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Police: Brawl spurred searches

Authorities say addresses linked to motorcycle gang; no charges

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

Search warrants authorities say they executed on four buildings linked to the Warlocks motorcycle gang were obtained days after gang members assaulted six people in a restaurant and bar, according to affidavits filed with two of the warrants.

The affidavits, signed by Investigator R.T. Swartz of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, appear with search warrants obtained for two residences, one occupied by Terry Chapman of 1448 Macedonia Church Road, Stephens City and the other listed as the home of Jose Rodriguez, 400 Hites Road, Stephens City.

No information was available on two other sites at 64 Mountain Road, Strasburg and 319 Stickley Drive, Stephens City.

Authorities say all four addresses were the subject of searches conducted by 25 members of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office and the Virginia State Police.

No one has been charged or arrested, although an investigation is ongoing.

Swartz's affidavits say a fight that erupted between members of the Warlocks and six others late on Sept. 15 at the Del Rio Mexican Restaurant and Bar led to an investigation and the issuance of the search warrants.

The affidavit cites statements given by six people identified as confidential informants and victims in the case.

The affidavit states the fight began when one of the victims said a Warlocks member, later identified as Cynthia Funkhouser, falsely accused a male of touching her. The victim said "Funkhouser pointed at the male subject and stated, 'I'll get you! I'll be back with friends!'"

Funkhouser then left the room and returned minutes later with "numerous other individuals wearing the same vest with logos as Funkhouser," according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that the first victim "tried to calm the situation and verbally explain ... that it was a misunderstanding and that nobody was looking for any confrontation." The affidavit states that a man, who appeared to be the leader of the group, identified later as Irwin Cowgill, "then placed his hands on the upper chest" of the victim and pushed the victim to the ground.

The fight escalated as another victim tried to intervene "and was immediately swarmed and assaulted by numerous people that were all associated with the Warlocks," according to the affidavit.

The fight continued with four other people identified in the affidavit only as confidential informants and victims joining in. One of them "confirmed that the individuals that associated themselves with the Warlocks had in fact been the aggressors and assault initiators," according to the affidavit.

One of the victims said Cowgill swung a knife "in a sideway slashing motion," according to the affidavit. Cowgill's intended victim was able to knock the knife out of Cowgill's hand, and another confidential informant and victim removed it from the scene, according to the affidavit. The affidavit states that the intended victim of Cowgill's knife attack received a small cut on the right middle finger, "but no medical attention was sought."

Cowgill and others with him continued to assault other confidential informants and victims, according to the affidavit.

Cowgill said in a 2010 newspaper interview that he was president of the Warren County Warlocks, and that the gang had reformed itself in recent years.

The affidavit states that one of the victims "stated that it seemed as if other members and associates were trying to 'prove themselves' to Cowgill, and Cowgill was their leader."

One of the victims said they saw Cowgill with another knife. He attempted to assault another person with it only to have the intended target remove it from his hand, the affidavit states.

The affidavit states that one of the victims was found a day later with "numerous welts and discolorations on the head and face" as a result of the fight.

The affidavit states that law enforcement officers based the search warrant requests on suspected violations of assault or battery by mob, acts of violence by a mob, prohibited street gang participation and shooting and stabbing and other offenses with the intent to maim or kill.

The items seized by police during the searches of the Chapman and Rodriguez residences included cell phones and smoking devices, according to search inventory and return documents.

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    The last half of this article had alot of violence! not sure who put this in here...the police? the biker gang? or the NVD?

    I have no idea who is getting reckonized here? Most of us have day to day lives to live. We live In peace most of us! Can't we just live out of our peacefull gardens?

        What? Why?...Suzie? I'm just human. I like what JM and Sword just wrote!! And to Nick, if the article is all a lie, I don't Know? Nick I'm just relative, I know that all that is in the media is no true! I do not know any of these people!

        If these people are all evil, a flaming cocktail would be a good way of dealing with them!

          no you have it wrong the Warlocks did no hit any women that night it was the women that were there with the warlocks that got hit...i know what happen that night because some of them may or may not be friends an family of mine.an for them changein there name they should not have to just because it soulds bad there are many gangs out there with names that sould bad but does not mean they are all bad.Winchester gang task does not know as much as they say they do you can go buy a Warlock patchs if they knew any thing about them they would know that members patcher are on the back an when you are just a supporter your patchs are on the front.

    It's a shame one of these victims didn't have a concealed weapons permit at the time.
    I think I speak for many residents of this area. I'm sick of the gangs and their low life mentality. All of them, especially Warlocks try to say their different than the street gangs like the Latin Kings, MS-13's, Crypts, Bloods and many more. And in reality, no their not. The only difference is race and culture they're still "thugs" nonetheless, who individually can't stand up for themselves but are empowered by the group.And intimidate through violence.
    I believe I also speak for many when I say that more of our public safety budget needs to be applied to our gang units of local law enforcement. It's getting worse!

      You are so right, bloody arrow, VIOLENCE is everywhere and it is getting worse. Once upon a time, this valley knew peace: there was no such thing as gangs (in this area), but this low-life mentality is becoming too common.

      It's a harsh, vulgar, and disrespectful attitude that has spilled over into all of society: school age kids beating up on others and proudly putting it our there in cyberspace, misbehavior in the classrooms, and absolute ignorance prevails.

      Every issue now becomes a fight and television certainly plays into this ugly age; along with movies, videos, games and attitudes in general. People act the way they look: we use to refer to them as "carnival trash" and now they are mainstream.

        Bloody arrow was dead on the money but here you go again changing the subject. You make it sound like humans are different now than they were 20, 50, 200, or 1000 years ago and they are not. There has been violent human scum in this valley for many hundreds of years. These gangs are only different in that they are organized violent human scum. Of course there were gangs that did the same stuff in this country, what, as long as a hundred years ago? They were a little bigger and badder than the Warlocks too.

    This sounds like the makings of "Reality Television". Wait....nobody steal my idea. Need to pitch this one to Hollywood.

    Everyone here so far has judged the whole group on one man's actions or behavior. One man that is not head of all the Warlocks. Not all Warlocks are what people think. You judge them based on past which to an extent i was drawn away at first but if you sit down and talk to one or even just open your eyes to see that not all are just like this one. Each person is in control of THERE behaviors. Should i deem you a judgmental hypocrite. Each and every human being can do the above but just because Warlocks' name was brought up you start bashing the whole "gang".

      Well the one with the knife was the head the Warren county Warlocks but not all, you're right. Not that you can judge him by this but Cowgill's dad is serving life for murder. Apple did not seem to fall far from the tree there. The issue here is the group as a whole. There always has been illegal activity with these guys and do you really think the "good ones" are going to out their fellow members when they commit various acts of wrong. No and so those acts of wrong will be cloaked in secrecy by the group. In many cases facilitated by the group. Why are you really sympathizer. I would try to get to the core of that issue if you don't know already. Humans in numbers give humans power. Scary whether it's Warlocks, Pagans, Scientologist, Christians, Muslims, Republicans or Democrats.

        Have you ever sat and spent time with these people I have and I can tell you this that not all bike club are the same as they used to be ... And everyone jumps and refers to them as a "gang" which they are not .. Any man should know that you dont ever touch a bikers oldlady weather on purpose or by mistake ... And so what if Irvin's father is in prison he doesnt affect his choices... And who ever said that they were doing illegal activity i have been to many events with them and spent pleanty of family time with this family becuase that is what they are they are all brothers and brothers got each others back if you cant except that then you need to keep your comments to yourself becuase we dont want them ..

    Amanda, I'm not judging anyone as a group. All i'm commenting is the violence in the article. If this article was about "making apple jelly", I would probably comment something about Jelly.

    I can't help but feel in a pickle? The Grabbing of the Hiney! This guys Wife's Hiney.
    This is troubling me because I know if some stranger grabbed my wife's Hiney there would be HELL to PAY! and if your the one who holds respect by a given group of men wheather bikers, athlets, Military ect. action must be taken and sometimes quick action so it can be hard to hold off and step back when so many exspect you to show respect to your wife.
    Yes indeed this is sad and dangerous but this has been part of our humanity since creation.

    Well i do know alot about this outside of the artice and not all the facts are here. 99% of the people there weren't part of the gang, only one was a patched member. the others were warlock supporters. All news articles will only tell you half the story. what about the women who were punched in the face who were in support of the warlocks. the "victims" as grow men full on punched 3 women in the face. There wasnt a second knife pulled. the second knife fell outta a pocket and was kicked across the floor. The warlocks werent the ones who started it. a "victim" came outta the bathroom and started the fight. Personally think it sounds like a setup against the warlocks. This article is onesided and i honestly hope they let the people being searched tell their side and everyone actually listen without a bise opinion from this article.

      And for the women that were punched in the face by these so called Warlocks! I guess they had this coming to them. They were hanging out with this sort of people...so....here it came...LOL. I do not like to see anyone getting hit, but they put thereselves in this sort of circumstance.

      and for the setup scenario? I'm sure it is from the inside and out...LOL

    If they are such good people why not change the name? Warlocks sounds evil. If you want to improve your image, you want to make yourselves look good by doing good things and having a name that does not suggest war.

    Oh, the poor Warlocks. Make me puke!! "they're not all bad", "its only the actions of a few". Hell, lets just put a couple in for saint-hood. Throw in a Pagan, an HA and an Outlaw while you're at it!

    The Warlocks are bad people but I may or may not be family members with the Cowgill family but I do know his Ex wife and child are the nicest people I've ever met.

    I don't believe the whole story is here, but if knives were pulled then the Warlocks were looking for trouble or wanting to escalate it.

    the knife fell out of an pocket when someone got hit an fell to the floor.

    I want to become a reporter and write "News" articles. Then I could write about anything(weather true or NOT) and people would believe it just because it was in writing. I would know no one would actually look into the Facts because No one ever dose they believe what they read to be true.
    BloodyArrow writes "their low life mentality" .I am sure he has Excellent knowledge of this. He must know a lot of Warlock Club Members or of the Clubs Interest in order to make such a bold statement. He also believes the public safety budget needs to apply more money to Law enforcement because he believe they are a flawless group. Just like Catholic priest and Boy scout leaders.
    Just like "HowBoutTheHotel" believes the act of one individual is the act of the Whole or that a group would dare protect their own .They should be more like the Vatican or the police department in their Code of silence and be upfront with their unorthodox members.
    In 1938 H.G. Wells reported that aliens were attacking and Millions of people believed it with out actually looking outside. This is the year 2012 and people still have the same mentality. Believe with out question of everything they read or hear without looking outside. Shocking.

    Ive just got to say I love Del Rio, we used to go there very often and have only been there one since the new part opened. Plan on going back when time allows. If by chance someone such as a Warlock or other gang starts anything with us and our guests, they will be hence known as the Harry Potter Gang. I dont have time for gang violence when im trying to have a good time. Especially Warlocks. Motorcycle gangs. Listen if you like motocycles so much, why are you guys out on them...sailing over a cliff into oblivion. Try that stuff at Del Rio when I am there. My policy would be, if you dont leave your colors,jackets or other such nonsense at the door, you will NOT be inside or trespassing outside. Id personally throw you out. If you want to know who i am. Just look for the fella who doesnt look like he will bother you. Have fun next time your there though.

    It was an exercise run for the deputies and state police. They had to have something to do, lord knows it takes 25 of them to raid a few members of a do nothing so called "gang". LOL

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