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Posted September 13, 2012 | comments 18 Comments

Cash, vehicles seized in drug bust

Sting nets Strasburg man, who is jailed without bail

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

An undercover drug enforcement operation led to the arrest of a 37-year-old Strasburg man in the parking lot of the Food Lion supermarket along U.S. 11 Wednesday afternoon.

Strasburg police Maj. Jerome A. Robinson said members of the Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force arrested Anthony Lynn Jenkins of 88 Stuart Court around 2:30 p.m.

Strasburg police transported Jenkins to the Shenandoah County Jail where he was charged with intent to distribute marijuana, Robinson said. Jenkins was ordered held without bail at an appearance in Shenandoah County General District Court on Thursday, Robinson said.

Robinson said a search warrant subsequently executed at Jenkins's home turned up $30,000 cash, four cars and sport utility vehicles, three motorcycles, and six recreational vehicles, including motor scooters and all-terrain vehicles.

The search also led to the seizure of prescription drugs and "a small amount of suspected marijuana," Robinson said.

Robinson said other charges are pending against Jenkins, who is listed in state court records as convicted of felony petit larceny and assault and battery in Warren County, both cases from the 1990s. His record also includes several convictions for traffic-related offenses, according to state court records.

Robinson said Jenkins's arrest came after a months long investigation by the Northern Virginia Regional Drug Task Force. Law enforcement agents are continuing their investigation, he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Strasburg Police Department at 465-5230.

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    Well the streets are safe again from a pot dealer. We can all sleep easy tonight.

      From your sarcasim, I take it you are ok with people selling drugs, and maybe to kids/teens, and making money without paying taxes?

        Sure, drug dealers are the same as illegals not paying taxes. You have to consider though, all the amounts of "pot dealers" in jail would cost us more in taxes to keep them in there. Stupid laws all about money, the DEA are the drug dealers, they can't have other people on their territory pushing their product.

        The world is not black and white JT, there is a HUGE gray area. Someone can think a law is stupid and not support it AND not condone children using it. You're assumptions are silly. I don't think children should smoke pot just like I don't think they should drink beer. A stupid law doesn't change that. Get off your pulpit, and speak only for yourself as I did.

    Maybe he will get all the charges lowered to a misdemeanor of simple possession and get off with a 30 day jail stay! It will be interesting to compare how this plays out....real people vs the "special people".

    Its hard to believe how one will judge someone without knowing them personally. That man has a family. The law needs to worry about the other issues other than 'pot' ! There are people out here hurting others, selling way worse than some pot .. and they are still out here walking. And for someone to consider them self to be your friend and turn around and set you up .. wheres that guy? right, he got caught before so it was his turn to set someone else up... what happened to the people that get in trouble and do their time?

    Just legalize the stuff already and quite possibly our country will come out of debt. Imagine all the money going towards the munchies! Dui's will drop dramatically if you put a pack of weed in with a 6 pack of beer. Drink 2 beers and smoke a joint and the majority of people wouldn't drink that 3rd beer.

    Sounds like just the type of person we need to help boost the struggling economy. Screw the tax money he's not paying, at least he is spending it and at the same time helping secure jobs while boosting sales of goods. Now the taxpayers will be footing the bill to put a non violent person in jail for what?

    Ammmeeen, KatieKorn!

    I think someont should slip JT a one hitter before bed tonight. Sweet dreams JT...;)

    Sounds like a pretty weak payoff for a "months long investigation"..the article spends more time on his list of toys than what he will be charged with. Love to see what this cost the taxpayers. I don't smoke the stuff-but we are spending a lot of money chasing out tail with no return-but then when I read that black kids had to go to a separate school in Strasburg until 1965-it puts it all in perspective. What channel are those Dukes of Hazzard re-runs on? :)

    I am curious, did they comfiscate Jim Allamongs cars and any cash he had in the house?

    Course not - Allamong was a attorney/substitute judge.....this guy is just a Joe Schmo..........should be interesting to compare.

    now what about all the Heroin Zombies in the valley and the army of prescription pill addicts? These local DEA Cowboys are too busy picking low laying fruit so they can keep the arrests to a false high and justify their budgets.

    Taking a pot dealer off the street shows that your focus is out of touch with the rest of "Modern America". Then again the commonwealth does love tradition when it comes to allowing common sense in to the legal frame work of the former Colony. Good job guys now focus on real drugs if that is not too much work for you?

    howboutthehotel: Were all on the same page Hotel. We all just don't want thes pill popper breaking into our homes supporting their habit. These pill poppers that break into places just need to swallow a bullet, .

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