the taxpayers pockets to give to the Big Bankers.
Do you realize that there is not one project that has to be voted on by the people under section 10 (b)? Name me just one.
I am just a country boy, but you can perfume it, put a collar on it and brush your little animal then call it a cat. But a skunk will still always be a skunk. This is still a debt on the taxpayers and should be considered that when viewed against the Constitution and not lawyerized.


Mark W. Prince

394 Brook Creek Rd.
Toms Brook, VA 22660

I sure wish you reporters would get your act straight......
See appendix B of the Regional Jail Service Agreement Dated 6-14 2010
The origional preliminary estimate of the cost of the Regional Jail is $68,263,620.00
You should be working off this number for your cost overrun.
$11,000,000 is closer.

This particular case is only one of many similar local issues in Shenandoah County and Virginia and the entire USA. We should, for example, be grateful that there are no local oil deposits that would bring in the fracking crews.

Where we are as a nation now is described in this frightening online article:


I belive this 80 mil will end up closer to 100 mil by the time it's said and done . I have 3 acres and an old shack that the county says is worth $100.000 -1st person shows me the cash it's theres

What MSM news sweeps under the carpet is that jails and prisons have become a for-profit business. What a sad state of human affairs that prisons are built to cage people for crimes which are only symptoms of a corrupt system. The corruption is clearly seen in this whole "regional jail" fiasco. Building prisons says clearly that the Establishment intends to not only control society with a complete sytem of tyranny, but intends to make it profitable. Each prisoner is worth a profit. Is THIS your "freedom"? Is THIS your "America"? And as we see, the average citizen has scant say-so in these matters. Produced in think~tanks to look like local issues, the money can be followed to large corporations like Halliburton.

When real crime is actually outlawed, it will be because people took the time to expose the entire racket. The system is structured in such a way as to make this highly unlikely. The false promise of a "vote" doesn't change a thing. Dick Cheney smirks in an undisclosed location, counting his Halliburton dividends. And prisons don't change a thing: they enforce a bitter society.

Donald Rumsfeld would like to thank you for the profits he makes off of worthless (and harmful) flu shots. Condi Rice appreciates your efforts in getting Iraqi oil for her beloved Standard oil. George W. is free to drink and snort cocaine without the pesky media bothering him.

Kudos to those who, regardless, fight the good fight. Thank you, Mr. Prince.

"In the year 2000, as the punishment industry becomes a leading employer and producer for the U.S. "state," and as private prison and "security" corporations bargain to control the profits of this traffic in human unfreedom, the analogies between slavery and prison abound. This year the U.S. prison population cascaded past 2,000,000, 1 with millions more under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system in local jails awaiting trial, in INS prisons awaiting deportation, or in their homes linked with criminal justice authorities through ankle bracelets that track their every move. Recent studies of the prison boom stress the persistent disparities in sentencing according to race -- prison populations continue to be disproportionately African American and Latino. With longer sentences being imposed for nonviolent drug offenses, with aggressive campaigns aimed at criminalizing young people, and with the growing number of children left orphaned by the criminal justice system, the carceral reach of the state and private corporations resonates with the history of slavery and marks a level of human bondage unparalleled in the 20th century."


If we were successful at getting laws enacted, one should be that all judges MUST spend 16 days in the facilities they sentence others to, and their incarceration must be anonymous.

A similar proposal was put forth to require Congress to live on Welfare for a period of time. Of course, they voted it down.

If those controling our lives cannot endure what they impose on us, how can that be fair? Further, what are people doing to actively change that?

A few years ago, I spent several hours touring the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., as a guest of one of its staff.

The story of how enslavement starts as a small political prejudice instilled in a peoples is clear. The slow erosion of their rights, the expanding of prejudice to other groups, to a full-blown hysteria of "anyone not like us" is thoughtfully laid out as you walk through the remains of history...literally: one huge room is nothing but the shoes of Holocaust victims. You smell the ancient leather as you walk across a simple bridge, nothing but shoes underneath. This is just the shoes room, and it only represents a fraction of the "killing industry" Nazi Germany conducted.

In another room, bales of human hair, the size of hay bales, testify to the salvaging of human remains. People were reduced to nothing but a belittled commodity, and their bodies were parted out like factory-farmed chickens, in much the same manner, with similar machinery. Who operated the machinery?

Average citizens, who subscribed to the propaganda and did not question their government, its motives, or unreasonable laws. It all unfolded so subtle that it was not taken as unusual. But like disease, progressed to the horror the world finally had to admit.

I'm sure the building of death camps brought jobs to communities. I'm sure personal intentions were good among the civilian population. But it was pre-meditated to build those facilities: there were blueprints and surveys, all with the intention for one thing: mass elimination of any dissent.

Is our government not doing the same thing with propaganda against Muslims? Have we not followed the accusing fingers' direction toward a created scenario which is reinforced with fear and panic? The United States, it can be stated with certainty, has built "secret prisons", and continues to build facilities for sinister purposes. Such a progression shows clearly an agenda, pre-meditated and agreed upon by a controlling faction. Given the acceptable face of "creating jobs", what checks-and-balances are in place to assure Auschwitz doesn't rise again?

What checks-and-balances have been removed to assure it does?

And now we finally have the ultimate tag-team partnership formed. The ultimate duo of Prince and Stokes!! Mr. Prince, if you were hoping for some legitimacy to bring more people over to your cause it just went completely out the window! The first skirmish was lost........on to the general engagement!! I am curious though. What are you going to do when you fail to persuade the court of appeals?

Ha Ha....you lose!

Do a Google search for the terms "no life", and Mark Prince's name and photo will appear. Clearly, he has way too much time on his hands. The judge didn't agree that the transaction was illegal; you lost......find something else to do with your infinite amount of spare time.

Oh, great. Just when Prince is establishing some small amount of credibility with his legal challenges, exercising his legal rights seeking redress of grievances, along comes the King of UFO conspiracies, slapping on his two cents worth of bafflegab by making a comparison to horrific Nazi death camps.

Such extremist claims are always rated "Best Ever" by the National Exaggeration Council.

I wonder if his basement is filled with whips and chains?

(living rent free between Stoke's ears)

Fermez la bouche, ROFLMAO!

And what's the ha ha about, small town know it all? You all are such fools! Turn on the TV and do what you do best.

Thanks Mark for all your effort. Maybe the appeal will turn things around. I always admire people who stand up for what's right! I'm really disappointed in Hupp. And as always Roy, your writing is very interesting: I save most of them.

I would welcome an intelligent alien showing up to scare the hell out of mankind and maybe deliver a swift kick in the rear!

WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH (while it last).

The late George Carlin had a very accurate description of the endemic pandemic we all face now. His choice of "street" language to express his views "turned off" the folks who should have "stuck around" to hear the frightening message behind those stage presentations:


Many thanks, Diana.

The Titanic had no fewer than 5 ice warnings, and failed to heed any of them: instead, "we know everything" sailed full speed on, unaltering course.

And how long was it before the world finally 'believed" people were being murdered wholesale by the Nazis? History shows there were the likes of this websites' trolls who had a great time ridiculing others, all the while ignoring possibilities. And the very possibilities you ignore are where the problems lurk.

There are those who contribute to humanity with passionate causes: then, there are those who simply feed off of others, never contributing a thing to anybody, including themselves. "Living rent-free" is spoken like a true parasite, and any intelligent person can read between the lines to see there isn't much hope in that parasite's heart.

Mr. Prince, if my presence is a liability to your cause, I am happy to have my posts deleted, in order that you might have the best light possible for a grassroots fight apparently few can see the importance of. It reaches much further than just a regional jail. It is a clear example of the powerlessness people have in this country. There is no question money is the primary factor in this struggle: it certaionly isn't for the general good of humanity.

Nor are trolls.

As well, it might be quite revealing to investigate what political / financial backing and interests these trolls might have. Average citizens do not spend all day on their computers, ridiculing others non-stop. "Me thinkest thou speaketh too much."

Absolutely and unimpeachably full of bull.

The historicization of pedagogical institutions functions as the conceptual frame for the eroticization of civil society.

Your account of the (re)formation of post-capitalist hegemony constitutes a dazzling and wholly persuasive rejoinder to the meanderings of Pootwattle, whose influence has been an embarrassment to the field for over a decade.

The linguistic construction of post-capitalist hegemony furnishes a provisional lens for the analysis of the discourse of the public sphere. Although your interpretation of the linguistic construction of post-capitalist hegemony contains little that is new, it may serve as a useful primer for neophytes eager to receive anal probing to verify conspiracy theories involving flying saucers and ancient myths of native toothless Americans known as 'skin walkers'.

Stated in the common vernacular, Stokes and his folks are delusional twits making claims of metaphysical spirituality invisible and unknowable to ordinary people in possession of all their faculties.

It appears Diana may be morphing into something a bit more alien than an aversion to bacon bits. My French-to-English dictionary translates her phrase "Fermez la bouche, ROFLMAO" into "shut up your pie hole, IDIOT", but there is a chance it could mean "insert words into the warm smelly place so the UFO aliens will be sure to find them when you are abducted and probed." WOW, the excitement around here never ends, huh?


Wheels of the bus go round and round, Round and round, Round and round.....

Living rent free between Stokes ears.

Bwaaahhhhh hahahahaha

Why do people want to put down someone who speaks up, at their own expense for what is right? Because they are afraid to try to make a change themselves. I cant believe the ignorance here. If you want to lay down and take whatever comes your way then do it. Dont put someone down who you are too stupid to realize has your best interest at heart. Maybe those who think Mr. Prince is wrong should make a big donation to the jail project or else shut the hell up!

The question is reasonable to ask: on whose behalf do you post insults and belittle others? At the cheapest end of the scale, you do this for your ego. For a few pennies more, you might be doing this as an agent for some Body of influence. But when the Day Of Reckoning arrives, you will stand there with two dirty dollar bills in your hand: your reward for selling out your fellow man. Two dirty dollars. On that day you'll understand that the devil doesn't pay well, and he doesn't keep his promises. The world will know your name and your face, clearly seeing the two dirty dollars which you sold them for. And no one in that community will accept your dirty money. Do you actually expect to walk among us and command respect or dignity with that filthy, worthless paper in your hand? Do you believe, on that day, you can continue to belittle and ridicule others? Because on that day, your own "beliefs" will come under more than scrutiny: they will be seen for the sick, self-centered motivation they truly were. You will also see how you sold yourself well below cheap: the devil doesn't want those dollars back: he has no use for them.

The devil doesn't lie: he deceives. He has cheap patsies like you to do his lying and dirty work for him. For two dirty dollars.

And my words will live rent-free between your ears for the rest of your days.

On other forum "boards" the naysayers are well-known as "trolls". They are disruptive and contribute nothing. They go from board to board, peddling their improvised explosive device jargon.

But, "leopards don't change their spots", and neither do trolls. They may change "handles", up to 30 or more, but their word patterns identify them, up to and including favorite word patterns.

Use Google to search for handles and/or stock phrases and you can find the same patterns going on for years by the same scum.

Yes, some are probably paid for their services to the devil. And the "devil" may be a government entity, a corporation, or political party.

But, most do it, just for the "hell of it". They are the same kind of people who create computer viruses.

Here is more:


I agree completely with you Mr. Prince and I do understand your need to explain in detail your reasoning behind this. Maybe, however, you should hold meetings in support of your fight to explain in this much detail. I don't say this to be rude at all, just the fact that any simple minded person can own a computer and speak their ignorance behind a keyboard while they lay on the backs and let the system rape them! Keep up the good fight sir! There ate alot if us behind you....tired of a system who make it impossible for us "little ppl" 2 get ahead in our "free country". The pursuit of happiness seems to be long gone!

For the past several decades, a pattern of manipulating public opinion and public action has been conducted through economics. The same economic collapse that allowed Nazi germany to rise is the same principle in action today: collapse the economy, and the people will do anything for jobs. This economic manipulation has nothing to do with any President, it has to do with bankers globally, and their own agenda of control. When the public are squeezed into fear from lack, they cannot see beyond the manipulation.

Today, it is taking a courageous look at the prominant industries that gives us a glimpse at who the puppeteers are, and what their intentions might be. "Patriotism" is a social control that psychologically makes people look away from the real problems, thus allowing them to continue unhindered.

People like Mr. Prince, throughout history, show tremendous courage in fighting this system. It is unfortunate "GroupThink" is utilised against such humanitarians, but that is part of the overall control The Powers That Be incorporate. If a people remain divided with petty bickering about surface arguments...deliberately injected into the media for just such division...then they cannot possibly stand together to finally expose and overcome the corrupt system that has controlled earth's population for decades...some might agree it should be "centuries".

Agents of division might believe that they are conducting some important business by instilling confusion, but in fact they are no less puppets than the Presidents we're expected to believe bring "change".

Change only starts and occurs at the grassroots level. And it occurs because people have the courage and decency to expose the real cause of the problems. Manufactured groups, such as the Tea Party, are what we call "Inside Opposition": deliberately created to control popular opinion. The "Occupy" movement may well be just such a group, which attracts the well-meaning, but is controlled by the very Tyrant we seek to dethrone.

It's a tough battle. I thank each of you who have continued to not accept the unacceptable, but instead fight for your fellow human beings.

Wait a minute! I read your post several times to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but it looks to me like you are trying to gig the process on a technicality of which you created! The stalling of the bond issuance was directly a result of your group trying to block said issuance. Nice tactic, but now you're using the same subterfuge to gain people's support that you claim the elected officials used against the people.

For example, if I have a deadline to meet and an outside influence genuinely hinders my ability to meet that deadline it would be common practice to extend that deadline. Now, to create the illsusion of misconduct or incompotence, you will hide your invovlment in interrupting that deadline and claim that I should be held accountable for not meeting it.

You claim to be a protecting sheep-dog, but I firmly believe you are a wolf!

"...Prince is establishing some small amount of credibility with his legal challenges, exercising his legal rights seeking redress of grievances...".

Question: Where have you recently read this statement before?

Answer: See the 12th post on this page above. Ring a bell? It was made by someone you all know and love... who also likes to shoot fish in a barrel.

(You may now resume your New World Order global conspiracy theories invoking your pet boogiemen villains trying to scare the bejesus out of mindless fools)

Guess where I live rent-free... yep, you got it..... between Stokes ears.

Bwwaaahhhh hahahaha

Whereas these posts have been interesting , they lack any action on either side other than Mr Prince to what he is doing. Judge Hupp is an experienced judge that knows how to get around a hot political issues. If he rules in favor of Mr Prince then he knows that will open the door for Warren and the other counties to do the same thing. Instead he says publicly that he really did not read it thoroughly which sets up the appeal and gets him off the hook on this issue. He did the same thing with the heated issue between Front Royal and Warren County regarding the meals tax issue ruling with the county by saying that it was a 50/50 decision that could go either way. He always seems to rules toward the County's direction in these issues. Remember the pecking order is State, county then the Cities and Towns. In the Town's case, they should have appealed his decision but lacked the courage and buckled under County pressure. All those that feel that something is not right with the way the jail financing was handled should support Mr Prince in any way they feel comfortable in his appeal. Where do I send my donation if that is a way for me to help?

Younger people may not know why they are chosen for government or corporate employment over far more talented older people. The simple reason is that older people finally figured out the real rules of the system that works against the interests of the "little people". Of course, then, our "owners" don't want anybody around who might question the lies they are told at company motivation meetings.

Some years ago I wrote this allegory which explains why job hiring is never based on merit. Of course, there are people in authority who think the essay is an alligator, but that is only because they are still part of the controlling paradigm. When the system finally collapses and they are out in the cold with the rest of us, they may have a brief passing realization that karma does not play the favorites game.

Here is the alligator:


ROFLMAO you always put an ugly twist on everything, such as "Fermez la bouche" which is merely a lovely language saying basically "shut up". Fermez (shut) la bouche (mouth). No pie holes - no idiot, but I mean if the shoe fits.

Vous m'ennuyez! /: p

I find ROFLMAO comments on here rather Entertaining. The comments definately wake you up after some of the long winded ones I see on here.

Rof , I am really surprised with your position on this. You and Stokes need to kiss and make up on this one. Rof based on your other post you hate the antics of the " good old boys bull ". This regional jail sistuation is full of the very thing you hate. Like buying land overpriced from your friend, not fully explaining to the public about moral obligation bonds, rushing the bond financing through, rushing the start of construction, threatening legal action against citizens for asking questions, just to name a few. Political self interest and protecting their positions is nothing new to this group. Please put away the squabbling and focus on the issue of not letting them get away with this bull. We need to keep the heat turned up to hold them accountable and help Mr. Prince to appeal his case to another court. Hopefully the next judge will have bigger jewels to take the time to read the documents. The court is the only place where this sistuation will be won, so lets stops taking personal jabs at each other on this blog. This issue has some legs and because of the responses from the good old boys, it shows me that they are uncomfortable .

Entertaining? Do you mean laughable?
Expressing a point or counterpoint doesn't entitle anyone to get personal. I would have to plead guilty myself but, like political opponents, I've seen the light. Polite discourse being much preferred to verbal sniping.

There is nothing wrong with someone standing up for something they believe in. Free speech is Free speech. I do believe Mr. Prince and the other opposers have taken this too far. They are still trying to stop construction on a project that is under construction. There is a point when you admit defeat. They have fought the good fight, but I'm sorry this controversy has reached a resolution. The court has decided. I think I speak for a good majority of people in Shenandoah county by saying, give it up Mr. Prince. We're tired of it. If you don't like it here, move!

Hello Diana,

With all my skills and talent you must find it hard to believe I remain single?

I know what you mean when you say (in French) someone bothers you (Vous m'ennuyez). France bothers everybody, including Shock Blob Limbaugh...

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." ~ General George S. Patton

"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion." ~ Norman Schwartzkopf

"As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure" ~ Jacques Chirac, President of France
"As far as France is concerned, you're right." ~ Rush Limbaugh

"The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee." ~ Regis Philbin

"The last time the French asked for 'more proof' it came marching into Paris under a German flag." ~ David Letterman

"I don't know why people are surprised that France won't help us get Saddam out of Iraq. After all, France wouldn't help us get the Germans out of France!" ~ Jay Leno

Raise your right hand if you like the French....
Raise both hands if you are French.


OK, so assume Prince is successful and causes the construction to stop, what happens next?

The county government authorities place the finance issue to referendum vote? Is there any realistic way to predict the votes outcome? If the vote is 9 to 1 in favor, the construction resumes, the grumbling resumes, and everybody lives happily ever after?

If the vote is 49 for, 51 against, and no funds are forthcoming, what happens then? Can taxpayers sue to recover money already spent? Who do they sue?

OK, up until this very moment, I could care less whether or not Mark Prince and Cathy (or was it Cindy?) Whatshername have their way with the Regional Jail. I do not know the controlling prior Virginia Supreme Court decisions in the matter, I do not know the Virginia Code Prince claims is violated, and I just simply do not care one way or the other if he is right or wrong.

If he turns out to be right, I will gloat appropriately. If he is wrong, I will gloat appropriately. I am an equal opportunity offender.

In the mean time, I will continue having fun at the expense of stupid people on a first come, first served basis. There seems to be an almost endless supply.

In the mean time I live rent free between Roy's ears while he tries to understand the hidden meaning behind gamma ray bubbles as a power source for flying saucers and food for little green men.

and shooting fish in a barrel

Tres bien Rof, I really disagree with this regional jail, the way it was handled, the they continue to shove it down our throats . If it goes to the supreme court and is stopped, great, if not then I expect to have to pay for this ode to the politicos for a long time. If taking this to the top exposes some of the good old boys, I like that a lot. It upsets me to heard people complain about the people who are trying with their own time and money trying to save me money. All I can tell there is a lot of hot air escaping and very little energy with a plan to get something changed. You might or might not agree with Ms. bishop but it sadden me when she gives up on trying to help change her local community this she loves.

A judge that can send convicts to this institution should recuse him/herself for conflict of interest - shame on Hupp for not recusing himself. This needs to be handled by a court system outside those involved.

Considering the local government entity profits from inmates staying at this institution from the state, federal, and other systems throughout the country- this is going to take an outside source to stop this project that is clearly a tax-burden to the people of those counties.


Hupp has fed at the trough so long did anyone think he would go any other way on this verdict? He knows where his bread is buttered and by the looks of him, he has missed very few meals at the county's expense.

My only comment to this jail thing is where does this county put it's priorities and monetary contributions??? The convicts or the kids???
I think that our kids in this county need a lot better as far as the school situations and the bus situation!

"You might or might not agree with Ms. bishop but it sadden me when she gives up on trying to help change her local community this she loves."
How have I given up on my community? Please see my last two letters to the editor. Please drive by my house and read my yard signs. Read my blogs (they may not be great literature but I'm trying) http://kimbishopresitance.blogspot.com/2012/06/hi-and-welcome-to-my-blog-resistance.html Read my book www.kimbishopresistance.com. Just becauase I haven't jumped on the regional jail full time all the time doesn't mean I don't care or fight for my community or my country. I have nothing to add to this argument. My comments on it would just take away from the point of the issue. ...I just don't know where this comment came from...

Ms Bishop I was only responding to your comment some time ago when they were beating you up on some of the national issues. You responded to my comment about the the lack of interest of people to vote on the local level and getting more involved in running for office . I feel that any great changes will happen at the local level not the federal and state level. I respect your thoughts and meant no disrespect. I like your passion and comentment.

I'm the one who should apologize unreeldeel. It was a childish response. It's been a stressful day and I have no excuse. I just didn't understand why my name came up, and went a bit crazy...sorry to you and to everyone else on this post. Just disregard the comment. Blessings.

Say No to For-Profit Prisons
By David Shapiro, ACLU National Prison Project at 9:50am
Earlier this year, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest for-profit incarceration company in America, sent a letter to officials in 48 states offering to buy state prisons and run them for a profit. We're still waiting to hear what most states will do with the offer.

Sure, at first blush, an injection of CCA money into government coffers might seem attractive to cash-strapped states. But here's the rub: states would be paying CCA for this short-term cash infusion with the liberties and freedoms of their citizens. For the corporation to buy a prison, a state would have to agree to keep it 90 percent full and CCA-operated for at least 20 years.

Privatized incarceration also poses a grave threat to human rights. Late last year, the ACLU of Texas sued CCA after an officer sexually abused multiple immigration detainees. A CCA prison in Idaho was dubbed the "Gladiator School" due to extreme levels of violence. And just last month, a federal judge in Mississippi described conditions in a private prison run by another for-profit company as "a picture of such horror as should be unrealized anywhere in the civilized world."

Today, the United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference are sponsoring a call-in day to urge governors to reject the offer. Go here to learn more and tell your governor to say no to CCA's dangerous and costly invitation to buy state prisons.

Fortunately, a few states, including Maryland and Montana, have already told CCA to go fly a kite. It's time for other governors to do the same.


"In a 1990s report, Prudential Securities was bullish on CCA but noted, "It takes time to bring inmate population levels up to where they cover costs. Low occupancy is a drag on profits... company earnings would be strong if CCA succeeded in ramp(ing) up population levels in its new facilities at an acceptable rate".
Are we "getting tough on criminals" or "ramping up population levels" to increase shareholder profits? The more important question is: by what means will this 'ramping up" be accomplished? Arrest and conviction quotas? Sounds like it to me.

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