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Woodstock woman struck by car dies from injuries

By Joe Beck - jbeck@nvdaily.com

An 85-year-old woman died Monday afternoon when she was struck by a car while walking in the 800 block of South Main Street in Woodstock.

Elizabeth Lovelace of Woodstock died hours after she was taken by ambulance to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital and later flown by helicopter to Winchester Medical Center, Woodstock Police Officer John Fox said.

Fox, who investigated the accident, said the impact of the collision sent Lovelace through the window of a northbound 1997 Hyundai Sonata driven by Lena Sherman, 82, of Edinburg. Sherman was ticketed for reckless driving, Fox said.

Fox said witnesses on the street and a passenger with Sherman told him the accident happened as Lovelace tried to cross South Main Street near the area of First Bank. He said "nothing at the scene" indicated to him that Sherman was driving above the posted speed limit of 35 mph.

He said Woodstock police received a call about the crash at 9:45 a.m. He said he found Lovelace "slightly conscious" and suffering from massive lacerations upon his arrival at the scene.

Sherman and her passenger were uninjured in the crash, he said.


This is so sad.All day my heart has been heavy wondering about this accident.I went past the seen before police got there and I immediately became upset.The first thing I said was dear Lord let this lady be alright.Let her pull through this(even though I did not see her move at all).Then the next thing was where in the world is the cops and rescue squads.I am sorry for the lose and will continue to pray for all those this has affected.God bless.

Hmmm, Sherman was ticketed for reckless driving? But "nothing at the scene" indicated She was travelling above the speed limit? So, where are the elements of the crime? Was Lovelace crossing in a marked crosswalk? Did she give Sherman reasonable enough time to yield to her, as a pedestrian in a crosswalk? There needs to be a little more information provided here.

There is no cross walk in front of that erea. Grandma walked down there all the time. Since she has passed the police are going to press more charges on sherman. We miss her so much. She was a wonderful woman. Grandma was so careful when she walked anywhere. She use to tell how dangerous it was to walk across rt 11.

My thoughts/prayers go out to the Lovelace family, but, if this is the Lena I know from when I was a little boy growing up in the area, I dont think she did anything criminally negligent, and pressing more charges isn't going to make the pain any easier. And, my experience with the Law enforcement in that area has my doubts at how thorough the investigation really was. So, now, I challenge the NVD to give us a bit more information on this.

your right. Pressing more charges is not going to make any thing better. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

there is no crosswalks in that area,even if there was people do not stop for people just like the one in strasburg right in front of the police dept. that i use all the time and people dont stop.at the age of 82 maybe Sherman should not have been driving

I agree that she should not.

Thank you for sending your concerns and prayers to both families!! God was with my mother-in-law and my husband!! They were both uninjured!! Elizabeth Lovelace God had better plans for her!! Nobody but God knows why things happened the way that they did!! Sometimes our friends and family are hear for a reason, but only for a certain time or season!! I and my family is really sorry for the loss of Elizabeth Lovelace family nothing we can do to bring her back!! The only thing that we can do is express how deeply sorry for their loss!!

You all keep saying that maybe Ms. Lena shouldn't have been driving but maybe the other lady shouldn't have been walking by herself. But accidents happens everyday and you can't put more charges on someone just because your hurting. I am deeply sorry for your loss and I am glad that Lena and the passanager is ok.

im sorry, but you cant tell me that on that stretch of road that she could not see her walking across the road unless she wasnt paying attention.and mis lovelace made that trip by herself many many times.ty

So very sorry for Ms. Lovelace and her family, but I also feel so bad for Ms. Sherman and her family. This is just a sad story for all involved.

I believe that my mother-in-law paid close attention to what was in front of her!! I have rode with her when she drove her car!! She was always extremely careful!! Mrs. Lovelace may have made the trip many times, but there is always that chance that she didn't pay attention because she was thinking about something else or just simply wasn't paying attention!! I am not laying the blame on Mrs. Lovelace, but for you to say that Lena wasn't paying attention is just crazy!! She wasn't speeding!! Can't you just let the parties involved take the time to heal from their broken hearts!! The family of Mrs. Lovelace and my mother-in-law!!! I am not saying this because she is part of my family!! I am saying it because it is the truth!! Please give the families time to heal from a broken heart!! Did it ever occur to you that my mother in law feels deeply hurt and saddened from the loss of Mrs. Lovelace and this accident replays over and over? Your not so nice comments doesn't help anyone!! You are entitled to your opinion, but just consider both families feelings before you make your comments!! Sometimes, it is just better not to say anything at all and sometimes it is just good to listen!! Our condolenses go out to the Lovelace family we no our words can offer no relief!! Only love can heal the pain you suffer and this is the love of God, family, and friends!! Sometimes we take for granted the things we have!! God has given us all so much so we should enjoy what we do have!! Again, sorry for the loss of the Lovelace family!! Our love, prayers go out to all of you!! May God touch you and your family at this difficult times!! God is in control!!

This is a public forum, expect tactful responses as well as responses that don't seem to include much thought. I would not come here if I or a family member were ever involved in anything. Only a few people know what really happened and one of those is dead, everything else is speculation.

You must have a miserable life, it seems every post i read on any article on this site is critical and rude, shame on you!

Shame on rusty for speaking the truth?

he is right, none of you were there, its all speculation.
All we know is, woman was j walking, other women wasn't paying attention. They are both in the wrong either way.

Hi Lovelace family. It is your old neighbor, Robby Wise, from when we were growing up. I am in Florida now. You have my prayers and sympathy. I knew your mother well and I loved her and your Dad. When your Dad was with us I used to walk for miles with him out over the 81 bridge. Please remember that the other person involved is feeling terrible which is a huge punishment. She didn't want this to happen and you can bet it is a pain in her heart that won't go away. No fines or incarceration will hurt her more than her sorrow and pain over what happened so quickly. Please remember that at 82, your reflexes are much slower than someone 20 years younger. I am sure she would do anything to relive the day with a different outcome. This is a time for prayer for all involved. You, all involved, will be in our prayers at my church this Sunday.

It is sad that the 85 year old lost her life and it's sad the 82 year old lady will have those horrible memories. Why do you set blame for either one, the Lord sets us on a journey and maybe this was the end of her journey. We need to pray for the family and the driver that the Lord lifts the grief off her heart instead of casting judgement on either one.

Robert Wise, your words are indeed wise! That is why this story is so very sad. I know the Lovelace family is grieving at the loss of a beloved family member, but I also feel so bad for Ms. Sherman and her family. As you put it so well, Ms. Sherman likely wishes she could live that day over and will carry this sorrow and pain forever. The pain is shared all around.

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