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Sept. 11 anniversary

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    Now THAT is cool! :) That's what we need, more patriotism (silent, but speaks volumes) and love; less bickering and hatred.

    Oh lovely: a condoned driver-distraction on the already-dangerous 81 corridor. And after the 10-truck pile-up, think of all the business traffic re-routed through that gorgeous million-dollar intersection constriction in Woodstock will bring! No turn lanes for US!!

    And the drivers who were killed can find comfort in the three sewer-pipe crucifix distractions in Strasburg.

    All of these truly brilliant ideas, right here.

    ahh, I beaped my horn twice, and through my hand up twice, and I didn't see any pile up behind me. I guess that comes with being a responsible driver. A mile or so farther towards maurertown, i saw a lone american flag hanging down from the overpass, no one waving their hands up, and still no pile up behind or in front of me.

    Ive seen Mr. LaFlam, out the last 4 plus years i've been driving southbound, and I can't remember any backups on I81.

    I meant to say northbound 81.

    We find it very refreshing to see such a display of love for our great Country. It never hurts to be reminded of how fortunate we are to have the right for such a display. I-81 has far more issues than this!!!! As far as the Crosses displayed at the Church (we are not members), this should pose no problem either.

    I definately do not think the crosses up at strasburg are a distraction. I've been called out with work on rainy nights, and found them to be of comfort on the way back home on I-81. I'm sure tired truckers may get some added energy from these also. Just a thought I guess!!

    I'm not a super religous person, but I guess I have faith in a higher being.

    I imagine the Town Of Woodstock would be held accountable for any ill-affects from Mr. LaFlam's activity.

    While I respect his intentions, I question the safety and benefit. I also wonder if any other group~representitive would receive as much favorable support.

    As one who still talks on the C.B. radio, I can assure you the truckers do not speak kindly of the aforementioned landmarks. At night, the Strasburg crucifix display looks more like an Oldsmobile dealership looming over the hill. At a glance, it can be mistaken at a 747 coming at you. Mr. LaFlam has been spared the trucker comments of disapproval in very trucker terminology.

    As all 1984-esque laws passed since 9/11...including the government's "right" to murder its own citizens...have gone without scrutiny or challenge, I cannot blindly participate in "patriotism" toward a government that refuses to stand accountable...or even listen to...its own people.

    I suggest our "patriotism" be toward humanity at large. Therefore I regard each and every one of your opinions with respect, salute Mr. LaFlam for his good intentions, and hope for a good future in which honesty prevails.

    It should be mentioned that Mr. LaFlam waves to drivers: in other words, demands their eye contact (thus distracting them) and their attention does not return to the highway until several hundred feet have been covered...just at the time merging traffic enters from the Woodstock on-ramp. If the citizenry regards this as no safety issue at all, then so be it.

    I've seen Mr. LaFlam numerous times on my commute home and always feel a sense of pride. If him holding OUR flag and displaying a couple of boldly written signs is distracting to you, how in the world do you manage to read road signs, particularly those showing numerous restaurants, gas stations, or hotels on one sign? Those are pretty dangerous too.

    Experienced drivers identify those signs without need to dwell on them, and the glance is optional.

    And those signs do not move, demanding you look at them.

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