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Posted September 3, 2012 | comments 9 Comments

Man drowns in river near Woodstock

A Manassas man drowned Saturday evening in the Shenandoah River near a Woodstock residence, the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office disclosed Sunday.
Maj. Scott Proctor said the victim, Eran Lee Stokely, 40, was found floating in two or three feet of water by an 11-year-old boy. Proctor said Stokely had been visiting friends for "a Labor Day weekend type of event" when he decided to go for a swim alone in the river.
The boy found Stokely behind a residence at 45 Hickory Lane,  pulled him to the riverbank and went to summon help, Proctor said. Proctor said the boy was a bystander and not part of the event Stokely was attending.
Deputies and Woodstock EMTs arrived shortly after 6 p.m., according to Proctor. Stokely received CPR but was later pronounced dead at the scene, Proctor said.
"It appears at this time there are no signs of foul play," Proctor said.
Proctor said the body was taken to the state medical examiner for an autopsy.

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    Many of the details of this story are wrong but I am not going to correct them. Eran R.I.P. We love you and you will be missed.

    Can a EMT officially pronounce a person dead? I thought that was done by a doctor when he reached the hospital, unless there was a doctor at the scene of the recovery?

    To the Stokley family I am sorry for your loss. May god be with your family at this time and comfort you all.

    To teatime it is a legal thing with medics and emt. Why would you ask a question like that at this time of sadness for a family. Just look up Virginia laws on it.

    I think Kimberly is right and Tea Time needs to realize something else as well. An 11 (ELEVEN) year old found this man. Not only do we need to think about that mans family and pray for them, but what about the boy who found him? Don't you think that will effect him? Imagine if it was YOUR 11 yr old that found a dead body...That child may need counseling, as well as the victims family!

    What in the hell is a wrong with you people anyway. You would think this page was reserved as the man's memorial? I was just asking a simple question about the artical, and you go into a bunch of rants about me. You people are the ones that really need the counseling.

    I do not understand why Tea Time believes he needs to make a comment on every NVD article. His particular brand of 'wisdom' is not well understood by anybody, perhaps including himself.

    Tea Time is oblivious to the dozens of other comments posted on dozens of other threads by dozens of other readers whose message always boils down to suggesting Tea Time remain quiet unless his comment can improve the silence.

    He never heeds this advice and never improves the silence. And now his reputation always precedes his comments.

    Some people cause happiness where ever they go. Tea Time will cause happiness when ever he goes.

    way to go, kid. that was a courageous act to try and save him. you at least found him for his family. good job.

    Thanks for your opinion Tess.....Noted......Will consider when anti-pinoccnut/swineman flies.

    Back to the real story enough of the bikkering or however you spell it between Teatime and Tess. Way to go Kid on trying to save the guy.

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